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Brooklyn Brothers really do beat the best
IndieFilmHoward13 April 2012
This was a screening that was on my must see list, when I attended the Gasparilla Film Festival in Tampa. It won the feature film Audience Award.

Ryan O'Nan (he also received the Rising Star Award at GIFF) and Michael Weston played off each other excellently as the musical misfits pulled together, by somewhat depressing life events, to road trip to random music venues across America. At one venue, they gain the interest of Cassidy (played wonderfully by Arielle Kebbel), who becomes their road manager. The three of them cram into, what I recall being an old Rabbit, and have those conversations you have while cruising along in tight spaces.

As they pursue their goal of competing at a "battle of the bands" event, they take a discombobulated path from East Coast to West, where their stops at music clubs, frats, and busking pulls in the viewer to the characters' general efforts to succeed and to be accepted. Their music is an integral part of the film, and it guides the story along with the duo's up and downs in their ultimate quest to connect with others.

On a side note, I saw the Brookly Brothers perform after their screening, and their music is just as captivating live as in their film.
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Wow, wow, and wow....
jenuine361 April 2012
Hello dear fellow movie lovers! I was so fortunate to view this film at the 6th Annual Gasparilla International Film Festival last night. I simply *adored* this film! It was funny, thought-provoking, funny, and overall - inspiring! And did I mention... funny?? If you love great modern films with spot-on dialogue and characters that you can care about, plus the added bonus of bringing your spirits higher --- look no further.

Go see this movie!! I can't wait to see this again when it comes out in general release. And thank you, guys, for sharing your music after the viewing! Such a treat.

Best, Jennifer in Tampa
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kal900018 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I don't understand why people are raving about this movie. I wanted it to be as good as some of the other reviewers said, but found it to be unoriginal and dull. It's your typical indie comedy offbeat romance/find yourself picture. Felt like they we trying to go for the whole "Garden State" feel, but it wasn't as smartly observed or executed. While the actors are all likable and it was well shot, I found the characters and plot to be one dimensional and predictable. The Andrew McCarthy brother character being one example of many characters who seemed to come out of a Do-It-Yourself screen writing kit. The strict and religious older brother who wants his free-spirited younger brother to grow up and fly right. I thought the music was okay, but neither that nor any of the insights the characters make throughout the movie are nearly as good or profound as anyone in the movie seems to think they are.

I don't know why this movie bugged me so much, it really isn't awful, I thought it was going to be more interesting than it was.
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OMG what a lovely movie
betsybloos15 January 2013
I ain't keen on reviewing on IMDb and i sure as hell don't trust it's ratings.

This movie proved me right for the very first time for real, 5.8 on IMDb is ridiculous.

This movie rocks out in so many ways, it's feelgood, it's far out and it makes you see there is light at the end of this tunnel that we're all in these days.

I cannot begin to describe any favorite part of this movie, it's all good, well made, simple plot and plain awesome.

If you want a good time tonight, go see this with your friend, family, loved-one and I'll guarantee you a great time and lots to think about.

Not in real life troubleshooting but in real life feelings about the world we live in.

Have fun.
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Ryan O'Nan's vanity project
jm1070127 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Brooklyn Brothers is a good example of a vanity project, which is when a marginally successful person creates something in order to showcase his or her own talents and charm.

Ryan O'Nan wrote, directed and stars as a deceptively self-deprecating loser wannabe musician named Alex, who goes on a "life-changing" road trip with an even bigger loser named Jim whose function is to be extremely wacky and give Alex lots of opportunities to look good. Alex's strait-laced, uptight older brother performs the same function from the opposite direction. A girl is thrown in to let us know that Ryan--I mean Alex--is also irresistibly sexy.

There are some funny moments and lots of hip, quirky, darkly soul-baring songs written and sung by O'Nan, plus some amazing triumphs of his incisive wisdom over other people's dullness. After 90 minutes of hip cleverness and charm laid on with a trowel, the movie ends on a surprisingly mean-spirited note, but maybe that's just how it goes in O'Nan's world.

If you're a big fan of Ryan O'Nan or of hiply quirky, navel-gazing, guitar-strumming singer-songwriters, you'll probably love this movie.
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A joy to watch
jakk5428 January 2014
Truly a delightful little film. The leads gave terrific, emotionally- resonant performances.

Unlike too many mainstream comedy films, this one has subtlety, and depth of character and motivations we can all relate to.

I really enjoyed the music, too. There seems to be a trend in indie movies at the moment, for quirky, acoustic songs, and the music in this little gem adds something to the milieu.

There are touches of pathos alongside the humor. And you do find yourself rooting for the oddball heroes and heroine.

I can recommend this unreservedly if you enjoy originality, a sparky script, great performances and the road movie genre. Wonderful stuff.
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