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"I just want to make sure that we do this right"
skteosk14 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
An episode about truth and secrets.Liam and Bianca appear to be hiding their true feelings from each other and Bianca seems to be hiding them from Vittorio.Liam actually gets a scene of being honest with the instantly likable Nina, which helps make their relationship seem a bit more reasonable.Hopefully Vittorio's wrong about Liam's reason for coming back because that would add an unfortunate touch to his character.

Sid decides to tell Marilyn the truth about Mitzy's last words, which is good for their relationship even if it does leave her worrying.Her decision to tell Indigo and Dexter is, however, a lot more questionable.

John and Gina, we learn in the last scene, are keeping a secret from Xavier and indeed the viewer, namely that they got back together and didn't tell us.Given that there was no reason for them to break up in the first place, this makes an already confusing situation even more confusing, as does their decision to keep it quiet.

Roo's keeping something from Alf, adding an uncomfortable dimension to her claim she doesn't run away from her problems anymore.Colleen once again proves how mean-spirited she is and it's doubtful another lecture from Alf will have any impact.
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