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MPAA Rated PG-13 for brief strong language, some sensuality and smoking

Sex & Nudity

  • A man holds a woman's head in his hands and they kiss; we then see a tussled bed (sex is implied) and the man and the woman are shown on the floor next to the bed with a sheet covering the woman's chest and the man's bare chest is visible; they share pillow talk as the man caresses the woman's face lovingly and they kiss.
  • A man and a woman are seen together in bed, the woman is wearing the man's shirt and we see the man shirtless (his bare chest and back are visible); the woman asks the man why he smokes after sex and he jokes about enjoying the second greatest pleasure after the first greatest pleasure.
  • A man kisses a woman and we see them in bed together later (sex is implied); the man's bare chest is visible, the woman rests her head on the man's chest and we see him kiss her on the forehead.
  • We see a woman wearing a low-cut bathing suit (cleavage is visible).
  • We see many photographs of a woman wearing a bathing suit and see many paparazzi taking photographs of the woman wearing a bathing suit.
  • We see a man wearing a bathing suit on multiple occasions, his bare back and chest are visible.
  • A man and a woman hug, the man puts his hands on the woman's hips as he hugs her from behind and we see them in bed together (sex is implied); the man is shirtless and his bare chest is visible.
  • A man and woman appear to hug, the man puts his hands on the woman's hips and they kiss briefly; we see a photograph of the kiss in multiple newspapers.
  • A man asks a woman what she thinks of him, saying that he had been told that he had slept with the woman.

Violence & Gore

  • A woman watches as a man performs surgery on a person in a hospital bed with his chest open and bloody tubes coming from the body; the doctor asks for paddles to start the heart (we hear the beeping of the heart monitor go off), we see the paddles enter the chest cavity and shock the heart causing splashes of blood to spray the doctor's scrubs and the bedding.
  • A man and a woman discuss how the man had performed surgery on another man otherwise he would have died within two days.
  • We see a woman visiting a hospital where she sees a young girl whose leg is missing; we see blood on a blanket behind the girl as a woman explains that the girl had walked over a landmine and her intestines had spilled out of her back.
  • We see a young girl with a missing a leg on hospital bed and a small boy with his arm amputated.
  • A woman scales a fence to escape from paparazzi outside a man's apartment and we see her slip down from the fence; we later see the woman's torn stockings and a small bloody cut on her leg.
  • A woman walks into a hospital room where we see an older man with an IV hooked up to his arm and a breathing tube; an older woman tells the woman that the man had hemorrhaged from a previous surgery and a doctor tells the two women that the man should get better, but will need to have a second surgery.
  • We see a large explosion as journalists watch; a woman is shown walking slowly through a former minefield site and we hear a journalist tell a group of people watching that a person had died three weeks previously from an landmine blowing up; the woman speaks to the journalists and tells them that just a month earlier she would have died if she walked through the field.
  • On multiple occasions we see armed guards, holding large rifles, standing guard at a barricaded entrance to a house.
  • We hear a woman rehearse a statement, saying that she had inflicted injury on her arms and legs as a way to cope with depression.
  • We see a title card at the end of the movie explaining that deaths from landmines had fallen by over 60% since a woman's death.
  • A woman jokingly drops a crab down the back of a man's shirt, and the man chases the woman with the crab, fake-threatening to drop it down her back.


  • About 5 F-words and its derivatives (1 is British slang), 2 sexual references, 1 scatological term, 1 mild anatomical term, 1 mild obscenity and 3 religious exclamations (e.g. God and God Forsaken.)
  • Name-calling (bloody irritating, loose cannon, so smug, rubbish, mad-damn, stalker, tough nut to crack and dramatic) and exclamations (shut up, bloody and bullocks.)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Throughout the movie we see men and women drinking wine.
  • We see a man drinking beer at a bar on multiple occasions.
  • Men and women in a bar drink alcoholic drinks and smoke cigarettes.
  • Throughout the movie a man smokes cigarettes and is frequently chided by a woman for smoking.
  • A woman tells a man that he is a doctor and should know better than to smoke.
  • We see a woman smoking.
  • A man tells a woman that as a child he would exhale in cold air and he and his friends would pantomime that they were smoking.

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