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Something very unique
vhavnal27 October 2010
When i first saw a DVD of this show at my local video shop (season 1), I wasn't really interested but when i saw what the storyline was and who all the casts were on the internet, i came back the very next day and bought the DVD. This is probably one of the best series i have seen in a while. I was so intrigued that i even started to pick actors i had seen previously on Step Up 2 and Step Up 3D as well as finding out about the new upcoming dance stars. There is barely any dialogue in the whole series but that is probably the best thing about it because it tells a story not through words, but through music and dance. I have been impressed by the director, Jon Chu before (Step Up series) but this is a whole new level of entertainment. Those that enjoyed the Step up series as well as the TV Series, "So You Think You Can Dance" would really enjoy this series. Its a 10/10 from me.
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A Dancer's Dream
Dragonsfang4315 August 2011
What I love about this is that to get the full impact of the story you have to be able to find it in the empty spaces filled by dance. If you're waiting for it to do the work for you, sorry. You'll miss out. If you watch it, and let the dancing tell it's own story you'll enjoy this very much, I think. I know that there were points where the dancing alone made me choked up. Sure, it's not your every day expression. That's what makes it worth the effort. Dancing is under utilized these days as a way to express deep emotion, or even tell it's own story. I think to some of the older cultures and am reminded they used dance as a way to tell their stories, express their emotions, and even pass along wisdom. For me, at least, that's exactly what this does.
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Recommend to anyone who loves dance or appreciates art in any way, shape, or form Warning: Spoilers
This series is beautiful! Anyone who doesn't appreciate needs to open their eyes. So much of it is conceptual and needs much understanding. For those people that think its stupid to have dance as a superpower, that's not what's really going on. If you watch the second season, you understand that dancing is the way that these people manipulate their inner energy. In shows like Avatar: The last Airbender and Naruto, they do the same thing! In Naruto, they use movements to focus and manipulate what they call Chakra. In LXD, dancing is used to focus and manipulate what they call Ra(This is explained on the website, on the second season). It's a great way to show dance.

There are some parts of the series that are left unanswered and there are a few editing errors which is why i do not give it the 10 out of 10.

As far as dancing goes, it is top-notch. All of the dancers are reputable performers that are very popular in the dancing scene. The dancing is very inspirational, as it shows all types of dancing, including break dancing, crumping, and popping.

The music is superb and adds a lot to the film.

Overall, this series is great and I recommend it to anyone that loves dancing or art.
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A mind blowing phenomenon...
beautifulchaos636229 March 2011
The LXD is an example of art in it's purest form. Yes it can be clichéd and cheesy at times but it has soul. For those of you who don't like it, hey it's you're opinion. This series has the potential for big things as well as opening doors for dancers futures all around. Jon Chu said in an interview that this was just the beginning. He has a lot more in store with dance and giving it the appreciation that it deserves. If you haven't seen The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers I would recommend that you do so! This series makes me go through an emotional roller-coaster I don't think I could ever forget.

...Dream on, stay inspired, live happily...
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Ignore the cheese, Enjoy the dance!
Niki333324 September 2011
I just watched season 1 on Netflix streaming. Sure, the story is a little cheesy and disconnected in places, but wow, the dancing (what really matters anyway) and the music are awesome! And I'm not even a huge fan of hip hop dance or rap music, (which feels like it mostly stems from) but I still really loved this.

I really loved it when the story/segments were more dark, and I can't wait to see season 2, since it's supposed to be about the villains. For instance, I loved Dark Nurse, when the Bad Doctor dances with the one girl (don't want to give anything away), and even though it's not as dark, I loved the Tap Dancer.

I was super surprised, but happily so, to find out Harry Shum Jr. was in this, and did a major part of the choreography. He's not just a great dancer and a cute face on Glee. Loved his segment, which it also says he wrote. Nice!

Wow. Anyone who hasn't seen this and loves dance should watch it asap!
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Legion of Extrordinary Choreographers
alissamdube16 August 2011
Cheesy? Sure. But holy crap, the choreography in this show is an artistic delight. Seriously talented dancers too. If you're one of those people that watches SYTYCD but fast-forwards through everything that's not dancing, this show is for you. If you're a fan of hip-hop, break dancing and pop'n'lock, you are going to explode at the skill in this movie. I hope Season 3 showcases some different dance styles (I would have liked to see the Dark Nurse character do some more ballet besides the tiny bit of point she did in the hallways) and they always seem to work popping in to every style, but it's still really excellent. The tap dancing and stepping was a nice change of pace from the hip-hop styles, but more variety of dance would be even better. Anyway, I'm not one to let cheese get in the way of my enjoyment, so you may not like it if you don't like a bit of extra sharp cheddar. :P Think Disney-movie cheese. I would also like to see some more plot explication. I do love the dancing, but a little bit more story would be helpful to quicken the pace of the show. It seems like the story is secondary to the choreography-- if that was the intention, great. If not, more plot would help balance it better.

Think Newsies meets Heroes meets X-men meets Lost.
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beyond ridiculous..!!
dave6607 January 2011
OK...think about this for a minute. imagine superheros that have no superpowers,no weapons or even real martial arts training...nope their special skill is, you guessed it...DANCING !! i'm serious. This is about the most cornball idea i've seen in a long time obviously made to cash in on both the superhero film craze and the unexplainable success of TV's "dancing with the stars" and "america's best dance crew" popularity. Made by the same guy the gave us the classic(haha) "step up" dance movie series i can't imagine this appealing to anyone but hard core dance fans whoever they are. If you ever wondered what the X men would be like if they were led by Paula Abdul check, this out but serious action fans should avoid this like a high school dance residual..
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Not bad, not great. A little of both.
rgcustomer21 April 2011
I've only seen the first season. Maybe I need to look a little closer at their website to find the second season, which IMDb says has already been shown.

This is primarily a series of shorts (maybe 7-10 minutes each) about street dance. Some folks might not consider some of it to be dance, but more like gymnastics or illusion. It's a fine line.

But whatever you call it, the dance is entertaining. And the music is really good too. Certainly the production values far exceed any other web series I've seen (keeping in mind I usually watch Star Trek fan films of varying levels of quality). This is a very slick production, even for television.

Where it falls apart is with the story. By episode ten, you're rolling your eyes at the guy who introduces each episode in such a cliché (and some might say offensive) way. And while I can understand the desire to turn what you do into a superpower, this is not the way to do it. Probably the best episode was Duet, which was just a simple sort of long-distance romance dance between a guy and a girl (still, points lost for making this I think the only episode that isn't all male). Another episode that was interesting was one that takes off on the familiar tale of magic dancing shoes (forget the title). But most of the rest are kinda embarrassing to admit watching. It seems to take place in a world where nobody dances, unless they have this super dance power, and then they split up into the LXD, and the bad guys. This is the sort of thing that maybe your own dance club or whatever might make as sort of a home video to remember old times, but you wouldn't broadcast it to the world.

So, to sum, great dancing, great music, polished to a shine, but the story is absurd.

I rate Season 1 at 7/10. Barely. Each episode is short enough that you can focus on the dancing, and mostly ignore the story. I don't see much room for the dancing or music to improve, so hopefully the story improves in Season 2.
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