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  • Her name is Bay. The show was created in 2011, before the slang term "bae" gained widespread popularity (though it certainly existed long before then). Edit

  • Her ability to pronounce things almost perfectly, is due to a lot of practice, as Daphne's non-biological mother explains she has received a lot of speech therapy. There are noticeable differences if you know what to listen for.

    Like some deaf people, she can read lips.

    Both reading lips and having good speech take a lot of hard work and commitment, and is not something all deaf people can do.

    -They also explain that Daphne was not born deaf; every year of hearing experience that an individual has will have an effect on how he/she accurately produces sounds and words. The first three years of life are critical for language development, and according to the show Daphne got meningitis when she was three. Edit

  • Katie Leclerc has Meniere`s Disease, making her hard of hearing. Sean Berdy is more profoundly deaf.

    There are varying degrees of deafness and abilities. Hearing aids help some, while others get no benefit. Some deaf people are oral, meaning they use their voices to communicate, while others use sign language.

    Also, Marlee Matlin is profoundly deaf as well. Edit

  • ABC Family hit series 'Switched at Birth' now casting it's second season

    The ABC Family hit one-hour scripted drama "Switched at Birth" was officially renewed for a second season on August 17, 2012 and the casting director is auditioning actors for recurring, guest starring, and day player speaking roles. In addition to principal actors being cast, extras will be hired throughout the season consisting of at least 20 episodes. The series has become the number one Monday scripted cable television show in females 12-34. The series is set in Kansas City, Missouri, although it is filmed in Los Angeles. The first episode for season two began shooting on October 22, 2012 at Santa Clarita Studios.

    Details Here:

    ABC Family "Switched at Birth" Casting Calls

    http://www.examiner.com/article/abc-family-hit-series-switched-at-birth-now-casting-it-s-second-season Edit

  • This video does a good job of explaining it:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmNpP2fr57A Edit



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