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Eddie Lee Sausage Exclusive Interview Shut Up, Little Man! An Audio Misadventure

The documentary Shut Up, Little Man tells the story of when two friends tape-recorded the fights of their violently noisy and belligerent neighbors and accidentally created one of the world’s first viral pop-culture sensations. In 1987, Eddie and Mitchell moved to San Francisco, next door to Peter Haskett, a flamboyant gay man, and Raymond Huffman, a raging homophobe. Fearing for their lives, they began to tape record the alcohol-fueled rants through the paper thin walls of their apartment, never knowing what to expect next. Passing copies along to their friends, the tapes went on to inspire a cult following, spawning sell-out CDs, comic artwork by Dan Clowes (Ghost World), stage plays, music from Devo, and interest from Hollywood. Now, this life-changing experience is chronicled in a darkly hilarious story that is totally unbelievable and yet entirely true. During this exclusive phone interview with Collider, Eddie Lee Sausage (born Edward Guerriero
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Tribeca Film to Distribute 'Shut Up Little Man!'

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Tribeca Film to Distribute 'Shut Up Little Man!'
Tribeca Film is releasing "Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure," a documentary produced, written and directed by Matthew Bate. Sophie Hyde also produced.  The project began in 1987, when two guys from the Midwest moved into a cheap apartment in San Francisco. Because the walls were thin, they were treated to the drunken arguments of their neighbors -- the improbable roommates Raymond Huffman, a homophobe, and Peter Haskett, a flamboyant gay man. The Midwesterners hung a microphone from their kitchen window and recorded the conversations. The tapes turned into a hit, and sparked
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‘Shut Up Little Man’ – Recorded Roommate Rantings Spawn Cult Comedy Phenomenon [Sundance Review]

‘Shut Up Little Man’ – Recorded Roommate Rantings Spawn Cult Comedy Phenomenon [Sundance Review]
Two friends move from Wisconsin to San Fransisco and soon realize their crotchety, old next door neighbors argue constantly. And they're crude. And loud. And it gets so annoying that the two friends begin to record the often hilarious arguments. Those recordings then made it out into the world and slowly but surely became not only an underground smash, but the inspiration for all kinds of art and merchandise. All the while the two friends who did the recordings reap the benefits without the people on the tapes even knowing they exist. That's the incredible true set-up of the documentary Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure, a film that not only tells this story, but investigates its roots, comments on cultural significance, morality, legality and much more. The two friends in question are Eddie Lee Sausage and Mitchell Deprey and their neighbors were Peter Haskett and Raymond Huffman. The year is 1987 and every night,
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