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28 Mar. 2011
Alone in the Night
Attempts to communicate with the occupant of the strange spacecraft continue to fail as new leaks out to the outside world. The base is unofficially dubbed "Roswell 2" and of the investigating scientists believes he has found the key to where the spacecraft came from.
Apr. 2011
Triangular Diplomacy
Relations between the US and Russia become strained as a series of leaks reveal detail of what is going on at Calgary air force base. The occupant of the space craft has spoken a few worlds in Russian but has given nothing away. The scientists involved in researching the incident can still find no way to confirm the occupants probable origin.
10 Oct. 2011
Sea Change
With the condition of the occupant deteriorating, and the political arguments becoming endless Tom the director of the investigation declares he will go public with all the information that has been amassed regarding the origin of the craft and the occupant found inside.
13 Dec. 2011
War of the World
As the moment of full revelation approaches, those behind the spacecraft and its occupants decide to act. Tom's career appears to be at an end, however circumstances show it may just be a new beginning.

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