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  • In a California desert town, a short-order cook with clairvoyant abilities encounters a mysterious man with a link to dark, threatening forces.

  • Small-town fry cook Odd Thomas (Anton Yelchin) is an ordinary guy with a paranormal secret: he sees dead people, everywhere. When a creepy stranger shows-up with an entourage of ghostly bodachs - predators who feed on pain and portend mass destruction - Odd knows that his town is in serious trouble. Teaming up with his sweetheart Stormy (Addison Timlin) and the local sheriff (Willem Dafoe), Odd plunges into an epic battle of good vs evil to try to stop a disaster of apocalyptic proportions. Based on the best-selling thriller by Dean Koontz.

  • In Pico Mundo, a small town near the desert, fast-food cook Odd Thomas has the ability to see and talk to dead people. He is in love with his girlfriend Stormy Llewellyn and they believe that they are destined to be together forever. Odd Thomas uses his abilities to help Chief of Police Wyatt Porter solve murders, but when Odd sees the creepy Fungus Bob Robertson, he is sure that the town is in danger and threatened by the possibility of massive destruction. His further investigation with Stormy discloses that Fungus Bob worships the Prince of Darkness and is plotting to kill many people in Pico Mundo. Will Odd Thomas and Stormy succeed in avoiding the bloodshed?


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • Odd Thomas (Anton Yelchin) is a young man who lives in a small town in southern California called Pico Mundo. His morning of August 14 begins with him coming out of his apartment, and meeting the ghost of a teenage girl named Penny Kallisto (Ashley Sommers), who silently leads him to a street, where Harlo Landerson (Matthew Daniel Page) rolls his SS Chevelle convertible beside Odd and says 'hello'. Odd immediately pulls the keys out of the ignition and accuses Harlo of raping and murdering Penny, noting two pieces of white felt from the victim that Harlo apparently has in his pocket. Harlo flees on foot and Odd gives chase, with the chase culminating inside a child's room in a stranger's house. Harlo and Odd have a fistfight and Odd knocks Harlo unconscious. Odd waits on the scene as the police arrive and arrest Harlo for Penny's murder. Odd then meets with his friend, police chief Wyatt Porter (William Dafoe), who knows somewhat of Odd's psychic gifts of seeing the dead and promises to spin the story to keep public attention away from Odd, as Odd does not want that attention. In his voice-over narration, he says, "I see dead people, but then, by God, I do something about it". All of the ghosts that Odd interacts with never speak, but they need his help because they are restless spirits who have died traumatically and violently before their time and need his help to help settle unresolved issues before most of them leave this plane of existence for the afterlife.

    After the police leave the scene, Penny's ghost sits beside Odd, smiles, walks away into a mist into the afterlife and disappears. In further voice-over, Odd explains that his mother also had the "gift" of seeing the dead, but her visions made her more hysterical as she tried to confide in her husband, Odd's father, about seeing ghosts which resulted in her being committed to a mental hospital for the rest of her life. From then on, Odd struggles to keep his gift about seeing the dead a secret from nearly everyone.

    On his way home, Odd encounters a group of faceless people wearing red and black bowling shirts who cry out to him to save them. As the vision progresses, a faceless gunman shoots them all, including Odd. He wakes up disturbed and heads to his job as a short-order cook, where he ends up serving lunch to a strange man (Shuler Hensley) with a haircut that resembles some kind of mold. But more disturbing is his entourage of dozens of bodachs, a horde of invisible (except to Odd) creatures that feed on evil and carnage.

    After his shift, Odd speaks to Viola Peabody (Guga Mbatha-Raw), who works at the diner with him. She recounts a strange dream in which she saw herself shot dead with another man. Odd asks what the man was wearing, and Viola describes the red and black bowling shirts from Odd's vision. Odd uses his psychic magnetism to find the disturbing man from the diner, leading him to the mall where Stormy works at an ice cream shop. He then borrows Stormy's scooter to follow Fungus Man home, breaking into the house after he leaves. Odd finds an ashtray with several brands of cigarette butts in it, revealing that Fungus Man has friends. He also learns that the man's real name is Bob Robertson, leading to his and Stormy's referring to him as "Fungus Bob."

    Odd finds files containing clippings about various mass murderers, arranged by name. In Robertson's file, he only finds a blank calendar page for August 15, leading Odd to realize that something bad will happen within the next day. One of Bob's friends returns to the house, scaring Odd off, though Odd does not get a look at him.

    Odd reports on Robertson to Chief Wyatt Porter, who asks his new deputies, Varner and Eckles, to put a watch on Fungus Bob. Odd then meets Stormy for dinner in the belfry of St. Barthlomew's Church, but when Odd sees Fungus Bob approaching, they flee to the sacristy and subsequently escape the church only to hear Robertson destroying the sacristy. Stormy calls Chief Porter, who finds the church trashed but with no physical evidence to link it to Robertson.

    Psychic magnetism then leads Odd and Stormy to Green Moon Bowling, where Odd realizes that the black and red uniforms originate there. Chief Porter sends Officer Simon Varner (Nico Tortorella) to keep an eye on the place on Odd's advice. Varner asks Odd about Bob Robertson and is surprised to learn that Odd had encountered him only a few hours ago. As he presses Odd for more information, Stormy intervenes and asks Varner about his tattoo, which reads "POD." He explains that it is a remnant of a former wasted youth and represents a crude obscenity he won't repeat.

    Odd and Stormy then visit Viola to get more details on her dream. She describes the events in vague detail, including descriptions of crowd noise, old-fashioned music, and rushing water. Viola then realizes that she and the man in the red and black shirts were not the only victims of the shooting, but rather a large group of people. Odd goes to check on Vi's daughters and discovers bodachs hovering over them. He instructs Viola to leave town, telling no one of her itinerary.

    Driving home, Stormy is overcome with fear for Odd's safety. He pulls over to comfort her, only to hear a woman screaming. He runs to her aid, only to find that she's been mauled to death by dogs he had seen earlier at Robertson's home. At the scene, a man had apparently tried to rescue her by shooting the dogs, but was too late to save her. The dead woman is Lysette, who was being fixed up with officer Eckles by Chief Porter and his wife Karla.

    Odd and Stormy return to her apartment and Odd notices a van watching the building. Realizing that Stormy will be safe, Odd sneaks out and returns to his apartment only to find a gun on his floor and the dead body (gunshot to the chest) of Fungus Bob in his bathtub. He realizes someone is attempting to frame him for murder, and that if he reports anything to the police, Chief Porter would be forced to arrest him, preventing him from intervening in the next day's disaster. Odd notices that Fungus Bob is cold and stiff, indicating he's been dead for quite some time and deduces that the encounter at the church was with the dead man's restless spirit.

    Wrapping the body in sheets, Odd then takes the dead man to an abandoned restaurant/prison/church and leaves him in the empty gas chamber. As he drives back through town, he notices hundreds of bodachs swarming, indicating the scale of the coming events.

    Meanwhile, Chief Porter is shot in the chest at his home. Odd rushes to the hospital, where he discovers that a gift he had given the Chief, a steel medallion made by Ozzie (Patton Oswalt), has saved his life, though his condition is still serious. Odd attempts to persuade Stormy to not go to work, but she insists on going. Odd then returns to Fungus Bob's home and finds evidence for the purchase of a moving van and improvised explosives, as well as websites for Satanism. He also encounters the angry lingering spirit of Robertson, who goes into poltergeist mode, destroying the house as Odd escapes.

    Fearing he's missed an important detail, Odd is drawn to investigate the bullet wound in Fungus Bob's chest, where he finds a tattoo reading "POD." He makes the connection to Officer Varner and realizes that POD is an initial-ism for "Prince of Darkness." Odd realizes that his discovery of Robertson had led to his co-conspirators eliminating him.

    Odd's psychic magnetism then draws him to the loading dock at the mall, where he grabs a baseball bat just in time to disable Eckles with a blow to the face, though only after he had killed the members of mall security. Odd notices that Eckles has his police uniform on under his tactical gear, showing how he had planned to escape.

    Odd takes Eckles's pistol and seeks out Varner, only to hear screams from the end of the mall where Stormy works. He hurries to confront the gunman and is able to kill him with the pistol. He fears for Stormy's safety but sees her emerge from behind the counter at the ice cream shop, only to then realize the trouble isn't over when the lingering spirit of Lysette appears and directs him back to the loading dock. Odd removes the gunman's mask and recognizes the man as the one who had killed the dogs earlier and who had initially frightened him off from Robertson's house.

    Realizing Varner is still on the loose, Odd rushes to the loading dock where he discovers a moving van packed with explosives. The plan had been to herd people to that end of the mall and then detonate the explosives, killing hundreds.

    As he investigates the bombs, Odd is shot by Officer Varner but manages to start the van and drive it away from the mall. Varner clings to the outside of the van and attempts to kill Odd, who jumps from the van in time for it to crash into a drainage ditch and detonate spectacularly.

    Odd wakes in the hospital to find Stormy attending him. Viola and Karla come in to greet him and inform him that Chief Porter has pulled through. Odd is a local hero and retreats to Stormy's apartment, apparently enjoying spending uninterrupted time with her for an extended period. Chief Porter, his wife, and Viola finally come and snap him out of his delusion, whereupon he learns that Stormy is in fact dead and he has been spending time with her lingering spirit. He breaks down, and Porter, realizing that Stormy is staying in this world only for Odd, admonishes him to let her go. Odd bids her a tearful farewell, promising her that they'll be reunited one day.

    In the final scene, Odd then sets off for Las Vegas, where he realizes he has a lot of work to do before he can be worthy of going on to the next life with Stormy.

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