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  • Belle reluctantly takes over the business from Stephanie but finds herself being challenged by stroppy Charlotte,who almost gives the game away to Poppy. She feels under pressure and confides in Tim,a boy who has gone with her to prove to himself that he is gay. After meeting Ben's mother - who takes her aside to tell her she knows what she does and has read her book - she agrees that Ben should move in with her.


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  • Belle gets ready in the morning, juggling her many tasks: madam, prostitute and girlfriend.

    Her doorbell rings, it's Ben with a record player. They're having an 80s throwback dance-a-thon, but are interrupted by Poppy.

    She tells Ben she's not really a madam, she's just helping out an old friend. She makes plans to pick him up after work at 2 p.m. and says everything's under control.

    Belle goes to see her working girls. A strict one named Charlotte barks that she needs supplies. None of them want to take a new client, a virgin named Tim. They list the problems with virgins, including that they're speedy, needy and clingy.

    Belle says all of her virgins have been fun, so they suggest she take him. She relents.

    She goes to meet him, he's a cute young man who's extremely nervous. She checks that he's ready for his first time.

    He plays with her, grabbing her boobs, poking around and then asking if they can just lie there. She makes a grab for him but he leaps out of bed. She wonders why he'd see a prostitute of he didn't want to have sex and takes it a little personally.

    Charlotte the vixen shows up at Belle's and starts to give Poppy a list, including gold handcuffs.

    Belle comes home in time to hear Charlotte phoning one of her submissives to order him around. Charlotte leaves.

    The doorbell rings. It's Tim. He followed her home. Belle talks to Tim while she asks Poppy to go to the bar and tell Ben she's running late.

    Tim says he's not a virgin. He's gay. He came by to tell her that she didn't do anything wrong, he was hoping it wouldn't work. He tells her about hooking up with a friend of his, a girl. So he hired her to be sure. Now he's sure he's gay. "Glad to have failed you Tim," she says.

    He says he doesn't know who he is or what he's doing.

    Poppy shows up at Ben's bar, telling him that Tim has stopped by so she'll be late.

    Back at her house, Belle and Tim talk over tea. She gets a text from Ben, saying forget the afternoon, he'll see her later.

    She suggests to Tim that they just have to find balance between their different lives.

    Tim leaves.

    Belle looks through her records and says she'll make it up to Ben.

    Her doorbell rings, it's Charlotte, demanding Stephanie's book. She wants to run the agency. Belle says she can handle it and tells Charlotte to "f--- off".

    In the cab with Ben, Belle makes appointments, assuring a client a girl does various things, but not that, because "no one does that." She apologizes to Ben for bailing on the afternoon.

    He tells her he's taking her somewhere she's never been for work.

    Then he brings her to his mom's house.

    They're having a lovely dinner when Hannah's phone rings. Ben clears the table.

    Ben's mom tells Hannah she read her book. Hannah tries to deny it, but is busted.

    Mom says she's not judging, but asks if she's still working. She says she's working less. Mom tries not to judge.

    When they leave, Ben breaks into a pool with Hannah and they go skinny dipping.

    She asks if the record player was a present for her or them. She suggests he move in. "F--- slowly, I want you with me," she says.

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