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Great Job, Internet!: Read This: Uwe Boll now runs a popular restaurant, still thinks he’s a genius

Uwe Boll, the controversial director responsible for Postal, Blubberella, BloodRayne, and Tara Reid playing a scientist, is one of the most prolific living directors of this century, having directed and self-produced 30 films in his short career. Still, he’ll always be remembered, according to this Vanity Fair profile, as “the Donald Trump of directors, a brutish bully inclined to lash out against his detractors.” Boll is notorious for having gone after his critics, the culmination of which was the event “Raging Boll,” during which the beefy auteur literally beat the shit out of his attackers in a boxing ring (a 17-year-old victim apparently pissed blood afterward).

It’s hard to feel anything but scorn for someone such as Boll, but Vanity Fair’s profile effectively peels back the layers, depicting a man who’s driven by intense artistic impulses despite not quite having the patience or tact to make ...
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Newly Retired Director Uwe Boll Reveals He Lived in Jennifer Lawrence’s Bedroom, Read Her Teenage Diaries

Newly Retired Director Uwe Boll Reveals He Lived in Jennifer Lawrence’s Bedroom, Read Her Teenage Diaries
There are many gems buried in Vanity Fair’s fantastically intimate and appropriately bizarre profile of newly retired director Uwe Boll — please, do check it out here when you’ve got the time it requires — but few are as eye-popping as the dual revelation (unearthed by an eagle-eyed Vulture) that Boll a) once lived in Jennifer Lawrence’s childhood home and b) read her diaries while sleeping in her bedroom. Cool.

As Vulture reminds us, “though Lawrence was partially raised in Kentucky, she landed her first TV role at 16 and convinced her parents to move to L.A. during her teenage years, so it’s ostensibly possible her childhood belongings are tucked away on some bookshelf in L.A. somewhere.” And, apparently, that’s precisely where Boll lived during some of his La years — as the article details, he now lives in Vancouver, where he runs a restaurant and bemoans
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Uwe Boll Is Retiring From Filmmaking

Uwe Boll Is Retiring From Filmmaking
While many cinephiles are lamenting the fact that Quentin Tarantino has said that he will retire from filmmaking after he makes his 10th film, most will probably celebrate when they hear that Uwe Boll has decided to call it quits too. The filmmaker behind Alone in the Dark, BloodRayne, Far Cry, Rampage, Postal, Blubberella and […]

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Cult Director Uwe Boll Will Stop Making Movies

Cult Director Uwe Boll Will Stop Making Movies
Lovers of cult movies and schlock cinema are in mourning today as notorious filmmaker Uwe Boll, sometimes referred to as the worst director of all-time, has called it quits. That's right, the mastermind behind such trash classics as Blubberella, in which he cast himself as Hitler, has called it a day. He is officially done making movies.

And it doesn't sound like he'll be doing a Steven Soderberg three-sixty on his stance anytime soon. Uwe Boll hasn't made too many good movies, and he certainly never made a great one. He is known for his low budget video game adaptations such as House of the Dead, BloodRayne and Dungeon Siege, none of which have ever garnered a favorable review. But angry critics and fans who solely love to hate watch aren't the reasons for his departure from the craft of filmmaking. He simply believes the market for his lower budget films is dead.
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Haha: Uwe Boll Says “F*ck you all” after 3 Unsuccessful Crowdfunding Campaigns

I can now safely say it will be my lifelong dream to now see a movie about “some retarded wizard in the forest”. That was just one of the many great moments in this ironic outburst from notoriously awful director Uwe Boll (Blubberella, Postal, BloodRayne, Alone in the Dark, House of the Dead).

Boll is upset (you might say) about his ill attempt at a Kickstarter campaign for something called Rampage 3.

The video was accompanied by a message saying:

never will do crowdfunding again …. thanks to the few they supported rampage 3 -.-.—the rest can fuck their mothers incl. Kickstarter and all the idiots who talked me into bullshit like this


(see his Kickstarter here).
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'In the Name of the King 3' Interview with Director Uwe Boll | Exclusive

'In the Name of the King 3' Interview with Director Uwe Boll | Exclusive
Are we done hating director Uwe Boll yet? Despite a spat of truly awful genre fare back in the early 2000s, the notorious German filmmaker has been on quite a role lately, delivering some of the best movies of his career. He's finally making what he really wants to make, and some of those films, like Rampage and Assault on Wall Street are truly inspired personal works that highlight his strengths as a visionary and storyteller. He has a distinct voice, and when the material fits, he's quite adept at bringing a powerful message to the screen.

This good work has leaked into his latest offering, despite it being a franchise sequel to one of his earlier groaners. 2009's In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale might not have registered very high with critics, but it truly capture the imagination of video game fans everywhere, and proved
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'Blubberella 2' Is Not Happening Says Uwe Boll

'Blubberella 2' Is Not Happening Says Uwe Boll
A sequel to Blubberella once seemed like a definite thing, but no one is really asking for it. It will forever be a one-off cult movie buried on Netflix, and despite it continuing to grow a steady audience, that strong fanbase seems so ashamed that they love the movie, they're afraid to ask for a follow-up. And maybe that's an okay thing.

The movie was envisioned as a direct-to-video franchise way back in 2011. A throwaway joke capable of earning quick cash with its quirky premise. The storyline followed a woman so obese, her footsteps caused explosions. In the movie, she takes on a Nazi army with her trusty duel swords, ready to slice anyone that makes fun of her.

Director Uwe Boll is pretty confident a sequel will never happen.

The film was shot simultaneously with Bloodrayne: The Third Reich, using the same sets and actors. A director who likes
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Blu-Ray Giveaway: ‘In the Name of The King 3: The Last Mission’

Uwe Boll is back.

And this time, it’s in a fantasy meets science fiction movie with “In the Name of the King 3: The Last Mission.” It is sequel to the video game inspired fantasy movies.

For this film Dominic Purcell stars as Hazan Kaine, an American hitman who tries to enter into his final contract, but it takes him back in time to the middle ages where he will battle an evil medieval army and reclaim a stolen kingdom.

It is director Boll’s venture back to the video game movies, which he was known previously for like “Bloodrayne,” “Alone in the Dark” and “House of the Dead.” And now he has directed unique cult movies like “Rampage,” “Blubberella” and “Postal.”

The special features on the Blu-ray will including the making of the film.

For this giveaway, e-mail myself at with subject line as “In
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Uwe Boll on His Insane Quest to Make 'Postal 2' the Most Offensive Film of All Time

Uwe Boll on His Insane Quest to Make 'Postal 2' the Most Offensive Film of All Time
Director Uwe Boll is angry. And not just frustrated the way a filmmaker with over 30 credits -- including the video game adaptation Bloodrayne, social drama Darfur, and grindhouse riff Blubberella -- with nary a critically praised film in the bunch might be. He's Network-level, I'm-mad-as-hell-and-i'm-not-going-to-take-it-anymore infuriated. He has a laundry list of complaints: Nsa snooping, Duck Dynasty, loose gun laws, the potential cover-up of Osama bin Laden's death, Honey Boo Boo -- name it, and it's likely infuriating Boll. His solution: Vent in the form of a movie. A

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Uwe Boll, World's Most Hated Filmmaker, Attempts to Fund 'Postal 2' on Kickstarter

To know German director Uwe Boll is to either hate him — and by hate we mean despise and loathe with your entire being — or to shrug your shoulders and discuss what you ate for dinner last night. There really isn't anything overwhelmingly positive to say when it comes to the divisive filmmaker who brought us masterpieces like Blubberella and Alone in the Dark. Boll has whipped up a Kickstarter to fund his next film — a "controversial comedy about current political issues," or as we like to call it, a desperate attempt to become relevant. Here's a synopsis: "Postal 2 will finally destroy the filmindustry and the world we are living in. We could name the movie also Honey Booboo must die ....but so many people deserve to die...

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Film today: Uwe Boll's crazy Kickstarter

Your daily movie bulletin bringing you the lowdown on 30 August

News today

Happy Friday! Let's celebrate the end of the week with the news that Uwe Boll ("the worst director alive", (c) The Village Voice) has taken to Kickstarter for his new film, Postal 2.

The fabulously larger-than-life director - the man behind video game-to-film transplant House of the Dead and the under-rated Blubberella ("An action comedy centered on an overweight woman whose footsteps cause explosions" - IMDb) - has taken to crowd-funding in his typically brash style. Postal 2 will have a bodycount that's "higher as Hiroshima and Dancing with the Stars combined". And where will donors money go? "The money goes all for cocaine for the stars down the nose." Godspeed Uwe! If Spike Lee can do it, why can't you?

Today's other news ...

- James Spader will play the villain in Avengers: Age of Ultron, while Justin Timberlake has
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Assault on Wall Street trailer: bankers get what's coming, Uwe Boll style

This trailer sees the notorious director wreak brutal revenge for the sub-prime crisis – mostly upon hapless bank clerks

Reading on mobile? Click here to watch trailer

The global financial crisis has been responsible for many terrible things, but the redemption of Uwe Boll hasn't been one of them. Poor Boll's name is now synonymous with bad cinema, thanks to his endless hamfisted videogame adaptations and woefully advised genre excursions, such as 2011's obesity-based vampire comedy Blubberella. However, it seems as though Uwe Boll might have matured.

Boll's newest film, Assault on Wall Street, is his first to tackle the economic collapse of 2008. Theoretically, given the sombre complexity of its subject matter, Assault on Wall Street should stand shoulder to shoulder with other works on the subject, such as Margin Call and Inside Job. In fact, it could well be the film that turns Uwe Boll's career around once and for all.
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Zombie Massacre: when hipsters and rats turn bad

The latest Uwe Boll-produced movie is bound to be two hours too long, but the trailer gives us plenty of time to meet the film's friendly cast

Reading this on mobile? Click here to view trailer

Look. You're not going to watch Zombie Massacre. Uwe Boll produced it. You don't watch Uwe Boll films. Maybe there was a time when you used to watch Uwe Boll films ironically, but that stopped being a good idea about a third of the way into Postal. You didn't even watch Blubberella, and that was a film about a female vampire who's funny because she's fat, so you're definitely not going to watch Zombie Massacre. You know it. I know it. Uwe Boll knows it.

So the only relationship you're ever going to have with Zombie Massacre is with its trailer. And that's no bad thing, because a trailer is probably the medium that serves the film best.
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Uwe Boll to Masterfully Dissect the 2008 Financial Crisis in a New Movie

It takes someone with skill, who understands the subtleties of the human psyche, to properly dissect the complex world of Wall Street financial crisis such as the one that took place in 2008-2009. That man is Uwe Boll, director of “House of the Dead”; not one, not two, but three “Bloodrayne” movies; and yes, the film that they still teach in film school, “Blubberella”. Of course, there will be a hail of bullets in said dissection. Hey, this is Uwe Boll. Hail of bullets and Uwe Boll go together like former boxers-turned-German directors beating up overweight movie bloggers who dare criticize him in a ring. It’s just good business! In “The Bailout”, which is set to shoot up in Vancouver sometime in April, Boll will put you into the mind of Jim, “an average New Yorker who loses everything because of the 2008 Wall Street financial crisis, and who strikes
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I Heart 'Center of the Earth' Nazis

I mean, who doesn't?

With so many Nazi Zombie movies coming out (Iron Sky, Puppet Master X, The 25th Reich), how can I ever decide which will be the best? Between these, and the recent releases of Blubberella and Bloodrayne: The Third Reich, this has been a really really good year. For this kind of shit.

In Nazis at the Center of the Earth, probably based on true events, Dominique Swain and Jake Busey are scientists based in Antarctica who discover a secret Nazi base hidden in the center of the (duh! you didn't know?) hollow Earth. They are accompanied by a bunch of other young, hot scientists who were sent to do science in Antarctica. Can you believe Nazis have been hiding in the center of the Earth all this time?

Here is a still image of Dr. Jake Busey and his crack team of hardcore gelolomologists and snowologists,
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All I Know Is That I Can't Wait For 'Auschwitz'

And what is written above the sink in the girl's bathroom (that's the only other thing I know).

I heart movies about Nazis, and I heart Uwe Boll. I love that he's totally insane, completely out of his mind, that he makes films in a haphazard, uncontrolled manner, that he has a thick German accent, that he always casts my favorite person Michael Pare in everything he does...I love it all. I love that he jokes that he gets the money for his films from Nazi gold. I love that he filmed three movies at the same time: the drama/thriller "Auschwitz," the sequel "Bloodrayne III," and the parody "Blubberella." Why waste a period set? Waste not! Make three films!

I remember at a Michael Pare signing at my old friend Eric Spudic's former store Spudic's Movie Emporium in Van Nuys, California, Boll and Clint Howard showed up
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Uwe Boll's Blubberella To Squash Audiences January 31st on DVD and VOD

The earth will quake January 31st when Phase 4 Films unleashes Blubberella to DVD and VOD audiences. And with a tagline like "Half vampire, two and a half women," you know the jokes are going to be crass in typical Uwe Boll (Bloodrayne 3) style. Another tagline "Pound for poung pure action," is not much better and the film has been called: "a big ol’ meaty wad of concentrated awful" (Rigney). Phase 4 Films would like us to believe that Uwe boll "has a huge cult following," but 28Dla would like to start a spontantaneous anti-Boll petition right here. Let us stop Boll from making any more films!

For those interested, Blubberella was filmed dually with Bloodrayne 3 in Zagreb, Croatia. And many actors from Bloodrayne 3 participate in this film: "you almost feel sorry for the film’s cast, who have been plucked from the set of Bloodrayne 3 to participate in one
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Toronto After Dark Film Festival announces final wave of movies

The Toronto After Dark Film Festival has announced its final wave of films. They include the world premieres of War of the Dead, which is described as “a war movie with an undead twist,” and Vs, a superhero film which stars James Remar (Showtime’s Dexter) and Lucas Till (X-Men: First Class).

Other newly announced films to be showcased by the sc-fi, action, and cult film fest include director Ti West’s much anticipated The Innkeepers, Lucky McKee’s similarly tipped The Woman, the fabulously titled Manborg, and the black comedy Some Guy Who Kills People, whose cast includes Kevin Corrigan,
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Bloodrayne: The Third Reich and Boll's Madness: A Movie Review

*a screener of this film was provided by Phase 4 Films.

Director: Uwe Boll.

Writer: Michael Nachoff.

Bloodrayne: The Third Reich is the second sequel to a video game adaption franchise. This title is directed by the notorious Uwe Boll (Rampage), who is no stranger to the straight-to-video film market. This latest film follows Bloodrayne (2005) and Bloodrayne II: Deliverance (2007). And you might be upset to find out that Boll intends to make a fourth film in this series, based on the final scene of this latest flick *groan*.

There is an interesting element in Boll's filmmaking strategies, as another film, titled Blubberella, was filmed almost simultaneously as Bloodrayne: The Third Reich. Both films use the same characters, same actors, same sets and even the same plotline. Only the genre changes from thriller to comedy. That curious tidbit aside, Bloodrayne: The Third Reich turns out to be an average thriller, with
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Blubberella (2011) Movie Review

I can hear Uwe Boll pitching his idea to the producers of “Blubberella” in my head now: “Imagine if ‘Bloodrayne’ were about an overweight vampire who kills Nazis during World War II? It’s incredible! The whole thing can be shot simultaneously with ‘Bloodrayne 3′. Can’t you see it? We can have her spout endless one-liners and pepper the script with modern-day pop culture references, loads of “Two and a Half Men”-style sex jokes, and a plethora of homosexual jokes and stereotypes! They’ll eat it up in America, because America will eat anything!” Well, I may have embelished a bit towards the end, but I’m sure it was something along those lines. After all, (most of) everything you just read is front and center in Boll’s latest action/adventure “Blubberella”, a tragically unfunny cinematic comedy that boldly incorporates all of the above. I’d label it
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