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Great start but the show loses it's initial momentum
william-eugensson31 August 2022
I thought the show was really great the first episodes, dark setting and interesting characters. Somewhere along the way I grew bored by the show however. I will probably watch the second season if it ever comes out since I am a fan of the novels. This was entertaining but the stark difference to how it started and how it ended made it less interesting for me. I hope the next season will focus on what made the first episodes so good. I think maybe sandmand will have a hard time to compete with all the upcoming franchises coming out this fall, I hope I am wrong though!

On another note, 600 characters requirement for a short user review is too damn long!
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A little disappointing
DiCaprioFan135 November 2022
I have to admit that I knew nothing of The Sandman going in so I had a absolutely nothing to compare it to. I'm a fan of fantasy/sci-fi so I thought I'd give a chance, especially with all the hype surrounding it. After just finishing the first season the only thing I have to say that I'm a little disappointed. After reading about what it was about, seeing the trailers, and hearing what people who actually read the comics were expecting I was looking forward to it. While not totally awful I did find it a chore to keep watching it and was bored more often than not. I know it's already been renewed so hopefully next season will be better but I'm not counting on it.
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Not as good as I expected
Supermanfan-137 November 2022
After watching the first season of The Sandman the first word that comes to mind is disappointing. I know it's hard to adapt a great book into a great series but I still had hope that it would be watchable. It barely is at best. I do admit that the visuals here are pretty good. It seems to me that most of the people who dislike this are really die hard fans who don't like that the changed some things up from the books. I've never been one to mind when a show or movie has to change up a few things from the original source material because I know they have to adapt it for tv/movies and that's hard to do. As long as it's entertaining I'm ok with it but I get why some people may not be. But this is not that entertaining and I had a hard time finishing it.
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I agree, it nosed dived after Episode 6
dreadlk16 August 2022
The show started out pretty good and hit a really big peak with Episode 6, which was a master piece of dialog and acting. Then it just felt like the director or someone else was fired because after episode 6 it was a struggle to watch it until the end.

I would like to see more of seasons of the show but they have to fix the pacing and limit the amount of odd characters. I think that was really the problem after episode 6. It started to introduce all of these weird human characters and then directed the normal characters to act as though nothing was wrong with them. It was all a bit odd as any sane person would never go near people like this, yet it was all accepted with a smile and a chuckle and endless fruitless dialog.
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Uneven, clumsy, and lacking scope.
grinningelvis3 September 2022
If Sandman were doing it's job, episodes 7-10 would explain why we should care about Dream and The Dreaming, not alienate and confuse viewers that do not have an insight into where the epic Sandman storyline eventually ends up. There is little connective tissue from Point A to Point Z, mostly because these episodes lack any real tone or nuance. The show gets busy - strangely more compacted- than even the 24 page comics they are adapted from. These episodes - without the gravity of a gifted actor like David Thewlis - just sort of spiral into nonsense. And since little effort is placed on delineating the importance or role of Dream or The Dreaming (or for that matter, the identities of The Endless as characters or the function of their realms) the series comes off as dull and drab and dim-witted.

"the Sandman" is one if the most emotional, insightful, intelligent comics ever written, and it accomplishes so much by suggesting the fantastical in the mundane. But in this Netflix adaptation, The Dreaming and Reality have no clear identities - just noisy cross-cutting between often drab actors performing rote functions. That's why, perhaps, the performance of Thewlis pops so much. We need to see the consequences of an innocent character interacting with the ideas of a universe so beyond his control. Every bit of momentum that the show builds up in those center episodes puts a greater emphasis on how the first episode and especially episodes 7-10 utterly fail.

Netflix's Sandman lacks scope, and ultimately comes off as pretty silly when it fails to maintain a solid core of genuine human emotion. Why, for example, squander the casting of Stephen Fry and the warm, wonderful Gilbert character with such a slim, unconvincing treatment? Gilbert's journey is essential as a mirror to that of the Corinthian, and all of the queasy menace of a "cereal convention" gets lost in the production's dayglo attitudes, loose ends, and loud box-checking.

I turned on this series the second Rose, Unity, and Jed began stumbling through these awful scripts and questionable performances. Any honest crew could have seen that mess going wrong. How could they not, having obviously understood the significance of, say, "Passengers" and "The Sound of Her Wings"? If Jed, Unity, and Rose are a "family", hiw are supposed to believe that Dream has any real affection for Death or Hob, or even compassion for John Dee or Johanna Constantine? The emotional gravity devolves into nonsensical B-movie execution.

If Sandman gets a second season, it will have to address the elephant in the room - casting and scope will have to get much more expansive and solve a lot of scale problems. Nothing here suggests that this can be accomplished. If you read through the negative responses to the series, you can see that folks don't have a lot of patience for the massive world-building that makes the conclusion of Sandman so moving and philosophically relevant. But as a fan of the source material, one has to ask why a die-hard would want to see such messy adaptations of works that deserve better?

With the two most awkward Sandman texts out of the way, the meat of the series comes next, but nothing in episodes 7-10 suggest that these producers are up to the task.
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Spellbinding & visionary.
W011y4m55 August 2022
It's fair to say I've always been somewhat of a fan of the distinctively whimsical, quintessential eccentricity imbued within famous author Neil Gaiman's writing (ever since - in 2011 - first being introduced to it as a child in BBC1's 6th season of "Doctor Who", with his critically acclaimed episode "The Doctor's Wife") & therefore, as a long-time admirer of his impressive portfolio of work, growing up alongside his growing number of flourishing projects, I'd previously made consistent efforts to acquaint myself with his prior TV adaptations "Good Omens" & "American Gods" but admittedly, had never yet had the pleasure of reading the much beloved "Sandman" graphic novels (of which this series is based upon, widely considered to be his best) before. Hence, I personally went in to this season with no preconceived expectations & thus, I must concede - after viewing the first 3 installments - that this Netflix series has completely blown me away & ironically surpassed even my wildest dreams.

Of course, I can only comment as a casual viewer (& am unable to ascertain the faithfulness to the source material, present within these episodes), but within the first 3 hours, we as an audience are introduced to a rich, layered, enchanting world of pure imagination that is creatively borne, masterfully realised & the sheer scope & scale captured from beginning to end is honestly mesmerising. Indeed, it's no surprise to witness peculiar & cerebral fantastical wonders on screen - in a fantasy constructed from the inspired mind of such a quirky, ingenious scribe - yet nonetheless, I still found myself utterly confounded by the sheer regality & majesty of this grandiose, unconventional & wholly epic tale.

It's a credit to all of the cast & crew members involved, who've respectfully & lovingly brought such a breathtaking universe to life & I'm hopeful the quality established here in the preliminary chapters will continue throughout... Because from what I've seen, I'm seriously floored. It is utterly remarkable, beautifully dark & haunted & unlike anything I've had the opportunity to previously binge on the streaming service, in its history.

There's a palpable sense of history & mythology to it which immediately draws you in & I cannot wait to see more. What a major achievement!
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Original review removed
RubyMouse31 August 2022
Rather over-thought and ponderous portrayal of the source material. Have to admit that although I liked episode 1, I still haven't finished the rest. I can't keep interested enough. I wrote a better review but it's gone.

I am disappointed that my original review which was written, then rewritten and edited a number of times before being posted on the 6th, has been removed. It had already received more likes than any other review as I am a fan of Gaiman's work and put a lot of thought into writing it. I am not a rude or abusive person but when people want your review removed you must have hit a nerve. Hence, this no-review review. Sorry.
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A Master of His Realm
soeprijo199 August 2022
Just finished binge watching this last night. And what quite a story telling it was! From magic spell to travel the Hell, from human greed to dream seed, from dark adventures to realm contender, you name it. But my favorite episode was the sixth: The Sound Of Her Wings. It really gave the surreal drama feel, no thriller no horror no suspense, just like gliding the dream. And by the way, who's the Lord of Dream's barber?! Because he changed his hairstyle every century or so! I hope they make an episode of his barber next season (finger crossed)

Amazing 9/10.
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So much potential squandered away
bluebloodripper8 August 2022
This show starts off so beautifully, keeps you hooked and immerses you into its beautiful universe and just when you are looking forward to what's happening next the show completely nose dives from episode 6 onwards.

Random stories and characters are introduced without any strong link to the previous episodes.

What could have been something truly awesome ends up becoming an extremely tedious watch.
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What a load of nonsense
benwilliams199924 August 2022
I'm not familiar with the comics at all, and this show feels as if the writers have tried to cram about 3000 different storylines into a single season.

The first six episodes are random, and the stories are all mostly self contained but ultimately left endless. Characters appear then vanish never to be seen again. So many actors and characters completely wasted in this drivvle.

After episode 6, we finally get a story but it's completely boring. Rose Walker just...BORING.

And The lead actor, Jesus, what a bore. The entire show felt a cross between a CBBC shoe and a pantomime. Boring crap show. Waste of Jenna Coleman and her character, waste of David Thewlis and his character, waste of Gwen Christie and her character, waste of Stephen Fry and his character, and waste of whoever that campy devil man was. Pointless show.
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I'm struggling to finish this
samuel-granados187 August 2022
I'm 6 episodes in and this series feels kind of off. Having read the comics, the characters don't seem like theyre the same personalities. It's very slow, and the dialogue is terrible. The only thing keeping me watching at this point is a hope that I can see more of the endless (especially delirium).

Netflix should stay away from making anymore adaptations (especially after the cowboy bebop flop). I really think Gaiman made a mistake choosing Netflix, and I hope to live long enough to see another company remake it.

Ill update my review if the show is any better once I finish.
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Went Downhill Very Fast
akunwafor135 August 2022
Not me thinking this is it, Netflix finally made a good adaptation. The first 30mins was all i hoped for, then the rest of the series happened.

It's like they made the Pilot great, got the series gree-lit then opted for mediocrity. The obvious drop in quality of the script and acting can be felt from the second episode onwards.

This is just sad because this show had potential, if they just stuck with the pace and quality of the first episode.
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not a hero, not a villain, not a anti-hero. He is the Sandman.
bilalcansakalli5 August 2022
Morpheus, the sandman, is extremely serious, but also kind-hearted and kind. Trying to keep the balance of the world. It is enjoyable to watch the journey he has to take while trying to maintain this balance. The story progresses in an interesting way. It's nice to watch different realms are portrayed differently. The actors portray their roles well. Camera angles and visual effects are used perfectly. Space designs are well-constructed. The dark theme suits the series. If you want a dark and enjoyable journey, The Sandman is for you.
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Sooooo ... when is it supposed to get good?
Her-Excellency24 August 2022
O V E R R A T E D 👈 supreme understatement.


You have a very thin, slow-speaking, super pale guy who spends the first two episodes doing what could have been depicted in 20 minutes or less, and who then spends the rest of the series (so far) making extra slow and boring work out of gathering some of his lost belongings. Mind you, that the biggest insult one should take as a viewer is that despite all his powerlessness, he's supposed to be a god.

One of the ONLY reasons for this series that I can tell, is as a backdrop for someone's graphic artwork, and THAT only gains a 4/10 from me (and can only go so far on television).

HIGHLY OVERSOLD/marketed series. Don't fall for it.


EDIT: After reading some of the reviews here, it is clear that this is an adaptation of one of Neil Gaiman's books which is surprising to me because Gaiman writes SO well. Sadly, the only takeaway from this adaptation that we (those unfamiliar with the original work) see, is nothing more than what we could see by googling "fantasy backgrounds and wallpaper". Even more so, having spent precious time on this television adaptation left me with ZERO taste for exploring the original. EVERY WAY - other than perhaps visually at times - it really is THAT DULL.
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Liked the Comcis
criscal6 August 2022
I really liked the comics back then, when they were published. I haven't read them again since, so I forgot most of the things and so also the story for the first season, if it was ever put into the comics. The show is visually stunning and I like the look. The one thing that was probably cut though for budget reasons was that Morpheus should have way more impact on the dreamworld wherever he goes and visually influence it. That wasn't a major point for me. The lead actor was well chosen, even with the hairdo making me wonder when he would sing songs from the Cure. I don't like the actor for the main villain - the Corinthian - so it was good, that he was the villain, but he more a psychopath than a true evil.

What most people might have a problem with was the slow pace the first season had. I personally didn't mind stories like the human Morpheus was meeting in that pub every 100 years. It added to that existential feel of the show.

While I personally don't like the recent gender swapping in respect to source material - I mean, why not invent awesome material yourself rather than say make a show called "Pippin Longstocking" - it was moderately done so in the show that it didn't hurt personally speaking. What I found a bit sad was that they turned Death from the little Goth chick to some black woman. But I found it worse that she had not so much screen time at all.

Overall, I enjoyed it a lot.
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Ben-Brayev6 August 2022
I saw the reviews. And watched it. People have forgotten how to observe and listen to things. So many people went to watch this show in expectation of something that the writers of the show didn't intend to present. Some odd, childish comics readers or should I say "graphic novels" as to not offend their fragile egos. Some marvel fans who expected one big explosion as a tv show.. And some narrow minded people. This show is special, it's wide in depth and isn't cheap like most of the things we are used to see everywhere. Someone said "dull characters".. While there are entire episodes dedicated to a single character's personality, behavior and psychological conflicts. How about watch this show with an open mind for once? Don't expect there to be something that you think should be there. Watch it with an open mind and be surprised with the interesting advances of the story. Enjoy.
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What an amazing watch
ladyliliroche6 August 2022
As someone who knew about the existence of Sandman but never read it, this show was definitely a gem.

Ep 1 started slow and kinda wonky, but after that, each episodes and story telling gets better. There are some outstanding episodes, like ep. 4 and 5, and my favourite ep 6.

Some of the conclusion went really fast and I thought it they would stretch it out a bit more, but considering how powerful Dream is, it makes more sense.

I also found it surprising how the confrontational ended more with wits, rather than action sequence. The sandman is a must watch show. It felt like a breath of fresh air (and I didnt expect how gory it is.)

Looking forward to s2.
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An Immersive Adaptation - S01 Review
BijeshNagesh7 August 2022
It was great to finally see the much-celebrated comic books being adapted into a satisfying and intricate series with ten solid episodes packed with good pacing and thrills galore.

Directors Jamie Childs, Andrés Baiz, Louise Hooper, Mairzee Almas, Mike Barker, and Coralie Fargeat did brilliant work breathing life into these characters, which were first created by the ingenious Neil Gaiman.

Gaiman was in the writing room for this Netflix production. On screenplay were David S. Goyer, Allan Heinberg, Jim Campolongo, Austin Guzman, Ameni Rozsa, Lauren Bello, Heather Bellson, Alexander Newman-Wise, Vanessa James Benton, and Jay Franklin, all of whom did excellent and diligent work transferring these decades-old characters from page to screen.

David Buckley's musical scoring more than set the perfect 'dark' note in "The Sandman". Will Baldy, Sam Heasman, and George Steel did noteworthy cinematography. Sharp editing by Kelly Stuyvesant and Jamin Bricker. Outstanding production design by Jon Gary Steele. Set decoration, stunts, VFX, CGI, sound effects, and art direction all did praiseworthy work for this production. Sarah Arthur's costume design was magical in more ways than one. The hair-makeup team did outstanding work as well.

Dream, aka Lord Morpheus, aka the Sandman, played by Tom Sturridge, was unforgettable - his nuanced performance has to be seen to be appreciated.

Matthew the Raven, voiced by Patton Oswalt, was notable. The Corinthian, played by Boyd Holbrook, was perfection. Rose Walker, played by Vanesu Samunyai, was good. Jed Walker, played by Eddie Karanja, was also good.

John Dee, played by David Thewlis, was great. Ethel Cripps, played by Joely Richardson, was quite good. Desire, played by Mason Alexander Park, was notable. Johanna Constantine, played by Jenna Coleman, was remarkable. Barnaby, played by Sam Hazeldine, was great.

Death, played by Kirby Howell-Baptiste, was quite good. Gilbert, played by Stephen Fry, was memorable. Roderick Burgess, played by Charles Dance, was great. Lucienne, played by Vivienne Acheampong, was quite good. Unity Kincaid, played by Sandra James-Young, was amazing.

Bette Munroe, played by Emma Duncan, was great. Marsh Janowski, played by Steven Brand, was good. Mark Brewer, played by Laurie Davidson, was notable. And so were Judy Talbot played by Daisy Head, Kate Fletcher played by Lourdes Faberes, and Gary Fletcher played by James Udom.

Squatterbloat, played by Martyn Ford, was quite good. Rosemary, played by Sarah Niles, was memorable. Hob Gadling, played by Ferdinand Kingsley, was quite good. Hal Carter, played by John Cameron Mitchell, was great.

Lucifer, played by Gwendoline Christie, was excellent. Her suave manner and artistic take on this ancient character - which was a genderless-but-inclined-toward-male character in Neil Gaiman's books - was captivating to watch.

All other cast and crew did amazing work in "The Sandman", now streaming on Netflix.

I may not be as brilliant as Gaiman nor even a fraction as prolific as Netflix, but I did dabble in my own writing with the possibility that Lucifer may be female. This was years before "The Sandman" series came to Netflix. I indie-published the final manuscripts of my 5-part "Dark Seraph" series of fantasy-scifi novels on Amazon in 2017, but I started writing these stories thirteen years earlier.

The Lightbringer is at the heart of each of my books, which you can find on Amazon Kindle. When I heard the news that Gwendoline Christie was cast as Lucifer, it made my heart skip a beat, in the pleasant sense. I felt prompted to add a few of my own excerpts featuring the Lightbringer in my Instagram (@ iambijeshnagesh): 1 2 3 4 5 6.

In my "Dark Seraph" series, you will find I based Lucifer's character on biblical lore, with necessary twists and spins. I've always believed that Lucifer has been one of the most misunderstood entities in the world. I hope my take on the 'Dark Seraph' would someday illuminate her Truth to the world.

I take this moment to wish Gaiman and Netflix the best of luck for "The Sandman", which I thoroughly enjoyed watching. It was one of the best adaptations of 2022 - even the last few years, perhaps.

The tale was fantastic, in the literary sense. Episode 5 "24/7" was a masterpiece in filmmaking, to offer just one clue as to how great this series turned out. The whole season was immersive and rich in detail, leaving little to guesstimation and plenty to admire.

Aside from a few 'compressed' sequences that served to keep the focus on the core storyline, the show came across as a winner in several regards. I honestly wouldn't mind watching ten seasons of this tale, but for the time being Season 2 of "The Sandman" will suffice.
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Absolutely brilliant
helenderbyshire7 August 2022
Binged this yesterday afte Long night out. So just needed to chill out. What can I say it was brilliant. I was hooked from start to finish. Loved every second. It keeps you gripped and needing more. I won't spoil it for you. Watch and you will not be disappointed. Just Waiting for season 2 confirmation. They best has do it. Enjoy.
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In the realm of hellish Dreams
cjonesas7 November 2022
"More than good" interesting of a series with quality acting, deep fantasy messages, gorgeous cinematography, nice CGI and visual effects for the pleasure of eye candy lovers. Deep storyline and plots adaptation doing justice to the comics, a somewhat unrealistic and weak flow at the same time while the vibe is shinier, all the while telling the story in sometimes a mishmash way.

The weakest link of the episodes in the first season is its convoluted, sort of slow burn storytelling, having all the bright ingredients, but sort of failing to efficiently grab viewers interest and attention.

It sometimes lacks dynamic pace, flow and vibe, trying on the other hand to rearrange and remedy to that with great storytelling and quality setting and great fantasy acting in a deep way.

If season two happens, I'd like it to be accompanied with a faster pace and more brutal flow.
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Pretty good for a Netflix show
drkwly5 August 2022
The Sandman is abducted and held captive for over a century, turning the real world and the dream world into chaos. After his escape, he must restore order to save the world. That's the simple version. The show can be a bit slow at times and the CGI needs improvement, but overall this is an amazing show! Great casting. Tom Sturridge is Dream and does a great job carrying the show. Even his look and slender frame help make the character more believable.

Also - it's really funny how many reviewers are outraged by the fact some characters are female, or black or LGBTQ. We are talking about a fantasy show. Who cares if they changed some of the characters? "Are they telling a good story?" Is the only question we should be asking. There are a million shows with all straight white casts. Hollywood has also notoriously whitewashed characters who weren't fictional just to appease white viewers. Where was the outrage when the blue eyed Burt Lancaster played an Apache chief or Elizabeth Taylor played Cleopatra? Remember when Angelina Jolie played Mariane Pearl who is a Afro-Cuban women in real life. Jake Gyllenhaal played the Prince of Persia. Liam Neeson played Ra's al Ghul in Batman. Tilda Swinton played The Ancient One in Doctor Strange. The list goes on and on and on... I'm sorry if it makes you feel uncomfortable when you see diversity in a show. Maybe you should think about why that is?
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lusciousmuffins5 August 2022
There are so many things wrong with this series, but the biggest one is that it is profoundly boring.

The people behind The Sandman found a way to make cosmic struggles only marginally more amusing than watching paint dry.

The other obvious problem is the lack of fidelity with the source material.

Fans of Gaiman's original graphic works are not going to be happy with the changes that have been made in this interpretation because they have been provided many significant reasons to be displeased.

It's actually difficult to believe Gaiman is as comfortable with this reimagining of his work as he claims.

Regarding the other contents... The costume and set design are intricate and very beautiful.

Alas, it is not good enough to carry the story.

Put another way, if this were being assessed the way you judge a painting, you'd like it a lot more.

The acting is challenging to review because the quality is very inconsistent.

Without naming names, some members of the cast were clearly not selected based on their acting abilities.

In the end, this is a tragic misstep, made with an intellectual property that had enormous potential.

Tragically, it will only be remembered as another example of writers refusing to respect the much loved stories and fans they seek to exploit for profit.

Why studios continue to adopt this approach when it inevitably fails remains a mystery to me.
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Imaginative. I actually support representing the underrepresented
jeroen479 August 2022
I feel compelled to write this review, because the 'most helpful' reviews seem mostly very negative about the series, despite the average score of 8 that the series has, which almost discouraged me to not watch the series.

I have not read the source material.

Simply put, the show is worth considering because it is very imaginative. Also, I think the characters generally carry themselves in a believable way. I actually think that it deserves an 8 rather than a 9, but I am giving it a 9 because I personally like its unique an fantastical themes surrounding deities or gods and the different major elements of the human condition (dreams, death, desire, devil, etc.).

To give you a sense of my taste I am listing some shows that I have rated highly: 'Violet Evergarden', 'Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song ', 'Great Pretender', 'Messiah', 'The OA', 'Sense8', 'Beastars', 'Dark', and the movies 'Interstellar' and 'Arrival'.

Now finally about the race swapping and gender swapping and the LGBT+ over representation that people complain about. The race swapping and gender swapping doesn't bother me because I do not know the source material.

I acknowledge that the number of gay relations in the show is 'unnatural'. However, that is justified in my mind because in other shows the number of hetero relationships is over represented. (Do you also complain if in 9/10 shows or movies all people seem to be hetero sexual?) So having some shows over represent gayness helps balance things out. And ultimately whether relationships are gay or heterosexual doesn't matter much to me.

People call this representing of underrepresented people 'political' as if it is a bad thing. I don't understand why it is political (instead of moral) and I don't think it matters to me whether it is really political. I do know that deliberately representing underrepresented people makes the world a better place. I think it is better to over do it, than to do it too less. So I hope Netflix keeps deliberately representing underrepresented people.
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From the get go, The Sandman treats you with respect.
charlieedmond5 August 2022
Finished the show, it's a solid 9/10. Would be 10/10 if not for the slower paced 'Vortex' story. Honestly, it's amazing, go watch it in its entirety.

Many series, particularly those you find getting pumped out monthly by Disney, come off as disrespectful to the audience and their time. Immediately you will notice that The Sandman respects your time and imposes that you're quite capable of understanding the show. There's only two other shows I've seen do this, and that's Westworld and Lost. Westworld did it really well in Seasons 1 and 4. Lost did it really well in the beginning but then became a tool of convenience. The time jumps in The Sandman are really well done and only adds to the nature of the "endless".

Episode 4 is really stood out for me.

Purely because it subverted my expectations in a way that subverting expectations should be done! It never did it like all those other popular shows do it, it did it flawlessly, it did it magnificently and it simply raised the bar into HELL to subvert expectations. Now when ever a show subverts, I'll forever be comparing it to The Sandman S01E04.
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One episode in
lucaschriskowalski6 August 2022
Rarely do I get sucked in to an unknown (to me) show after one episode. They fit so much into the first hour but it didn't seem rushed. Having had no background to the story I was going in blind and after one episode I am now sucked in. When it ended I genuinely thought that it had gone quick. Definitely for fantasy fans but brining it into modern times made a bit of difference and I enjoyed the restraint. Will be binging the rest immediately.
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