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Sex & Nudity

  • Nothing explicit is shown or talked about, but there might be some innuendos that kids won't understand.
  • Some kissing and hugging.
  • Throughout the series, Spike the Dragon has a huge crush on Rarity.

Violence & Gore

  • Several season premier and finale episodes include scenes of characters engaging in fights with villains. There is no on-screen blood, but characters do still punch, kick, and throw each other, as well as shoot magical energy beams at each other in a cartoony manner.
  • in the episode ¨magic duel¨ a unicorn whips two ponies with a whip. in that same episode; there is also an allusion to ¨writhing in agony¨.
  • in the episode ¨boast busters¨ trixie whips two ponies with a whip. in that same episode; there is an allusion to ¨writhing in agony¨.
  • Lots and lots of slapstick violence, including things such as anvils/pianos falling on ponies.
  • A monster chokes to death. This is done in a comedic style, but it is still dark.


  • A few mild references
  • In one episode, Fluttershy (who is angry at Rarity and Pinkie Pie) says that she doesn't give a 'flying feather', a euphemism for 'a flying f**k.'
  • Characters sometimes say "heck." Other times, they'll exclaim things like "what the hay" or "what in tarnation."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • In "Owl's Well That Ends Well", one of the characters, a baby dragon named Spike, falls into a bowel of punch. Pinkie Pie then comments that the punch bowl has been "Spiked".

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are a large number of monsters/villains. Nightmare Moon, Discord, Queen Chrysalis, King Sombra, the Chimera and Tirek are some of the more intense ones.
  • Some characters have mental or emotional breakdowns; they are never violent, just intense.
  • There are some emotional and sad scenes that very young or sensitive kids may find intense.
  • In "Castle Mane-ia", the cast spend most of the night in a derelict castle the environment is very spooky with the characters becoming increasingly frightened, there is also a shadowy figure playing an organ which results in various booby traps triggering, although this only turns out to be Pinkie Pie.
  • Despite some darker moments, overall, it is a very light and happy show that attempts to teach children to be nice and accepting of others.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • In "Make New Friends But Keep Discord," Rarity's dress is removed and she is seen walking on two legs with one arm covering her chest are and the other covering her private area
  • In "The One Where Pinkie Knows", it is revealed that Cadence is pregnant with a baby, however, the "baby making process" is never brought up.

Violence & Gore

  • In "Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 2", Nightmare Moon, aka Princess Luna violently shoots at her sister, Celestia, by falling to the old castle. Twilight thinks that she is dead, but Celestia gets up and battles her sister, and banishes her to the moon.
  • There is one very famous scene in the episode "Lesson Zero" where Fluttershy appears to mercilessly attack a large bear by breaking its neck; however, it's later shown that she was giving the bear chiropractic treatment.
  • In "The Crystal Empire (Part 2)", the villain explodes into pieces. Gore is not shown, but it is implied. His horn is also cut off earlier in the episode.
  • In "Look Before You Sleep", Princess Luna imitates the headless horse in Scootaloo's nightmare. She is seen without a head, but there is no blood.

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