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A lot of fun while you're watching it but it doesn't stay with you at all.
Hellmant13 September 2012
'APARTMENT 143': Three Stars (Out of Five)

Another 'Found Footage' haunting movie. This one focuses on a family that recently lost their wife/mother who's haunted by the unknown, at their apartment and the house they lived at prior, and the team of parapsychologists tasked to investigate. It was written by Rodrigo Cortes (who also directed the claustrophobic thriller 'BURIED') and directed by rookie feature film director Carles Torrens. It's a Spanish film originally titled 'Emergo' but it's spoken all in English with American actors (including Michael O'Keefe of 'CADDYSHACK' fame). There's definitely nothing new or original to the story but the scares are effective and well done.

The story revolves around Alan White (Kai Lennox) and his daughter Caitlin (Gia Mantegna) and son Benny (Damian Roman) who recently moved in to apartment #143 of an apartment building after experiencing strange things at their old home. The unusual disturbances continue to haunt them at their new home and Alan asks a team of three parapsychologists, lead by Dr. Helzer (O'Keefe), to investigate what's going on. We soon learn that Alan lost his wife in a car accident and his daughter blames him for it. Helzer and his team constantly witness the drama between the two as well as weird occurrences they were told about. They're able to catch it all on video (of course) as the investigation becomes more and more bizarre.

Like I said there's absolutely nothing unique about this film but it is entertaining if you like spooky films full of shocks. The only problem is you'll soon forget everything as there's nothing memorable to the film. That's the thing about movies like this; they're a lot of fun while you're watching them but don't stay with you at all (I'm sure a year from now I'll barely remember this film). Still it's better made and more effective than something like 'PARANORMAL ACTIVITY'. Scary movie fans looking for a few scares could do a lot worse.

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Sufficiently scary!
xtayler_raex13 September 2012
This movie, though very predictable, definitely had its moments of terror. The build-up before the moments that made you jump were great, and although I was fully anticipating what was to come I still jumped several times. The plot was decent and I appreciated how the characters were written. The acting was surprisingly good for a low-budget film, I was definitely impressed by that. The apex of the film was very intense and dramatic, if slightly cheesy. The only thing that really bothered me was the very, very cliché ending. I felt as though I've seen that very ending 10 other times in various other movies, it has been so over-done that it will ruin an entire movie for me. But other than the very end, I was pleasantly surprised by this movie and would definitely recommend it!
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Great movie in the 'lost footage' genre
hellornola23 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
There's not much I can say about this movie that hasn't already been said. If you like the lost footage/home movie genre, I think you'll like this. It's full of quick scares, creates a thorough, consistent creepy atmosphere, and leaves you wondering what'll happen next.

Unlike most movies from this genre, I feel that it's a lot deeper than simply filming a poltergeist from the corner of your bedroom. It deals with the pain of losing a loved one to illness and death and the emotional and physical affects it has on a family. By delving into these issues somewhat, it gave the movie a slightly depressing atmosphere.

The only issue I had with the movie was towards the very end, when the truth about the mother and her illness was revealed. It would've made perfect sense had they left it at that, but to deduce that the daughter was schizophrenic seems incredibly far-fetched. I don't think that aspect brought anything other than confusion to the movie and its audience.

Nonetheless, it's a great movie to watch on a stormy night, and it certainly brings more to the table than the typical 'five teenage friends' horror film that we've been drowning in for years.
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"Ghost Hunters/Paranormal Activity" style movie with a twist
zzoaozz27 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This movie starts off like many others trying to cash in on the popularity of such shows as Ghost Hunters and the Paranormal Activity movies. A team of paranormal researchers respond to a distressed man who claims to have fled one haunted house only to move into an equally haunted apartment.

The researchers themselves are likable enough. There is an older and very learned professor type, the ultra professional female, and the the chipper young technician. The family they are trying to help consists of a widower and his young son and young teen daughter.

You don't have to wait long at all before the supernatural phenomena start to occur. They begin while the team is getting set up with sounds of banging in the walls and ceiling and continue on throughout the movie at a quick enough pace to keep you jumping and keep your eyes darting about to catch doors swinging by themselves, lights swinging, and furniture moving.

As the investigation proceeds you soon notice the family is not as close as it seems in the beginning. Father and daughter have some issues involving his deceased wife. Her behavior is erratic and unnatural. It is only when the father finally breaks down and tells the truth about his wife that it becomes plain just who is causing the phenomena.

I will not spoil the ending by telling you any more than that, but I do strongly encourage you to give this film a chance. It is far better in both story and acting than most of the other entries in the paranormal investigation genre. There is only one cheesy jump scene in the whole thing and they placed that at the very end where it can be overlooked.

Try it, you'll like it.
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Apartment 143 (2011)
SnakesOnAnAfricanPlain9 September 2012
Apartment 143 gives us a look at a supposedly haunted apartment. The difference here is that the scientific investigators are looking for scientific explanations rather than the supernatural. It's a neat idea, but leads to some heavy exposition scenes that betray the found-footage set-up. Perhaps if these had been explained in talking head interviews it wouldn't seem so clunky and forced. The film does well to have a little mystery behind it and the cast are generally rather impressive. One of the biggest problems is how quick it wants to start. I don't find that these films work without a decent amount of build up. Here, the camera crew walk in and stuff is happening almost immediately. I also got tired at the scientists continued explanations of stuff when it was clear that some of these things were impossible to explain. Some decent effects and genuine scary parts make this a fine effort, but with a bit more time and some better pacing this could have been so much better.
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Good Found Footage Warning: Spoilers
I watched this movie without great expectations, and i ended up liking it a lot. It's definitely more of the same things horror fans are used to, but that doesn't mean it's not good. The movie is not great or fantastic, but it is very nice, a good addition to the most prolific sub-genre in horror last years, the "found footage" genre, all of them sons of "Paranormal Activity" and grandsons of "The Blair Witch Project".

The movie follows the story of a "scientist" and his crew who investigate cases of paranormal activity with the best equipment science can get. The entity on this movie is pretty busy, since the team enters the house they start to experience paranormal craziness for all over the house. So, as they install all the equipment, the supernatural being(or non-supernatural thing, as the scientist explains), does all kind of things. The whole movie is recorded by the cameras in the house and other cameras they carry all time with them, and they had a really good job with that, it almost fooled me, almost...

As the time passes and the ghost starts to get more and more bold, the lead scientist starts to figure out what's happening in the house, based on the family story. He explains the situation as a case of poltergeist, a manifestation of the human mind, that goes out of control and start to be violent, in that case, the daughter's mind was the responsible.

After some easy scares and cool effects, the movie take his path to a dramatic ending. In an interview, the Father gives up the whole story about the death of his wife, mother of his kids. That was the best part of the movie, and Kai Lennox (the father, Alan White), really did a great job on his acting. But, as a good horror, the dramatic part was followed by a nice display of SFX, very "Poltergeist" stuff, with lots of people flying across the room, and bodies lifting in the air.

As i wrote in the beginning, the movie is not original, great or revolutionary for the sub-genre, but it's for sure a movie worth watching, at least if you are a horror fan, like me. I can forget to say, "Emergo" isn't a mainstream movie, so they deserve my respect for the good work.
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A script so bad it's not worth watching it.
filipemanuelneto10 January 2018
Horror movies has long suffered from an illness called "lack of originality". There are several ways to combat this, one of them is risking. This Spanish film, directed by Carles Torrens and written by Rodrigo Cortés, tried to risk, but the shot backfired due to the stupid ideas that passed through the heads of these two gentlemen. It must be said, however, that Spanish cinema has been responsible for some of the most airy and innovative horror films of recent years, and this has made me expect something more from this film that never came.

Using the old "found footage" formula, which we have already seen in "Paranormal Activity" and "Last Exorcism", we follow a team of experts who will investigate strange phenomena in a house where a man and two kids are living after the recent death of his wife/mother. And here the inconsistencies begin... for example, the experts say they don't want to disturb their comfort but, at the same time, they settle in their house, fill everything with machinery and put more cameras than in "The Big Brother" show . Does it make sense? Shortly after, the audience begins to be toasted with subtle supernatural activities that worsen over time, but the film doesn't explore this, preferring to suggest "logical explanations" for the phenomena. Many of them are implicitly suggested but they're there: sickness, sexual harassment, murder... the film shoots in all directions until it disproves its own haunting thesis, contradicting itself to the point that we no longer know what the hell of experts are those guys! The ending turns out to be so bad and disappointing that it makes me want to make the screenwriter to swallow the movie.

Brutal inconsistencies, bad script options, bad dialogues, a lot of dead moments with some scares in the middle... In all these mud, there's something positive: good sound and special effects is much better than the poor quality that reigns in horror films and Gia Mantegna overcame her youth and inexperience, proving to be a better actress than many of those adults... Kai Lennox was also well, in a suffered and psychologically very heavy character. And that's all that this unfortunate movie has to give us. It doesn't add anything good to the genre and will not bring good memories to anyone involved. Fortunately, it also turns out to be so forgettable that you're probably going to forget it the day after watching.
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An Excellent sample of the "found footage" sub-genre
demetrius1130 April 2012
Even though this is a movie based on the recipe of "Paranormal Activity" it builds on the concept of the "found footage" sub-genre, and it takes it one step further. By combining footage of many cameras and points of view this movie is just the right combination of "first person witnessing" and actual traditional cinematography. The thing with this movie, is that even though you can predict the scary moments before they happen, you still get very very scared. This is the brilliance of this particular genre - and film ! By trapping the viewer in the scene of the "crime", and forcing him to experience first hand whatever the bad "spirit" wishes to "communicate", the viewer is affected even when he is certain of what is about to happen!. The acting is nothing special. I think the actors took it abit too far by pretending to be "real people". However, that is not damaging for the movie, since it is not the actors that are important here, but YOU the viewer ! I would recommend this movie to brave horror fans, and those who want to make their girlfriends shriek in terror. I would also recommend this though, to film students, as this genre has great potential!
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Just watched it; I'm not a professional critic but I'll give you my honest opinion.
jrdnyc29 April 2012
It kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. I watched it with a friend who is much more sensitive and he was terrified; said he'll "never watch a scary movie again." I watch a lot of horror movies and this one is a must see. It is a short film but worth every minute. It's like if you took out all of the scary moments from paranormal activity 1,2&3 and just made a movie out of that footage, but this movie is still much better. In it's 80 minutes you will find the perfect blend of action, suspense, supernatural occurrences and scary images. It didn't scare me as much as the ring did but that is one of my all time favorites. The story line is original and I don't think you will be disappointed.
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Actually a really good movie!
monkhelz29 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this movie with my hubby while nursing a hangover. I had never heard of it so was watching with a little skepticism. I'm really glad I gave it a go. The movie starts with a widower and his two kids calling in paranormal researchers to investigate some creepy goings on at their apartment. The young boy states it is his Mum who is "neither alive nor dead". The teenage daughter has serious issues with her father and abuse is hinted at several times in the movie, thought in all honesty I think it is more of a "did he/didn't he" subplot and not a major twist. The scares kick in almost instantly and they come thick and fast. I recognized two cast members but really liked all of them, good actors with a likability factor. The lead investigator has it pinned down as poltergeist activity spawning from the daughter who blames her father for her mothers death. We later learn the mother was not a nice person and her husband was badly treated by her. The events get more threatening and the daughter is inferred to have schizophrenia (as did her mother before she died) and the lead investigator concludes the case is closed. The end has the only "cheesy" scene which in my opinion could have been done in a better way that lets us know if the investigator was right. That is my only real criticism. Actually, one more little criticism, there is a machine used by the investigators that is pixilated and it is never explained why, but all in all a good film that will make you jump. Good effort!
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Better Than most Found Footage Films
lojitsu2 September 2012
Here's The Lowedown on "Apartment 143" (A Horror/Fount Footage DVD review)...LIKED IT!!

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Genre: 7.5 Movie: 5.5

What's it about?

A parapsychologist team are asked to investigate Apartment 143. The White family, who have lost their wife/mother in a car crash, have been experiencing strange things since they moved in to the apartment. But, they were also experiencing things at their old place.

What did I think?

Found Footage movies are an acquired taste...and I for one have a taste for them. If you are a fan like I am, this movie is better than most. If it is not your style, however, You probably won't like it. The cast is recognizable and the acting was good...plus there are no misconceptions about it being real. Give it a shot...see what you think.
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A Bit Different But Still The Same Old Thing
The reviews of this movie really got me excited. I had just about given up on this style of horror films, so to hear that one was getting some very positive buzz got me fairly excited. But as with "Grave Encounters", I found myself feeling letdown the further the movie progressed.

The idea behind "Apartment 143" is interesting, you have a group of scientists investigating a possible paranormal haunting. Seeing them act very professional about the whole ordeal was fairly entertaining. This alone is what made the film feel a tad fresh and original. The scares were decent but as events unfolded I found myself getting tired of seeing things move around and what not.

With the recent explosion of films along this genre it is hard to really surprise the audience, and that is the main problem this movie had. You arn't going to see anything here you haven't seen before. That doesn't mean that the movie's not entertaining, it will hold your attention throughout, but you can't help but feel like you've seen this entire thing before in tons of other movies.

If you really have an urge to watch a "Found Footage" horror film and you have already seen "Paranormal Activity", than this is probably the best available option atm. Just don't be fooled by all the buzz, this isn't anything great, it is a entertaining yet forgettable movie that is worthy of killing a week day night.
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Boring and Unoriginal
claudio_carvalho26 May 2013
The widower Alan White (Kai Lennox) invites the parapsychologists Dr. Helzer (Michael O'Keefe), Ellen Keegan (Fiona Glascott) and Paul Ortega (Rick Gonzalez) to investigate a supernatural phenomenon in his apartment in an old apartment building. Alan is an unemployed agronomist engineer that lives with his four year-old son Benny (Damian Roman) and his teenage daughter Caitlin (Gia Mantegna), who blames her father for the death of her mother Cynthia (Laura Martuscelli) in a car crash. After witnessing weird events, Dr. Helzer and his team find the cause of the activities…or not?

"Emergo" is another boring and unoriginal movie that follows the "style" of "The Blair Witch Project" of making cheap movies with handy cam, no lighting and poor edition. There are a couple of scary moments but along the 80 minutes running time there are too much technical explanation for the haunted apartment by the annoying Dr. Helzer. This Spanish variation of paranormal activity is a waste of time. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): "Apartamento 143" ("Apartment 143")
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Horror movies of the genre are an aquired taste.
ferraridaytonagt12 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
''Found Footage'' or ''POV'' (as I refer to them as) type movies are definitely a refreshing change from the typically scripted, directed, and filmed horror movies. ''The Ring'' may be the best, last typical horror I can recall seeing, right now. Anyway, Apartment 143 was, in my humble opinion, a very good flick in this category of horror movies. When ''The Blair Witch Project'' 1st (it was the 1st, wasn't it?) introduced us to this type of movie making, I thought it was a very refreshing change from the norm. Yes, Apartment 143 does appear to borrow a lot from prior POV movies, but it does have that bit of being slightly unique with it's different story line. I did like the brief use of ''The Sensitive'' (Heseltine? that was his name, wasn't it?) & the reaction to his ''input''. Of course, the use of the slow strobe light while panning the room on film was good, although, I was expecting to see whatever on the 3rd rotation. I don't know why, just seemed predictable, but OK nevertheless. If POV movies aren't your thing, then you probably won't like this movie. If you do like them, I believe you'll like it enough that you'll at least rate it higher than 5 out of 10. APARTMENT 143 may not necessarily be a ''Must See'', but I do highly recommend that fans of POV or ''Found Footage'' films to open your mind & check it out. I do believe you will be entertained by APARTMENT 143.
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Found Footage Gold
graeme-206-25500230 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I've watched most found footage films out there, and if I'm honest I went into this blinkered and expecting the worse, given most suffer from the usual poor storyline, poor acting or poor directing.

Emergo however, caught me by surprise and I found myself sucked in straight from the outset and immediately realised that this found footage movie, IS something special.

It's a shame that talented directors and writers will get tarnished by the poor efforts that dominate this genre, but quality always rises, and I'm glad that Torrens stuck to his guns and made this the way he did - without going into spoilers - his direction and filming style is what made this film what it is, believable. Well, to a point. Taking aside the more obvious parts of it to one side, the rest of the movie sits together into an brilliant first person camera, and if you don't jump at the various suspenseful parts...

Torrens varies different techniques, from hand held to locked off cameras - the quality of each camera technique brilliantly pulled off - they all sit well together and add to the dark and overpowering feeling of the storyline.

Character development in this genre is the biggest bugbear of mine - it's either crammed into a poor introduction leaving you to fight with them for the remainder of the film, or, the development doesn't exist - with Emergo however, whilst the development is done throughout the film, it's done in such a way that it mimics how you would do it in real life - it's not rushed, it's REAL.

Maybe that's the key here.

Taking aside the more out of the ordinary aspects, the movie actually plays out as it would have done were it a real life situation and a family is being terrorised by something unseen. Scientists, investigators and doctors coming together to meet a family at the end of their tether, the haunted looks of each family member a testament to what is happening in their home.

Torrens pulls this all off brilliantly, and whilst the ending is maybe a little bit twee, I'm sure we've not seen the last of Emergo, and I sincerely hope Torrens goes on from strength to strength.

My advice is to not miss this movie - it's one of the best Found Footage movies out there.

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mark-5349425 January 2020
I watched it after seeing a trailer and I thought it was a great film and watching it in the dark on my own made it better even when it was 11pm when I knocked it on to watch
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A poor excuse for a movie.
user-undefined-198410 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The writers of this movie and whoever has given it good reviews must've been on some kinda substance. I'm a true horror fan and I'm pretty lenient with my reviews but this..............

So apparently this widower and 2 children (who somehow look Hispanic while he and his wife couldn't be whiter) move away from a haunted house into a haunted apartment. Assuming the "spirits" have followed them, he calls in some paranormal investigators.

Some cliché scary moments are thrown in here and there, perhaps in an attempt to lead the audience to believe the dead wife is haunting them. So its made to seem like a GHOST is involved. AND THERE IS EVIDENCE THAT POINTS TO IT BEING A GHOSTLY HAUNTING in pictures and videos etc...

Next thing you know, the "paranormal investigators" second guess the whole haunting, claiming it to be something completely unrelated to ghosts and spirits, supposedly the "twist" of the plot.

When i saw the ending, sure, i jumped out of my seat... because of how RIDICULOUS it was! Little did I know that medical related problems (I shall not give away too much) can cause WHIRLWINDS in your house, strong enough to suspend a human being in mid air, while blowing SAWDUST (don't ask me where this sawdust came from.. maybe it came from their.. scalps...??!!) all over the place! This movie is so senseless it makes David Hasselhoff's singing career look brilliant.
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nogodnomasters23 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The main problem with Apartment 143 is not the movie itself, but the fact we have been inundated with a host of hand held ghost stories that are "real" found footage with actors. The production by itself is decent, but given the fact we have seen it before will cause one to quickly get bored.

Three ghost hunters investigate the bizarre events at the apartment of Alan White (Kai Lennox). Paul (Rick Gonzalez) is the technology guy and the one we have to blame for all the cameras. Ellen (Fiona Glascott) is the secretary and assistant but vastly prefers the title "gate keeper." The brains of the operation is Dr. Hezler (Michael O'Keefe). Alan has two children: Benjamin (Damian Roman) who is four and Caitlin (Gia Mantegna) who is at that difficult age. Caitlin has a very cold if not hateful relationship with her father, which immediately makes you think we are headed down the ghost/incest lane, something that has become too much of a substitution for good writing here of late.

The mother Cindy has passed on. They believe she is the haunting spirit. Caitlin blames her father for her death.

This production is subject to the same criticism of all found film productions. This one experiments with an idiotic head mounted camera that gives the film a "fish eye" view. The writing and acting were acceptable "B" grade fair. The scare factor was middle of the road. The main problem with this film is that we didn't get to feel for the characters. We got to know about them, but just didn't care.

PARENTAL GUIDE: F-bomb, no sex or nudity.
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Supernatural Spanish horror plenty of weird phenomenon at a haunted apartment
ma-cortes7 August 2022
A parapsychologist team (Michael O'Keefe , Fiona Glascott , Rick Gonzalez) are asked to investigate Apartment 143 . The motley team of parapsychologists attempt to figure out a strange phenomenon occurring in an apartment building. It is inhabited by White family (father : Kai Lennox and children : Gia Mantegna, Damian Roman) , who have lost their wife/mother in a car accident , they have been experiencing rare things since they moved in to the strange flat . But, they were also experiencing things at their old place . After the team set up their equipment , they get some compelling evidence on camera , appearing creepy figures and eerie events . The First Real Ghost Story !.

A scary parapsychological film with intrigue, thrills, chills and surprising events . The movie is decent enough , but we had already seen it before and better in other films . This is a haunted teen movie that contains restless horror when a creepy and threatening being is attacking the family members and the parapsychological team . Tension , eerie atmosphere , genuine chills , suspense are continued and appear lurking and menacing in the dining room , hallway and rooms . Great loads of screams , shocks , exploitation and terror abound with the usual poltergeists and fantastic phenomenon caused by the weird apparition . A short budget and offbeat film that often drags but it has its moments here and there . It's recreated with adequate make-up and a plethora of high grade special effects which are frightening and horrifying the amazed spectator .

This suspenseful film was well written and produced by Rodrigo Cortés . This Spanish writer/producer/filmmaker has directed notorious international successes , such as : Red Lights , Dawn in dark hill or Blackwood , The Contestant or El Concursante and his biggest hit : Buried. It contains a thrilling and suspenseful musical score by Victor Reyes . As well as adequate but dark cinematography by cameraman Óscar Durán , shot in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain . The motion picture was professionally directed by Carle Torrens , though with no originality because it copies clichés and other flicks in similar horror style . Craftsman Carles Torrens was born in 1984 in Barcelona, Spain and has a long career as Shorts director . He is a good writer, producer and filmmaker known for Delaney (2008), Sequence (2013), ABCs of Death 2.5 (segment "M is for Mom") and Pet or Animal de compañía (2016). And he has made various episodes of notorious TV series , such as : Vis a Vis , Malaka , El ministerio del Tiempo , El Internado: Las Cumbres and Feria: La luz más oscura . Emergo (2011) rating : 6/10 . Acceptable and passable terror thriller .
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The bad in this movie outweighs the good, unfortunately.
WisdomsHammer7 November 2016
There are some great scares in this movie that kept me going. Then there were the terrible ones. And the long, drawn-out drama scenes that just didn't work for me. Maybe because they tended to be clichéd scenes that I already knew the ending to that they tried to extend for dramatic effect but fell flat. At the end of one of those scenes, one of the actors was laughing, and I don't think she was acting because it was ridiculous. The premise was okay, but I don't feel like they stuck to it. In the end, you don't know exactly what happened or why. And I didn't even care. It's just not that good. On a side note, as I looked this up, I saw Michael O'Keefe in the cast! I realized, "Oh! It's the kid from Caddyshack!" He didn't do a bad job, but I thought it was funny.
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Activity that is just not normal.
michaelRokeefe11 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
A family moves into apartment 143 and experiences activity that is just not normal. A team of parapsychologists sets out to investigate the phenomena: phones ringing with no caller, poltergeist activity and unexplained flashing lights are more than enough reason to set up state-of-the-art technology. The group attempts to contact the "other side" while their investigation is interrupted by manifestations that are succeeding in accelerating their violence.

Not the best in the "found footage" genre; but there are a whole lot worse out there. The cast includes: Fiona Glascott, Kai Lennox, Gia Mantengna, Fancesc Garrido and Michael O'Keefe.
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It works, despite some flaws.....
FlashCallahan6 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Widower Alan White invites parapsychologists Dr. Helzer and colleagues, to investigate a supernatural phenomenon in his apartment in an old apartment building.

Alan is an unemployed engineer living with his four year-old son Benny and his teenage daughter Caitlin, who blames her father for the death of her mother.

After witnessing weird events, Dr. Helzer and his team find the cause of the activities...

I saw this because I got my times wrong with a screening, so this was a last minute choice, and I audibly sighed when I saw it was yet again another found footage movie.

It starts off like any other FF movie, the set up features the troubled father, the aggressive daughter, and the son who is oblivious to everything.

It plays like Insidious Meets Paranormal Activity by way of The Entity, and honestly, it's a lot better than I expected.

It's down to some eerie camera work, and a very good performance from the girl who played the aggressive teenager, who makes the mood very unsettling.

I don't know why I found it so entertaining, because it features nothing new, perhaps it's because my expectations dropped to rock bottom when I found out it was Found Footage.

Well worth seeing I reckon.
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Better than Paranormal Activity, but that doesn't take much
HorrorQueen1728 May 2012
'Found Footage'/shot at home style horror movies are 10 a penny these days, mostly because they are relatively cheap and easy to film. As such, it takes a lot to make them original because there are so damn many of them. This had it's moments of originality but for the most part was same-old, same-old. However, Apartment 143 starts out a lot better than most, jumping straight into the story without the tedious back story of the investigators or family padding out the first half, which was a good move.

The basic story is that there are some spooky goings on surrounding a family consisting of Dad, daughter Caitlin and son Benny. The investigators pitch up in their house and stay there, setting up their equipment and monitoring the situation. There are a few jump scenes thrown in here and there, and some rather confusing explanations as to what is causing the phenomena.

The acting was mostly decent throughout, and the way the investigators conducted themselves was a lot more interesting than the typical cliché investigators, who freak out at the slightest thing.

The reason the Paranormal Activity money-grabbers are so dull is that virtually nothing happens, and if it does it happens right at the end of the movie. Thankfully Apartment 143 does give the viewer some supernatural goings on very quickly, and they are not badly done, but overall I felt it was just a little boring. Nothing like as bad as PA, and I watched the whole way through, but it wasn't 'edge of your seat' stuff, and none of the jump scenes got me.

The one thing I did like was how the tension built for the one scene where they are using the constant flash on the camera. I thought that was really well done, and the best scene in the movie.

All in all, it wasn't a bad found footage movie, and it might scare you a bit if you're not a horror buff, but for any aficionados it wasn't up to much. See it rather than Paranormal Activity, but for something better with more scares, grab Grave Encounters instead.
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Paranormal inactivity
thefan-21 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
If your idea of a good time is watching people sitting at a table talking, with the sound so bad it sounds like it was filtered though a garbage can, and the talk is nonsensical and pretentious at the same time, then this one is for you. We found if you turn the sound off, it's boring beyond belief. If you leave the sound on, it's also boring beyond belief. Fast-forward it, it's boring. Leave the room altogether, it's still boring.

Okay seriously, if you died and found that in the afterlife you had control over physical phenomena and could make lights flicker and loud noises happen, could you even be bothered with such things? Well, actually, yes you could, if you were an asshole. In fact, that's the message of this movie: asshole in this life, asshole in the next. For you, the hereafter is an eternal state of excruciating insanity, to quote a famous writer.

Good! But if you're gonna make a movie about it, at least try and have a few good scenes, nice special effects, something. Don't, I beg you, for the zillionth time think you can get away with depicting a ghost as an attractive but obviously demented young woman (you know she's crazy because her hair is a mess) who crawls toward you across the floor. Or the ceiling, in this case.
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"Paranormal Activity" movie wannabe
funnycommentor17 November 2021
The plot of the movie was basic, just like all the paranormal movies (a family is being terrorised by an evil entity), nothing new. The characters were so boring and annoying, especially the father and the camera man. The location was basic, an old, creepy and dirty apartment. The storyline was so uninteresting. The jumpscares were predictable and not too scary. The possession scene though, was so funny and silly. The ending scene was stupid, but expected. Overall, it was a low-budget film with annoying casting and fake jumpscares.
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