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6 Jun. 2011
This Is Not a Pipe
When Bay Kennish gets an unexplainable result in her biology class blood typing experiment she gets her first hint that she was Switched at Birth. Not content to let a mystery lie she convinces her parents to follow up and soon the Kennishes and the Vasquezes are redefining family. The episode title comes from a famous painting questioning accepted perception painted by René Magritte
13 Jun. 2011
American Gothic
Conflict looms between the polar opposite mothers when Kathryn questions Regina's parenting style. In addition, Regina, Daphne's mother, refuses to join the Kennish's in their efforts to sue the hospital that made the life-altering mistake of switching the girls at birth, leaving Kathryn to wonder, what is this stranger hiding? As the girls struggle to adjust to life together, Bay, begins seeing Ty, a boy from Daphne's old neighborhood, while Daphne goes on a date with Liam, totally unaware that he's Bay's ex-boyfriend. While Bay may have met the one guy who can keep ...
20 Jun. 2011
Portrait of My Father
Now that Regina and Daphne have completely moved into the Kennish's home, many of Kathryn's friends and neighbors have begun asking questions. Kathryn decides it's best to keep their situation a secret and devises a lie, in an effort to protect Bay, who quickly becomes victim to town gossip. Bay asks Daphne more about her biological father, but is shut down, leaving her more determined to further investigate. Meanwhile, John gets involved in Daphne's basketball games, and it's there that he meets Melody, Regina's best friend and Emmet's mother, who also happens to be ...
27 Jun. 2011
Dance Amongst Daggers
Tensions continue to grow while Kathyrn hosts the annual school benefit at the Kennish residence, where her new family becomes a spectacle for all of Mission Hills to gossip about. Toby and his friend Wilke's band are excited to perform at the benefit, but they're in need of a drummer - can Daphne's deaf friend Emmett really play the drums? As the night goes on, Daphne is faced with a heartbreaking decision -- to choose between a family she barely knows and an exciting new love interest who makes her feel that being deaf is not an issue. Meanwhile, Melody and John ...
4 Jul. 2011
Dogs Playing Poker
When Ty brings Bay home at 3:00 AM, the Kennishes are concerned that their daughter is having sex. Meanwhile, Toby enlists Daphne and Emmett to help him fleece his friends in a poker game.
11 Jul. 2011
The Persistence of Memory
Toby agrees to do something risky in order to clear his poker debt. Daphne takes an advanced cooking class at Buckner Hall but has trouble being the only deaf kid in a hearing class. Bay and Emmett bond when she asks him to help her find out more about who her dad was.
18 Jul. 2011
The Stag Hunt
Bay finds a likely suspect for her bio-dad and Bay, Emmett and Daphne go see him. When the school discovers that a chem test was stolen, Toby is torn about coming clean. Daphne confronts Emmett about his involvement with Bay and reminds him of what he said about relationships between the deaf and the hearing. Meanwhile Kathryn tries to clue Regina in on how much of a player Bruce is.
25 Jul. 2011
Pandora's Box
Daphne is astonished by what she finds in her mother's guitar case. Unable to deal she blows off school with Wilkie and the pair get drunk together. Meanwhile Bay and Emmett get closer but Bay is thrown by Emmett's obsession with Daphne. While Regina contemplates what to do with the evidence in her guitar case, the truth comes out at Kennish's deposition and the storm breaks.
1 Aug. 2011
Paradise Lost
Regina returns to Mission Hills to confront Daphne, Bay, and the Kennishes. Both girls have trouble accepting her return and Daphne decides to move in with her biological parents. After realizing Emmet is seeing Bay, Melody advises him that it will not work out, and disapproves of them sneaking around. Meanwhile, John and Katherine realize they can not evict Regina because she can legally take Daphne with her, and pursuing custody would be pointless, as she would likely be 18 by then. As everyone deals with the obvious issues, a party is held for Bay and Daphne's ...
8 Aug. 2011
The Homecoming
As Daphne finally realizes that Emmett is the one who was always by her side, the relationship between him and Bay is growing. But that is not until Daphne tells him how she feels about him now. He finds himself in a situation between two sisters, the one who he has always loved, and the one who he has never thought he would be with. The atmosphere gets even more tense when the forgotten father of the two girls, Angello, finally shows up. And while Bay is excited to see him, the effect on Daphne is not so positive. Emmett decides to go on a trip with Toby and Wilke, ...

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