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MPAA Rated R for strong bloody violence and language throughout, and brief drug use

Sex & Nudity

  • A man says to a younger woman when in peril "I've always wanted to stick something into you".
  • Sexual moaning, guy saying "oh baby, oh baby." In this scene, the sex is not shown.
  • A woman grabs a man by the arm and they kiss passionately. Two women kiss. A man and a woman kiss in a few scenes.
  • A man takes a woman by the arm and invites her to his room at a house party; she agrees and another woman tries to stop them.
  • A woman goes into her apartment and hears noises; her roommate opens her door and asks if they are making too much noise (sex is implied).
  • A woman says that she has been sleeping with a "...cute boy across the hall." A woman watches a shirtless man in a neighboring apartment and another woman tells her she should speak to him. A woman waits for someone to join her at a bar. A man asks, "Am I gonna die a virgin?" A woman tells a man and another woman, "Just make out already."
  • Mild. No sex scene and nudity. One implied sex. Characters refer to sex. Kissing.
  • A woman threatens to electrocute a man's balls with a taser (she proceeds in doing so)
  • No nudity.

Violence & Gore

  • A man inside a store tries to intervene and is stabbed and thrown to the floor. Another man shoots at the killer and is stabbed in the chest and then shot offscreen. Blood from the impact is seen splattered on the wall.
  • A woman takes a swing at another woman and the second woman ducks to avoid the blow; a third woman then punches the second woman hard in the face.
  • A woman is held on the floor and choked, then stabbed in the abdomen while being held against a wall (the blade is twisted and dragged up the womans stomach,blood pours from the wound.), another woman's arm is slashed (we see blood), and a man is shown dead in a bathtub with blood spray all around the room.
  • Three people crawl across a ladder between two apartment buildings several floors off the ground; the final person falls to her death and slams into a dumpster (we see her face badly broken and bloody and a pool of blood forming around her body) when the ladder is tipped by the killer.
  • A woman is stabbed in the back, a man punches the attacker, they fight and the killer slashes the knife toward the man several times; the man tackles the attacker and throws a heavy camera, and the man is held between two attackers that stab him repeatedly (we see blood pouring from wounds and his mouth).
  • A women enters an alley and is stabbed repeatedly in the abdomen as she screams and blood pours from the wounds and her mouth.
  • We hear noises coming from a bedroom, see a blurry cell phone picture of a woman being attacked in her room, hear screams, and a woman's blood-soaked body falls through the door (we see a bloody slash on her throat).
  • A man is shot, and a woman is shot at and falls over a balcony; another woman holds her by the arm and drops her to the floor below where she is stabbed in the abdomen, and she stabs her attacker in the mouth and twists the knife (blood pours).
  • A woman is struck in the face with a brick and spits blood and teeth out of her mouth. A woman charges a man and they both fall over a balcony (we see him with bloody wounds on his head later). A man is stabbed in the eye (we see blood) and he falls back gagging and twitching.
  • A man opens a refrigerator door to find a decapitated head and other bloody body parts inside.
  • The entire blade of knife is stabbed into a character's mouth. The character begins to convulse and choke on a mix of blood and the blade before the knife is twisted in their mouth. Very uncomfortable to watch.
  • Many scenes of people being stabbed frantically and repeatedly and finally slashed across the chest or neck leaving a lot of blood on the body and the surrounding area, a few gunshots leaving some bloody wounds, a few scenes from slasher movies, news reports of murder and carnage.
  • A woman is pushed up against a wall, stabbed nine times, and gutted. She is left to die. We are shown blood on the killer's mask.
  • A man is stabbed in the back. The man is then repeatedly stabbed in the abdomen. His intestines are seen falling out of his stomach and blood is seen coming from both his wound and mouth.
  • A woman is stabbed with a large shard of glass in the stomach.


  • often strong language throughout the movie
  • Nearly 80 F-words and other strong language.
  • 25 uses of sh-t 5 uses of c-ck 2 uses of the g-d-word
  • 12 uses of a-s 5 uses of b-tch 8 uses of d-mn. One use of d-ck.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Drinking and weed-smoking at a college party, people get drunk.
  • A person at a party is briefly seen using a bong.
  • Many arguments, drug and alcohol use at a house party.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The movie revolves around a killer chasing and taunting their victims via phone call. Characters are killed in a number of ways including knives, shotguns, pistols and heights. Many of the kills are graphic.
  • Many scenes of people being stabbed frantically and repeatedly and finally slashed across the chest or neck leaving a lot of blood on the body and the surrounding area, a few gunshots leaving some bloody wounds, a few scenes from slasher movies, news reports of murder and carnage.
  • Possibly the most graphic Scream movie yet.
  • 16+ Strong Scary Scenes, Bloody Violence and Lanuage. 16.
  • Overall, killers show no remorse for all of the lives that they took.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Several people are separated at a busy subway station and one woman is trapped in a train car by the killer and stabbed in the abdomen as her screams are muffled and many people are around but oblivious (we see her bloody wounds).
  • A man is grabbed then thrown through a bookcase and lands dead on the floor; the killer holding knives lunges toward a woman, she runs to the kitchen and hits the killer with a skillet, locks herself in a room where she arms herself with a gun and shoots through the door; she shoots through another door and the killer lunges toward her stabbing her twice, she raises a knife over the killer and she is stabbed in the abdomen, pinned to the floor
  • A mangled up, and decapitated corpse is found inside a fridge. Brief, but extremely graphic and disturbing.
  • One of the killers gets a TV smashed over their head
  • A man answers a knock at his door late at night, the person outside the door shatters the glass, reaches through to grab the man and slams his head against the iron frame, and then stabs him in the face (we see his bloody face and the knife as he falls back on the floor dead). This kill is similar to the 2003 High Tension door stab.
  • A woman's death is graphic as she is shaken off a ladder down from a great height hitting her head on a dumpster. We see her bloody face. It's quite heartbreaking.
  • A woman is lured into an alleyway and is stabbed multiple times.
  • A young woman is stabbed twice in the stomach on a Subway train.
  • A woman is shot several times, but she survives.
  • A woman is stabbed several times in the stomach and abdomen but it is revealed that she survives.
  • A man is stabbed in the shoulder and stomach and appears to be dead but it is revealed that he survives.
  • A woman is seemingly stabbed and mutilated offscreen.
  • The Killer stabs a young woman in the stomach and proceeds to push the knife upwards to try and disembowel her, meanwhile he's stopped by another individual.
  • The killer calls a man, pretending to be his roommate, and instructs the man to play "hot or cold" to find his location. The second man searches the apartment and finds a dismembered body in the refrigerator, as the killer jumps out and stabs him repeatedly in the abdomen (we see the body parts covered with blood and the second man with blood pouring from his mouth).
  • At the end of the movie, one ghostface is stabbed directly in the eye. Blood oozes out and ghostface falls to the ground. This is unexpected.
  • Jason is stabbed multiple times by Ghostface. We can see close up scenes of his inners spilling out.
  • In the beginning of the movie, a woman is taken into a dark alley when a mysterious killer attacks her from behind. Blood and violence is shown.
  • Anika falls from a 50ft ladder.Lots of blood is shown
  • A man is ganged up on by two ghostfaces. He is stabbed a bunch of times. It is later revealed that he survived.


  • Ghostface says "Who gives a fuck about movies?" After killing Jason

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The movie starts off in a bar.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • One of the main characters is chased throughout their apartment while being taunted and attacked by the killer over the phone. This scene is very intense.
  • The deaths in this movie are quite graphic and emotional specifically one when Anika falls of a ladder and dies. The killer was shaking the ladder quite violently. All the characters are heartbroken especially Mindy.
  • Deaths: Laura Crane , Greg Bruckner, Jason Carvey, 2 Unnamed Male Customer, Unnamed Male Bodega Owner, Dr. Christopher Stone, Paul, Anika Kayoko, Brooks, Ethan Landry, Quinn Bailey, Detective Wayne Bailey.

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