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Season 4

1 Jul. 2014
Two Out of Three Ain't Bad
Frances decides to keep the baby and tells the girls about it. After a failed pregnancy test, Carla and Doug both begin noticing symptoms of her bipolar.
8 Jul. 2014
Shadow of a Doubt
Jenny tells Gabe to meet up with Cassie for closure. Sam learns that Hayley has taken the cheque and gone to Thailand, leaving Cory by himself.
15 Jul. 2014
No Woman Is an Island
Sophie throws Luke a birthday party and admits she is in love with him. Jenny becomes jealous over Cassie and Gabe bonding over their dog Barney, however when he is put down, Jenny feels more secure in her relationship.
22 Jul. 2014
Ass of You and Me
Bec discovers that Jason is going to court for marijuana possession. Frances refuses to accept Bridget's theory that she is suffering from baby brain.
29 Jul. 2014
The Easy Way Out
Jenny moves into the share house early to help Sophie discontinue her sexual relationship with Luke.
5 Aug. 2014
Sam suspects that Cory is looking at porn, but when she gets Doug to talk to him, they discover he is trying to find his mum.
12 Aug. 2014
The New Me
Carolyn returns to Renwood and tells Bec that Callum has a drug addiction. Frances begins to feel uncomfortable when Pete suggests that they decide on a couple name.
19 Aug. 2014
Rock and a Hard Place
Trish informs the Gross family that Deidre has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Sam organises breast checks for all the girls and later, a fundraiser to help find a cure.
26 Aug. 2014
Who Runs the World
Jenny learns that she has the breast cancer gene and decides to undergo a double mastectomy.
2 Sep. 2014
Terms and Conditions
Carla is heartbroken when she suffers a miscarriage. Izzy and Luke grow closer after a day together, and she asks him out on a date.
9 Sep. 2014
So Long, Farewell
The day of Jenny's double mastectomy arrives and causes angst among the ladies. Sam learns that Hayley was a drug addict when she discovers Cory is going back to stay with her.
16 Sep. 2014
Same, Same, But Different
One month has passed and the girls want everything to be the same, despite the fact they couldn't be more different.
23 Sep. 2014
When You Least Expect It 2
While interviewing for a replacement, Frances goes into labour and delivers her daughter, George. Carla and Doug look into adoption and after feeling bad for them,
14 Jul. 2015
The Great Unknown
Instead of joining Sophie for their first real date, Luke is rushed into Emergency fighting for his life. Sam worries she made matters worse by using a straw to open his airways, and a long and nervous wait for news begins.
21 Jul. 2015
This Is Your Life?
Sophie and Luke are loved up, enjoying their honeymoon period. However when Sam worries Luke may not be coping in the aftermath of Hayley's death,
28 Jul. 2015
The Cold Light of Day
Sophie's concerns about Luke's excessive partying start to ease, until she discovers he binge drank alone while she was out with the girls.
28 Jul. 2015
What You Wish For
Still smarting from Tyler's rejection, Sam's alarmed to find Bridget has been giving the swipe of approval to Tinder men on her behalf.
4 Aug. 2015
Sophie's relieved when Luke arrives home, seemingly refreshed and back to his old self. But at dinner that night, Luke loses his cool and attacks a fellow diner.
4 Aug. 2015
Now the Rain Is Gone
In the aftermath of Liv's accident, Sophie stands by shell-shocked Luke, putting her offside with Jenny and the Grosses - particularly when Luke's blood test results go missing and she becomes the prime suspect.
11 Aug. 2015
Lean on Me
Post break-up, Sophie keeps her distance from Luke but is unable to turn her back when he opens up about his trauma
11 Aug. 2015
Proof of Identity
Despite the school's offer to sweep Logan's false accusations under the carpet if she leaves quietly, Jenny's distressed anyone believes she would be inappropriate with a student.
18 Aug. 2015
Through the Looking Glass
When Frances takes on a malpractice suit against Jack, she finds herself at odds with Sophie who can't understand why Frances is running the case.
18 Aug. 2015
Pride and Prejudice
It's Jenny's engagement party - and once she discovers that Frances and Sophie are still at odds, she concocts a plan to put them together for some party prep to work through their issues.
25 Aug. 2015
Unfinished Business
Sophie's fight with Frances makes things awkward amongst the girls, and her renewed friendship with Jack is making things awkward with Luke. Jenny worries Gabe is shutting her out in the wake of his father's death.
1 Sep. 2015
Surface Tension Theory
The Gross Family are finally reunited when Mrs Gross and Patrick return to celebrate Jenny and Gabe's imminent wedding.
8 Sep. 2015
Happy Endings
Jenny's overjoyed when Gabe surprises her with an impromptu wedding. Surrounded by her loved ones, Jenny finally weds the man of her dreams.

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