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Season 1

3 Jan. 2012
When Jane Quimby applies for a high-school internship at a major fashion house, a clerical snafu lands her a lucrative dream job as a part-time assistant to a demanding, globe-trotting fashion designer who goes through assistants like water. Will Jane be able to juggle the demands of high school and those of an adult fashion design assistant without anyone catching on?
10 Jan. 2012
The Runway
Greay is delighted with Jane's last minute action and entrusts her with preparing a crucial presentation. She accepts, although that's way above her head. Luckily British star designer Jeremy volunteers to help and works his magic. Meanwhile being invited to her school's formal dance by popular socialite hunk Nick Fadden, whom his country club caddy Billy mistrusts without due grounds, is irresistible, even on the same night. So she plans, with Billy's help, to shuttle between the venues in different outfits, but misses a change, with a surprise result.
17 Jan. 2012
The Birkin
Jealous India warns Jane not to believe herself a success as Gray hands her a prestigious purse as reward for a single presentation success, it can be taken away just as easily. That looks likely when Jane must organize an exclusive presentation for prime clients at Gray's home and India arranges for the guest to bring their friends, but Billy gets the better on the horde. At school, spoiled-rotten bitch Lulu, who craves only pleasing her impossibly ambitious parents, competes ruthlessly to beat Jane and become valedictorian. Billy wouldn't take her back even now she ...
24 Jan. 2012
The Finger Bowl
When a notoriously hard to please fashion editor from Japan is in town the staff must scramble to see that her every whim is catered to. At dinner in a fancy French restaurant Jane finds herself out of her element more than usual.
31 Jan. 2012
The Look Book
Jane is thrilled when Gray sends her to Paris.
7 Feb. 2012
The Image Issue
Jane hits the hallways when given a task to find the next big trend.
14 Feb. 2012
The Teen Model
Jane must keep a crazy model in check before a big Donovan Decker shoot.
21 Feb. 2012
The Wedding Gown
The Donovan Decker crew is under pressure to come up with perfection.
28 Feb. 2012
The Getaway
Jane's weekend with Nick gets sidetracked.
6 Mar. 2012
The End of the LIne
Jane's dream job may be coming to an end and just in time for Fashion Week.
5 Jun. 2012
The Replacement
Jane thinks she's up for a big promotion.
12 Jun. 2012
The Celebrity
Jane hangs out with the new face of the collection.
19 Jun. 2012
The Surprise
Jane thinks everyone forgot her birthday.
26 Jun. 2012
The Second Chance
With their mother back in town, Jane and Ben have very different reactions.
10 Jul. 2012
The Online Date
Jane scrambles when her mother complicates Gray's love life.
17 Jul. 2012
The Backup Dress
Jane looks forward to her first date with Eli.
24 Jul. 2012
The Sleepover
Jane and Billy decide to throw a party.
31 Jul. 2012
The Bonus Check
Jane saves the school play, but it comes at a personal cost.

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