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13 Jun. 2011
Maxum Man Mark Two/To Party Perchance to Party
Eric and Trevor try to clone Maxum Man but end up with a half-human half-hamster monster instead;Eric and Trevor try to crash Vana's party while fighting super villain Drilliam Shakespeare.
Gone Gaga/Like Supervillain, Like Son
Maxum Mom comes to visit Eric, and notices he only has one set of clothes, so she takes him to Supers-R-Us for a shopping spree. At first Eric loves being doted on by Maxum Mom, but it soon grows tiresome as she insists on buying him the clothes she likes and he doesn't. So he ditches her and goes off with Trevor, Vana, and Kitty. Mom follows him out of the store to stop him, accidentally still carrying unpaid for clothes. She's caught by security and thrown into stasis. Eric, finding this out, feels horrible and teams up with his friends to break her out. Turns out ...
Jun. 2011
The Henchman Challenge;Family Fun Day
Eric competes against the evil Henchmen to try to win the Henchman Challenge;Eric and Trevor compete at the annual Family Fun Day picnic
6 Nov. 2010
This Hour Has 22 Million Minutes/Halloweenie
Eric is surprised when he wakes up one morning to find that he's been repeating the same hour over and over again. He tries to figure out what happened, right after spending hundreds of repeats doing anything in the world he can think of for fun, bringing Trevor along for the ride. Once he's bored, he enlists Maxum Brain to help find out how to stop it;Eric has never had a real Halloween before, so he's super excited. He dresses as a clown, which he thinks is awesome, until he sees that everyone in town dresses like Maxum Man, because well, that's just what they do (...
Moustachesquatch/Endless Summer
A curse turns Eric into a moustache-monster and nearly ruins his summer camp fun!;Eric hits the road with Trevor and his Dad - and evil super-villain Master XOX tags along!
27 Nov. 2010
The Maxum Switch-eroo/Sleepless in Splittsboro
Maxum Man returns!. Which excites everyone, most of all Eric. But something is off about him. He doesn't act the way Maxum Man is supposed to act, and he forgets things around the house, like his passwords. Eric, using different forms of spying, finds out that it's an impostor, a former Maxum Man impersonator taking it one step further. Eric sets about exposing this fact and banishing the fake Maxum Man before he can do any more damage;The kids are having nightmares. Nocturnus, former sleep scientist, is haunting them in their dreams. All of their worst fears are ...

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