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Don't understand the under 5.0 rating of this film
paulsmithson-192-24382615 January 2015
I watched this film even though it was only rated on IMDb as 4.9. I was surprised it scored so low as it really isn't that bad a film at all. Yes, it has it's bad points, but overall it is a gripping watch, has some great cinematic moments, and leaves one feeling you hadn't just wasted two hours. I've given it a six, although were it possible I would have given it 6.5.

One slight criticism was that the overall theme should have been more to the forefront. For the first hour it focuses on the protagonist himself rather than the plight of the protagonist. The latter playing a minor role in comparison to the comedic and love elements relating to the lead. By the time the main theme really springs to life the various plot points need to be rushed through as time is running out. On the downside, that does mean these themes cannot be fully developed as much as I would have liked, but it does make for a fast-paced thrilling ending, which is good.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes, there were some changes I would have made, but I feel it thoroughly deserves a 6.5 rather than the 4.9 it was on when I watched it.
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Strictly A One-Time Watch
CupcakeLovesMuffin27 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
One thing that one notices about Emraan Hashmi is that he usually does very "hatke" type movies. Crook, once again, proves this.

Crook handles a number of different issues, it handles sibling rivalry, racism and racial attacks, and the truth of life. Now, put all these issues together, mix it in with two girls, a man who wants PR and is able to do anything to get it, and you get Crook.

Now, the first half of the movie is just happy happy Jai/Suraj (Emraan Hashmi) and happy Happy Suhaani (Neha Sharma) and annoying annoying Samarth (Arjan Bajwa).

The second half, where the movie takes a dramatic turn because of the racial attack is what really keeps the movie going. the attacks really make you think about the maybe disadvantages of living in the US or abroad, away from India/Pakistan and what might happen. However, I think that the attacks were less extreme and maybe a little less violent than displayed.

Music, "Challa" is very cute and is popular and widely heard on the Radio. "Mere Bina" is soulful and pleasant to the ears. Acting, well let's see. Emraan Hashmi acts quite well, in the first half there isn't much room for actual acting, though in the second half he proves he can act. Neha Sharma is new to Bollywood, but she acted quite well for a newcomer. Arjan Bajwa overacts at times. The Australian is only there for skin show.

Overall, a decent watch, but not a good idea for the light hearted. Also, not really a family movie. Better off alone. One time watch at it's best.
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Visual and acoustic pleasure
tom-sugnet24 July 2011
I just saw this movie. Wow, what an experience! This is certainly not a movie Indian public will like, with Masala factor being around zero; but I am fine with that since I do not like Bollywood movies that look like Hollywood parodies from the 1980ies!

This movie has got it all: solid screenplay, wonderful cast, marvelous locations and beautiful soundtrack. Even though direction could have been better, ''Crook'' is good, and never disappoints. Emraan Hashmi's (interpreting Jai Dixit) acting is convincing, albeit too casual at times. The newcomer Bihari Neha Sharma (here in the role of Suhani) is more than beautiful and has proved that she is here to stay. Katrina Kaif watch out! Arjan Bajwa (of Guru and Fashion) is the main villain here (Samarth). He is getting better and better with each movie, although I don't think he's convincing enough (while) interpreting antagonists.

The movie is based on true events, but with a dose of fiction. I'd say that it's 75% true.

9.5/10 Highly recommended!
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This time The Bhatts fail to encash reality.
bobbysing27 January 2011
The Bhatts of Hindi Film Industry, namely Mahesh Bhatt, is known for his long list of Hit films inspired from real life news clippings or happenings. And Vishesh Films, the banner owned by the Bhatts has consistently given films based on such issues like the recent Tum Mile, Jannat, Woh Lamhe and many more. Following the same trend, this time too they bring on a film based on the most recent much publicized incidents of Racists Attacks on Indian Students living in Australia.

But unfortunately their current reality inspired offering is nothing more than a hushed up and badly made project planned only to encash the latest hot subject of Racism. In short, CROOK is simply a very less worked upon project, which has nothing interesting to offer, both to the fans of Vishesh Films and Emraan Hashmi. In fact it looks like a film which was completed in just a few months time and may be its script was also written on the floor itself, along with the shooting going on in Australia.

Starting with a very exciting scene where Emraan is shown watching a new movie in the theater and then uploading the same on the net illegally, CROOK kicks off impressively and then moves on to the same routine Bhatt formula wherein the love angle is established in the first 40 minutes of the movie. Till here it's quite OK watching Emraan romancing the pretty girl Neha Sharma in the outdoors of Australia. But right after this first section, the film slides down pretty awfully without any clear direction in its storyline and tries to exploit the burning issue of racism quite vaguely. Instead of showcasing the important problem intelligently, the entire proceedings (post intermission) simply turn out to be a revenge drama between few youngsters as usual and there is nothing substantial in the film to offer to its viewers.

The characterization of everyone in the script is quite confusing as they are all simply shown to be there surviving in Australia just for nothing. The deliberate attempt of using Punjabi characters to justify the CHALLA track sung by Emraan in the film falls flat completely. Moreover the controversial lifted song from A Hit YOU TUBE Uploader (Babbal Rai) also gets wasted due to its uninspiring treatment and placement. And then in the climax, the lengthy action sequences further test your patience quite seriously.

Frankly speaking, it's the weakest movie of the director Mohit Suri who earlier gave us good films such as Kalyug and Woh Lamhe. With a weak direction based on a further weaker script he is no-where close to any of his earlier works. The film takes up the Racism issue only for the sake of having a saleable point in the project and the director doesn't talk about it with sincerity.

Emraan Hashmi looks too casual in his approach towards the role and doesn't impress. Neha emotes well and looks confident on the screen. Rest all are just there trying to do more than what they are actually required to do in their respective scenes. Cinematography is OK including a semi nude scene of the foreign actress, which was also used to create some more excitement for the project in its news publicity.

In all, CROOK is a half hearted project made only to earn some quick profits from the subject associated with the recent racist happenings. But if you really want to watch something more concrete and specific on the topic, then you can anytime try Sohail Khan's "I – Proud To Be An Indian" which was released in 2004 and CROOK can easily be given a miss.
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armaan150221 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Crook is a very good movie. Its title is crook because of the main characters early life in India was as a small time criminal. This movie is made to reunite and solve the problem between Australians and Indians. It was due to people like Samarth who create problems in Australia, not every one is bad or uncultured. Russell does not kill Suhani in the end which shows that Aussies are not that inhuman, moral of the story is "although people have different status in life, everyone's dignity is the same. respect each other." Mohit Suri did a good job! I would recommend this movie. The interesting part about Crook is that Mohit takes both sides of the coin and represents it well. He showcases the Australian side of it, as they protect the native culture from potential damage by Indians and others. At the same time, Indian students seek leadership in Arjan Bajwa as he fights for his culture abroad. And lastly he portrays that peace can be mainted only and only if both the sides work hand in hand.
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appubhai0073 April 2011
Another Bhatt movie starring Emraan. Of course there isn't much to expect but I really like watching Hashmi's movies for: a. The songs - almost all songs from all his films have been a hit and so is the same for this movie. "Tujhko jo paaya", "kya", "Challya" all are amazing.

b. Emraan's love chemistry with the beautiful female leads - They are always beautiful and mostly new comers but Emraan's on screen chemistry and the sweet love is always worth a watch.

The film is based on racism and the recent attacks on Indian students in Australia but then its not a very serious "particular issue" based film, its more of a the typical bollywood masala with its share of romance, action, comedy. And because of that some elements are deliberately added which looks totally nonsense like, here, the Sardars living in Australia just to make it comical.

But in the end everything adds up to make a decent movie. All his movies have been a little different and something which is not often seen, yet they are never really powerful. Same goes with "Crook" but the songs and the overall look makes it worth watching once.
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