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Solid Movie
Odd Thomas was a solid movie and it was indeed an enjoyable watch. I'm a pretty big fan of the Odd Thomas books. As with any novel turned into a movie there was much of the finer details left out and a few that were never there added in. I feel they did a fair job of capturing Odd's character. I do feel the chemistry between Odd and Stormy was a bit off. I'm not sure if this was due to the casting ,acting or direction. Or the fact that so much about her character was left out. But it felt more juvenile rather than deep love of your life love. I can't help but wonder if they had given it a slightly bigger budget and focused more on some of the other characters and their stories, it would have been a great movie, instead of merely a good one.

In the book we get a lot more ghostly communication between Odd and a very diverse and interesting collection of ghosts, including Elvis. I would have loved to see more of this in the movie, as I feel it really helps the viewer/reader understand the world of the dead and how it impacts the living world and Odd himself. One of the most interesting characters in the books is his strange friend Little Ozzie and his cat, Ozzie has 6 fingers on his left hand, writes detective novels and knows about Odds unusual powers as does the Sheriff. Of course Stormy is the only one who knows everything about Odd.

I gave Odd Thomas a 7 out 10 - It's a good solid movie and a fun watch. I'd love to see it made into a T.V. series. I think that way you could get the in-depth character development and plot lines you have in the books.
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Good Adaptation
johnathan smith23 June 2013
Firstly, I am a huge Koontz fan and a huge Odd Thomas fan. I've been waiting years for this movie so my expectations were pretty high. I'm sure that figures into my analysis of the movie, as I have been largely let down by adaptations from novels in the past. That being said...

Overall, good movie, good adaptation. Moving a story from a book to a movie always presents problems; always there will be portions of the story and significant nuances left out. This is no exception. The casting of Odd was very good. Yelchin did a fantastic job capturing the strong albeit naive nature of Odd. I was skeptical about Timlin as Stormy, but she not only pulled it off but, in my mind, perfectly captured Stormy. I will no longer be able to think of Stormy without seeing her face. I wish we could have seen more interaction between Odd and Ozzie; in the books this is a very important relationship for Odd. Also, in the books, Ozzie is 350 or so pounds and Oswalt is considerably smaller. That being said, I think his size in the books is more of a testament to his larger-than-life character and less about his physical size, which I believe, given the chance, Oswalt would have perfectly captured. He is a largely underrated actor.

As for the story, it sticks to the book even though there are a few things left out. It would have been nice to know more of Odd's background but it would have unnecessarily stretched the movie out. Well told, with appropriate use of flashbacks, and good use (and not overuse) of narration, just as in the books. One thing I really enjoy about Odd Thomas books is the quick-paced, quick-whited dialogue. I've rarely read another author that could match Koontz in this aspect. This was transferred to the big screen very well.

As I said, I've been waiting for this movie for a while and whereas I wish they'd done it as an eight hour miniseries and captured every nuance of the book, this was a superb adaptation and an excellent movie. I really hope they make more because Odd's adventures keep getting better.

8 of 10
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Loved It
johnstonlehane25 June 2013
Well I have read every book of Odd Thomas and I was worried about the movie adaptation , well I needn't of worried , it was fun great chemistry with the main actors , Willem Dafoe great as usual , the pacing was good , and the action scenes really good , OK so the ghost of Elvis is not in it , the sad thing is no cinema release that probably means no sequel and that's a damn shame as this was a great adaptation of Odd Thomas, I truly think this could have carried through a complete series of movies based on each book That said you never know the power of the fans , so fingers crossed there may be more Odd Thomas in the future
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A very Odd movie
steventot19 June 2013
I will start with a recommendation: "go watch it". This movie is definitely worth seeing. I did not red the book , and this movie truly surprised me. The movie unfolds very dynamically. It is not a slow paced movie for sure. The story is also very interesting containing just enough elements to surprise and entertain at the same time. The ending is also done very nicely. The effects are not the best ever seen , but sufficient. The acting was also very good. I admit some of the characters felt a bit dull , not really believable. In a nutshell , go watch it and be amazed how good a movie can turn out even if you never heard of it.
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I recommend this one.
crystal_gordon1125 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
So, much to my surprise, I enjoyed this one. I was skeptical before viewing because of the log line but it really took me on a ride. It was funny, sweet, sad, a bit scary, and had action. The mystery kept me engaged and the love story was so sweet but not sappy at the same time. The dialogue was great. I think Stephen Sommers did an outstanding job on the screenplay. Not to mention, he also directed and produced it. Kudos to him. I was shocked and impressed. I actually wasn't expecting the last plot twist. I didn't think so many elements could come together in one film and create harmony but it did. The genre says mystery/thriller but I think mystery/romance/comedy/thriller/action would be better suited. Go watch it.
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Destined to Be Together Forever
Claudio Carvalho28 February 2014
In Pico Mundo, a small town near the desert, the fast-food cook Odd Thomas (Anton Yelchin) has the ability to see and talk to dead people. He is in love with his girlfriend Stormy Llewellyn (Addison Timlin) and they believe that they are destined to be together forever. Odd Thomas uses his abilities to help the Chief of Police Wyatt Porter (Willem Dafoe) to solve murders.

When Odd Thomas sees the creepy Fungus Bob Robertson (Shuler Hensley) surrounded by the fiends bodachs, he is sure that the town is in danger and threatened by the possibility of slaughtering people in a massive destruction. His further investigation with Stormy discloses that Fungus Bob worships the Prince of Darkness and he is plotting to kill many people in Pico Mundo. Will Odd Thomas and Stormy succeed in avoiding the bloodshed?

"Odd Thomas" is an entertaining movie, with a story that uses the idea of "The Sixth Sense" with "Ghost". Despite the use of CGI, the acting is good and Addison Timlin is among the most beautiful young actresses that I have recently seen. There is a surprising plot point near the end, sad but perfect to the story. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "O Estranho Thomas" ("The Odd Thomas")
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A much better movie than you'd expect.
Trevor Miller25 June 2013
This is my first review i've done of a movie on IMDb, so maybe that alone shows how much I enjoyed this movie.

It was filled with action, adventure, romance, heart, even mild comedy when the character of Oz (Patton Oswalt) was introduced. This movie like most new movies is very fast paced, and witty with the word play and sarcastic tones that some characters had. The lead roles were chosen wonderfully. Anton Yelchin (Odd) in one of his maybe breakout rolls. I'd hope to see him play more lead roles very soon as he is a great actor, you can even tell by his large amount of upcoming movies in 2013 and 14. DaFoe was outstanding as he much always is, his character had bits and pieces it would seem from his role as the main Detective of The Boondock Saints. The supporting roles were great, and there's a twist at the end that caught me off guard.

Great movie!
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Adorable, Action-Packed and Afflictive! A Wonderful Movie!
Bruce Sommer26 June 2013
I've read a few of the "Odd Thomas" novels by Dean Koontz, but regrettably I have not kept myself up to date with this series. So, while I have the advantage of knowing the story behind the movie, as compared to those who haven't read the "Odd Thomas" novels, it has been some time since I've read them. With that in mind, I'm not about to go into any detail about whether the movie was faithful to the novel or not.

As far as the movie by itself, I really enjoyed Anton Yelchin's portrayal of Odd Thomas. Having enjoyed his performances in "Charlie Bartlett" and the remake of "Fright Night", I'm glad they chose him for this role.

The relationship between Odd Thomas and Stormy Llewellyn was ... ADORABLE! Seeing Odd in action at the Pico Mundo grill was as entertaining as any circus act. His naiveté around other women was cute.

The action of the movie kept me on the edge of my seat.

The parts of the movie that were meant to bring tears to your eyes, brought tears to mine. That is how involved with the characters I became.

I'm disappointed that the DVD has yet to see an American release. If and/or when it does get released, I encourage all those who are fans of Dean Koontz to purchase it -- vote with your wallet -- as this will put money in Dean's pocket and give you an opportunity to visualize what he has written in his novels on the big screen (your large screen television) as well as increase the probability of "Odd Thomas" sequels being produced in the future.

For me, this movie was well worth the time and I would gladly see it again.
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MUCH better than I expected!
minerva196128 June 2013
Watched this with my 16 and 14 yr old sons last night and we all throughly enjoyed it, the 14yr old hid behind a pillow for quite a lot but really it was all standard 'turns around and ghost inches from your face' fare, the CGI was not budget - was really good actually and lots of it. The story was really engaging, acting was great from Odd and Stormy and great chemistry between them, you felt like they really were lovers. Nice plot twists, it's not going to be a blockbuster and win academy awards, almost as many plot holes as World World Z but it was much better than I expected, very enjoyable, no dull moments and this will be joining my DVD collection when it comes out for sure. The ending was very good...

It's pretty obvious there's a telly series (or string of follow-up movies) wanting to be made :-)
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Very well made adaptation for the screen - couldn't tell the difference from the book!
Gargantua Pantagruel25 June 2013
If you read Odd Thomas, which fortunately I did, you will hopefully find this movie quite truthful to the book which is really great. Superb job from the screen writers. Really, the characters are perfect in the movie and I think there would be no one better than Dafoe to play the Chief!

The book was a really fun read and the movie has exactly the same feel, too bad it's too short. I think books are the best because the thrill lasts longer but this movie is a go.

The rest of the acting is not Oscar material, but it is a very enjoyable movie and goes well with a soda and a bag of popcorn.

As for the end - get your tissues ready. Oh Lord, the humanityyyyyy!!!
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Excellent translation from book to movie
walter2-407-59739023 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I have liked the Odd Thomas books since I first opened the initial book, and I often wondered what a movie of any of the stories would look like. While this film seems trapped in a legal quagmire that will probably prevent release any time soon, watching it was a total delight.

I really wondered how they would cast this, and while I never thought of the people they did pick, they worked perfectly, and having seen them in it, I can't imagine any other cast.

Fans of the book will probably pipe up with "hey, where's Elvis"? and the answer is he's a cardboard cut-out in Odd's bedroom, and I didn't miss him at all in the film. The story is complex and vivid enough as told, and Odd's abilities get explained perfectly without Elvis. That's the beauty of books and films, both have their tales to tell, and they don't have to be identical to be well-told and the same story.

Anyway, I loved it, and can only hope it makes its way to screens all over. Why? Because, we all need to be looped in, Odd One.
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Perfect Oddness
breaandmelsteele24 June 2013
We love the Odd Thomas Books so finding the movie was a huge treat! The movie follows the book exactly! I am surprised this movie wasn't better advertised. Great find! Watch it, even if you have not read the books, it may inspire you to read the others. I really hope they make more movies. The movie does seem a bit lower budget. Like a made for TV movie, but it has a great cast, and as I said it follows the books. They picked the perfect actor to play Odd. They also did a great job of bringing Pico Mundo to life. It all feels so much like the places described in the books. The movie has as much comedy, romance, action and horror as the books!
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What is wrong with everyone???
Did I watch a different movie? (Or are all the positive reviewers here only 13 years old?)

This movie is horrible! And not in a good way for a horror movie. It's just plain terrible.

Right from the off, I felt uncomfortable, knowing this was shaping up to be a corn-filled turd. And that was in the first five minutes! Right from the start, we are confronted by a ridiculous chase sequence, that goes on too long and then is just brushed under the carpet like nothing happened.

The actors seem to be struggling to act convincingly the entire time. I don't think this is their fault however. The script is so corny, and teen TV show orientated, even screen heavy-weights like Dafoe can't make it work. Some of the lines in this movie, wouldn't be out of place in an episode of Hannah Montana! Apparently everyone in this one horse town, speaks like "hip" teenagers. Even the police chief!

The visual effects are solid enough (with some low budget moments), but the real problem is atmosphere. This movie has none. The scenes are all so well lit, it's almost as if there is a lighting crew following Odd and his friends around the town! Which of course there is, but we aren't supposed to KNOW it! Even at night it's like daytime! This means there is no tension or fear, which the book was full of.

Long story short, this feels like a TV episode (and not a good breaking bad/game of thrones TV show, think more 90's TV). The actors tried their best, but there was no rescue from that script, and the whole affair was let down by total lack of atmosphere and pacing.

I would like to thank all the positive reviewers for wasting an afternoon my life! I won't be trusting IMDb reviews anymore.

This film stinks!
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In a small California town, a clairvoyant diner cook prepares for a massive tragedy he believes will soon occur.
The-Plague9 June 2014
Anton Yelchin (Charlie Bartlett) is back in another thriller following the the remake of 'Fright Night' in which he starred in 2011. Yelchin dawns the role of Odd Thomas in this film adaptation of Dean Koontz's book of the same name. Odd, is for lack of a better term, an odd guy. He keeps his life as simple as possible by not owning a vehicle and taking a menial job as a short order cook at a diner, but that is only to balance out the complications that come with seeing dead people. Odd uses his abilities to serve and protect as some sort of supernatural sheriff, but when a strange man enters his diner surrounded by an unnaturally large group of bodachs (ghostly predators who feed on pain and destruction), Odd realizes that his town is in serious danger.

Now I know what you are thinking, "another movie where the main character can see dead people, really?!" but let me assure that Anton Yelchin plays a much more badass clairvoyant than Haley Joel Osment. In the movie, Odd is a skilled fighter who walks towards danger when most people are running in the other direction. While I have not read the Dean Koontz book and cannot comment on whether this is an accurate adaptation, I can safely say it is an enjoyable movie. Yelchin's performance as Odd really shows how far he has come as an actor since 'Charlie Bartlett,' and leaves no question as to why he landed a role in the new Star Trek series.

A movie is not made good by one man alone, and even Odd has his own paranormal pit crew. Yelchin is joined by Addison Timlin (Stand Up Guys) who plays Stormy Llewellyn, Odd's way too hot for him girlfriend, and Police Chief Wyatt Porter who is played by Willem Dafoe. Police chief Porter and Stormy are the only two people in the movie that know Odd's secret, and they support him in his supernatural endeavors. This movie was a redeeming performance for Willem Dafoe, renewing some of my faith in his acting abilities that I lost after seeing the Spiderman franchise. Addison Timlin, a young actress with a reasonable amount of performances under her belt, plays a convincingly genuine girlfriend who leaves guys asking, "I don't have nearly as much baggage as Odd, where is my girl like her?!" 'Odd Thomas' is one of those rare gems that I have discussed in earlier reviews; one of those movies I probably would have never come across without a Netflix account. From the opening scene to the ending credits I was lost in a world where a guy spends his days helping ghosts and still has time to make a hell of a pancake. This movie has two acting up and comers and one veteran, and let's be honest, a strong story line adapted from a best selling book doesn't hurt.
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Peculiar movie, don't understand the rave reviews
Tomas Maly9 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This was a peculiar movie. Definitely did not fit the standard cliché "supernatural thriller" or "superhero" story. I really didn't know what to expect.

One thing none of the other reviews mentions is that there is definitely a cheesy teen novel feel to it all. Basically, the main character is likable from the first moment, by everybody, all the action goes into his favor, he has a supernatural gift that everybody seems to be okay with, and even the police chief seems to love him. He already has the girl of his dreams (boring). It has a certain infantile "everyday-hero" feel that is lacking the conflict in reality of how authority (ie the police) would find him nuts and his methods of dealing with these people he catches as vigilante. It all has a strong youth-oriented fantasy/make-believe feel. It seems like something a 13 year old boy could enjoy, but didn't feel very adult oriented. I find it bothersome, though, that it's just so easy for "Odd" to do his thing and succeed. It gives young viewers/readers the sense that life actually goes well/easily for those who do good and/or are weird. It's misleading to teens who are looking for some direction, that life is that easy. Life is hard. Being a hero is hard. Being accepted as different or 'freakish' is hard, in reality most people will scorn you as a freak for being different. Having an unusual ability is often a curse. Basically the total opposite of hero movies like the recent Batman trilogy. Either way, the hero's journey without the tribulation/struggle is not a full journey at all. But perhaps this movie was just trying to be a hip 'thriller' than some hero movie.

Everything worked out so well for "Odd" that it really didn't fit a typical hero story. You don't need to be an action movie to be a hero story. Any story with a 'good guy' trying to do something important (ie stop a mass slaughtering) is a hero story of some sort.

There was one scene that Odd was hauling a dead body of a 225lb+ man. I don't know if it was done deliberately, but it was laughable bad. The shape of the wrapped body (typical average build) was entirely different than that of the actual person (a heavyset guy). Blatantly a generic "dummy" inside. Then there is Odd's "super human strength" being able to pull this HEAVY dead body of a fat man over a ledge and then pick up the whole body with two hands, like it was a sack of potatoes. It was a really awful joke. But whatever.

Overall it was moderately enjoyable but I would not say remotely that it was something I'd see again. Not like something like Butterfly Effect or Sixth Sense. The corniness and total lack of conflict/struggle just rubs me the wrong way. After the movie I just don't feel like it's changed me in any way or that I've learned anything.

The twist ending is a bit unexpected given the otherwise corniness, but a bit cliché if you've seen enough psychological thrillers. A tragic twist to it all at the last second, just to yank on the viewers emotional nerves for effect I suppose. Not really any purpose on than to frustrate you with an ending you really did not want. If there is one formula it's following it's that a largely positive movie has to have at least one part to the ending that is tragic. I just found it annoying.

Whether it's true to the novel(s), I dunno. Its's definitely not what I expected, even not after reading the reviews. I thought it's worth warning other viewers, though, of it's peculiar beat. For those who don't have much tolerance for cheesy teen novels (Beautiful Creatures comes to mind), it might be worth passing on. But I'm sure there are those who love the stories and will love the movie.
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Terrible, terrible FIlm, despite the acting talent
thebarebear3 July 2013
Corny awful dialogue, especially the 'romance' scenes. Hilariously bad.

Despite a stellar cast including Willem Dafoe this is a terrible, terrible film. For some reason every time Odd calls Willem Dafoe's character, he ends up interrupting coitus. (Why?) It makes no sense.

I'm not a fanboy of this series or a teenager, but this movie was awfully sh*te.

The special effects aren't bad, photography and cinematography are average. THe dialogue and script are just crappier than crap.

Do you know That scene in SLumdog Millionaire where the kid gets drenched in faeces? That is what comes to my mind as an appropriate simile or metaphor for the writing in this film.
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Odd Falls Short
MJ Preston7 July 2013
I watched the Odd Thomas film with optimistic enthusiasm, especially when I heard that Anton Yelchin would be portraying the clairvoyant fry cook from Peco Mundo.

Odd Thomas, as presented to us by Dean Koontz is an optimist living in the shadow of a cynical world. Throughout his narrative, Odd makes you laugh with one liners and his endless use of light sarcasm. While I did find positives with the Odd Thomas adaption, I also found it very milk toast and lacking the dread that Koontz presents in the first book. I also found the omission of certain characters took away from the stories strengths including his Mentor Ozzie Boone who merely a cameo and hardly the fore-mentioned. Instead of the influence, of being the 300 lb Mystery writer who urges Odd to keep the tone of his story light, he is an inconsequential character who appears and disappears.

The adaption of this book fell horrible short. Perhaps the answer would have been to make an HBO miniseries and it would have resulted in near the hatchet job that did adapting this to film.

Positives are Anton Yelchin who plays a very capable Odd, but that is where it ends. Even Willem Dafoe seems wooden and out of place.
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Fabulously Fresh and Funny
robert haynes7 July 2013
Anton Yelchin is a very likable performer and Odd Thomas cashes in on his screen personality in spades. Stephen Sommers, who's been away from the directors chair for way too long, pens a witty and fresh screenplay that zips along and keeps the audience thoroughly entertained every step of the way.

The one liners are spouted fast and furiously, the dialogue sparkles and there are plot twists and turns a plenty. The film defies being classified into any one genre. It's a little horror, a little fantasy, a little science fiction and a little mystery, none of it boring or expositional.

It's also great to see Dafoe doing a little mainstream fluff piece for a change. But just as you think you know exactly where this film is going, it surprises you yet again and takes a U-turn in another direction. I realise the target market here are probably teens, but I must confess that I loved it.

A very solid 7 out of 10.
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This movie is very bad
Jeff Kroeger28 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is an absolute trainwreck. First of all, the movie can't even decide what it wants to be and awkwardly juggles being a quirky, sugary teen comedy and a gritty supernatural thriller. The basic story is actually decent, but everything that fills it in is utter garbage. The dialogue is bland, awkward, and permeated with clunky exposition. The characters are completely one- dimensional and the two leads are very poor actors. The movie makes no attempt to develop characters or create an interesting world or tell a story in any way and instead just rushes between plot points, pausing only to have characters deliver clunky exposition, often in the form of "witty""quips". For instance, instead of developing the completely extraneous yet stubbornly present character of Viola, they simply have Stormy announce something to the effect of "WE SHOULD PROTECT HER BECAUSE SHE'S BEEN THROUGH A LOT". OH OKAY, I GUESS I CARE ABOUT HER NOW.

The writing is incredibly lazy. The movie literally opens with an entire first-act-worth of dry exposition. A thousand things are introduced that never amount to anything. Odd's clinically insane mother is introduced during the opening exposition but is never even mentioned again. The only reason she's mentioned in the first place is so Odd can say "She had crazy psychic powers and so I have them too" as if that is a suitable explanation of the origin of his powers. Odd's position as a short-order cook serves literally no purpose other than giving an excuse for four of the main characters to be in a restaurant together. It doesn't come into play later in the movie at all. They literally could have told this story in 15 minutes and not sacrificed anything of value.

The protagonist is an absolute Mary Sue and is completely unrelatable and unlikeable. Not only does he have psychic powers, he also is a super-humanly dexterous, flashy, and charming short-order cook (even though he is none of those things throughout the rest of the movie.), drives a motorcycle, has an impossibly beautiful girlfriend, and is a skilled street fighter (their only justification for his fighting skill is "I like my face the way it is so I learned how to protect it". OH, OKAY).

The movie thinks so little of its audience that it has its characters announce EVERYTHING that's going on. After a gas line gets broken during a fight, Odd announces "Gas!" even though they JUST SHOWED a close-up of the broken gas line. As Stormy is driving away on a motorcycle after a "tearful goodbye" in one scene, she announces "DON'T LOOK BACK. DON'T LOOK BACK. HELP HIM BE STRONG", you know, like NO ONE HAS EVER DONE EVER. They could have just showed her looking troubled as she drove away and let the audience read into it and figure out what was going on, but that would require the film-makers to have even a modicum of respect for the audience.... and of course would require even a modicum of acting ability from Addison Timlin.

This movie honestly makes me angry. It's so bad it's offensive, both to me personally and to the art of film-making. I really cannot fathom why Willem Dafoe signed on to this crap. The director must have kidnapped his kids or something. Honestly, I don't think it was worth it; You can always make more kids.
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Felt like an extended unaired pilot for a network TV series
TheMarwood17 May 2014
Over-lit, without so much as a hint of atmosphere and cheap looking - this looks like something meant for broadcast on network TV. The story is about as deep as a Goosbumps episode and the chase/fight within the first 15 minutes is so inept and long, you have to wonder if the producers demanded the addition and shot it themselves. The CG is pretty simplistic, but Sommers wisely doesn't over reach with complex effects - except for a large scale digital explosion, which looks like the effects house had about 25 minutes to simulate and render. Anton Yelchin is fine as the lead and Defoe is wasted in a throw away role that could have been played by anyone. Addison Timlin is absolutely horrendous as Stormy - the perfect, quirky hot girlfriend. She comes across like a demented 12 year old girl infatuated with her first boy. Despite being madly in love with each other, these two generate the heat of a snowball. The financiers refused to pony up $35 million for prints and advertising and it's not difficult to see why. This is not big screen material and throwing good cash at Odd Thomas would not make any of it's problems go away.
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What did I just watch?
smcornett-546709 November 2015
Seriously. I am writing this review to save some of you some time. Ignore all other reviews.

First off, I had high hopes because of all the positive reviews on here. I really was looking forward to watching this. I set aside a couple of hours, popped some popcorn and sat down to enjoy Odd Thomas, a film almost everyone on here recommended. Here is the honest truth. While the story itself is pretty good (kinda like Shaun of the Dead meets The Sixth Sense), everything else was pretty horrible. The acting was bad. Even Willem Defoe couldn't save it. I tried. I really tried to look over the acting but their was absolutely no chemistry. The script was even worse. The lines seemed like someone was trying to be cool or hip or whatever. Like a bunch of catchphrases thrown together as dialogue. The special effects looked very bad. There are scenes where the green screen is so evident it looks like a parody of a movie. And the pacing was off. Everything seemed forced and rushed. And worst of all you never really connect with the female lead character or any character for that matter. This movie has the feel of a low budget television show you catch in mid season and are suppose to already know the characters and don't. I would not recommend this movie.

Now that being said, I will be fair. I have never read the novel or novels this was based on. Maybe that would make me like it. Maybe the one's giving this movie positive reviews are Dean Koontz fans. All I know is I wish I would have seen a review like this BEFORE I wasted my time. Maybe I would have read the book first.

I give it a 2 out of 10 only because the idea was good.
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You Have To Watch This. Seriously.
Merx Mercado6 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, I'd like to say that I am more than just a "frequent" user of IMDb. In fact, I'm online here probably more than I am on Facebook. And yet, I rarely write reviews.

I just had to make one for this and tell you guys to watch it.

I love Anton Yelchin and the rest of the cast. I have watched a number of his films and have enjoyed pretty much all of them. His chemistry with his love interests are always incredible.

The movie was told in a rather unique way. It wasn't predictable, at all. It was really quite different. At first, though, my reaction was "Oh, it's a cool movie, I'm totally gonna tell my friends to see it"... until the end.

After that absolutely unexpected ending where you thought you were just going to see the credits next, I was like "Oh, no, I'm not going to tell them to see it... I'm going to MAKE them see it."

The length of the movie (which is shorter than usual films today), the way it was told and narrated, the editing and cinematography.. everything... I loved.
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Terribly disappointing.
Bre Anne4 May 2014
I've recently read all the books and just finished the movie. I couldn't stand it. Not one bit. I understand editing a story to convert it to film but so much was changed, and not in particularly helpful ways, either. My sister, never having read the books, enjoyed it well enough but right from the start I was put off by every piece of it. The feel and filming style were so distracting. So much depth and beauty, just gone. I can't help but wonder what Dean Koontz thinks of his 'Odd' world. But perhaps it's not meant for the fans of the original story but for those who never experienced said world.

I do believe that throughout life it really IS the little things that count, equally so in movies(or so it should be). In this adaptation so many of these little things were just discarded without a thought as to what they added to the story. So many little things that, together, brought beauty and the depth to the story, characters, and plot. Alas, to each their own, I suppose...

I do believe, though, that it was a terrible waste.
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Seer With a Mission To Save Lives and Pscyhes
Flippy Broerse19 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
As this film's climax winded down, I couldn't help but compare the film to Rambo II. Some might say this is a strange comparison. But consider when Rambo II was released in the early 1980s. This was a time when America was still tender a decade on about the Vietnam War. Nixon was long gone; Reagan was President. The war had ended in 1975 but here was Rambo, the orphan of that war. Though the first film was excellent and showed the plight of veterans, the second film mocked general intelligence and in the minds of many, Rambo's machine gun and endless body count helped American audiences believe they won the war. It was cathartic entertainment at best and perhaps done for a reason.

This film is only faintly 'cathartic' but like Rambo provides that uneasy balm; and yet I couldn't help feel the film seemed to take such a timely subject as psychopaths and their need to hurt crowds of people and make it popcorn fare.

(Before I go any further, I should mention I am in no way familiar with the novels so I cannot comment on the adaptation - that is best left to fans of Dean Koontz.) Yes, this is an 'entertaining' film and was made for Friday night purposes. Odd Thomas is a quirky character and Anton Yelchin is a great actor, the young everyman and is perfectly suited for the role. We follow him nearly 100% of the time. He narrates portions of the story but for the most part, this film is fairly easy to follow. Odd introduces us to his world, tells us of his special gifts and within the first five minutes we are shown in a cartoon-like, Hardy Boys manner how he chases down and nabs a killer. Nothing too esoteric here. The supernatural fused with a bit of action.

We are then introduced to his detective buddy (Defoe) and of course, we learn Odd isn't a cop, more or less a superhero who solves crimes when he's not working as a short order cook. His girlfriend Stormy (Timlin) is equally adorable and well-suited girlfriend though most of the film she straddles the world between eye-candy for male audiences and sounding boards for plot developments. (And I have to mention this... Mr. Stephen Sommer, you have directed this movie and been sadly consistent in your ability to diminish your leading actress by making her wear the skimpiest of outfits. I am a heterosexual male but I found your wardrobe choices far too distracting and moreover, demeaning. Sincerely... me).

To get to the nitty gritty, Odd knows something is big because he's sees the presence of these other worldly creatures, bodachs forming around a low-life patron in the diner. He follows this man and begins to unravel clues that something wicked is coming to town. He's also had dreams and so have others.

What we eventually discover (ahem...SPOILER) is that a group of devil worshippers is going to attack the local mall with machine guns and blow it up with some nefarious explosives.

Again, this is popcorn fare but getting back to Rambo II and the comparison. When we think about American society, every since Columbine, there have been several deadly attacks on public property, whether schools, malls or campuses. Here we have Odd Thomas, just like Rambo, on a mission but unlike Rambo, Odd isn't here to kill (though he does take out a few baddies along the way but not with an excessive stream of bullets, a glittering puddle of shells on the ground beside him) but he does save the day. And the psyche of his country.

There are two levels of fantasy in this movie. The first being fantasy of the story, a man being able to see the dead and then pick up clues concerning the evil aggressors. He is the everyman but gifted, a Clark Kent meeting Cole Sear of The Sixth Sense (the ending to 'Odd Thomas' was notably (un)inspired by the superior, latter film). It is an adventure, a hero's tale. The second fantasy is his intention for the fictional world and ours, namely to stop the devastation from even happening.

We cannot watch this film now without the context of the last fifteen years. For me, this film is insulting. And the more I think of it, the less likely I will be able to recommend it. Year after year many people south of the border endure trauma at the hands of a madman or madmen and instead of coming to an intelligent solution on how to stem violence, films like this are made for the interim, that is until the next tragedy. Movies try to make us believe it will all go away. This film is just a terrible band-aid. We want so badly for a Odd Thomas to exist, to put our faith in him and who can blame us. How can you put your trust in governments that raise money for war? Anton to the rescue and in the unlikely world where he exists, endings are wrapped up with new set-ups in the wings.

Perhaps I am reading too deeply into this movie but I think it is dangerous to enjoy a film with such a devious intention: i.e. to make us feel we haven't already been wounded by the world outside. When audiences stepped out of theatres with memories of Rambo killing 'Charlie',they experienced a thrill of victory. Odd Thomas, I'm certain was made with the same intention.
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Fun Unexpected Thrills!
3xHCCH9 July 2013
I had no idea what this was going to be a very entertaining movie. It is locally released as "Odd Thomas and the Army of Death" with a terrible-looking poster showing a spider-like Dementor. It also had no big name stars in it to attract attention. I had pretty low expectations going in.

"Odd Thomas" is also the real name of the lead character, who can see ghosts. These ghosts usually go to him to bring their killers to justice. One day, he notes a strange-looking man he calls Fungus Bob because of his weird hairpiece. This man had these "death demons" crawling all over him. Based on his previous encounters with such demons, this warned Odd of an impending event which could cost many lives. Odd fights against time to try to figure out and stop this catastrophe from happening.

Odd Thomas is played by Aaron Yelchin. This is the actor we best know as Chekov in the new "Star Trek" films. He gets to play the lead character here and he does very well indeed. His wry style of humor and good guy vibe worked very well for him in essaying the story's protagonist with special powers.

Odd's pretty (hot) girlfriend Stormy (cute name) is played by Addison Timlin. I have not seen her in anything before this film, but apparently she got her break in showbiz playing "Annie" on stage years back. She is strong-willed and sassy, a perfect partner for our hero. Addison and Aaron have good screen chemistry together.

Screen veteran Willem Dafoe plays Odd's father. He is a no-nonsense Chief Porter, head of the police department in their community. Arnold Vosloo of the "Mummy" films had a cameo paying a ghost with a severed hand and stupid sense of fun. The rest of the supporting cast are not really familiar names.

However, from the get-go, this movie entertained me with the charismatic lead actors, the quirky yet likable characters, the stylized computer- generated visual effects, fast and light pace of storytelling and its morbid sense of humor. Director Stephen Sommers, who had brought us films like "The Mummy" and "Van Helsing" before, succeeds again in making these films with dark themes very entertaining for the mainstream audiences. Highly recommended!
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