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  • President Martinez reacts to the knowledge of who betrayed him within his administration. Meanwhile, after revealing her plan for the Sleepers' future, Sophia learns of dissension among her people. She sets a trap for the perpetrators and acts decisively to quell any future mutiny. Elsewhere, Sean and Leila try to unravel the mystery of Samantha's kidnapping, while evading Dempsey's nefarious clutches.


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  • "The Event" - "Your World To Take" - Nov. 22, 2010

    Needless to say the Prez is not psyched that the Vice President betrayed him and then was unable to tell him who was behind the nefarious plot before he got blowed up. But when he wakes up in the hospital the first person he sees is his wife who is perplexed when he admits to her that this is all his fault. He plans to come clean to the Prez but before he can she tells him that she and their children were visited by some evil men who threatened their lives if the VP comes clean. She tells him to keep it zipped.

    We learn a lot more about the twisted mother son relationship of Sophia and Thomas and the "sleepers" tonight. We see a bunch of types of folks: lawyers, businessmen, cops, a mail lady, professors etc. all get a text message and then converge on a hotel ballroom. They are apparently attending Sophia's first "hey sleeper aliens, wake up!" convention.

    She explains to them that they're not quite ready to go home yet, they still need a few pesky parts-- isotopes, trace minerals-- but they're working on it. She gets a standing ovation for her speech at the big conference but in a meeting with a smaller group of team leaders, a hot, cutthroat female lawyer named Isabel tells Thomas and Sophia that in the 66 years they've been here most of them have decided they like it here and don't want to leave. Sophia says that's not the plan, partially because going home is what they swore they would do and partially because their impact on the indigent inhabitants-- i.e. humans-- would be too damaging, something they swore they wouldn't do. They all gripe that they left home in the first place 'cuz it was all crummy and dying and has fearsome dangers on it, so why should they go back. Sophia tells them to suck it up, they're going home.

    After the meeting Thomas meets up with Isabel and we learn that they are a couple and they're double crossing Sophia. When she and Thomas go to get a crucial part for their time-travelling, portal opening doohickey he's going to shoot her so he can be in charge. Throughout the course of the episode we see why he might want to shoot her as she's emasculating, judgey, and mean to him, basically calling him a coward. Unfortunately, she's right. When he gets there and she's pulled out the radioactive thingy they need, he can't shoot her. Turns out that she knows all about Isabel too. With Thomas in the car waiting for her, she meets Isabel by a riverwalk and gives her a choice: she can shoot herself in the leg -- non-lethal but maiming-- or she can live but Sophia will make sure that she'll be ostracized from all of her kind. Isabel chooses to shoot herself. Ouch.

    Meanwhile, Sean and Leila get an assist from their old pal FBI agent Collier who ran down the list of names and discovered that they all belonged to missing girls about Samantha's age. They discover that one of the girls was recently returned home so Sean and Leila track her down. Her skittish mother doesn't want to let them in but they work their magic and eventually are allowed to talk to the girl. A little bit before the dad kicks them out.

    As they're figuring out what to do next Sean and Leila see the family high tail it out of dodge and decide to follow them. They catch up with them at a gas station and Leila corners the mom and girl in the rest room. She tells them that Samantha is being held captive in the same place as her. That they were given painful injections and this is why her face looks all old and funky. And she got away. All she can really remember is that the "medicine" had a triangular symbol on it. While waiting Sean sees a nefarious looking gentleman -- sent by Dempsey to "reacquire" a girl-- pull up and make for the girls. He shoots the little girl's dad while Sean, Leila, the mom and the girl tear off into a nearby cornfield to get away. They eventually disarm the guy after them but-- after picking up a piece of paper with her picture on it-- Sean realizes it wasn't the little girl the guy was after, it was Leila herself. Weird.

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