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Dark Day
kosmasp6 May 2012
Up to this point the first three reviewers were raving about this and added a very positive vibe out for this movie. While I won't disagree with them (it's a decent movie), I cannot fully share their enthusiasm. The movie is excellently shot (moody if you want to call it that) and has a stellar cast. But I never felt that it went places (no pun intended) or had the upper hand on other, similar movies.

One of them being "The Divide", which I thought had some interesting ideas and was also confined in an area, but was also more compact and more suspenseful overall. The movie on hand is good too and if you like your end of the world thriller to have some drama and action mixed in, this won't disappoint you. Just don't expect it to be more than meets the eye (characters are well drawn, but nothing pushes this over the edge for me)
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This movie needs defending.
pallavfree14 May 2013
The only thing that I think hamstrings this movie is poor production quality. They shoulda just burn the house down rather using VFX that says it is present in the movie. Otherwise, the screenplay was taut. People who confuse action for fast, abstruse editing cuts, a-la Michael Bay maybe disappointed but action that forwards the script will delight true movie connoisseurs. Good indies are hard to come by. Finding one is like finding a treasure. For me 'The Day' is to zombie/apocalypse what 'According to Greta' is to coming of age and 'City island' is to family dramedy.

The kills are good and guns don't don't have unlimited ammo. I'd say it does flag a bit in the second act but the climax delivers. But I'd also say that this movie is not for everybody. Save it for a day when not in the mood rom-coms are brain investing movies. Put your eyes on auto-pilot, grab a cold one, and viola! That's a decent 90 minutes right there.
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The kids aren't alright
m-a-elsewhere6 March 2013
Bleak and fairly effective low-budget survivalism in the post-apocalyptic hellscape. Set ten years after the no-need-to-explain end of world (one character notes: "it's been two years since we heard a bird chirp)and with, in the first half of the movie, a cinéma vérité feel, what remains of humanity seems to be running on fumes. Whereupon, events take a turn for the worse.

Produced by and featuring Dominic Monaghan, the script initially appears to tread the conventions of a zombie movie, until it becomes clear that the five main characters face opponents far worse than the undead.

Well considered use of color-bleached cinematography keep the protagonists trapped in a NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD milieu even as the enemy enjoys blue-eyed, blue-sky color.
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Well done
mukrotten24 January 2013
I had high hopes for this movie with the cast involved. And to be honest, I loved it. It's not the best movie I have ever seen, but I have recommended this to people, and will definitely watch it again.

It seems a bit low budget at first, but you truly forget about it as it was shot very well. The acting is perfect for the type of film it is and if you have seen it you can see how some of the actors put their bodies to the limit. It makes me as the movie watcher happy to see actors give it their all for a 'smaller' film like this.

Acting was great, plot was good, all around a good flick. Pay no attention to those who bashed it, apparently remakes and big budget crap is what they were looking for. This is a solid movie!
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Nothing really Oscar worthy but acting is good. Fans of "Book Of Eli" type movies will like this. I enjoyed it quite a bit. I say B
cosmo_tiger26 November 2012
"You have fortification and you know they're on their way and you have me...I'll kill them all." After the apocalypse the world is a wasteland. What started off as a large group has now become 5 and the 5 are looking for food and supplies. While on their a road they spot a farmhouse and decide to check it out and think they have a place where they can rest, get dry and regroup. Things change quickly. Going in I was expecting this to be along the lines of "The Divide" where a group is locked in somewhere and they have to band together to get out alive. This is more along the lines of "The Book Of Eli" where it's a group against another. The movie is pretty graphic and gory in parts but it's nothing really over the top and most people should be able to handle it OK. For a movie like this the cast is pretty well known and while the acting isn't amazing it is very good and fits the movie. This is nothing that is Oscar worthy but for a movie of this subject it is actually pretty entertaining and better then I expected. I liked it more then I thought I would. If you are into movies like this then you will really enjoy this surprise. I give it a B.
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A great post-apocalyptic horror/thriller.
Michael-Hallows-Eve23 October 2012
This movie was a great surprise for me as I wasn't holding high hopes for it. I'd heard a little about it and I had read a few things about it but I'm glad it wasn't over-hyped (not here in New Zealand any way). Although this kind of storyline has been done before the director has utilized it well here. I was in to the film from the start, and the characters were actually likable - apart from one, not going to give too much away but you'll know who I mean when you watch it. As for the action and blood, let's just say this film doesn't let you down. There are some good scenes in this movie and it was a pleasant surprise after some of the rubbish coming out of Hollywood lately. So I give it a solid 8 out of 10. A good watch.
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Pretty Awful
mikeboyd198625 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Typical blood splattering nonsense where people do stuff that nobody would.

Silly tricks to make you jump like having someone scared in the woods, looking around for people chasing her and a figure passes really close to the camera at the same time a loud high pitched noise is generated. Just tricks to make you jump, but not because the plot or story is scary.

A girl in the middle of a field hears a noise and crouches down in the middle of the empty field as the camera zooms in and then magically someone grabs her. Now, where the heck did he come from? Answer: it was impossible, it was just another silly trick to make you jump.

Combine that with totally unnecessary blood splattering torture and that's about it. Not worth the time really.

Sorry this review is not well structured... I just finished watching the film and don't want to waste any more time on it.
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This was awesome!!
cdhayes-165-29533821 September 2011
Saw this movie in Toronto and loved it! It's not your typical post-apocalyptic thriller. There is a lot of action - as the previous reviewer said it picks up after about half an hour and the adrenaline is pumping from there on out. But it also has pretty deep character development and some emotionally intense scenes. The cast has some recognizable faces (Sossamon, Monaghan, etc.) but no huge stars or clichéd action heroes that detract from the characters. I thought the tension and emotion seemed really authentic. It was also shot in a really cool way. All in, it had everything I was looking for in an action film but was more unique and memorable than I was expecting. Can't wait to see it again on the big screen!
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Bloody Terrible
graciechan-526-22707611 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The Day has enough craft and care in the beginning to think, this might be an indie winner. It's tense and brooding and has a decent premise. But as soon as the plot and the characters really come into play, you just think, "Silly me for having high hopes."

The real draw of a post apocalyptic movie is character development in tough survival situations. The characters in The Day are as flat as a pancake and flip on their 2D character traits at the drop of a hat when it serves the script.

This movie is very very cliché, and throws in gore for gore's sake. Also in the fighting apparently only the 'goodies' are capable of one hit kills where as the 'baddies' must fight in a fog of war and can only target and engage in battle with one person at a time.

The CG smoke and fire is pretty bad and the sound track is woeful. As soon as you hear a heavy rock number to indicate 'badass action moment' it just smacks of "I've a friend in a band" syndrome.

If you watch this with some friends who like ripping into movies, this could be a good one, but otherwise, stay away.
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Not as good as I had hoped.
SpannersGerm6696 December 2012
Although I heard a few negative comments towards this film, I still had expectations that I would like this more than comments mentioned. However I felt let down by this one.

To start with, the positives. The director has done a very good job at creating a post apocalyptic feel! The colouring is very dull. So dull that it could almost pass as a black and white film in some scenes. I thought it helped capture a sense of pure dread and hopelessness. I thought the soundtrack was very decent also, being very similar to that of 28 Days Later. On top of all of this, the acting was top notch as well. So fortunately it does come with positives. However, having said that, the negatives outweigh them in my opinion. The story just seems to shallow. Basically a "Last stand" type of film, paying homage to classics such as "Zulu" and also to that of a recent British Horror Film called "Dog Soldiers". Showing us the courage that outnumbered parties must have in order to survive with impossible odds. The problem lies in the fact that the director seemed more interested in making it as violent as possible, instead of focusing on character development. We don't know too much about the characters and we don't know too much about the backstory, so questions will be raised, such as "how did the world come to how it was now". Another negative is the CGI'd special effects. The gore looked too fake and as a result, was nowhere near as brutal as it thought it was. Then we have an ending that I thought was pretty cool! I wasn't expecting what happened, so that's always a good way to finish up. Unfortunately the ending and the positive visuals in the film, couldn't prevent it from being a disappointment.
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Better Than Most In This Genre
tdwillis-262739 May 2017
"The Day" started out very promising for me, but within a half hour unexpectedly turned a different direction. Which for some of you may actually be a plus but I'm old school. It is filmed in the greys of a post apocalyptic ravaged world with most of the movie set in an old farm house. The protagonists are not zombies, or aliens, or some lethal mutant virus....or even just survival of a wasted world and that's where it disappointed me. Yet I think most people into apocalyptic movies will like this movie a lot...(Especially If you like quite a bit of kickass action and blood and guts) For a movie obviously on a budget it's all VERY well done. The directing and acting is excellent. There are lots of scenes done at night, a bit hard to follow and a few editing slips, but the vast majority of this movie is HUGE leaps and bounds, in every aspect, above most smaller and lower budget productions in the post apocalyptic genre. So if the subject matter interests you, I have no doubt you should give this movie a try.
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a bit too much CGI here and there but still a dark brutal flick
trashgang11 March 2013
Another post-apocalyptic flick that has it pro's and contras. What I liked was the way it was shot. Black and white to add to the darkness of such a story and colour when the world was still turning around without any problems. The contra is the use of CGI for red stuff and some killings. Nevertheless, it's still worth picking up if you dig flicks like The Road (2009).

There's nothing supernatural or creepy to this flick. You go rather deep into the characters before hell breaks out. But even that isn't scary or whatsoever. Again, it's positive to see that the good ones can die too. It never is rather gory but the shots taking place at night are sometimes a bit too dark to actually see the blood sputter around.

Still, not a bad attempt with a simple story about five survivors being exhausted and searching for a place to take a rest but once they found a house it doesn't seem what it looks like. It's a trap and things go awry from then. But even in the group of five there are things coming out of the closet.

I didn't had a problem with the ending as some did. A good low budget flick made for the lovers of dark (no pun intended) flicks with some brutality involved.

Gore 2/5 Nudity 0,5/5 Effects 2,5/5 Story 3/5 Comedy 0/5
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A pretty decent film!!!
jaxbubba20 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Actually as post-apocalyptic films go, this film wasn't half bad. I love originality, and this film definitely has some interesting and fresh plot twists that keeps the audience on its toes. However, the one element that was never addressed, and that I really wanted to know about, was how this situation started or what caused the apocalypse.

The film begins ten (10) years after the apocalypse has already occurred; a band of five (5) very weary survivors are combing the countryside for food and shelter, and apparently trying to avoid pursuers. However, one of the members is extremely sick, Henson (Cory Hardrict). The group's leader, Rick (Dominic Monaghan) spots a farmhouse in the distance. After searching and securing the establishment, Rick decides this house would be the best place to hold up out of the elements until Henson is well enough to move again. The group is at the end of their food rations. After less than a day in the dwelling, members of the group start to become very on edge with regards to staying any more time in one location, and start to use terms like "sitting duck". From the conversations amongst the group members, the audience is able to gather that the three (3) male members are lifelong close friends, and that the group at one time was twelve (12) members strong. More important than all this is the fact that there seems to be no other animal life source than human and no harvestable food source either. So when the male team members stumble across a virtual goldmine of can goods in the basement of the house that they are squatting in, it seems that the group's misfortunes have changed.

The film is a very small budgeted film; however, the action sequences are very well done. Director Douglas Aarniokoski does a really great job of getting the most "bang" for his buck with the limited resources that he has available. He has a plethora of experience as first / second / assistant director to such films like 'Taken', 'From Dusk to Dawn', and 'Austin Powers'. This directing experience is absolutely present throughout this film, and perhaps even more so in my most favorite scene of this film. As the film is coming to a close, only two opposing warriors remain. Both harden from the events of the previous night's activities. You can almost feel the remorse between the two, as the carnage is all around them. The only way for either is to survive is to band together, and let bygones be bygones… It's so delicate, and the most incredible ending you could possibly imagine. A perfect conclusion to this most imperfect world.

I definitely enjoyed this film, and tried to write this review without giving away too much of the film twists and turns that I enjoyed oh so much. I definitely recommend this film to those hard core post-apocalyptic film fans. Sorry no zombies present in this film, but it does possess the next best thing! See more of my reviews on FB @ "The Faris Reel"
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Better than many reviews would have you believe
tsheridan942 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Much has been made of The Day being just another generic post-apocalyptic movie, rehashing an old formula without bringing anything new to the table itself. And while it does focus on a small band of survivors and opposition in the form of a band of cannibals all filmed in bleak, washed out colors, they are used in service of creating a unique statement in the genre. Yes, the similarities are unquestionably there, but the method in which they are used breathe fresh air into a stale film trope.

From nearly its onset, The Day knocked me off my feet and never allowed me to regain balance. Whether it be through the shocking, sudden death of a character early on in the film, to a seeming character betrayal that is just as quickly turned on its head, to the ending itself, which deserves a special commendation. It is both brutal, and gutsy, with a final act of sudden violence that not only would be either softened or left entirely out of most comparable films, but that is also committed by one of the protagonists; my jaw was agape as the credits began to scroll across the screen, something that I can say for very few other films.

And where would a review of The Day be without a mention of the exemplary acting? Shawn Ashmore and Ashley Bell, in particular, are fantastic as a father still grieving the death of his wife and young daughter, and a mysterious nomad of few words but quick action, respectively. Michael Eklund is also notable as the leader of the cannibalistic tribe the lays siege to the house in which the five survivors thought was a refuge. Only Cory Hardrict leaves a bit to be desired in his performance as Henson, whose would-be tough lines more often than not fall flat, and on occasion are even laughable.

However, that one misstep barely registers in a film as well made as The Day. Amidst the washed out colors and the shaky camera work, there rests a diamond in the rough. The Day could have been a disaster; indeed, it certainly isn't a perfect movie. But when the acting is as strong as is on display here, with characters well-drawn even without the addition of any back story, and the sheer daring with which certain aspects of the film itself are made, The Day rises above the post-apocalyptic clichés and becomes instead a breath of fresh air in a genre film that should not be missed.
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Just finished up with the midnight madness premiere at TIFF and...
JeffersMorningToYou16 September 2011
What a treat it was! I wasn't sure exactly what to expect walking into this film, knowing only that it's setting was post-apocalyptic, and it followed a small band of wanderers. Well, I can safely say you will get what you pay for. The Day is far more than just a story of survival, it's a terrific character study of the depraved, those with little or nothing left to live for, yet for one reason or another, continue to carry on. Even though it's a very character driven film, the adrenaline really picks up about a half hour in and never lets up from there, with some incredibly emotional scenes along the way. The entire cast did a great job, filming some extremely intense scenes with great authenticity. It's always a pleasure to see a cast that is relatively not as well known (Shawn Ashmore and Dominic Monaghan being the biggest stars) really take the screen and own it. Shawn Ashmore brought his absolute A game, in my opinion the best thing he's done in his career so far. Great to see a Canadian boy put on a terrific performance, and have that debut at TIFF. In the end, The Day is definitely worth at least one viewing, if not a few more just to let the characters Luke Passmore created sink into your brain. Great first feature from Douglas Aarniokoski and Luke, hope they both have a lot more to come!
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Not exactly the usual post-apocalyptic fare
Rob_Taylor25 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I have to say I enjoyed this immensely. It's a character drama rather than an action-fest, though there is action.

Focusing around a small group of survivors, the movie develops their personalities rather than settling for just eye candy effects. Think more "The Road" than "Mad Max" and you won't go far wrong.

There are a couple of moments, towards the end, where I expected things to slip into Hollywood cliché mode. But, thankfully, both times (especially the very last scene), the movie refused the obvious storytelling development in favor of something better. You'll have to watch it to see what I mean.

The nature of the apocalypse is never explained, just as in "The Road". Its just something that has happened and, frankly, it isn't important. It serves the purpose of putting people in difficult situations. It isn't the focus of the film whatsoever.

The characters are developed nicely and there is a real nasty section in the middle of the film that will make you go right off one of the characters.

But, essentially its a story of human nature and what people will do when pushed to the limit. There are also themes of redemption running throughout.

It's not big budget and the minimal effects work reasonably well. There is a terrible CGI blood moment right at the end, so I expect there were others that I missed. But the action sequences are quick and so any mistakes are not likely to be noticed.

All in all, I enjoyed this movie, though some might want to beware of the grimmer moments in the film (I don't mean the violence or the gore, either, but human nature).

I recommend watching this if you like post-apocalyptic fare in general, especially those with a more grim and realistic tone.
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" The Day " - Charcterization Rules
Smoothpaws123 September 2011
Caught "The Day" at midnight madness during TIFF. The survival plot is subordinate to the characters, and the film's physical lack of saturated color is offset by the richly developed auras of the cast. We all know what to expect in a post apocalyptic film, but the story line of this film only serves as a backdrop to masterful development of each individual character's personal and interactive actions, reactions and motivations. The film starts off slowly, but it takes a while to understand the deeper aspects of each character's personality. The tempo picks up dramatically once the viewer comes to know each character and the intense action that follows leads to a memorable - truly memorable - conclusion. The writer, director and cast are youthful and perhaps some of this youth shows through from time to time in the film, but the film's effect on me was more real than unreal with questions about humanity that linger.
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Total mess ,sanity alert...
holly_lilly27 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Lets say at least its still watchable...BUT... It has good picture ,nice acting ,but the script is a total stupidity. Writer and director must commit suicide. Idiotism begins from the start - ppl are walking down the road and first what i think ,wtf there is all there possessions. The rain is going and they got chills ,1 of them even sick but they don't have no rain protection ,even piece of plastic bag or something. And then comes EPIC : "We need to get to the mountains. Whats there? Mb there we can find water..." Hell, in that scene they are standing with HUGE puddle of water (swamp or even river) on back ground and it is RAIN right from above ,just OMG. Further its just getting more and more idiotic pace. Logic and sanity means nothing for director and script writer ,but its still watchable... So if you want to laugh and have nothing to do with an hour of your life ,go on watch it ,'cause its lil bit better when TV series or news block on TV.
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Warning: zombies not included!
bowmanblue12 February 2015
For some reason (possibly due to the marketing) people seem to think that The Day is about zombies. It's not. It doesn't even feature a slightly hungry vampire. It's totally UN-supernatural (unless you count the fact that the world has - technically - come to an end and everyone's living in a post-apocalyptic landscape).

Five survivors take refuge in a farmhouse which basically doesn't belong to them. Soon, those who own it come for what they believe is theirs. Carnage ensues.

First of all I have to mention 'the look' of this film. I know it's meant to be bleak, but the film-makers have gone to the added length of basically draining all the colour from the footage. It certainly does the trick. The atmosphere is definitely bleak. During the night scenes, you might as well be watching a black and white film. This will appeal to some, others may find it a little annoying.

After a (very!) slow start, the five characters (of whom we get to know and care for reasonably well) come under siege from the owners of the farmhouse (apparently, in an earlier draft they were zombies). This is, of course, when the majority of the action starts. Although, it comes well into the final third of the movie, making the 'climax' shorter than you might expect.

The Day has a kind of '28 Days Later' look and feel to it (helped by the pretty good musical score) and plays out like Assault on Precinct 13.

I've seen a lot of reviewers raving about The Day, but, despite a few nice touches here and there (plus some bits that actually surprised a hardened film-goer like myself), I never thought it was that much of a classic.

In short, it's not bad. If you're looking for a post-apocalyptic version of Precinct 13 then this one could be for you.
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You Are What You Eat
LeonLouisRicci8 December 2014
So Many Movies, Including the Big-Budget Ones Drain Color, Mute Color, Overuse Filters and Generally Make a Lot of Modern Movies Look Anemic and the Wish for that Good Old Technicolor is Frustrating and Depressing.

So When Low-Budget Directors Decide to Make Their Apocalyptic Artsy Movies with that Kind of Palette it No Longer Seems Dismal and Dystopic it just Seems Common.

Why Not just Film the Thing in Black and White. Now that's Stark, and if Need Be the Flashbacks to the Good Old Days Could be Done in Color for Some Contrast. The Decision to Use the Washed Out Look Here Fails to be Artistic or Symbolic, it's Just More of the Same Old Dull.

The Movie Itself isn't that Dull. In Fact, it is a Slightly Above Average Go for This Type of Thing and there are Some Intriguing Characters and CGI Violence that Deliver the Goods. It's been Hammered for Not Explaining the Backstory for the End of Life as We Know It.

But that's Doesn't Wash. Does it Really Matter. The Earth and the People of Earth are on the Road to Ruin and there are a Multitude of End of Days Scenarios, Take Your Pick.

Nuclear War...Overpopulation...Chemical Poisoning of People, Air, and Water...A Wandering Comet...Disease...Genocide...Climate Change...Alien Invasion...Etc...Etc...Etc.

Overall, Recommended for Fans of Low-Budget Horror, Dystopian Displays of Survivalists, and Bible Types...The Cannibalism Thing Comes from the Good Book. This is a Good Movie if Not a Great One, Although it Does have a Great Ending.
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Great film for the "post-apocalyptic" fan.
thrower554413 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Why the 7 when most people thought it barely passed muster or just plain sucked. Well...2 reasons. I thought it was smart adding the whole stabbing through the boarded up windows tactic. Seen many Z movies and I remember thinking why didn't somebody think of this before and I remembered the whole "gotta be the head" issue. But the method would work just as well in any "viral/contagion" film. Secondly, the end. GOTCHA!. Not going to spoil it. But this is the main reason I rated this film 7/10. In three minutes I went from OK that wasn't a total waste of time to where the $$$$ did that come from and I should have seen it coming. Not a Usual Suspects moment but still worth watching the film.
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rdbrown-zeteo26 October 2012
"The Day" is exactly what I hoped for. The reason I am "raving" about this movie is because it was more than I expected it to be. When I say that I don't mean mind-bending and profound.

I love this movie. You may not feel as I do and that's great! I don't care how many people disagree with me. Nothing anyone can say about this movie can shake my opinion of it and how I feel about it.

Good acting from not-so renowned starts (but still familiar faces). A good script. A good story. Well-told. Solid, brutal action (some quite relentless).

With a running time of 1h 26min (which, movies are often given time restraints, which constrict a directors vision of the movie they want to make... I don't know if this often crosses people's minds.), so with the short running time, they do a great job setting the mood for this apocalyptic world our main characters are living in.

Some people will say that this movie doesn't really go anywhere, even with all the things that make it a pretty good (entertaining movie). I'd like to point out that it goes to all the places that it intends to go. That it indeed goes places. It shows you humanity from different angles. But yes, they don't go too deep into those places, but if you have a good enough imagination, perhaps the directors take us to the doorstep of different ideas and issues and emotions and "places" so that we take our selves there with our own imagination - which would mean getting more involved with the story. I don't know many people who would use their imaginations rather than desire for the movie makers to take them through those doors - and just get let down and upset when they don't. Venting.....

Anyways. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Even if you find that it doesn't fulfill everything you'd look for in a movie of this genre, I'm certain you will still enjoy it and not feel like you wasted your time.
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Came so close to be truly great, but fell near the end.
thekarmicnomad12 November 2012
I switched this on with low expectations and was met with an intriguing bunch of characters in a murky apocalyptic world. The characters are very engaging and the fact they are running from something they do not explain adds a real level of tension.

The excitement ratchets up nicely with just the right mixture of menace and action. Then it slips and falls.

The film turns unnecessarily violent (I don't mean that in a prudish way but in that it shifts the dynamics of the characters too far and too quickly). As things heat up the budget can't hope to keep up with the directors ambitions.

The fight scenes become amateurish and unbelievable, the dialogue sloppy and grating.

Not a bad film and if you fancy a post apocalyptic movie I would recommend this as long as you are prepared for it to tail off.
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Edgy and worth viewing
dgefroh27 October 2012
If you like the apocalyptic genre this movie is a real treat for you. The subject matter is dark and depressing, very similar to movies like "The Road", where survival of the fittest, good versus evil, and kill or be killed are the bywords of "The Day". This one features 5 young survivors trying to find a way or a place where they can escape the horror of a world gone wrong following an apocalyptic event that leaves the world baron and surviving starving hordes are the nightmare enemy.

I thought the action scenes where somewhat confusing and purposely blurred leaving you that "what just happened" feeling more than once. That said, the story, the acting, and the drama were sufficient enough to make this movie a real keeper. I liked this one and if this movie does well at the box office maybe a sequel could be in the offing.
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A Very Bleak Post Apocalypse
richard-fieldhouse18 February 2018
Even the colour of this film has a bleak, grey and washed-out feel. But the characters and plot are believable, beaten down by years of struggle to survive after an apocalypse the details of which seem unimportant now.

The challenge is for the group to keep going through the bitter the competition for food in an environment where nothing seems to grow. Only those that started out as the fittest are left now and even amongst these survivors one looks like he might have pneumonia. In these circumstances and in unrelenting rain, they decide to risk a stop at an isolated farm house despite deep, and, as it turns out, well-founded, misgivings about whether it's going to be safe.

The acting throughout is strong and believable and despite the film's low budget, they kept back enough cash for copious amounts of blood which flows pretty freely as the action intensifies.

I noticed minor flaws, but very unimportant set against the strongly drawn characters and the relationships between the members of the group - friendship, trust and mistrust. Certainly not a feel-good movie, but one to make you think. Worth watching.
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