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colors that blend and hearts that know no borders
dr_araman19 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers

This story of a truck driver who transports a Nigerian woman and her child across the border to Switzerland is a touching tale of human connection and how people manage to help against all odds. Well directed, superbly acted and satisfying narration. Small things like the child's musical instrument come to life through the director's touch. The ending is dramatic and joyful much to the liking of the audience. The subtitles have been done well and carry the story without much strain. Fritz Karl as Don Pedro and Clare-Hope Ashitey as Jackie have done their roles memorably with ease and grace. The child has done remarkably well too.
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BBW is BBQued = Do Not Wait For The Film's End! Warning: Spoilers
I watched the film at Zagreb's Tuškanac Theatre May 24th 2017 in the vicinity of which a Papa's fast food had settled its cow. Even though I am not a carnivore but a Lactovo Vegetarian, I ordered a home-fried potatoes with a mayonnaise on a side and a glass of chilled water to start the movie with. I did like the plot, I have had several good laughs throughout the film but, somehow, the most memorable part of the film was an Astra Zeneca's look alike tomato field. 2011 was a rather odd year for myself and I definitely did not like an immigration part of the film due a simple fact that such a conduct is illegal. It is even more disgusting due fact an immigration was illegally paid from a single-stay-at-home mother with a troublesome child who is fatherless because his irresponsible mother was a chicken-hen enough not to take a sexual precaution. A simple condom/rubber would do the trick. Therefore, I guess I do not like it but I like tomato field, it is a golden fruit.
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