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Full of dark energy
the_wolf_imdb19 February 2012
This movie is really a very bizarre one, even in the context of bizarre / horror movies. It is no ordinary horror however - more or less it is unusually deep trip into the darkness. Forget "positive heroes running from demons or killers". This is way way darker and definitely not suitable for typical viewer.

The first story almost seems lame but the darkness increases from the this very point on. When it reaches "Vision Stains" you may be sure you are watching something so dark it may just come from Hell itself. Yet these stories are no gore flicks, they have their wicked souls, their own twisted logic. Some of them like the "Vision Stains" are really hard to watch.

I absolutely do love "The Accident". It is basically not a horror story, but more poem or "experience". It is very slow, gentle, almost tender story about the dying and the meaning of life and death. It is absolutely mesmerizing, brilliant example of storytelling mixed with great soundtrack and the editing. It is pure 10/10 and alone makes the whole movie worth watching. It does not fit here however - it is not dark, not twisted and in some ways almost zen-like positive. It is really beautiful.

I could not recommend this movie for everyone - the only really accessible story is "The Accident" which is the weakest in the terms of gore and the most powerful in the terms of philosophy. The other stories could be way too much disturbing for ordinary viewer - not because they are full of gore, but because of twisted and elaborated evil, abuse, loss, suffering and despair depicted here. It is very powerful and dark anthology, definitely no ordinary teenager slasher movie. No fun is here, no light at the end of the tunnel. You have to have right mood to watch this anthology or you will end up really depressed.
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Fantastic dream state horror movie :)
Gerry Forsyth4 April 2015
For the first time I've commented on a movie on IMDb.. I woke during the night, restless. Decided to watch Theatre of the Bizarre. I couldn't have chose a more perfect movie to watch in the early hours half asleep.. The overall feel and atmosphere is just hypnotic. The tales are very stylish, well paced, shot, scripted and acted and all as good as each other in their own very different ways and the link scenario in the Theatre is just dreamy gorgeous! The soundtrack does a fantastic job, just floats along with the visuals nicely, never imposes it's self. Not overly gory, a lot of the violence is implied rather than seen! {Although I seem to remember a few scenes where 'implied' was put to bed in brutal fashion!). Anyways....

I loved this movie! More of the same please :)

I could see The Theatre of the Bizarre becoming a cult classic!
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The best horror anthology film...ever!
Mark Vessey27 October 2011
Not since the original Creepshow has there been a horror anthology as amazing as this. Comprising of six different short films, each with a different director and introductory segment, every short film is entirely different and unique in their own way and even the segments in between with Udo Kier and extremely entertaining to watch. Mother of Toads is a great B-movie throwback, I Love You is like a violent version of The Room, Wet Dreams has Tom Savini, therefore it is automatically gold, The Accident is harrowing and haunting, Vision Stains is interesting and engaging and Sweets is disgusting fun. Best horror of the year.
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Another Anthology that is better than most
andrewbarry633625 November 2013
I admit that while I heard quite a few good things about this movie I held off on it because I typically do not like anthologies but this one was pretty good and original. I will speak on the ones that stood out to me.

The Mother of Toads was OK but nothing special. It involves a couple and a witch. I wont say much more but honestly I thought this movie would be a let down after they started with this. 6/10

I Love You was actually pretty interesting and had a nice story. You do feel for the guy if you have been in a similar position but it goes a little crazy in the end. 7/10

Wet Dreams Has Tom Savini directing so the effects are top notch and probably the best of any of the films. I did like the story and this was my second favorite on this film. Just a little side note, you will either love it or hate it so I understand the reviews not liking this one.8/10

The next three are decent except for sweets which I hated. Vision Stains and The Accident are good however and I have to admit that this anthology surprised me in a good way. Also The Accident is my favorite and the story is amazing. Not a lot of gore or creepiness but I found it to be a great short.

The Wrap Around story is probably the best wrap around story of any Anthology that comes to my memory. While the twist wasn't to surprising, it was still a great idea. Opens a lot of doors if the franchise gets revisited. Still though some of the stories are weak IMO and it is definitely not for everyone, even some horror fans will not like it. I give it a 7 outta 10.
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The Good Bizarre, the Bad Bizarre and the Exaggeratedly Bizarre.
Coventry14 October 2013
I briefly tasted the extravagance of "The Theatre Bizarre" nearly one year ago, during a modest genre festival in country. Halfway the second segment, however, there were some technical issues and everybody got reimbursed and had to leave the theater. It took me until now to re-watch the whole thing, but my expectations were quite high because I remembered quite a number of good things from my abruptly ended first viewing. "The Theatre Bizarre" is an anthology, and the one element that immediately determines whether or not an anthology is worthwhile is the wraparound story! This film features one of best wraparound stories, with some of the grimmest and most macabre scenery ever seen. A timid young girl is lured to the sinister and seemingly abandoned Grand Guignol Theater across the street of her apartment, where she's "friendly" welcomed by a marionette version of cult legend Udo Kier and numerous other grisly dummies. As the presented stories pass by, both Udo and the girl undergo a nightmarish metamorphosis. The wraparound is courtesy of Jeremy Kasten, the underrated director of one of the better horror remakes of the decade, namely "The Wizard of Gore". As usually the case with horror omnibus movies, some of segments are good, some of the segments are bad and some of the segments are just too plain weird and flamboyant to judge properly. Unfortunately none of the six tales qualifies as truly outstanding, but at least the segments "I love you", "Vision Stains" and "The Accident" rate as well above average. They are diverse stories with either original basic concepts or uniquely tense moments. "I love you" is a prototypic mini psycho-thriller, but benefices from the ravishing Suzan Anbeh and her monologues that will make every male viewer cringe. "Vision Stains" is about a woman who kills homeless/troubled women and injects their eyeball-fluids in her own veins to live their memories… Until she witness things she didn't want to witness. This little plot is inventive and genuinely horrific, but it could have used a better climax. "The Accident" is somewhat of an alien segment, as it's more of a melodrama instead of a horror story, but it features a wonderfully grim atmosphere and a couple of harrowing moments. The other three tales vary from mediocre to inferior. The first segment "Mother of Toads" is very H.P Lovecraft like, with creepy monsters and nasty make-up effects, but writer/director Richard Stanley totally forgot to tell a story. Tom Savini's "Wet Dreams" contains a few solid moments, but the plot is derivative and rather nonsensical. The final chapter "Sweets", somewhat a crossover between "La Grande Bouffe" and "Delicatessen", tries very hard to be artsy and controversial, but it's actually just ridiculous and preposterous. Recommended viewing for experienced and open-minded horror fanatics.
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A slightly uneven, but overall sound and satisfying horror anthology
Woodyanders27 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
A creepy mechanical puppet man (the always delightful Udo Kier at his most divinely strange and unnerving) relates six weird tales of horror to a scared young woman (a solid performance by Virginia Newcomb) at an old abandoned Grand Guignol theater. First and lamest story, "The Mother of Toads" - Director Richard Stanley really fumbles the ball with this one: There's no tension or spooky atmosphere to speak of, the main characters are bland and unlikable, and super close-ups of slimy croaking toads are laughable instead of scary. Despite a pleasing turn by Catriona MacColl as a seductively sinister witch, a memorably sweaty sex scene, and striking imagery of the French Pyrenees mountains, this clunker fails to make much of an impact. Second and grimmest yarn, "I Love You" - Blessed with brave thespic contributions by Suzan Anbeh and Andre Hennicke and given further dramatic punch by an uncompromisingly bleak tone, director Buddy Giovinazzo's segment about a doomed romance between a paranoid man and his fed-up wife packs a potently devastating emotional punch. Third and most quirky anecdote, "Wet Dreams" - Director Tom Savini does a bang-up job of blending comic, erotic, and grotesque elements into a deliriously idiosyncratic mix, plus ever-dependable indie horror icon Debbie Rochon hits it out of the bitchy ballpark as the spiteful and frustrated wife of an unhappy hunk and the twisted surprise ending is an absolute pip. Savini himself has a ball in a colorful and amusing role as a flaky shrink. Fourth and most poignant story, "The Accident" - Beautifully acted by Melodie Simard and Lena Kleine, director Douglas Buck's touching and thoughtful cinematic meditation on life, death, and mortality delivers a powerfully simple, yet meaningful central message about the bittersweet fragility of existence itself. Fifth and most original outing, "Vision Stains" - Director Karim Hussain makes the most out of the fascinatingly novel and original premise of a young woman who lives off the memories of other folks by taking fluid from their eyeballs at the moment of death. This yarn not only benefits greatly from a haunting melancholy atmosphere, but also offers a wealth of trippy visuals and a startling bummer ending. Sixth and most disgusting tale, "Sweets" - Director David Gregory scores a supremely revolting home run with this remarkably icky affair about an obsessive guy who gets in way over his head when he falls for a nutty gal with a hardcore food fetish. This one's flat-out freaky and repulsive, with oodles of stomach-churning shots of people pigging out on sugary foods and a perfectly ghastly climactic cannibal feast. As an added bonus, Lynn Lowry makes a sharp cameo appearance as a haughty socialite. Recommended viewing for fans of outré fright fare.
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Another bizarre anthology
dschmeding7 February 2012
"Theater Bizarre" is a horror anthology that much reminds me of last years "Little Deaths" in that it takes some rather strange and extreme ideas for some of the stories of which there are many. So lets start at the extremely disappointing beginning...

"Mother of toads" is a totally lame and rather typical horror story about a couple on holidays meeting a strange witch inviting them to look at her Necronomicon. Some Lovecraft references, nudity and slimy frogs just don't nail it here. Total snooze fest with the laziest storyline of all.

"I love you" continues equally boring with bad acting, annoying German accents and a dysfunctional couple at the end of their relationship. Throat-slitting and blood on white sheets also don't nail it since the story goes nowhere and seems rather childish to me. Basically as forgettable as the first story and nosedives with dumb lines like "My vagina and your penis never were friends".

"Wet dreams" is about a guy having nightmares about castration and a psycho therapist telling him to open his eyes to wake up from his dreams. The whole thing ends in a rather bloody mess with a twisted idea for the end but ultimately the whole storytelling is uneven and suffers from bad acting.

"The accident" is the first highlight here. This is no real horror story but a rather slow meditation on life and death through the eyes of a mother and her little daughter who witness a motorcycle accident. This has great atmosphere and some really gripping visuals (the deer looked frightenly real and the acting is great) and is especially moody because of the perfect piano score and great editing. Unfortunately the promising short leads absolutely nowhere in the end.

"Vision stains" is some really twisted stuff by "Subconscious cruelty" director Karim Hussain. It starts off gritty with a homeless girl getting high on heroin in some dirty back alley when suddenly another girl appears and kills her and takes her eye liquid in a syringe injecting it in her own eyeball. The basic idea of transferring the last flashing pictures while dying to another person reminded me of an Italian movie with a camera (can't remember the title). But this one goes further and uses some pretty disturbing images. This one has a point to end on but honestly I found it a little uneven too.

Last but not least "Sweets" continues the disturbing imagery with some pretty nasty food fetishes and a bizarre break up scene of a couple. The guys acting is pretty incredible and makes the food fetish theme twice as bizarre. It all culminates in one of the goriest scenes of this anthology.

The surrounding Theatre-Plot with Udo Kier has some great visuals by "Wizard of Gore" Remake Director Jeremy Kasten but the lack of a story and Kiers accent which is nearly as annoying as that of the male lead in "I love you" ruin it.

After all this is your typical anthology. It fails on many levels (most of the time on the lazy storytelling) but has some nice ideas and visuals. Its hard to say which story is the best because basically the first half totally sucks and the second raises the bar a lot but because of the flaws has no real highlight. If you want some bizarre stories like in "Little Deaths" enjoy the second half but don't expect too much. Even with all those sick ideas ... when the curtain falls I was left thinking "Meeeeeh".
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Sick movie
Varboro7 June 2013
6 short stories of uneven quality full of gore, violence, sex, drug, nudity, candy, profanity and utterly mad people. never frightening but disturbing and often disgusting. Really, really, really unsuitable for young public.

The stories are very different, Too bad the first one makes a bad first impression. It is the only one I found misplaced here, it is a classic horror story with a Lovecraft background and shallow mundane characters. It could be good in a longer better written and more developed version. But all the others are about a lot of madness and twisted love, culminating with the last one, surrealistic and blasphemous, ending with a perverted vision of Da Vinci last supper. I like it. A lot. Of course I wouldn't watch this kind of movies everyday but for a change it is very nice... Well, nice is not exactly the word.
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not bad at all.
nightwatch477327 January 2013
Horror anthologies were extinct I believe after Creepshow 2 so that was 1987. 20 years later the best little horror anthology was brought to us that was filmed four blocks from where I am typing this review. Yes I am talking about Trick or Treat filmed right here in Vancouver. This show just kicked ass and it has influenced filmmakers to jump back on board this horror sub-genre. I have to say the results have been pleasant and it is no different with this little stygian film. A couple of the stories were forgettable but if you hone in on " I love you " " Vision Stains " and " Sweets " well lets just say you will be darkly moved. In fact the lead actress from " sweets " stole the show and this particular segment reminded me of that creepy film from 1989 Society. Remember that one guys wow. Udo Kier is his usual ostentatious self as the host which is tantamount to the crypt-keeper. All in all a great effort but not for the faint of heart especially with " Sweets " Enjoy!!!!
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an anthology of bizarre tales
trashgang20 February 2013
An anthology of weird an bizarre tales directed by famous names from the genre like for example Tom Savini and Karim Hussain. Not only that, the story teller is Udo Kier, another name in the genre. I also recognized others but the biggest surprise was Catriona MacColl.

With all those popular names from the horror scene you think that this is going to be good. Well, in some way it was in others it wasn't. There's one story were a mother is telling her daughter about death that i didn't like. In fact, nothing really happens. But the other stories were nice to see, let 'Sweets' be the one that can make you vomit. All that eating and eating and finally eating puke. Don't get me wrong here, it isn't like real puke like in some Japanese flicks for example Terrible Meal. Still, you won't feel comfortable watching it. There's even some gore involved in that segment.

all the stories aren't what you think normal, they all have a twist at the end. There's gore in almost all entries, except the one with the one with the mother and child. Also a spot of nudity here and there.

They are already talking about part 2 and it's a thing I'm looking out for. Even the story teller segment has it's own story. Surely one to pick up.

Gore 2,5/5 Nudity 1,5/5 Effects 3/5 Story 3/5 Comedy 0/5
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A mixed bag of the bizarre and creepy
Aaron_da_miller8 February 2012
Theatre Bizarre [8/10] - The wrap around story takes place in a strange theatre (thus the name). Each Segment is introduced using paper mache type people acting like puppets or something. It is somewhat unsettling and each time it gives a little hint as to what is going to happen in the upcoming story. Udo Kier is fantastic and creepy as his roll as our guide. I feel this wrap around story should have had more of a point to it, but in the end, it only serves as a conduit to get us to the actual segments of the film.

The Mother Of Toads [5/10] - This segment takes its influences from HP Lovecraft, and has some really cool and unsettling imagery in them. Because of the short nature of anthology movies, we were never really given enough time with the characters to really care about them and it also feels as though they had to just wrap it up before being able to do anything. Nice makeup though.

I Love You [6/10] - Relies more on the acting chops from its stars for the majority of this part. It does not go anywhere until the last 2 or so minutes, but it does deliver one heck of a finale.

Wet Dreams [5/10] - Being directed by Savini, you know it is going to have good effects, which it does. The real question is whether it has any substance. To its credit, it does make you question what is going on, but it still feels hallow and never really crosses the line into greatness. Not bad, but not good either.

The Accident [9/10] - It feels out of place next to all these segments of horror and gore. It has a great atmosphere and you sit there wondering just what exactly is going to happen that will make you disgusted. While this never comes, you find the director knows how to set an atmosphere, and you will get a feeling from this segment you will not find in any horror movie.

Vision Stains [9/10] - The best of the entire movie. I will not go into the story, as it is best to not know anything. All I will say is that the effects are fantastic, the music brilliant, and the story original and clever. I will be thinking about this for many weeks to come. Even if you don't like these kinds of movies, you owe it to yourself to check this segment out.

Sweets [8/10] - The most artsy out of all of them. It lacks a bit of substance and you are left wanting a bit more, however the ride it takes you on is fun. There are lots of colors and artsyness that make this short stand out from the rest of the pack. I really liked it, even if I wanted more.

In the end, this is a flawed, but ultimately worth it anthology, that I hope to see more of in the future.
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Odd, but interesting.
jimmerw10 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The summary gives a pretty good run down of what this movie is about. It is a series of short stories, all shown in a run down theatre.

Though the acting is marginal, it works as the stories are brief.

There is plenty of gore if that is your thing. But what I liked was all of the stories were unique and they all were played out within a story.

If you need a movie that develops characters, this isn't it. They are short stories, quick and to the point. But there were some clever stories, played out well in the short time frame.

This movie is a true B-movie. Low budget, relatively unknown actors, etc. But there were some scenes that would make the most hardened biker a little squeamish.

For a B-movie, I actually kind of enjoyed it, and there isn't much I really enjoy on film. If you have a movie package with your cable plan and this movie is there, give it a watch.
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Lives up to it's title
wolfm727 May 2012
I just saw The Theater Bizarre on DVD and I have to say that it's a shame that great films like this are only seen in the festival circus and don't get wide distribution. It would have been great to see this film on a silver screen in a theater, than seeing it on TV. But as long as Hollywood is flooding us with stupid and uninteresting movies that nobody cares about and that are only made for economic reasons we will have to live with it, that all the good and interesting stuff is condemned to DVD and the small screen. Hopefully one day all the stupid people wake up and are investing their money into movies that are worth seeing and not into worhtless and silly crap that comes out of Hollywood.
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Bizarre indeed
kosmasp24 January 2012
I really like when people get ecstatic about a movie. Even if it's a movie I can't get behind that much. The other reviewer (up til now), was having fun watching this. I am glad for him, but I can't quite share the enthusiasm. While that is debatable, I don't think comparing this to the Creepshow is a good move.

Creepshow stands on it's on right and this movie does not really try to imitate this. It tries to be as crazy as a movie can be. It is more like the British film "Little Deaths" that was made in recent years. Though that was really OTT. This one has recognizable actors and a very good camera (visually stunning most of the times, even/especially when it feels odd). Still there is something missing to make it really good. As it is, I feel it's just mediocre.
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Not worth your time...
JoeB13116 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
It's an anthology with six stories in it, none of which are all that good, most of which are just excuses to hit us with gore or sex. It's pretty much an FX Demo film, I guess.

But since I have to do ten lines, I guess I need to talk about this stuff.

The first story about the witch was kind of silly.

The story about the guy who dreams about being tortured by his wife has a lot of gross special effects and no real point other than to make men cringe.

The story about the little girl and her mommy explaining death. Umm pointless and kind of depressing.
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One Disappointment After Another
gavin694230 April 2012
Down a seedy city street in her neighborhood, young Enola Penny (Virginia Newcomb) is obsessed with what appears to be a long abandoned theater. One night, she sees that the front door is slightly ajar and impulsively decides to sneak inside.

This film is just one disappointment after another. I generally enter into a movie with low expectations, and this is no exception. But I had a bit of hope that this could be a decent anthology. The stars are respectable: Debbie Rochon, Udo Kier, Catriona MacColl. The directors have talent: Richard Stanley, Tom Savini, Jeremy Kasten. What went wrong?

I feel like a variety of problems plagued this one -- but it can be summed up in two basic categories. Either the story was not thought-out enough or the segment was not long enough to develop the characters, or both.

Tom Savini's segment was just too confusing, and revolved around an unfaithful man. I feel like the cheating was never made clear. And we are not given time to sympathize with him or his wife or anyone. Should I care about either of their problems?

The concept of stealing memories through eye fluid was brilliant. While the concept is clearly impossible, and it is not clear how someone would have discovered this secret, it is a remarkably good idea that could have been its own film. But even with that one, it went downhill towards the end. I was completely deflated.

The "Sweets" segment was the most visually appealing... but what was going on?
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The best horror anthology since Trick 'r Treat
chrismsawin2 February 2012
What the hell happened to American horror? Remember when mainstream horror films actually offered either originality or creativity in the way victims died? Now we're practically spoon fed the same formula over and over and it doesn't help that more than half of the horror films getting the green light or being released in theaters are a remake of a film you love. The 70s, 80s, 90s, and even early 00s in some cases were a fantastic time for horror that seem to have gone the way of the dodo bird. The horror genre is no stranger to the anthology formula, but there's something about The Theatre Bizarre that manages to capture the atmosphere of certain horror films you know and love.

Tales From the Crypt, Dead of Night, Creepshow, Trick 'r Treat, and Tales From the Darkside: The Movie are a few films The Theatre Bizarre will either remind you of and/or it pays homage to. To bridge the story together, a woman is drawn to the worn down looking theater next door. Once inside, she's treated to a show hosted by a man acting like a living wind-up toy (played by Udo Kier). Just the framing segments alone are extremely creepy. The make-up, the way the people on stage move, and the way eyes are painted on the top of their eyelids. It's a bit unsettling in the best of ways. There are six stories in the film's nearly two hour runtime: "The Mother of Toads" is one of the weakest. A couple takes a vacation in France basically in the middle of nowhere. While they're browsing shops, they meet an elderly woman who draws the man, Martin (Shane Woodward) into her home with The Necronomicon. The tea she gives him puts him under her spell and all hell breaks loose from there. This is probably a lot like the movie Frogs. The multi-colored toad vision is pretty lame. The best scene comes at the beginning where Martin and his girlfriend Karina (Victoria Maurette) are driving through the countryside. The shot obviously pays tribute to the opening of The Shining. I was left with what felt like the punch line to a really bad joke at the end of the story. "Don't you hate it when you get really drunk and you wake up next to a giant multi-titted toad?" "I Love You" is the other fairly timid story and the one that features the stiffest acting. A man wakes up in his bathroom with blood everywhere. He calls his therapist, who's with his wife that he hasn't been able to get a hold of for days. She comes home only to tell him that she's leaving him. "I Love You" is basically an R-rated drama until the last two minutes where everything is turned upside down. The scenes that stick out the most are the ones of Andre Hennicke unconscious in his bathroom. Everything is white; the floor, the walls, his clothes. The only color in the scene is from his blood. It's not bad, deserves some credit for a solid buildup to its climax, and is at least a bit more threatening than toads.

"Wet Dreams" directed by and co-starring the legendary Tom Savini is up next. A man has very vivid dreams that usually involve his wife castrating him and feeding his severed member to him during breakfast. It's a pretty decent stab at a mind-bending horror story. It's no Inception, but it doesn't really have the opportunity to be and in the end has no reason to be as in depth as that as its story progression is just fine.

"The Accident" is another slow burning story. You can pretty much guess what it's about from the title. The way the deer acts is horrific enough, but what sells the entire story is the haunting music and the facial expression of the biker. The little girl asks some questions about death, which her mom gives really stupid answers to (seriously, a good zombie?).

"Vision Strains" is easily the most original and creative story of the film. A woman targets homeless women and addicts and kills them. In their last breaths and as their life flashes before their eyes, the woman injects their eye fluid into her own and basically experiences their life story. She writes it all down in an attempt to learn everything the world has to offer. A serial killer with purpose is something that doesn't come along very often.

"Sweet Dreams" rounds out the set. This one was a bit hard to watch. There are some really disturbing fetishes going on with this one all involving gluttony, sweets, and overeating. It's downright disgusting at times and it has the goriest ending of the bunch. It puts a pretty interesting twist on The Last Supper, as well.

It's not that The Theatre Bizarre isn't flawed. Like most horror movies, there's plenty of bad to go along with the good as it suffers from weak writing with actors in certain stories that don't have that natural flow that the rest of the cast does. One could also argue that only half of the movie really leaves a long-lasting impression. To be honest though, there were bits and pieces of every story that spoke to the horror fan in me in ways I haven't felt in years. Like a classic horror film, it's like you have to sit through some lameness to delve into the greatness buried deep within its core. Nauseating, phantasmagorical, and discomforting, The Theatre Bizarre is pure, gory, blood-soaked madness at its finest that will give horror fans the feeling of being a kid locked in a candy store for two blissful hours.
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horror anthology
billcr1212 February 2012
This anthology opens at a movie theater with a carnival like atmosphere as an introduction.

Story #1 is "Mother of Toads" begins with a Gypsy woman selling an ancient pair of earrings to a tourist couple. The boyfriend later visits the Gypsy woman/fortune teller alone and she seduces him and his girlfriend catches him in the act, runs into the nearby woods and it turns very nasty. A 7/10.

Story #2 "I Love You" A man wakes up on the bathroom floor in a bloody t shirt, not remembering what happened previously, when his wife shows up and explains to him that he is a control freak and she needs room to breathe and thus she is leaving him. She details numerous affairs, we then get flashbacks and a predictable ending. 7/10.

Story #3 "Wet dreams" opens promisingly with a nude woman enticing a man and then castrating him. The man wishes to stop this recurring nightmare and seeks help from a psychiatrist. The line between fantasy and reality is explored, along with marital bliss. 7/10.

Story #4 "The Accident" is the briefest of the lot, a little girl and her mother discuss the death of her father and the meaning of life when they come upon an accident involving a motorcycle and a deer. It ends rather abruptly and really doesn't belong. A 3/10.

Story #5 "Vision Stains" A woman in an alley injects a drug into her thigh. She is then impaled like a vampire; her impaler then uses a needle to extract fluid from her eyeball as she is dying and is able to absorb the life story of the victim. She continues killing vagrants in order to chronicle their lives in a journal. A great concept with a so so finish.

Story #6 "Sweets" Estelle and Greg are a couple whose relationship is based on consumption of confectionery products. This food centered tale is the most vicious and entertaining of the six. 7/10.
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A low budget anthology that has a very bad aftertaste [:<{
J. Davis10 February 2012
Normally in an Anthology I would break it down by stories. I feel that in this case that will not be necessary. The production of this project had such a cheap feel to it, like it was made way back in the day. It honestly felt like it was draining the life out of me it was all so bland though I did manage to finish the entire "film". This reminded me much of "Tales From The Darkside", in it's tacky form. It didn't even come close to comparing it to episodes of "Tales From The Crypt" or "Masters of Horror" it certainly didn't have that caliper of greatness, and I have seen every episode from all 3 shows I just mentioned. Horror fans do yourself a favor and pass on this I really feel I have to get the message out there because anthology's are my ultimate favorite and this just plain sucked for lack of better words, wasn't even worth watching for free on the net, there are better films to watch out there so pass on this one. 3-4/10
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You like horror, watch this!
hsanders3531 January 2012
Theatre Bizarre is the perfect mix of every type of horror there is out there! The actors in the film were very talented which in turn made people in the theater to oooh and awww during every segment, including an individual that actually got sick during one of the movies. If you can make it through this brilliantly thought out and produced movie, you are a true fan of horror! Way to go! I enjoyed every moment! At first the thought of six different segments was confusing which left me wondering how the movie would actually go. It peaked my interest and at the end it left me with wanting more of The Theatre Bizarre and its great story line! I recommend this movie for movie buffs and horror fans alike. This movie will go down as one of the "greats" in horror movie history!
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The name deserves its significance
adi_200217 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
1. The mother of toads : a couple that are on a trip and has lost on their way reaches into a village and meets a old witch that can change her look in an attractive one and the man falls for her spells.

2. I love you : an married couple has problems because of the excessive attention of the husband and one day after his wife comes back home after a trip to her sisters has an ultimate intimate relation with her husband who is ready to confess that he was unfaithful and is about to leave him for another man but it will not be easy to pass on his envy.

3. Wet Dreams : a man has dreams with a beautiful woman and in the process he kicks her girlfriend in the nose. He searches for help to a doctor about this condition only to find that he is now trapped in the dream of the woman who lives with but it turned out to be a real nightmare from witch he can't wake up and the intentions of his girl are not too nice.

4. The accident : a mother along with her daughter are witnesses of a motorcycle accident and she is about to answer all of the little girl's questions witch are not suitable for a girl at her age.

5. Vision stains : a girl has the ability to see the life of another one but only if she makes a shot into the woman's eye and what she extracts she must inject in hers. She makes a mistake and will learn about the bad part of so called gift that she has.

6. Sweets : a couple experiences some troubles in their relation because the girl doesn't feel do much compassion than her boyfriend. She takes part at a club with a bunch of foodies that appear that can eat everything and believed or not her partner is next on the menu. THE END.

The movie presents short stories that has elements of horror, the torture, the blood are not missing also many of them have sexual references witch makes somehow different from any other movies with short film in it. Of course there are displaced, the last one is meaningless, all the persons in there are eating like pigs but ironic they are all skinny and talks about diet and a long pause on their routine. But the purpose is too scare the audience and not to make them think about this errors.

Shortly a weird horror movie and as odd as it was and sounds I could watch it again.
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An Anthology of Awfulness
Chris_Pandolfi15 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
"The Theatre Bizarre" boasts seven directors, nine screenwriters, and nineteen people with varying producing credits to their names. It's a horror anthology, you see, comprised of six shorts and one wraparound segment. As a collective whole, it's a little like a hideous laboratory monster stitched together out of spare parts by people with no skills in science, medicine, or even basic needlework. As individual stories, the parts are rotten, as if they had been extracted from subjects several months dead. Only one piece is a fresh specimen; it's an honest, though-provoking, and surprisingly poignant little story that addresses life's darker aspects with dignity. It's the only segment with an emotional core, so I think of it as the film's heart – harvested from the body of a good person and beautifully preserved in a glass jar.

The framing segments, directed by Jeremy Kasten, are constructed as live stage performances in an abandoned theater. The only apparent audience member is a disturbed young woman (Virginia Newcomb), who lives across the street in an apartment bedroom with cut-up and tattered theater paraphernalia plastered to the walls. On stage are a series of actors caked with unnatural makeup; they're made to resemble automatons, and their static movements are enhanced with a slew of mechanical sound effects. The emcee (Udo Kier), whose narrations are a series of nonsensical ruminations about stories and storytellers, becomes more natural-looking as the short films progress. The young woman in the audience, meanwhile, becomes increasingly unnatural in appearance. Visually creative though they may be, the wraparound segments make no adequate connection between the individual stories and exist primarily to be gawked at.

"The Mother of Toads," directed by Richard Stanley. Martin (Shane Woodward) and Karina (Victoria Maurette) are a young couple vacationing in France. Karina buys a pair of pentagram earrings from an ominous old woman (Catriona MacColl), who piques Martin's interest by claiming to possess a copy of the "Necronomicon." Karina, uninterested, goes to a spa. Martin travels into the countryside to the old woman's home, which looks more like a castle you would see on a historical monuments tour. I cannot make heads or tails of the rest of the segment, except to say that there's a sex scene, some grotesque physical transformations, and a lot of toads.

"I Love You," directed by Buddy Giovinazzo. In Berlin (a wasted location since all the characters speak English), a French woman named Mo (Suzan Anbeh) decides to leave her German boyfriend, Axel (Andre Hennicke). It has more to do with the fact that he's obsessive and paranoid; quite simply, she enjoys being unfaithful. She explains this to him during a calm and candid conversation that's not only excessively wordy but also hilarious unconvincing. What are we to make of the fact that, at two points in the segment, Axel awakens on the floor of his bathroom with a gaping wound on his hand and blood everywhere?

"Wet Dreams," directed by Tom Savini. Here is an awful Freudian segment that cheats the audience by incessantly blurring the line between reality and dreams. An abusive and unfaithful husband named Donnie (James Gill) is seeing a psychologist (Savini) about his recurring nightmares. In one, his wife's vagina is a crab monster. In the other, his penis is served to him for breakfast. One too many moments are of Donnie waking up screaming, making it impossible to keep track of his dream states. The final scene, which unfairly reversed everything I thought I had learned, begins with his wife (Debbie Rochon) waking up from a nightmare.

"The Accident," directed by Douglas Buck. This is the only good segment in the entire film. It's so good, in fact, that it's a wonder anyone thought it belonged in this movie. It's the heart I mentioned earlier. It deals with an unpleasant subject, and yet it's not a horror story; it's simply about a mother (Lena Kleine) explaining to her young daughter (Melodie Simard) about death. It intercuts between their lying in bed and the scene of an accident, in which the girl witnessed the deaths of a motorcyclist and a deer on a stretch of road. The girl is not disturbed, but she wants to understand what it means. The mother feeds her daughter age-appropriate explanations, all the while aware that, in reality, certain things cannot be explained.

"Vision Stains," directed by Karim Hussain. A woman known as The Writer (Kaniehtiio Horn) seeks out female transients and drug addicts, kills them, and extracts fluid from one of their eyeballs. She then injects that fluid into her own eye and is flooded with her victims' memories, which she then writes down in a single-use notebook. Her home, a filthy warehouse, has stacks and stacks of these notebooks, which must make her one of the most prolific serial killers in history. She then spots a pregnant woman and wonders what the unborn see. Do I need to describe this any further?

"Sweets," directed by David Gregory. Here is a segment so strange that it seems to have been transplanted from an alternate universe. It begins as relationship drama, in which an unemotional woman (Lindsay Goranson) clutches a melting ice cream cone while her blubbering boyfriend (Guilford Adams) picks at candy, which is smashed into a gooey mess on his floor. It becomes food porn, the woman dressing like a fashion-show reject and going to a restaurant that looks more like an art gallery. A band plays while people are served plates of nondescript food, which they pick up and greedily stuff into their mouths. Quite inexplicably, it turns into a gore fest, someone getting slit open before being eaten by the ravenous patrons. This segment alone proves that "The Theatre Bizarre" is an apt title indeed. I feel bad for Douglas Buck. His short deserved far more than being a segment in an awful anthology.

-- Chris Pandolfi (
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It was missing some key ingredients...
Paul Magne Haakonsen14 February 2012
It was without having any prior knowledge about what this was about, aside from it being an anthology of horror stories, that I sat down to watch this movie.

Some of the segments, chapters, call them what you will, were actually nicely enough put together and shot in a great way, however they were lacking shock and scare aspects. I wasn't particularly impressed with this, and hand on heart, must admit that I actually fell asleep during the fourth story, woke up and turned off the movie. It was not just working for me.

The acting was nice enough, though nothing really stands out. But the performances put on by the people in the movie was working well enough for the respective stories. Udo Kier was perhaps the person that left the most memorable impression in the movie though.

I am a fan of horror, but "The Theatre Bizarre", just didn't cut it for me. There are far better horror anthologies out there, and this one will just go straight to the archives, never to be seen again.
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Mixed-bag of horror anthology parts "Twilight Zone" meets "The Hitch Hiker"; Perfect for a Halloween party
george.schmidt30 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
THE THEATRE BIZARRE (2011) **1/2 Udo Kier, Virginia Newcomb, Catriona MacCall, Shane Woodward, Victoria Maurette, Andre Hennicke, Suzan Anbeh, Harvey Friedman, Debbie Rochon, James Gill, Jodii Christianson, Lena Kleine, Melodie Simard, Lynn Lowry, Kaniehtiio Horn, Lindsay Goranson, Guilford Adams. Mixed-bag of horror anthology parts "Twilight Zone" meets "The Hitch Hiker" : young Newcomb finds an abandoned theater housing human marionette Kier (ever creepier) as the host of a series of terror tales including : "The Mother Of Toads" about a cursed monstrosity recalling vintage Corman; "I Love You" features fine performances from its tormented couple Hennicke and the ethereal Anbeh questioning fidelity at a painful cost; "Wet Dreams" with a philandering dreamer in a nightmare; "The Accident" (the best of the bunch) that truly echoes Rod Serling's aforementioned dream state retelling of a life-and-death situation; "Vision Stains" offers a serial killer of women who injects their memories directly into her eyes (yeah, not for the squeamish); and the final tale "Sweets" about a souring relationship with O.Henry meets the Marquis de Sade twists. Truly twisted, gleefully over-the-top and at times-maddeningly adequately acted/directed; and enough blood and guts for the gore-hounds out there. Perfect for a Halloween party. (Dirs: Douglas Buck, Buddy Giovinazzo, David Gregory, Karim Hussain, Jeremy Kasten, Tom Savini & Richard Stanley).
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Not a worthwhile moment in all six stories
sgcim5 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
It's pretty hard for a movie anthology with six different segments to strike out six times in a row, but this mess managed to fail on every occasion. Sure, there are terrible movies that are just an excuse for sex and/or gore, but at least some of those are either clever or have some actual eroticism in them. This waste of time was just repulsive from the word go, and had not one coherent storyline in any of the six miserable stories. I'm a big horror fan, and even I was disgusted by this pitiful attempt at horror storytelling. I couldn't wait for this over-produced mess to end. It's very difficult to come up with six stories that had no point to them. The idiots that directed and wrote this garbage should be proud of the fact that they could accomplish such a difficult feat.
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