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  • Belle returns from America to find Charlotte running the business. Furthermore Poppy has climbed into bed with Ben,giving Belle the wrong idea. She immerses herself in work,pleasuring a Japanese client who likes wrestling as well as winning back star client David from Charlotte. She also wins back Ben after Poppy admits he was innocent but this leads to him accusing Belle of double standards.


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  • Belle returns home. Before we see her walk in the door, Poppy is awake and sees her arriving. She smiles devilishly and runs off.

    Moments later, Belle opens the door to see them in bed together.

    Belle tells us when life knocks you down, you have to get up again. She goes outside and slams the door to announce her arrival.

    Ben wakes up and sees Poppy lying next to him. She claims she had a nightmare and he tells her she can't just climb into bed with him and sends her off.

    Belle avoids her problems by going to the spa and coordinating her girls' appointments. She takes a call from a man wanting to be strangled with a dog chain. He spot to Charlotte the dominatrix.

    Belle leaves her third message for Charlotte. She gets a call from Mr. Wantanabe but has to call him back when Charlotte calls. She tries to figure out what Charlotte has done while she was away. They run into each other on the street.

    Charlotte is meeting her client, Belle's previous client David. She makes it awkward, saying it's not like he "betrayed" her. She says her New York trip was fabulous and she's working on a big Hollywood movie. Ben calls, but she ignores the call.

    She calls Mr. Wantanabe back and takes the appointment herself. He sells Japanese whiskey. She climbs on top and he says it's very "relaxing." She tries for better and asks him exactly what gets him going. He can't think of much, so she suggests toys and roll-playing. Instead, they end up falling out of bed and he lands on her. Turns out female Japanese wrestling gets him going. So they throw each other all over the room, with body slams. They have a blast. She ignores Ben's text.

    Outside later, he says he's single because, like her, his work is his passion.

    Belle calls Charlotte to bring in her commission.

    Ben looks out the window waiting forlornly for Belle. Poppy spies on him. Belle contemplates her phone.

    Belle and Charlotte meet up in a bar and face-off. Charlotte says she must be pained to lose a client, although it's never happened to her. Belle thinks David will want her back. They argue over who's the best and call David to settle it.

    Belle tells him she wants to make it up to him.

    He comes to see her, but finds Charlotte waiting as well. He puts on a corset as Belle and Charlotte do their Victor/Victoria strip teases. They keep score over who excites him more, Belle's sweetness or Charlotte's nastiness. Soon, they forget he's there. He pops a mint and starts choking on it. Charlotte Heimlichs it out. Belle wants to make it right, so they all take a bath together. He tells Belle, she's the best.

    In the cab, Belle and Charlotte compliment each other's moves. Charlotte admits she had heard Belle was good.

    Belle finally comes home to a very angry Ben. He thinks she came home and didn't even bother coming up to see him. She confronts him, but doesn't believe his explanation about Poppy. Poppy hears them screaming and finally admits that Ben is telling the truth. Belle yells at her for messing with her life. She tells her she needs to leave.

    Belle apologizes. Ben is still upset and points out the hypocrisy. She says she wanted to be Belle for a while. He says there is no Belle or Hannah, just her and she keeps screwing things up. He's tired of waiting to see if he's what she wants. He leaves.

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