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Season 2

19 May 2013
Started Early, Took My Dog
After being duped into taking part in a kidnapping in Germany, Jackson returns to Edinburgh feeling dejected, though he does acquire a dog. He is approached by Hope McMaster, an adoptee anxious to locate her birth mother, which leads Jackson to see retired cop Ray and his wife Maggie,who knew the adoptive parents. Soon afterwards an anonymous caller warns him not to investigate Carol Braithwaite whom, Jackson learns, was a prostitute killed in 1979. He visits the case officer, Tracy Waterhouse (played by Victoria Wood), now a security guard who has illegally taken in ...
26 May 2013
Nobody's Darling
After Jackson's daughter Marlee returns to live with him, he is approached by Rachel Stewart, who is perturbed by her boyfriend Andy Marshall's frequent disappearances. Jackson follows Andy to a remote farm where he meets Miriam Baker. Miriam believes that the death of her estranged daughter, Isobel Marshall, a noted equestrian, was no accident and blames her then son-in-law -- Andy Marshall. Posing as a friend of Isobel, Jackson calls on Andy and is told by Rachel that he was having an affair with her whilst still married; and a colleague of Isobel reveals that ...
2 Jun. 2013
Jackson and the Women
Jackson arrives at his office to find Deborah has quit and young Aiden Kelso is waiting for him. Aiden's mother Isla was understood to have been the victim of serial killer Philip McCrory but recently the dying McCrory had owned to all the murders bar Isla's and Aiden wants the case reopened. Aiden's father Ian is evasive, painting a saintly picture of Isla to protect Aiden, when she was actually loose living and a drinker. Having been fleeced by his girlfriend Charlotte, who he learns is a professional con artist, Jackson bumps into old flame Julia, now heavily ...

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