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As a sinister ESP showman, Robert De Niro is corny and fun.
The movie muddles to a rug-pulling ending that doesn't, despite its efforts, shed new light on what's come before.
Before Silver hijacks the plot, Rodrigo Cortés's smart, talky screenplay and tense direction hold our attention, as much for the unpredictability of the story as the ease with which Sigourney Weaver and Cillian Murphy slide into their roles.
Red Lights' setup is silly but fun, with a fair degree of self-awareness that the film's entire "super-scientists vs. celebrity spiritualists" premise is a hoot.
Instead of adding to the experience, the picture's ill-conceived twists amount to a severe miscalculation on Cortes' part.
Village Voice
Much as I want to believe in Cortés, who is clearly talented and ambitious, there is just too much in Red Lights that encourages agnosticism.
Red Lights reaches for a "The Sixth Sense"-style twist and whiffs it completely.
Red Lights goes astray on so many levels that I gave up trying to figure it out before the end of the second reel.
Never do you sense an overriding intelligence; Cortés once found laughs and shocks within the coffin-confined Buried, but here's he's got too much room to wander into realms of the ridiculous.
A ghost-busting drama set in a world of mystics, mind-benders and various and sundry fake-psychic gobbledygook. But the weirdest thing is how all the fun gets lost in a bottom-drawer "X Files" story.

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