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Excellent, but sad movie.
Zoxxxon14 November 2010
I found strange that this movie weren't here, so I made a page for it.

This movie made me cry! All about the movie, actress, acting, story... made me cry. Little Hyang-ki Kim (daughter) impressed me so much with her acting. Movie is about young single mother, who suffer from cancer. Sadly, she has a daughter, and she's trying to spend all possible time with her. But, daughter is unaware or mothers illness. Also, her colleagues at work and relatives are unaware. Real plot begins when all of them find out that she's ill. After that, movie is about relationship between mother and daughter. Both of them did great performances.

Another great Korean drama! Absolutely worth watching!
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Heart touching
niaz_islam12 March 2013
It is the Korean movie which will broke your heart into million pieces. It is true that most of the Korean movie is highly based on strong emotion but you will find this movie as one of the strongest one for sure.

Although the story was good but the in the beginning it was a bit scattered so that at first you may not get the grip of the film but after wards the tragic part starts to develop, and from there is no turning back. You must have to watch the film throughout the very end of it :)

whether you are a parent or child , I recommend you to watch this movie and I am pretty sure that it will help you lot along the hard times in your life.
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Mother And Daughter's Final Days
Desertman8424 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Wedding Dress is a South Korean film about a touching story of a mother and daughter's final days together, their love and courage in the face of separation.It stars Song Yun-Ah and Kim Hyang-Gi as the mother and daughter respectively together with Lee Ki-Woo,Kim Myeong-Kuk,,Kim Ye- Ryeong,Chae Sang-Woo and Kim Tae-Jong. It was written by Yoo Young-A and directed by Kwon Hyung Jin.

Wedding Dress presents dress designer and widowed mother Go Eun,who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Go Eun is determined to do everything she can for her young daughter So Ra in the little time she has left, including completing So Ra's future wedding dress. Keeping her illness a secret, Go Eun quietly prepares her daughter for a life without her. So Ra too keeps her awareness of her mother's illness a secret, and sets out to make her mother's wishes come true.

Wedding Dress has all the elements of a typical Korean melodrama tearjerker.It started by establishing the great relationship between the widowed mother and the young daughter to try to catch the viewer's emotion about the separation that is about to take place when the mother is about to die with a terminal illness.Obviously,the mother Go Eun has already reached the fifth stage of facing death - acceptance after going through the stages of denial,anger,bargaining and death - and has already faced the reality that her terminal cancer is beyond cure and she is going to pass away in a few days.She has to let her young daughter know that she won't be with her and slowly let her realize the fate that is about to take place.The movie was effective considering it presents all the elements needed for a tearjerker but it falls short as a classic similar to a movie like A Moment To Remember. The emotions brought about by the main actress - Song Yun-Ah and Kim Hyang-Gi - does not provide enough sympathy and empathy of what about they are going to go through.Although they are not as great as the actors and actress involved of the said Korean classic movie,it still will manage to catch the viewers to cry due to its good screenplay but not enough to be considered a memorable,great and classic film.But nevertheless,I still consider this a good film and not something to be missed.
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Mother's Love
evan-buntoro15 September 2018
My first IMDB review here. One of my best friends has been constantly asking me to watch Korean movies. Among all the stress in life I decided to start and oh boy this movie absolutely shredded my heart.

It's truly painful that the mom is trying to get the daughter prepared to live on her own, hence the reason she gave her good old spray twice (by my count). At the end of second one, the daughter indirectly revealed she knew her mother was dying ("Why do you keep trying to say goodbye?" oh my gosh I cried like a baby when she said that).

If you doubt parental, specifically love of a mother, please watch this movie. Just prepare a lot of tissue boxes,
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Reminds Me of My Deceased Mother
yansenyulius-711764 June 2017
I know I'm too late watched this movie, i never expect anything when i saw this film although the rating is pretty good. But i think this is the first movie that really makes me cry , a lot. It's reminds me of my deceased mother. But more than that i really love this film the story is just so simple, but really touch me. I love the acting between So-Ra and her mother, their chemistry were so great.
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