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Somak219 September 2011
EXPECTATIONS ---- Yash Raj, Ali Zaffar, Imran Khan & Katrina Kaif - now that's a pair that can drag audiences into cinema halls. MBKD is a brave attempt to compete with a tornado flowing these days named 'BodyGuard'. So, just to change the taste from Action to comedy, MBKD works for a big time. Imran Khan, the most successful teen in B'Town, Katrina, the most successful popular actress and Ali Zaffar, the heartthrob of many gals. MBKD is the biggest surprise that can come with three crackers. Also, the super-successful music is also there. What does one want more?

MBKD is a rom-com based on a new tragedy as it claims itself in teasers. And, so it is. We have seen this type of story in Onir's SORRY BHAI or MY BROTHER'S WIFE (or A BEAUTIFUL WIFE). But MKBD is totally different from them. It's entertaining, funny, clumsy & is filled with strong performances.

Kush Agnihotri (Imran Khan) is looking for the ideal Indian bride for his brother Luv Agnihotri (Ali Zafar), who stays in London. In his quest, Kush goes through an array of wacky encounters with several families until he finally finds that perfect girl in Dimple Dixit (D)(Katrina Kaif), the craziest / wackiest girl he has ever known.

Both the families meet. Formalities are completed. Preparations proceed in full swing. And just then Kush falls in love with Dimple... his brother's dulhan. Dimple is also in love with him. How can their love overcome in this society? That's when a wacky plot with wacky incidents take place.

MBKD deals with a very heavy plot in a funny and light manner and changes the whole mood where a calamity is occurring. Director Ali Abbas Zafar has a dream debut fulfilled by this. His smart direction and handling every scene with good humor shows that he's different from most other directors debuting nowadays.

Imran Khan does a commendable job this time also. Unlike Delhi Belly, Imran achieves such a role this time that has been focused on him entirely. And also he lives with it more than good. Some people call it 'Reserved' and some call 'Fattu' Imran had to do work in such a role and does it bloody good. The dulhan herself, Katrina Kaif was gorgeous and pretty and a powerhouse entertainer this time. But she still needs to work on her Hindi and acting skills. Ali Zaffar was a joy to watch. A dashing, handsome, wild, cool & aggressive player, just opposite to his brother's nature. Ali Zaffar had delivered a far better performance this time than 'Tere Bin Laden' by giving some giggles. Kanwaljeet Singh as Dimple's Daddy & Parikshat Sahni as Colonel Agnihotri (Luv & Kush's Dad) were tremendous. Imran's friends were cool. Debutant Tara D' Souza (as Piyali) was fine. The man who acted a s Dimple's brother gave a bad performance trying to imitate SRK from My Name Is Khan.

Music by Sohail Sen was the major plus point of this movie. Every song was situational (after a long period) and vibrant and excellent. Background Score worked fine too. Next comes screenplay which somehow covers up the flaws and immaturity of the script. A cool and pacy script, we can say. Cinematography by Sudeep Chatterjee, which mostly covered Agra & Taj was fine. Costumes were fabulous. Editing could have been much better.

Allover, MBKD tries to be something different in clichéd rom-com movies but for a so-so plot and some clumsy moments, it stays afloat. Forget beating Bodyguard's records, it is somehow a nearly good competition to it. But some funny moments, Imran Khan & a spectacular music score make Mere Brother Ki Dulhan far better than most other movies of this type came in this year. It's lightening, joyful, honest & a bit introvert. So, just go to theaters, pop up the corns and forget stress and tension.
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Enjoyable Fair
basitfast9 September 2011
This review is quite short but I will be glad if it helps. MBKD starts of with Luv (Ali Zafar) breaking up with his longtime girlfriend. Being fed up with his hookups he finally decides to settle down and assigns the job of finding a suitable bride to his younger brother Kush (Imran Khan). So Kush gets on the job and finally finds a girl Dimple (Katrina Kaif). Both families meet up and get along with each other. Problem starts when Kush and Dimple realize that they are in love with each other.

During the first half the film runs slowly while the second half is more enjoyable thanks to the comic timing of Ali Zafar who plays his character very well. Katrina plays her role of a mad, carefree girl very well while Imran plays his role fairly, nothing special about him. The film doesn't have a strong script but runs smoothly on the acting of the stars. Music is good. Overall MBKD is a good enjoyable fair that you wont get bored watching. When every movie maker resorts to crude jokes for humor, MBKD is one film that can be watched with your family.
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Half Decent Probable Commercial Success
Saayer8 September 2011
Decades ago, there was a time when good movies and successful movies meant the same thing. Content was the king and filmmakers made good movies in order to be successful. But then things changed. Commercial success and good quality cinema became distant from each other. Chak De India and Company became less and Ready, Om Shanti Om and Tees Maar Khan started defining success.

This overdose of commercialism also results in films like Mere Brother Ki Dulhan (MBKD) where the corporates decide on the cast first and script comes later. Is script important to filmmakers or to the masses? Probably not. The success of Ready and Bodyguard assure that it's not. Then why fuss about the story of MBKD? Masses in the 100% occupied theater in the late night show were giggling and laughing. The guy sitting next was literally rolling on the floor. It doesn't matter if 10% of the people sitting in that theater did not like the script because they will not decide the success or failure of the film.

MBKD is a love triangle, pretty much a love rectangle, of Imran Khan, Katrina Kaif, Ali Zafar and Tara D'Souza. Ali, who breaks up his five year long relationship with Tara, assigns his younger brother Imran the task of finding him a bride in India. Imran finds Katrina and falls in love with her much to his own dislike and the trouble begins. Along come extremely unnatural dialog delivery, roughly cut sequences and superfluous song placements. As promising as the premise of the script sounds, it's the extremely unpersuasive first hour that makes the film a drag. Every actor is trying to defeat the other in overacting. On the plus side, the film has pretty good choreography especially in the title song where Chaiyan Chaiyan has been replicated in a very creative way and Madhubala which gives a new life to Jai Jai Shiv Shankar. Bosco-Ceaser, good show, boys.

The second half gets much better after a relatively mundane start and does get funny in a few segments. A big reason for this turnaround is Ali Zafar who has much more screen presence in the second half than the first.

Speaking of Ali's performance, it does have its shortcomings; however, it still remains the best act in the film especially in the second half. His comic timing is much better than Imran's although not as good as it was in Tere Bin Laden (TBL). He was pretty good in his scenes with Tara D'Souza in the second half. He has a pretty special talent in voice variations which excelled in this performance and saved grace in the second half. Most of his shortcomings could be attributed to the director's weak treatment. From Ali's perspective, it was a good movie to sign. With TBL he grabbed the attention of filmmakers and he needed this to grab the audience too and it makes sense for his future in the industry. He needs to improve his dancing skills though.

Imran disappoints. After an entertaining Delhi Belly, this looks like a hasty effort from the actor. Utterly artificial scenes with his childhood friends and no chemistry whatsoever with Katrina. Romantic scenes between the two looked amateurish to say the least. It was another one of those Break Ke Baad and I Hate Luv Storys types of performances by Imran. Katrina Kaif surprised on a few occasions. In fact, in the first half, she was probably the best of the lot mainly because others were pretty bad. Poor bike scenes and poor rock concert song where she could not control her overacting but decent otherwise. Her role was very badly conceived. A 27 year old acting like a 13 year old is never funny.

Tara D'Souza did well in her brief role; however, she was again portraying a confusingly written character. Other supporting cast was a drag except for Zeeshan Ayub who played Shobit.

A huge frustration was the cinematographer Sudeep Chatterjee. I'm still struggling to understand what he was trying to do. One of the worst displays of camera works I have witnessed in recent past. 60% of the film was in extreme close-ups with only the actors' faces visible on the huge screen. Camera looked as if it was going to go inside their noses. Sudeep has an impressive career record with Chak De India, Kaminey, Guzarish and a fairly impressive Road. I believe he was probably working on a brief from the director for that completely not-so-innovative camera work.

Which brings us to probably the biggest culprit of the film, the second Ali associated with it i.e. Ali Abbas Zafar. He wrote and directed the film and more often than not failed on both. A very weak script which depended a lot on acting and dialogues, hence, succeeded at some places and failed at others. The story was half cooked and a mixture of several films previously seen like Tanu Weds Manu, Jab We Met etc. Direction was flawed, full of unnecessary sequences, unplanned songs and even continuity errors like shoes changing from within scene.

Overall, MBKD could have been and should have been a much better film if, and a huge if, it had a better script, better direction, better acting and more prominent role for Ali Zafar. It still might be a successful outing on the box office, because as I said earlier, commercial success has new definitions in this day and age, however, it's pretty far away from being a good film.
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India Films
siber-363-5329806 May 2012
This film was very good.However I think you shouldn't give up your traditions and your culture. We watch your films and you have a lot of fans . Hint films don't contain very bad settings and everybody should watch easily and India shouldn't deviate own line.

Players played perfectly and India films tell us India traditions and people's lives.

Song in films and dances are professional and very don't lose your customs .

We see India very beautiful country. Absoluately everybody should see this country.
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If one can go for bodyguard due to Salman, one can also go for MBKD due to Katrina
himdesai9 September 2011
The director Ali Abbas Zafar (has no connection with Ali Zafar) works upon the common Bollywood formula of a love triangle but sadly, the movie fails to maintain a balance between love and humor quotient.

The movie sparkles for about first half an hour, and as a viewer, you feel delighted. But gradually, the movie centers to the same old story with some added Masala in it.

The messed up screenplay and ordinary performances are something to blame a big time. There are unnecessary comic scenes and over-the-top performances, due to which, the movie fails to create an emotional under current.

The movie has many references of Bollywood movies (or say spoof), which somehow keeps you glued on the seat. But the main thing in a rom-com, the flavor of romance is missing here.

The songs, in fact boosted the movie, which was supposed to be the role of screenplay writer.

Imran Khan is as usual in the role of a chocolate boy, and his sweet image does trick for him. Katrina Kaif looks uncomfortable on the screen, she tries too hard to fit in her character and she somehow, fails to do so. Ali Zafar (though in a small role) has delivered a brilliant performance again. I want to see him more often. Tina D'Sousa is remarkable.

Some scenes like the Chat show scene and Dabbang spoof are genuinely funny and scenes like Katrina's confession about love to Imran are touchy.

Ali A. Zafar as a director has done a good job but Ali A. Zafar as a screenplay writer has a long way to go.
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When will Bollywwod grow up?
a_jana25 September 2011
The only reason I am wasting my time writing this review is to make some sensible viewers, who are still dreaming that Bollywood will grow-up someday, advise to keep clear of this movie. Unbearably bad acting by Katrina Kaif (as expected), stereo-type acting from Imran (same character in all movies) stringed together by sloppy screenplay, cliché story-line, unbelievably stupid direction.

Seriously, when will Bollywood grow up? Why are modern Indian viewers who are exposed to world cinema, still watching these movies? Are you really advancing towards to a matured film industry or just loitering about the Dark Ages?
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Liked Ready??? You will Love MBKD...
harjotsandhu11 September 2011
Having said that, I do not mean that I liked it. I almost dozed off while watching the first half. Sole reason that I gave it 6/10 is because it should not be rated below Ready.

Most of the talent has been wasted in the movie due to a lackey script. I had high expectations of the movie after watching the trailer and it all landed in a dash. Ali Zafar was a delight to watch in Tere bin Laden but is totally wasted in this movie. Imran khan has utterly failed to impress with his sole expressions. I was confused if he was John Abraham I was watching. Only delight to watch if Katrina Kaif and I am not talking about her performance. Its her sheer exuberance that got me through the movie.

Plot is wafer thin and is highly predictable. The movie has it moments but if you have watched the trailer, you have it all. Go watch it if you have NOTHING to do at all...
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Though you already know the plot, still do watch it for the chemistry between the cast, their fun and for Katrina in a brand new avtaar.
bobbysing29 September 2011
The title said it all and therefore there wasn't any kind of great excitement level before its release among the viewers. The plot was clearly revealed and it had the same outline, which was earlier tackled in a serious mode by Onir in his SORRY BHAI (2008). But this time the mood is all light and the genre changes to 'A Romantic Comedy', supported by some good impressive performances to save the film. So the outcome is all positive and fairly entertaining to give you a good time in the theater with your friends.

Starting off calmly with some light comic sequences, introducing both the brothers Ali Zafar and Imran Khan, the director makes way for the grand entry of the main attraction of the film, Katrina Kaif. And to my surprise she enters in a brand new avtaar of a 'Bindaas Girl' quite different from her till date on-screen image. To be frank, she simply jumps out of her closed kind of shell with this film and plays it real loud and clear, moving away from her Barbie Doll persona. Hence, Katrina remains the biggest reason why you should watch MBKD in the next few days with your friends. The youngster's brigade is surely going to love this new unexpected transformation of the girl and there is bound to be a substantial increase in her fan following after this film. In short, with MBKD, Katrina proudly announces that she is not just a lucky hit mascot for the big stars and has now learned her job pretty well.

The film excels and entertains throughout its first half and then slightly starts dipping post its intermission. But that was clearly unavoidable since the director had selected a theme which was all predictable from the very first shot and had nothing in store to shock the viewers. So the second hour does give you a Déjà vu kind of feeling, since you already know what's going to happen next. Yet the film never disappoints completely and maintains a good entertaining momentum right till its enjoyable climax. And that's the major USP of MBKD which is able to impress the viewers, despite of having an all predictable script.

The songs do help to keep up the spirit on the screen but only in its first half. Post intermission, a few songs serve as an unwanted break, which could have been avoided to give it a more to-the-point edit. Yes, the sequences and performance do seem to be going a bit over the top in its last 20 minutes. But there overall soothing impact maintains the balance and one feels reasonably entertained in the end. Particularly it's the lovable chemistry between its leading cast of Katrina, Imran and Ali which does the trick for the film and they really make you feel the love flowing.

However, one major disappointment in the film remains the less footage given to the role of Ali Zafar. Truly speaking, I was excited to see MBKD only for Ali and not for anything else. But unfortunately he is the only one from the lead cast, getting the minimum scope in the script. Still, the singer turned actor, once again showcases his acting skills after his last year debut in "Tere Bin Laden" and I really loved watching all his scenes immensely. Imran Khan gels well with his co- stars and gives a fine performance too. But at the same time he also seems to be repeating himself in every film and hasn't got something new to offer in terms of acting. The film does have some flaws in its storyline as the younger brother simply makes a fool of his big bro and her beloved, who are never told the real truth behind all the drama staged. But one tends to forget all these flaws, moving with the lighter mood of the film and keeps enjoying.

In nutshell, MERE BROTHER KI DULHAN is a KATRINA KAIF movie all the way and she will surely get many positive returns from the film in every respect. So watch it for the charming KATRINA alone along with your friends and family members. And don't worry if you already know the storyline, because if you do opt for it without any great expectations, then the film will surely keep you engrossed and entertained in a decent way.
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A good Entertaining comedy.
ali_ahmed_awan339 September 2011
Mere Brother Ki Dulhan is a romantic comedy from Yash Raj productions.Which is a well known production house all around the globe. Kush (Imran Khan) goes on a bride hunting spree for his brother Luv (Ali Zafar) and stumbled upon many a wrong girls finally narrowing down to Dimple Dixit (Katrina Kaif). Comes a flashback of five years, Dimple and Kush met each other during their college days and then went out of contact. Back to present they Dimple demands celebrating 48 hours of her live the way she used to back in college days before she gets tied down by marriage. Kush agrees. So there's song and dance and the twist that Kush falls in love with his brother's Dulhan! What happens next? U Know. Having begun his career as assistant director under Yash Raj banner, debutant filmmaker Ali Abbas Zafar (Do not mistake him for being Ali Zafar, the actor) did a fair job.although the film is very predictable,but still entertaining. there's a bhaang consuming sequence with a huge Dabangg poster at the backdrop and the dialogue goes like, "You're Da Bhaang boy!" Funny.The character-sketch of Kush is completely awry as Imran Khan definitely falters in pulling of a small towner's way of talking calling his elder brother "Bhai Saahab". Both Imran and Katrina meticulously maintain just one expression on their face and that alone is enough for emoting various expressions such as that of happiness, sadness, anger etc. Katrina looks ravishingly beautiful but only if that alone was enough. Her consistent problem of dialogue delivery commendably remains consistent even in MBKD. An actress who finds it hard to enact a sober girl is given a 10 minutes long sequence of a drunk girl where she mouths the cult dialogues of Sholay. Funny again. Ali Zafar is the most saving grace of the film and holds the screenplay tight whenever he comes on screen. However, he alone finds it hard to salvage the Average scripted film. Music of Mere Brother Ki Dulhan is very good best with ISHQ Risk and Madhubhala.Katrina Kaif is one of the leading ladies of the industry. Ali Zafar has track of the much acclaimed Tere Bin Laden as his last film. So there are definitely reasons enough in this film other than its story or script to watch it. Ali zafar was really good in the film and it is a must watch.
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Painfully boring experience and bad acting
pranav_20019 September 2011
MBKD is a pure breed of Bollywood movie. There is a lot of dancing, songs, celebration, over-acting, a few good jokes (again: very few), masala... If you like to watch such movies where you don't have to use too much of your brain after a hard week's work, you might enjoy this.

Watching MBKD is insult to intelligence and a boring experience. You know you are in the wrong theater when you get up and see people around you in deep sleep. I just couldn't wait for the movie to complete. Any movie that produces that kind of effect can only be hit because of its stars, great advertising and distribution.

The movie is flawed at many instances, but for me the most important thing in a movie is 'the story'. The story has nothing innovative or even interesting. The overall story is predictable and illogical. However, the story has a small twist at the end, which was not predictable (bad news for people who wanted the movie to end soon). You won't predict how unwanted 'the twist' at the end is. For some reason our film industry forgets that making a 'funny story' doesn't mean making a 'stupid story'.

The good thing in the movie is Katrina and her dancing skills. She can make any song look good with her size-zero body. Katrina looks good in any movie until she opens her mouth. Katrina's acting in this movie is childish and 'not cute'. Katrina's character was supposed to be of a cute and chulbuli girl, similar to Kareena Kapoor's character in 'Jab we Met'. But a combination of 'Bad acting' and inability to speak proper Hindi made Katrina look stupid.

Acting of Imran and others is equally artificial. But Imran doesn't look as bad as the overacting of 'Ali Zafar' who is Imran's brother in the movie. For some reason everyone in the movie have stopped working and are behind getting 'Ali Zafar' married.
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micuta_vampiruta2 July 2014
I just want to say that i find this film lovely and that it is the first time that different monuments from the country can be seen on this kind of films. I think this film is fantastic and perfect to enjoy for a while. The music is nice, enjoyable and laughter is assured. The actors chosen are perfectly suitable and they play their roles perfectly well. I really recommend this film for those people who are interested in Bollywood films but aren't use to it yet. It's Lovely,

Through this kind of films I'm learning a lot about India and its different cultures. I really love this country, but it's a pity that there is so much poverty and that many people can't have enough money for food or for a place to live in. I also think that it's a shame that many girls and women are mistreated so bad in India and that even their families abuse of them. This should change.
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I cannot see anyone much older than 30 particularly enjoying the film.
MartinHafer28 December 2012
"Mere Brother Ki Dulhan" is different from the many other Indian films I have seen. It's MUCH more self-consciously hip and is clearly designed for an audience younger than 30. And, unfortunately, I think the film is a very hard sell for anyone older.

The film begins in London. An Indian guy and his girlfriend break up. Then, he asks his brother back in India to find him a bride--to arrange a marriage. This is VERY unusual, as usually this is the father's job--but somehow Kush is chosen for the task. The search for the right bride is pretty funny and most of the marriages he considers are pretty awful. However, the last choice, Miss Dixit (the pronunciation of this name is priceless) turns out to be a very surprising one, as the girl turns out to be someone he met five years earlier. In a flashback scene, you see that she is loud, brash, free-spirited and rather self-absorbed---VERY self-absorbed. And, slowly you see that she really hasn't changed very much---yet you know that she and Kush will fall in love and the arranged marriage will not take place as this is a HUGE cliché in Indian pictures. Considering that Kush seems like a nice guy, you really have no idea why he eventually falls for her and he just seems too nice for such a firecracker of a girl--a girl, incidentally, that seems as un-Indian as possible. This inconsistency is a major problem I had with the movie, though there were other problems--most importantly how incredibly self-consciously hip the film was--as if it only wanted to appeal to a very narrow audience of people who like clubbing, loud characters and pop music. I also wonder if perhaps Indians see westerners as being like this girl--who was supposedly raised in the UK. Well, even in the UK she would be considered obnoxious and annoying--and possibly mentally ill! Westerners are NOT like her...thank God! To sum up the movie best, I hated it.
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Absolute waste of time
aprajita1117 September 2011
After watching this movie, I felt so proud of myself. I always felt that Bollywood movies are just waste of time. This movie reinforced my

thoughts. This is just a total waste of time. I would say watch AAJ TAK

news. They are much more funny that this movie. I am still trying to

figure if this movie was comedy or tragedy................ Well save

some time and money....... Don't waste either for this movie.

I m just completing ten lines for text so ignore the following.

i m not judgmental but this movie sucked big time. I was waiting for it to be done. i held my patience..... but this is so much dragging.... i finally started doing my work. didn't waste my time. Khan did a good job. somehow katrina didn't fit in the role. but its my view. some people will like this movie. just depends how much you admire Hollywood movies. if someone can understand Hollywood movies, will hate bollywood movies. but for some people for whom English is a big problem, will like the crappy Hindi movies.
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The Trailers are so misleading, I really needed 2 tabs TYLENOL after this...
simplyfsl20 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
MERE BROTHER KI DULHAN is doing well at the box office, I have no intentions to hurt its fans, but there was a lot of BAD here, I hardly rate movies less than 5 as I realize the effort behind even every movie, but here the audience was literally betrayed..So how we believe that:

MBKD in short is a story of a flirt ALI ZAFAR in ENGLAND who has family in India, his brother is party guy IMRAN, after a break up with his GF, ALI asks IMRAN to find an eastern girl for him as he wants to settle down, the rest that follows forms the backbone, but the movie goes in multiple directions , not following a single path...

*The trailer of the movie shows KATRINA slapping IMRAN and all other trailers too give the impression that Imran will fall in love with his brothers fiancé, though we all knew he would get KAT at the end, but here everything was very very predictable, in 10 minutes its shown that IMRAN and KAT know each other before, in 30 minutes, they are in love, so when ALI ZAFAR comes in scene, all sense of surprise is lost as you know there will not be any WINNING or ONE-ON-ONE confrontation, this really detaches the viewer from the movie..

*What really bothered a lot of audience was that how DUMB and OBLIVIOUS ALI ZAFAR is to the situation, at one hand he is ultra-smart BANKER and has history of multiple GF'S, still under his nose, IMRAN and KAT are openly involved and indulged in a full fledge affair, yet till the end he doesn't know at all about this, here also the movie becomes relatively boring, as either as I said I expected a WIN-MY-BROTHERS- Fiancé type of theme or at least BROTHERS-IN-COMPETITION, would be really different..

*As I mentioned before, the predictability of the plot detached me so much that I could not get back in the movie, I am a basically Hollywood GUY but India has really made some great movies recently which bring me back to theater to my Maternal Language..Namely MUNNA-BHAI-DUO, 3 IDIOTS had the audience rolling in laughter, also the comparable low budget BAND BAAJA BAARAAT had more applause from audience because of its VERY BELIEVABLE premise, TERE BIN LADEN was another UNDER-RATED effort from this great movie loving country but MKBD is none, the director is highly unaware of what he wants to make, its sometimes a SPOOF, sometimes a ROMANTIC COMEDY and at others SLAPSTICK, though all of these cakes are HALF BAKED..

Now to the movie performances, ALI ZAFAR was the most inexperienced of the trio as an actor, he was given least dialogs but he really ruled the scenes he was in, his CUTE UNAWARENESS and GESTURES really worked, I really wished, he had some more scenes..Equally captivating and excellent was KATRINA KAIF, she really had excelled as actress after BOOM, even her criticized accent is now much better and eastern, the only scene she felt short were when she is drunk but I don't complain, no one does a AMITABH in this theme, its very tough to portray a drunk and be funny and not over-act, in short MKBD is a great addition to KATRINA'S CV as an ACE actress, as far as her performance is concerned..IMRAN KHAN is just average, he hasn't come out of JAANE TU YA JAANE NA, and he really needs to revolutionize like Ranbir Kapoor is or he will lose the FUTURE-UNO post..

The Rest of cast is totally bad decisions and miscasting, why cast PRAKSHIT SAHANI in a comedy when you have much better actors playing fathers, for instance ANUPAM KHER, OM PURI...There is not a single memorable performance by the side cast when in BAND BAAJA BAARAAT, a really smaller movie, unknown actors did a better job (I compare this to BBB because of the same production house and comic feel of the movie)

The laughs for which the movie is banked on basically are the physical comedy and at some scenes I really chuckled, especially KATRINA'S and IMRAN'S RUNAWAY scene :), the scenes between ALI ZAFAR and KAT are really fun too, there is little spoof thrown, when IMRAN churns out SALMAN'S Dialogs to KAT (sort of hidden humor as Salman-Kat are in news for their relations), there is also a big take on SHAHRUKH KHAN'S role in MY NAME IS KHAN, though a good idea, but the actor playing it couldn't;t master the mimickery, I really thought why not cast RAJPAL YADAV here who mimicks SHAHRUKH perfectly, anyways as I said, the laughs are bumpy and inconsistent, not following a smooth path...

I just wish at the end that the movie really followed the great idea, though its doing great in India and in MID-EAST, but there are far better movies of this GENRE to invest here, but, to each his own..

In a nutshell, the movie never really gripped me, I watched this in a packed theater, the multiplex had SALMAN KHAN starrer BODYGUARD running simultaneously, some people were saying while exiting, could have seen that, at least would have been better than this, I haven't seen BODYGUARD but I can't agree more...
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A Nutshell Review: Mere Brother Ki Dulhan
DICK STEEL10 September 2011
Yash Raj Films had with this production released two films in a row that are directorial debuts for assistant directors. Talk about a promotion of sorts for writer-director Ali Abbas Zafar who had to suffer a little bit of flak with calls from various quarters that his maiden effort had taken a leaf out of Peter Hedges' Dan in Real Life starring Steve Carell, but the truth is while the premise may be slightly similar with a man falling for his soon-to-be sister-in-law, I suppose that's generic enough as a formula, and its execution is anything but, done to typical Masala style in two halves.

Boasting the first time pairing of Imran Khan and Katrina Kaif, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan will probably set the stage for more pairings to come as both shared incredible, exuberant chemistry as friends turned lovers, radiating youthful energy and being in the same age group worked wonders since the big three Khans, all in the 40s, get frequently paired with younger heroines. I suppose with Imran's career getting a boost thanks to the awesome Delhi Belly, he'll probably give Ranbir Kapoor a run for his money as the next big male Bollywood star, with good looks and acting chops to boot. For now he's probably still typecast as the laid back, easy going boy next door as Kush, who's been tasked by his brother Luv (Pakistani actor Ali Zafar, not the director and of no relation) to help him find a wife, given a bad breakup which opens the film, and in some ways the writing was on the whole when Luv tells Kush they share the same taste, and whoever Kush finds, his brother will likely give the thumbs up.

It's a huge responsibility, so much so that in a film like this, it calls for a song and dance in the opening credits, spoofing some of the largest shows in recent years such as Dabangg making more than one reference throughout the film, Dil Se... in recreating the dance atop a train, and Jodhaa Akhbar played more for laughs in a later song segment given Imran's less imposing presence compared to Hrithik Roshan in the Ashutosh Gowariker film. What you see in the trailer with Kush going around to meet up with various girls are just about what's included in the film, wasting no time before he gets a call from a diplomat asking for Kush and family to go over to meet his daughter Dimple Dixhit (Katrina Kaif), and in an instant when they meet we get transported back to some 5 years ago when they were still students, and living the crazy, carefree life.

If anyone remains unconvinced of Katrina's acting range, perhaps this role may change their minds a little, where her Dimple takes on the more carefree, cool as ice attitude in her earlier years as a rock chick, before deciding now to settle down, more for a package deal of something quite similar to the 5 Cs which is what Luv can provide, given the large ads Kush and friends had taken out in advertisements. Can't blame a woman for wanting to have it all, especially since coming from a physical pedigree as embodied by Kaif.

Director Ali Abbas Zafar utilizes the two halves structure well, with the first getting the leading characters to inevitably fall in love, rekindled from their strong friendship from the past, and the later half to try and untangle the mess they find themselves in, since the impending wedding between Dimple and Luv is moving at breakneck speed over the course of one weekend, and having to solution something that will leave no broken hearts, as well as in the Asian or Indian context, having to keep the honour on both sides of the family intact without a tinge of something scandalous as the cancellation of a wedding, or worst, the ideas of eloping which almost came to fruition.

While the romance were left to the many beautiful song and dance sequences to move that emotion forward, comedy comes in the form of the schemes being hatched and executed, and especially with Ali Zafar playing Luv as the typical himbo who has absolutely no idea that the rug was going to be pulled under his feet. While Dan in Real Life had a more emotional, dramatic core, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan played its events out in a very breezy fashion especially when Luv's ex Piali (Tara D'Souza) start to play a bigger role in what would be a win win situation.

I had enjoyed the dance scene in Dan in Real Life where Steve Carell took to the dance floor to battle his envy with the rest of the characters, and here that pivotal scene got naturally translated into a large item number. And unique to India and maybe even Asia perhaps, is how parents play such a huge role in weddings, and have significant say whether a union can happen since family honour is still something much to be defended by the clan. This gets played out enough times to hammer home the point, and the older generation's priority in the saving of face every step of the way, while serious in nature, do add some comedy on top of cultural differences to be aware of for someone watching this from a different country.

Hollywood romantic comedies don't possess as much spiritedness as the ones from Bollywood if the latter are done right, and in this case, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan scores in all aspects of romance and comedy, being a sheer delight to sit through, with adequate eye candy to boot. Recommended!
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Starting off on a clear cut script, It traverses from a weak and a boring screenplay to a subliminal love triangle that eventually manages to save some face.
faisal_khatib8 September 2011
Written and directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan is about Kush (Imran Khan) being given the responsibility by his London-settled big brother Luv (Ali Zafar) to find the perfect desi girl for him to get married to after his 'badly scripted' immature breakup with his British Indian girlfriend Piali (Tara D'Souza). He ends up rediscovering 'crazy/carefree England-born but a desi at heart' Dimple (Katrina Kaif) as that perfect girl and then conveniently falls in love with her.

With a potential for being a decent romantic comedy, the screenplay lets the movie down with a dull first half and one liners, *trying hard to be funny* innuendos that results in half hearted laughs from a few. The screen time and over the top antics that were put in place to stamp the carefree Katrina Kaif's image into the viewers mind was bordering to the level of annoyance. Most of the original songs felt out of place and faded out in comparison to songs from classics played in the background in different situations for a comical touch. The cinematography was typical Yash Raj fanfare, nothing extraordinarily special. The chemistry between the lead actors was fun and funny when kept simple.

Imran Khan as assistant director and younger brother Kush plays one of those 'been there, done that' roles. He has matured as an actor and does have that extra zip in some scenes but it's a character we have seen him play before. He fits the role, does a good job and looks adorable at the same time.

Katrina Kaif is a weak Hindi speaker, it has always shown in her acting and this movie is no different. Fortunately with every movie, her acting and dialogue delivery has been improving which is evident in scenes where she isn't a glam doll giving the actor in her some breathing space. Tara D'Souza is an above average model turned actress with a single dimension acting curve. Nothing to write home about.

Ali Zafar as Luv is melodramatic. Clearly the pick of the actors with brilliant expressions and body language. His acting style which was subtly comical was integral in keeping up with the lightness of the mood that was created throughout the movie.

Support was in the form of predictable, easily manipulated and rather understanding fathers (Parikshat Sahni & Kanwaljit Singh) and their *not much to say' wives; Dimple's genius autistic brother Ajju (Arfeen Khan) and ordinary looking Kush's childhood friend Shobhit (Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub). Cliché wafer thin characters without any real depth to them and yet the actors still managed to do a decent job.

Starting off on a clear cut script, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan traverses from a weak and a boring screenplay to a subliminal love triangle that eventually manages to save some face in the end.
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nice entertainer
arun_singh300-111 September 2011
Imran Khan is totally lackluster here,Its strange seeing him like this after Delhi Belly.Ali Zafar is OK with easy smile and shining teeth.Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub somebody said spoke like he is from Meerut .nice little role.Parikshit Sahni is OK here in a different sort of attitude,kind of strange to cast him as an ex-military man.Kanwaljit Singh of 1987 Buniyaad and other nice movies and serials he has given us is again nice and good here with pleasant positive personality.

Katrina Kaif is again brilliant and natural here after "Zindagi na milegi dobara" .Her scooter stint with Imran may remind you of Roman Holiday starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck.She is quite like a little girl in some scenes truly enjoying herself seem very spontaneous rather than flat acting.Camera seems to love her.In the starting she may not be as good but as the movie progresses her character too blooms.Her first scene is quite funny where she serves tea to Imran who first stares blankly at her then gets really freaked out and shocked and drops tea on his pants.Film is quite well written not stupid like recent movies.Songs just come and go.

.At PVR Phoenix a strange thing happened like in Harry Potter they had regurgitating toilets.Whole Washroom overflowing.Really weird how did that happen?
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Great fun to watch, with none of the adult content
Nevil_93-176-5185322 October 2011
As we see today, directors are making movies like Delhi Belly and Dil To Baccha Hain Ji, which contain cheap humor and are not suitable for family viewing. Mere Brother Ki Dulhan contains no such thing apart from the b- word and s-word (uttered once by Katrina Kaif). On the whole though, it's a movie that's watchable with family, and even though it's over 2 hours long, it won't bore you. Imran Khan and Ali Zafar are great and Katrina has actually acted well in this film. That's a plus point, considering that she's not been a great actor in previous films. I would consider it a one-time watch. It's funny, but the jokes are lame. It wouldn't be funny if watched twice.
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Entertaining but.....
AvinashPatalay24 October 2011
Onir's "Sorry Bhai!" arrived and left hardly registering a flutter. Ali Abbas Zafar picks up the basic premise, tweaks it a bit, sprinkles with tongue-in-cheek humour, glitters with Katrina & Imran, and finally douses with Yashraj sensibilities to escape the copyright violation - voilà! "Mere Brother Ki Dulhan" fresh from the oven ready for you Sir!

Imran Khan: Effortlessly essays his role and must say that he is getting better with each passing movie.

Katrina: Gets a meaty-pie role which she attempts to pull it off being bashful, flirtatious, demure and coy - all at the same time, mind you. In the nutshell she overacts. Without being ruthless, I should give her credit for pulling off the "Dhunki".

Ali Zafar: "Tere Bin Laden" he was promising. Here he was on a hamming spree that would give Shahrukh a stiff competition. Badshah Khan hold your horses please.

Comedy is fairly OK though there was immense scope to better it. Wedding subject brought Yashraj a much needed hit ("Band Bajaa Baraat") and therefore spillover in "Mere Brother Ki Dulhan" is obvious. Music is high energy and well promoted though will not hold charts once the movie makes an exit from the cinema halls.

Ali Abbas Zafar is not too bad for a first-timer wielding the megaphone. He needs to polish his story-telling skills.

Commercially it will rake a good business at the box-office considering the promos, Katrina factor and the masala it delivers to the multiplex audience.
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A comedy that doesn't hurt to watch
ssvikas13 September 2011
When the title of this movie is so obvious, there can't be much of suspense on what to expect from the movie. All that it has to be about is a groom's brother falling for his brother's fiancée. Bollywood had flirted with this theme earlier; with the Sharman Joshi, Chitrangada Singh Starrer 'Sorry Bhai', which fell flat at the Box office.

So, what is new here? The starts are bigger and there's a huge production house behind it. Adding spice to it are its songs and some comic moments.

Luv (Ali Zafar) has yet again had a break up and now wants to marry and settle down. He entrusts his brother Kush (Imran Khan) with the responsibility of finding him a bride which he does: an eccentric and wild Dimple (Katrina Kaif). While the run up to the wedding are on, Kush and Dimple discover that they've fallen for each other.

To make up for the predictable plot, the writers weave in a few attempted spoofs and references to other bollywood hits including Dabbang, Jodhaa Akbar, Padosan, etc. Despite it all, you know how it is supposed to end and since most situations are contrived or something you've seen in other movies, there are no surprises there.

Although Katrina isn't much of an 'actor', she has bettered herself this time around. If this move becomes any worthwhile, it is only because of her. You do see shades of Kareena's 'Jab We Met'. Imran seems to back into familiar territory which is youthful romances. Ali Zafar who impressed audiences in last year's film 'Tere Bin Laden' had to settle down in a supporting role while Imran and Katrina steal the limelight.

'Mere Brother Ke Dulhan' is not to be seen with high expectations. If you are in a mood for a quality movie, surely this is not the one for you. On the other hand, it's neither a crass entertainer nor priyadrashan-style dumb slapstick. It's slick and urban. And it doesn't fall into the emotional-drama trap that most romances end up doing.

Although flawed, here's why you can still watch it: It doesn't have too many irritating characters; it is not excessively lengthy and doesn't delve into sub-plots. The funny moments are evenly spread out and there are no sob-stories that can give you a headache. In all, it is packaged as a feel-good flick and when coupled with songs and laughs, it's totally designed to keep the cash registers ringing.
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one time watch
sharad-verma0410 September 2011
The movie was a one time watch experience.comparing both the halves then second half was quite interesting.Katrina kaif gave her 200% in the movie.the movie maintains a low pace from the beginning till the end...the movie begins with a breakup scenario of luv(Ali zafar) and pyali Patel,then luv decided to get married before Christmas to a girl selected by his bro kush(Imran khan).kush selects dimple(Katrina kaif) for love....later kush and dimple fall in love with each other and dimple decides to escape from marriage scenario after engagement. kush refuses to accept the decision....they made a plan and calls pyali from London and any how convince her that luv still loves her..they plants a dramatic screenplay and kush and pyali acts like they both likes each other...luv feels unsecured for pyali and after a dramatic story again luv decides to get married with pyali and escapes from the ground zero...finally parents forces kush and dimple to get married to prevent their status in society...they both get married and a happy ending of a typical bollywood movie...
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