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Finally..a storyline about the Deaf
rebecca-johnson-298-10971320 February 2012
As a Deaf woman who rarely watches any television shows, because CC is not always accurate, and it gets tiring trying to figure out what is being said in English, I have to applaud the writers and producers of this show. Thank you for *finally* bringing a show to television that incorporates the 3rd largest language in Canada (behind English and French) and 3rd largest language in America (behind English and Spanish) into a television show.

I applaud the writers for broaching many touchy subjects that are important in the Deaf Community. Just because we do not hear does not mean we need to be fixed. Nor does it mean we are 'retarded' or somehow less. Sign language is a beautiful dance of the hands and no 'cochlear implant' or 'hearing aide' can change that.

Thank you for bringing this show to Canada even though it is only showing the first season here. I look forward to the launch of 'Spark' so that I can continue to watch the season series as it unfolds, as it is in America.

A very proud Deaf woman from Canada is loving this show.
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Better than most ABCFamily shows
specklescit23 June 2011
When I saw the first commercial for this show, my interest was piqued. I admit it, I've always been interested in this type of storyline. not exactly "feel good" subjects, but fascinating nonetheless. But then I remembered the network this show is on. It's not bad in and of itself, but when I look at The Secret Life of the American Teenager -- another show I thought had an intriguing plot but was ruined quickly with horrible acting and unrealistic story lines -- and I got a little bit leery.

I was mistaken, and I'm glad I was.

This series shows promise, like a previous reviewer said. The cast is great (I love Vanessa Marano and Lea Thompson, so right there I was sold). The premise is fascinating, and the acting is GOOD. I'm actually really surprised this wasn't pitched at a network/that a network didn't pick it up, because it has a lot of potential. I hope it stays this good.
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A surprisingly good show
Paranoia_RockNRoller11 February 2012
I had a bias the Switched would be like the other ABCfam TV shows... dull and boring with reeeeaaally bad acting and unrealistic plot lines.

I ignored the first season and over the winter break I found myself with nothing to do. I saw an ad and remembered the series. I looked it up and watched ll of the episodes online.

It is a drama, but a really good one. Not overly dramatic. And the acting is refreshingly good.

Daphne is a quintessential good girl and Bay plays a rebel. And of course Daphne being deaf is a very interesting plot part. As a matter of fact I have started learning sign language because of it.

So I would recommend this series.
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A promising start
thereflex14 June 2011
This TV series shows promise. The actors are fine and the character development and premise of the story is quite involving. If the writers consistently produce solid scripts and story arcs, this show should do well. The idea of the switched at birth formula mixed with the prince and the pauper fable (and the deaf girl embellishment) makes for a rather refreshing plot backdrop. With this set up, they can go anywhere and everywhere with it. Also, there are many details that can make for interesting plot situations, ethnic and cultural diversity, economic class disparity, family situations (one doesn't have a father, the other has a grandmother), so many different things that the writers can play off of. It's good that neither of the two girls are super famous actresses. It would take away attention from the story. The writers have also avoided falling into the stereotypical cliché of everything involved with race and economic diversity. It would be great if the show concentrates on the human drama and that it stays away from politically correct preaching. On the whole, the show does indeed show promise.
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Beautifully Acted and Written
lcampbell02289225 June 2011
I rarely begin to follow a television show while it is in its first season for fear that it will be canceled. Yet this one drew me in and I cannot get enough of it. The idea of being switched at birth is so bizarre, and the dynamics of both families are so real. The raw emotion and feelings portrayed by these characters makes me feel sorry for and sometimes resent them all at the same time. The drama always keeps me eager to see what will happen on the next episode. The writers may have struck gold with this one.

Katie(Daphne)and Vanessa(Bay) play two very different girls that are connected by this event that happened to them so many years ago. Even though they have nothing in common, they have more in common than they realize. Constance(Regina)is stubborn yet likable and plays it beautifully, as do the two actors who play the other set of parents. Each character has a way of making you care about them, a way of making you root for them to make the right decision. Great job ABC Family, keep up the good work and I'll be coming back for more every Monday night.
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Currently the best family show out there in a long time!
Starlitelet11 November 2011
Not only is Switched at Birth (one of) the best family show out there right now, but it's also easily one of the best standalone shows. The concept of the hearing world clashing with the deaf/non-hearing world is truly original and riveting. After the premise, I knew the show had great potential to captivate/hook viewers, but then again it could be disappointing if they wasted such a great concept by taking wrong turns. And fortunately enough, I was taken by surprise.

I have not seen an ABC family show or let alone an American TV show that discusses the values of family and the purity of relationships since Gilmore Girls. Though, I'll admit that I rarely watch American shows anymore, simply because most of the series nowadays are atrocious. Shows like, Gossip Girls and Sweet Life are only about teens yearning to satisfy their hormonal/whiny needs. Their characters are two-dimensional cardboards and the story lines are abysmal or they fall flat overall. Even though Pretty Little Liars doesn't fall under the same category as the two shows mentioned above, the main plot line is extremely unrealistic. The characters are stagnant or they develop in ways where you don't feel emotionally invested in them. They're just actors glamoured up with pretty/trendy clothes. I'm tired of the unnecessary suspense and how unrealistically they react to certain dilemmas.

Switched at Birth has so much more heart and soul then all of those shows combined. Nonetheless, I admit that those were my once upon a time guilty pleasure. After viewing Switched at Birth, I feel shameful for even admitting that.

The Switched at Birth's pilot episode was engaging and refreshing. It got me hooked from the get to, but the first episode can easily work that kind of magic on me. However, this unique show gets better and better with every passing episode. I must applaud the people who have created this show because the pacing of the branching story lines is almost perfect (aside from all the love interests coming and going so quickly). There are also moments where you fear that certain situations will unfold only resolve in preachy manners. But no, that never happens. The resolutions of dramatic problems are heart-warming and endearing to the point where you can forget that you're watching an ABC family show.

The storyline is simple, but the emotional impact that is tossed at you is what makes this drama addicting. The storyline never goes in loops or stretch for too long. You grow to care for these fictional characters that feel real. What I admire about these characters is that they make understandable/close to realistic decisions that don't make viewers mad.

Every single character that ARE STILL ON THE SHOW has remained interesting thus far! I usually get bored from subplots like the parents' storyline for example, but no, I enjoy them just as much as Bay and Daphne's stories.

The characters are well developed so far. Their personalities don't change 180 degrees like a lot of teenage shows do. They stay true to who they are or at least when they change/adjust, it's believable. Each character is important because they all link to each other in some way. I enjoy how friendships/relationships form because they don't feel forced, but instead they seem genuine.

On the other hand, they have literally picked amazing actors to portray these well written roles because every single actor seamlessly fit into the role that you forget they're even entertainers at times. It is obvious that the real life deaf actors are the main reason why this show shines. If it weren't for them, I don't think the show would have been as amazing. Katie Lerclerc, Sean Berdy and Marlee Matlin are the ones who bring the scenes to life. You get to see their perspectives and how they feel/view the hearing world. I am no expert on the deaf world, but after watching just 10 episodes, I definitely want to learn more. They make me feel ignorant for lacking knowledge and missing out on this beautiful culture. If a show is able to get you to this level, then it must be a very, VERY good show.

Daphne, who is played by Katie Leclerc, is my favourite character. Sometimes I forget that Katie is not completely deaf because she seems so natural. Her voice/accent change is incredible. Moreover, when the deaf people interact with one another, they steal the screen. I adore Sean and Marlee's characters' bonding.

I especially love Regina out of all the hearing characters. Constance Marie, the actress who plays Regina, is doing a phenomenal job of being the only character standing on the edge of both worlds. I really feel for her character's struggle. Lea Thompson and D.W Moffett who plays Vanessa Marano's parents on the show can be quite stereotypical American parents. Needless to say, they are essential to the development of other characters. They're just not the hardest roles to play. I still enjoy them a lot. Bay and Toby who are played by Vanessa Marano and Lucas Grabeel are also solid actors. I've seen Vanessa on Gilmore Girls before. Vanessa still acts the same way, except less annoying. I don't see a huge improvement, but she definitely got better in conveying her emotions. Nevertheless, her character grows on you by every episode. I've never seen Lucas in previous projects, but he's one the characters on the show that can deliver witty one-liners. He can change the mood of the scene quite quickly.

Overall, I love this drama to bits despite some minor flaws. You may as well call me obsessed (and I'm proud to admit it). I mean what's there not to like? Original plot, interesting script, inspiring characters, wide range of talented actors and so much more to offer. This series has it all! This show deserves to be much more popular!
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Beautiful heartwarming show!
abovethestars9 December 2011
This is one of the finest show I have ever seen. Really! It is heartwarming, funny, empathic, sweet and simply beautiful. I adore it, and I adore the people in it. The characters are great, the plot is great and the acting is even greater. You will get impressed!

A beautiful and genuine story about two girls who accidentally got switched at birth, and they just found out. With nothing more than the biological bonds between them and their unknown birth-parents the families have to get along with each other, for their daughters sake, and try to make the best of it. I can't wait for the new episodes to come out. This is really amazing, you won't get disappointed!
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11 stars out of 10
chana21015 October 2012
I'm not a fan of much family TV series. But this took me off the habit. It's one of the best series I have ever watched. Story is centered round two kids whose Switched at birth (Just as the Title suggest). One of them been Def take us all to a whole new society which we are yet to shed some light and discover. How they handle the hardships thrown on them by the "Hearing" - Society and so on. Whole story-line is so flawless and It will grab your interest from the 1st episode. It's really depressing that they take so much time to complete this season but it's really worth the wait. Hope I will see more of this in upcoming years and hope that it will never loose its present quality!
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If you like stereotypes you will love this
jonnithomas1 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
It's sugar sweet and so unrealistic. This is a pity as the basic idea of two babies swapped at birth by a hospital error has actually happened.

You have a very well off family(swimming pool, tennis court, bmw everywhere and a house with a guest house in the grounds) and a poor working single mum are the two parents. The two rich parents and friends have no idea how to talk to someone that's deaf and virtually all deaf people think hearing people are prejudiced and stupid. The two girls are quite average kids if very rich and spoilt and deaf and poor are 'average'.

I've have watched four episodes to see if it improves and it doesn't. It's a sermon a show with the rich people gradually learning that poor ethnic people are people too. Also being deaf doesn't make someone stupid.

so if you already knew that then there isn't much more to say. that covers the plot. ohh, other than buying lots of clothes.

So how did it get such a high rating ? 4 out of 5 voters are female and most are 20s and 30s. Therefore they can relate to it with the issues of bringing up teenagers and everyone being good looking, happy Christian grace saying Americans.

it's amazing how so many Americans seem to say grace but appear to think poor people or ethnic people are 'different' oh, btw, these aren't really poor anyway. decent houses and everyone still has a car and good clothes.
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The most meaningful family show on TV right now
phd_travel4 September 2012
This is probably the most meaningful of the ABC family shows. Pretty Little Liars is entertaining but shallower by comparison.

It's surprisingly very watchable. There is a good cast. Katie LeClerc is terrific and has an expressive face. She is a hearing person in real life and speaks totally normally. Vanessa Marano looks like a young Liz Taylor. The rest of the cast is quite endearing as well from the grownups to the kids. The guest stars are high quality. Watching them sign and communicate is fascinating and I'm quite glued to the screen. Eventually everyone who lives to a very old age will get deaf, so it's a handicap that can affect anyone potentially. Makes me want to learn sign language.

The complex and unique relationships are fascinating to watch. The only potential fault is they have to stick away from creating too many unpleasant confrontational scenes to create drama. It should lean towards a more feel good occasional comical air to lighten the mood some episodes.
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I love this show.
mirandacrs10 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I liked this after the first five minutes. A very well executed, and very well played out series. Every one of the characters can act very well, and the emotions are so real, and I'm so drawn to the show. I make time to watch it every week. I will more than likely be a fan of the show for as long as it lasts. The actress who plays Daphne, is AMAZING. She is not really deaf in real life, but she is so convincing, and I actually forget that she is just an actress. Honestly, this is the most realistic show that ABC Family has ever made. It's funny, sweet, and really raises awareness to what deaf kids in America really go through. I really underestimated all of the abilities that deaf kids have. But, this show has opened my eyes, and it is pure, great entertainment, and I know I will always be a fan.
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Started good then faded fast
riverzak31 December 2015
I had high hopes for this show when it first started. For the first couple of seasons it was interesting and I thought they handled the deaf thing very well. It didn't feel preachy and was a natural part of the show. I thought it was a nice touch that when the deaf people were "talking", most of the background sounds were muted (and the background music was stopped). It really helped to see the scene from the "deaf" perspective.

The high hopes, however, have been pretty much trashed. The characters have become stereotypes. Kathryn Kennish is either whining/pouting or cajoling ("c'mon. It'll be fun"). Everyone is quick to condemn and jumps immediately to indignation mode at the slightest provocation. As soon as someone disagrees with a character's position it becomes "why are you taking his/her side?????". The writers have gotten lazy to the point where every episode seems to have the same plot:


a) discovers a secret about someone b) is told something about someone ("but you can't tell anyone") c) blabs a secret after being told not to tell d) makes a complete idiotic or out-of-character decision


apologizes with the phrase "I should have told you".

That last one can appear multiple times in an episode.

The coincidences pile up one on top of another to the point that credulity is stretched beyond all human capacity.

And above all, no one ever seems to learn anything or experience any personal growth. Daphne, especially is guilty of this. She has made so many bad decisions and has shown such bad judgment that there is no way she should ever become a doctor. I had also hoped that Katie Leclerc would show some growth as an actor, however, she seems to have only four facial expressions in her repertoire and none are very convincing.
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Surprisingly Charming
eldestjay6 August 2011
The thing that attracted me to this show was, of course, the title. "Pretty original" I thought. As far as I knew, no one else had ever tried to tackle such a profound subject. And yes, the subject is profound. Think about it. What if that happened to you? However, I was troubled when I heard the show was one of the many new shows that ABC Family was adding to their list. Why was I troubled? Because the day before, I had experienced the horror that is Cyberbully. But that's another story, and another review. But, I pushed through my doubts, and watched the pilot of Switched at Birth.

Although the show does not handle the extremity of the topic, it still manages to be a decent show. I enjoy it, I really do. And I think that the lightness which is used to deal with the premise of the show, actually works in its favor. If they tried to take it too seriously, ABC Family would most definitely ruin the entire spectrum of the show. Switched at Birth, while not genius in any way, shape, or form, is still a solid show. Although, for ABC Family, it's astounding.
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A great peek into the world of the deaf.
amberm1819 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
A great family drama about two families that get extremely close fast, after finding out their two daughters were switched at birth. There are so many themes happening and being played out well. Being switched at birth, how each person feels. The daughters want to get to know the new mothers and see how they could have grown up, the parents want to scope each other out, blame each other and themselves. The first two series mainly focus on the switch and the identity crises that this causes the two girls. I began watching for this but I stayed for the deaf scenes.

It really is amazing how little knew about deaf people. In terms of, some can lip read but you need to be facing them at all times and not speak super fast. So in the show when a heated argument happens sometimes they forget to face Daphne and she gets left out. Or the bond that forms from a parent learning sign language to talk to their children, Daphne and her mother have a tight bond because of this, and Daphne warms and loves her other family around the same speed that they begin to learn sign language as well.

Later in the series there is a boy who's parents refuse to learn any sign language and this impacts him so greatly, you feel very bad for his character because he doesn't feel wanted or loved at all because of it.

Another thing that is so interesting is that some sign language is literally a picture of what they are describing, so in some ways it's an even more expressive way of talking than speaking. It's great to see that they actually used deaf actors as well, as you can really see the differences between them and how well they can communicate with people.

Daphne's speech is incredible, it's very rare that she sounds even remotely like a deaf person so many people in the show assume that she can hear normally. In one episode she gets a job in a kitchen and installs mirrors to see what is behind her as she could easily turn and bump into someone without it.

The absolute highlight of the show so far and a crowning achievement, is how they handled the storyline of a deaf school getting funds to have hearing children attend there and learn sign language, how that impacted the deaf children, and how the school was threatened to close down. In the midst of this there was an episode done entirely from the point of view of a deaf person, no noise whatsoever. It was strange how eerily quiet it was without even mood music behind the episode.

In conclusion the show does a fantastic job of highlighting that deaf people have real struggles that need to be addressed, but at the same time it's not something that needs pity, they are strong content people and many would not change their hearing even if they could because the culture and friends that replaced their hearing loss was much greater. I only hope that everyone continues to have as much support as most of the children in this show and that parents of deaf children take the time to learn to communicate with them on their level.
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Started off Good
elise_73 February 2015
There was so much potential for this show, dealing with the two girls and family realizing that they were switched at birth. On top of the fact, dealing with the different social-economic status, and one of the girls are deaf. Now they are going down a slippery slope that they cannot go back and fix. It has turned into a typical teen drama that focus on loose morals, that has the teen do selfish things, where they do not have to truly deal with consequences of their actions. This show is like many newer shows centered around teens, and does not teach them anything truly moral. I just cannot get into this show anymore, it used to be as I stated about family, and is too much about teens doing selfish spoiled things, that most teens would not do, and if they did would not get away with it. Yes they add in the family eventually dealing with the issues from the mess that the teens got them into. I really dislike how most shows now are showing how loose morals are "correct" morals. What happened to shows to being about family, rather than about drama to be interesting. I guess I am outdated soul, which in my opinion this world and writer of TV shows needs.
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ASL for Dummies:-)
pianys12 February 2013
After watching Switched at Birth since the start, I have come to realize that the series is more about being deaf in America, than being, well, switched at birth. And I really like that. More shows should explore what most people consider just a way to cope with a handicap, but what actually is its own culture and a beautiful form of expression. After reading the reviews and comments, I've come to understand that I am not the only one actually learning a bit of sign language, simply from checking out a cute and entertaining family show.

I am also pleased to see the story lines going into darkish places, even if we never come too close to any social realism; it will entertain way more than stir up emotions about issues. But it touches on difficult problems, and makes the viewer a bit more aware in a nice and polite way.

As far as writing and acting: very high standard for this type of production. Very well cast. I hope this show stays on the air - we could all use a bit more ASL in our lives;-)
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I liked it at first
Bryan-18 February 2017
From the first episode the deaf angle felt fresh. After that fades you're left with exactly what you expect from ABC family. I'm almost done with season 4 but I mentally checked out halfway through 3. The show has become extremely PC. It's predictable to the core. Someone finds out something and they eventually spill their guts for the sake of drama. You get a lot of "protect you" lines. I am absolutely sick of people being "protected". If you like to see people blowing things out of proportion this would be a good show for you.
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Starts good and then...
mrs-m-l-utt11 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
It starts really good and has twists and turn that keep you coming back. The hearing impaired characters add a lot to the show and they do a nice job of addressing different issues regarding the hearing impaired. So why the bad review? Because it shoves a liberal and unethical lifestyles down your throat. How many different people can the teens and different characters sleep with? If they meet them, you can bet that in no time at all they are going to sleep with them. Everyone in the show cheats on everyone else. And parenting... "Oh, my seventeen-year-old teen is going out, so my big question, "Are you using protection? Okay, good." Are you kidding me! There is so much more and so many more liberal issues that are pushed on you that it gets too much to tolerate. It is a shame because the characters, and acting is good, but by the third season I just couldn't stomach it any longer. Finally, life is hard enough, I want to sit down and watch a show to relax, this is one downer of an episode after another. If you want to be left feeling bad after watching a show, this is the one for you.
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Quite good but it sometimes has too much going on.
Shopaholic3531 May 2014
Switched At Birth is a fairly good show with a great concept that has been fairly well executed but there is just something that makes me not love this show. There is so much going on with the hospital switch, new boyfriends every week, friend drama, sport drama, parental drama, rebelling drama mixed in with occasional sign language use and honestly I am exhausted. It's so hard to focus on the storyline as it seems to change every week. Sometimes the storyline doesn't have a chance to be explored properly as they are on to the next idea.

It's not all bad though. There really is a great idea behind the execution and the cast is very talented. They all work very hard and genuinely become their characters.

I would recommend that you give this show a go as it is enjoyable and entertaining but I just wish it would stay on track for at least a couple of episodes.
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good ASL
brooklyn-polen7731 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I've been taking ASL for awhile. The deaf community and the ability to communicate with your hands is so amazing. And now finally a show that uses that without over doing anything. Its the perfect mix of signing and voicing. I'm glued to the TV and am like a little kid with a book. I stay up all night watching it and screaming at the TV. About it. Its addicting and fun to watch. Although sometimes you can see some stuff happening from a mile away. Just wanna say I miss wilkie with my heart! Bring him back!!!!!!!!! He made the show a 10.! I love how they have a realistic plot and the acting is superb. I've noticed that the characters seem to grow and change and the director seems to embrace that rather than hide it unlike in some movies/ shows where they cover up that extra winkle or the weight gain or the grey hairs. This director shows it and it makes you feel more connected to the characters and helps you feel like the story is moving along. Can't for the next episode.
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Deaf actors make show interesting
minesweeper-real15 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This is not the type of show I normally watch - since it is basically a teen soap opera. However, this show involves a subject I am interested in, deafness. I am very interested to see how the show continues to deal with and showcase deaf issues. They have already talked about cochlear implants, the importance of learning to sign, and speech therapy. In the most recent episode there was a point that showed how Emmet sees and hears the hearing world. I hope they continue to show the deaf perspective while interacting with the hearing. Also in the episode, I loved the scene where Daphne and Emmet have an argument completely in sign and we get to read the captions. I love watching two native "speakers" signing. I do hope that the writers of the show do not get too sidetracked into the soap opera story lines.
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This is a great show
mariahgreer12 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I saw the preview, and I must admit that I was afraid that this would be another messed up teen drama show.(too many on TV as it is) I'm glad I was wrong. After seeing a couple of episodes this quickly became my favorite show. It is now #1 on my priority list, on my DVR.

The storyline is great. Even though it is hard to imagine someone actually being switched at the hospital then find out years later... But they make the storyline work.

And as an added bonus, I'm learning some sign language... SCORE!!! I'm a server in a restaurant and it's really coming in handy. :)

This is a great show so add it to your DVR.. You wont be sorry :)
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used to be good, but now it is like every other show
lemmingslisa4 February 2015
This series is very one sided. Very stereotypical, but so fake at the same time. I have grown very tired of this show. I have been watching it since it started and it used to be different and it had an interesting story line. But now it has turned into a teen soap opera like every other show - promiscuous sex. Too bad. The writers have ruined characters and made the good ones into bad ones. It is too unfortunate that TV has to be all about sluts and crime. I think the writers are grabbing for anything they can to keep this bomb alive. Nothing good here.... After this last episode I have had enough. I will no longer be watching this show. It is a waste of time.
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Started Good
kgirlsmomma-3115011 April 2017
Started good, but has now developed into a show of spoiled brats who are mouthy and sassy, and show no growth. Way too predictable. Someone will 'challenge authority'... 'rise up'.. 'mouth off'... and eventually tell a lie, for which they should be prosecuted, but aren't. In real life, Daphne would have been arrested for felony drug theft, in Season 3, when she steals drugs from the clinic.
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Disgusting show
familyshop22 November 2015
Worst show ever, both girls are , horrible human beings, so irresponsible , criminals, whores, total losers. Everyone in the show are total hypocrites , no one has any solid values that they actually believe in and stand by, very fake characters.

Not sure why they created characters that are scum of the earth for this show. No one minds their own business, always giving advice and than doing the wrong things the. Selves.

The episode where Bay felt guilty for cheating on her boyfriend so rather than accept responsibility she said that her ex boyfriend raped her. I mean what the hell was that about, seriously, she is. Disgusting piece of trash
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