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great heartwarming film
kategcom29 January 2017
those who have read this book will not be disappointed, as always the book is still better than the movie, but for a movie based on a great book, they did a really good job. the story is heartwarming, and has a few tearful moments, but all in all, it was a happy ending. as someone who almost always cries at the sad movies, i give this a 3 tissue warning. i truly enjoyed this book, and all W. Bruce Cameron's books, and the idea of making a movie from such a great book is always troubling, but the process here was well done. the actors representing the characters did a great job of embodying the personalities, and no one can complain about Josh Gad voicing the many lives of the dog. bravo to the producers and the director for doing such a good job with the story,
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One of the most heartfelt movies I've ever seen
Jon Griffin26 January 2017
A Dog's Purpose is an awesome movie about a dog's love for their human. The movie literally portrays so many different ways that dogs are treated. A Dog's Purpose did an amazing job at building up raw emotion in a short amount of time. Very similar to the way we felt in Marley and Me. It is an absolute shame that this movie will be swept under the rug by many people because they believe everything they read on the internet. The videos show that "Hercules", the dog in the scene that went viral, was apparently being forced into the water. Hercules was chosen to do this scene because of his affinity to water. He was trained to jump in on the opposite side of the pool to what was shown in the video. After the trainer tried to calm him by letting him test out the water and the dog still was spooked, they stopped attempting the scene from that side. There were multiple people in the water if something happened. There was even a diver constantly under the dog at all times. However, PETA and every news organization does not want to report this because they just hop on a hot topic without any research. I have 7 dogs, 4 are rescues, and I used to work at a veterinary clinic, so I have seen so many cases of abuse and a dog getting wet is not a form of abuse. The movie builds a human's love for their dog, and it really portrays how a dog is truly a man's best friend. If this movie wasn't boycotted, I honestly feel like it could have led to many people adopting dogs from shelters so they can feel the same love that us dog owners have.
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Beautiful Movie
poisoncupcake7427 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
*Spoiler alert*

This movie is about a dog who is trying to figure out why he exists. He goes through 4 different reincarnated "lives" of various types of dogs, until he ends up finding the boy (now a man) who he was with in his first 'life', thus ending with his analysis on what his purpose is. If you see a bad review, most likely they were objecting to that video and not the story or the movie. Because it is seriously the most incredible, heartwarming, lovely movie and all the dog's are beautiful. This movie will have you crying at least 4 different times, laughing, happy and remembering all of YOUR dogs/pets you've ever owned. This movie has an IMDb rating that is extremely low because of fear that the dog in the "k-9 unit" scene was hurt. This is not a rating on the movie though, it is more of an objection to it. In truth if you were to rate this on the quality and beauty of the movie and only for that reason, it would most likely receive ratings between 8- 10. I saw this with a focus group and all 6 of us thought it was a 9 or 10, not one person did not like it. All of us-both males and females shed tears, all were emotional. All said they loved it. And afterward all shared stories with each other of their own pets they have had in their lives. Go see this movie. Its beautiful.
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Please don't boycott this movie.
davron-9156827 January 2017
As a monthly donor to Peta I'm very upset about this boycott request for A Dog's Purpose. I think this film has great potential to enlighten people that are very complacent about animals in general and show how wonderful they can be. To a small child that has never been introduced to animals this may be a turning point, allowing them to witness in this film the companionship, love and loyalty animals provide to humans. Some may never experience this in their lifetime, if not for this movie. Hopefully taking a child from one that kicks the dog and laughs to a child that cherishes the dog and in turn becomes a possible future Peta member. As much as I don't like the video of the trainer putting the dog into the water I think we should be concentrating on going after bad trainers and the state of California that allows these facilities to exist without proper supervision. To boycott an entire film that I believe is actually going to promote compassion and kindness towards animals is important here in the United States, and especially in other countries that treat dogs and other animals as garbage. Don't join this boycott.
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Good family movie, don't believe the lies
bpeterson8227 January 2017
This was a tear jerking, laugh inducing, emotional roller-coaster of a solid family flick.

While it isn't quite Marley & Me, it was as close as you can get. The acting was adequate and the writing may be forgettable but the love between of Man's Best Friend and the many characters in this film is palpable.

I was hesitant to spend money on this film after hearing the negative animal abuse allegations against it, but I found them to be false. Apparently TMZ made it up.

So get ready for love, pain and lots of laughter that makes this a must see for every family! Just be sure to take tissues with you.
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Great Movie!
Body of My Own26 January 2017
I know, the scandal video made the movie's reputation go down drastically, but this movie is great! The dog wasn't actually harmed at all during filming, so there's nothing to worry about. The movie left me feeling happy. The movie was very enjoyable and I would recommend that you go and see it. The movie was very touching. I hope this movie does well because a lot of time and effort was put into it, and it did pay off, but the video stupid TMZ posted made people come and review this movie based on the scandal, before they had even SEEN the movie.I also recommend that especially dog lovers/animal lovers go see the movie because it's more understandable from an animal lovers/owners point of view.
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Amazing Movie
xdarkxcondor24 January 2017
Despite what TMZ and PETA have lied about. This is an amazing movie. I saw an early screening of it on January 18th and it is one of the best movies I've ever seen. I for one do not believe everything I see on the internet, therefore I had no reason to believe the video that "supposedly" showed animal abuse. Footage is very easily manipulated. People need to learn that. This movie is absolutely incredible, the story is amazing, and it made me cry at least five times. Overall I recommend the movie, and I recommend you not believe everything you see online. I had a great time watching this movie, I truly enjoyed it, I even plan to see it again when it is officially out.
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please read this review. i actually saw the movie. don't believe TMZ!!!!!!
ph916527 January 2017
I saw an early screening of the movie last week and this was before the TMZ video leaked. Let me just say, this movie is actually amazing. I'm not going to spoil anything but it is honestly one of the best movies I have seen in so long. Literally my only problem is that I felt like it ended to quick. People only gave this movie bad ratings because of the TMZ video. I read through the reviews, no one had actually seen the movie! I saw it and it exceeded my expectations. I laughed, I cried, I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. I am a dog lover, and animal abuse is terrible and should be stopped but that doesn't take away from the fact that the movie is so good! I plan to buy this movie on Blu-Ray and watch it again in theaters. I think that everyone should see this movie because it honestly is such a great movie that i couldn't get enough of. I want to see it again as soon as possible and I think that if you're going to boycott this movie because of a video from TMZ that's not even genuine, then that's a terrible decision because this movie is great. 9.7 out of 10.
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A Dog's Purpose smear tactic
larryhou26 January 2017
Don't believe these people that were paid off or have an agenda regarding the success or failure of this movie. TMZ and others are scum for doctoring the footage.

Go see it. The rescue animals deserve their recognition. Perhaps the dog was not used to the generated waves created by the machine. He probably enjoys swimming and jumping in pools of water. The handlers may have not been patient enough or understanding what the director was trying to accomplish. I'm certain that if you saw the tape of the dog after the scene was filmed, he was thrilled to be participating in the water scene. Did you happen to watch Kevin Costner's Wyatt Earp where there tossed the dog into a man-made river where the dog was doing everything it could to keep its head above water.
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Surprised by the low rating- it was an excellent movie
claudjak-864-69940027 January 2017
Let me state up front that compared to "other movies" this movie is not a 10 but for what I expected it to be -a kid friendly, fun-loving movie that is relatively straightforward- it gets a 10. My 8 yr old son and 10 yr old daughter loved it, and so did I. It was sweet and heartfelt.

I cried each time the dog became another dog, and I don't think I am that sensitive.

In fact, this movie reminds me a bit of look who's talking, in the mind of a baby but in this movie, in the mind of a dog. It may feel realistic for some and not for others but who cares, it is a movie to make you smile and it is definitely not reality.
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I loved this movie more than I ever imagined
leeesmond27 January 2017
I loved this movie more and more.

This movie is swirling in my head two hours after seeing it! It touched my heart, made me think and grateful I acted on a rescue. It made me remember my furry loves and hopeful I may see them again.

It made me cry and then it made me laugh. Most of all it let me forget for 100 min all the hate and negative in the world!

Go see something innocent sweet and kind st it's base level!

I took my ten year old she was the perfect she. I took my mother 85 she was the perfect age!

Bring your tissues and best friend! Make a friend while you ate there!
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Seriously, good movie underrated by mass-brainwashed people
psychoalexander10 April 2017
Those who just buy whatever celebrities tell you and call yourselves intelligent people who care about social affair, justice, human and animal rights, keep telling yourselves how great you are and keep sucking on TMZ or whatever it was that brainwashed you so hard.

I never believed in mass brainwash and I come from a communist country. It is you people who gave me a hard lesson and now I do believe in it: people can just be dumb enough to believe whatever the media tell them and won't dig into the facts to objectively see things. Grow up? How old are you guys?

Again, very good movie and worth every penny to see. I wasn't gonna give it a 10 star rating but just to counterbalance the brainwashed low ratings, I just had to give it a 10 star and won't change it until this movie's rating get back on track.
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An AWESOME movie!!
lindaslattery29 January 2017
Saw this movie on opening night and absolutely LOVED it! Bring your tissues but also prepare to laugh and have fun! This is a great family movie.

The message is about the bonds that humans and dogs share. Love never dies! This movie will also help with people dealing with the loss of a pet. It's not just a movie for dog lovers, but animals of all kinds!

Everything about this movie is top-notch. The acting, writing, and production value are all excellent! Dennis Quaid in particular turns in a very heartfelt performance. The movie overall is very positive and uplifting. I will be going to see this movie again!
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Great family friendly movie
jmassengill-8387929 January 2017
An enjoyable family movie. The TMZ/PETA video came out at a very "handy" time. They had the video for 15 months but decide to publish it a week before the movie came to theaters. It all seems to be timed to ensure this movie took a hit to its profits. Nothing but a good time to be had watching this movie. This movie had me both smiling and shedding a tear. Very worth a trip to the movie house to see this movie in person! Dennis Quaid played a great roll and the production values of this movie were fantastic. It didn't have as much detail as the book but I expected that to be the case. Most good books made into a movie would take 3 plus hours if they followed the book to the letter. Worth a second or third watch in the future.
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A Great Family Film for Children of all ages!
Warning: Spoilers
We saw the movie A DOG'S PURPOSE on Thursday January 26 at the Riverside AMC. This is a great family film for children of all ages. The film has so many LAUGH OUT LOAD moments interspersed with TEARS FLOWING moments. Dog lovers will especially relate to all the comic and heartfelt moments of owning a dog. We look forward to seeing it again and reading the books written by W. BRUCE CAMERON!

Now you may have heard that there are several moments in the movie where the dog's die. Yes, this movie's theme is that one dog is reincarnated many times and those transitions, though heartbreaking and sad, are done tastefully with a simple blurring of the image into a kaleidoscope of colors that blends into the next scene. Adults will understand this as "transitioning" and young children will just get a sense we are on to the next story. The only disturbing image was of the Police German Shepard Dog who was shot...again nothing that hasn't already been shown over and over again on television or in other movies.

Audiences are loving the movie and the site CINEMASCORE, which hands cards to moviegoers to rate the movie, announced the average of all those attending the movie is a grade of "A." If we had to grade the movie we would have given it an "A+"
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Beautifully written movie of the love of dogs and humans
randi-464-99015329 January 2017
I've been waiting for over a year for the opening of this movie. After reading the book, which was fantastic, I heard the movie was being made. The movie had all I expected, and more. I laughed, I cried, I remembered past pets. As the title mentions, a dog's purpose, I had never really thought of that before. Each of our dogs has had a purpose. Our first rescue, he made my husband LOVE dogs. We will always be at least a "one dog household". The casting was spot on. Young Ethan, teen Ethan and Dennis Quaid, grown Ethan were all wonderful. The dogs used were entertaining, and loving on the screen. Josh Gadd's wonderful voice was the true voice of all the dog's. Thanks to the author, W. Bruce Cameron for writing such a wonderful book, and to his wife, and the woman the book was written for, for writing the screenplay! If you love dogs, animals of any kind, you would be missing out by not seeing this film. I'll be back again and again to see it!
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A Dog's Purpose
sharonstacy29 January 2017
This is the most refreshing movie that I have seen in a while.It will tug at your heart strings and then make you laugh and smile. It tells of the most unconditional love between a dog and his human. This movie gives you an insight in to a dogs mind and helps you better understand what they think and feel. W BRUCE CAMERON HAS NAILED THIS FEELING AS NEVER BEFORE. The love and loss of a dog is very devastating for most humans.This brings light to that loss, that helps ease the pain and the loss of a piece of your heart that you think will never heal. But it also brings you hope that all can be good, for who knows your next dog maybe your dog. Priceless is the word for this movie.
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Enjoyable with an inaccurate rating.
Triquetra21 February 2017
Not the best movie I've seen but it was surprisingly good. Animal lovers will really like it. Ignore the idiots who spammed this with 1 stars. People overreacted after reading an article with a malicious narrative. Those people are morons and have tainted the rating of a rather likable film.
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A must see for the whole family
Robert Bishop29 January 2017
Excellent movie, almost as good as the book, very well done and great for the whole family. It will take you on an emotional roller-coaster ride, especially if you have ever loved and lost a furry best friend, but the story is awesome and the cast was perfect! Even if you haven't read the book yet you can still go see the movie first then read the book, it was made in such a way that it keeps true to the book but necessarily leaves out plenty to keep the future reader intrigued. Just go see it, you won't be disappointed. Bring your kids, just be prepared to hear them beg you for a dog on the way home. Okay, I was done a while ago but for the review to get posted I had to make it 10 lines long,
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Amazing Movie
nicklreeves27 January 2017
Great movie! Had some great life lessons in it. Whole family enjoyed it, and everyone left happy! Dennis Quaid did a great job as usual.

I think that it gives some great perspectives on life. A dog's point of view definitely simplifies things. I feel that the point of the movie is to remember to enjoy the little things in life. While life can be hard, one must remember to enjoy the little things. If not, what's the point?

I also like how it shows different people's lives and their way of life.

If you are a dog person, you'll love it, go see it!
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Excellent movie!!
brwnidgrl-6358928 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Contains spoilers Don't let the ridiculous claims that TMZ and PETA made, spoil this beautiful story for you!! Do your own research, and then go see this movie!! The book was a great story to start with, and story was translated perfectly through the movie! The scenery, the music, the acting, all wonderfully done! The little boy who plays Ethan, Bryce Gheisar, does a wonderful job portraying the love between a boy and his dog. You'll love the beautiful animal actors as well! You'll laugh, you'll cry, and then you'll laugh and cry some more. And don't worry, there's a happy ending. Take your tissues, and go enjoy this movie today!!
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Perfect movie for families, dog lovers and rescue groups!
xraygirl-shop1 February 2017
Like many others, I read the book and fell in love with Bailey. This movie did a great job putting the written word onto the big screen, telling a story about the relationship between humans and their dogs. I had forgotten some of the particulars in the book and found myself crying at times, then suddenly laughing out loud. Creating a movie from a book is difficult because there is so much more to the story than what can possibly be condensed into the constraints of a film. A Dog's Purpose has a positive undertone that was very apparent to me....it's a movie to be enjoyed and, just maybe, tug at your heart to go out and make a difference for a four-legged friend! I went home and gave my 2 rescues some very special hugs. Just rescue one!
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Amazing, heartwarming, and appropriate for all ages
Sophie Chan29 January 2017
This was an amazing movie and tugged on the heartstrings of everyone who saw it. No doubt the low score on the site can be attributed to the protesters who most likely didn't even see the movie. I ranked it as high as possible to bring up the average because in all honesty, this is by far the best animal movie ever.

The plot is simple enough for younger audience members to follow, and although there are some sad parts, they don't last for long. The plot is also intricate enough to relate to adults as well. The narration is superb and there is comic relief to bring up the mood. The film also includes scenes from the dog's point of view, which is extremely well done. The score was excellent and really helped convey the themes of each scene.
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It's a beautiful movie. Watch it if you have ever had a dog!
niharika25427 January 2017
I prepared myself for this one. I really did. No matter what, I wasn't going to cry. It did take a major mental convincing every time though! But it worked. I didn't cry but I did feel a lump in my throat many times. But I didn't cry even though people were sobbing all around me. I simply focused on the bright side - the dogs! <3 I thought I would leave with a heavy heart but instead, I left with a smile on my face. :) A Dog's Purpose is a beautiful movie. It gets you loving, laughing, crying, and just to the right level, without overdoing it! Don't pay heed to the self proclaimed jury who think they can judge what happened based on an video that was released very timely. I decided to judge the movie based on what it is. And it's simple, beautiful, & true! If anyone has every had a dog, then you should watch it if you ever loved your dog. The ones we rescue, truly rescue us!
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*** Excellent movie *** Don't believe the fake bad reviews ***
p-ratto31 January 2017
I never review movies but had to after seeing all of the FALSE BAD REVIEWS that were posted for this wonderful movie, the vast majority of which are clearly from people who have not even seen the movie! I would normally rate it 8/10, but am giving it a 10/10 to try this do what I can to help offset the ridiculous amount of false bad ratings (⅔ of ratings as of this posting are 1/10, which is blatantly absurd, and obviously mostly from people who haven't seen the movie and are reacting to the false bad press about animal abuse without investigating the true situation).

FALSE ANIMAL ABUSE ALLEGATIONS: The false bad reviews are apparently all based on a TMZ story that showed a dog strongly resisting being thrown into turbulent waters while filming the movie. These bad reviews pretty clearly seem to have mostly been written by people who didn't even see the movie and who believe everything they hear without ever looking into it. Had these allegations not been baseless, I also would also have passed on the movie and told everybody I could about the abuse, but after looking into the it, it wasn't actually that big of a deal. My own dog resists in the same way when I try to put it into the bathtub, there were plenty of people around to help the dog out if anything bad happened, the dog is completely unharmed and there were no other scenes in the movie with any potential for animal abuse.

FAMILY FRIENDLY: Some people also say that the movie isn't appropriate for kids, which I believe is also false. This is a wonderful and touching family movie, with scenes no more violent or scary than what has previously been shown many times in old family classics such as Lassie or Rin-Tin-Tin.

The movie tells the story of a dog that is reincarnated across several dog lives and shows the close and loving relationship between man's best friend and its owners, with a nice twist at the end of that I won't mention here. Each dog life is a nice story in itself, and my only negative comment is that I feel that they spent a little too much time on the first life, which I believe made the movie drag on a little at the start.

These unfounded animal abuse allegations are massively unfair to the makers of this wonderful movie, who did an excellent job and are being unfairly targeted. WATCH THE MOVIE AND YOU WON'T REGRET IT!
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