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Season 10

31 Jan. 2019
Clear and Present Danger
The swampers are faced with a gator invasion that is threatening the community like never before; Troy, Terrel Evans, Jacob, Dusty Crum, Ronnie Adams and Ashley "Dead-Eye" Jones venture into a wild swamp known as the cemetery.
7 Feb. 2019
Click Click
RJ and Jay Paul battle a gator explosion on sacred ground; Ronnie and Ashley track the sinister dinosaur terrorizing a community; Joey has a new secret weapon to bag more predators than ever before.
31 Jan. 2019
Joey and Zak need a bird's-eye view to find the beast breaking all of their lines; Ronnie and Ashley take a gamble by pursuing gators on land; Jacob and Dusty try their luck hunting giant beasts in a small boat.
21 Feb. 2019
No Man's Land
Joey and Zak use an off-road buggy to chase a giant bull gator; Daniel and Big Tee journey to a honey hole; Willie has a score to settle in the eerie Black Lagoon; Frenchy and Gee upgrade their boat.
28 Feb. 2019
Cow Killers
Daniel and Big Tee respond to an urgent call for help from a friend; Ronnie and Ashley bring out a secret weapon to bag colossal gators; Frenchy rolls up his sleeves to protect his land; Troy and Terral pursue a slippery old nemesis.
7 Mar. 2019
Bringing The Heat
As the Swampers battle the extreme heat, Ronnie pushes himself to the brink; Troy and Terral head out on an overnight mission to defend a state park; Dusty uses some Everglades magic in the swamp; Daniel goes on a risky solo mission.
14 Mar. 2019
Cajun Cyclone
A major storm rages on the Gulf Coast, and Troy, Terral, Jacob and Dusty race to run their lines; lightning forces Ronnie and Ashley to take shelter; a broken water pump threatens to sink Frenchy and Gee.
21 Mar. 2019
Raising the Stakes
Ronnie wins extra tags in a poker game; RJ and Jay Paul chase a beast encroaching on their land; Troy plans a stakeout to catch the mysterious man poaching his lines; Joey and Zak stalk a vicious cannibal that is terrorizing other gators.
4 Apr. 2019
Night Terrors
Jacob and Holden pursue frightening gar fish; Ashley and Ronnie battle flying carp in Mississippi while catching gators at night; Frenchy and Gee go frogging for a tasty delicacy; an overnight bow fishing adventure with RJ and Jay Paul.
11 Apr. 2019
Wild Wild Swamp
Troy and his armada take an overnight trip to legendary hunting ground Cow Island; Joey and Zak go on a special mission to protect the Edgars' hometown; Daniel takes matters into his own hands to deal with a poacher.
18 Apr. 2019
Legends of the Swamp
Joey and Zak doggedly pursue the mysterious gator known as the Phantom; Ronnie and Ashley venture into Dead-End Bayou, where they make a side bet; Troy spends the day with a swamp legend; engine trouble threatens to leave Willie stranded.
2 May 2019
Rolling With the Punches
Daniel and Big T use special bait; Ashley surprises Ronnie with a secret weapon of her own; Frenchy needs to reach a remote honey hole, but can his boat handle the oversized beasts; Willie goes all out to take down an old nemesis.

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