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A ten of ten, but maybe not for foreigners?
knutsindre31 October 2010
This movie deserves allot of praise, simply for how well it plays on the Norwegian cultural memes. Visually it is also quite good, as it show of the landscapes and places in which the folklore of trolls actually arose, and of course spices it with lovely computer graphics when needed. The graphics merge very well with the mockumentary style, and the movie itself falls between categories, mixing comedy, action and fake amateur documentary style.

The bad sides are simply that it lacks a bit of flow at times, and of course, the biggest drawback of them all, one which only applies for foreigners: it's a very very Norwegian story. I saw it with my Portuguese girlfriend, and she thought it was okay. I briefed her on our fairy tales before seeing it, but jokes like the three sheep on the bridge are hard to catch, or appreciate, without being marinated in our culture for a long time. One other issue for me was actually the cameo appearance of two Norwegian comedians, something which slightly spoils the illusion. Others might disagree.

I suspect this movie would be a seven or six of ten if I was not Norwegian, simply for its concepts, but because it is so rich to me, I give it a ten despite its flaws. You'll love this movie for its visual side, and some of the drama is also great. For Norwegians, this is a must see. For everyone else, it might be exotic and neat, and offer you some relief from classical Hollywood monster depictions.

And should you get curious after seeing it, Google for "Theodor Kittelsen", and "Asbjornsen and Moe" (: Enjoy!
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Incredibly fun
carywms24 January 2011
I saw this at Sundance last Friday and have to say it is the most fun I have had at the movies in a long while. The story is filmed in "mockumentary" style a la Cloverfield and has a healthy dose of dry Scandanavian humor to accent the dramatic and action sequences. While the story is relatively tight, it does not have the pretense as Sundance entries often do, as it never takes itself too seriously. We ran into a couple of the film's producers the next day in Park City and found them to be as grounded as the film they were behind.

I highly recommend this film and seriously hope it sees the light of day in the U.S.
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A stunning Norwegian masterpiece.
UnholyOne8 February 2011
I've been looking forward to this ever since I first heard about it, it sounded fantastic. A group of three university students are making a documentary about a series of mysterious bear killings, but soon discover that it isn't bears doing the killings but trolls, actual real Norwegian trolls.They start to follow a mysterious hunter, who they soon learn is a government paid troll hunter. It is very well made with excellent effects considering the budget. The trolls are brilliantly designed and very diverse, with a traditional 'fairy tale' look and the film delves deep into the whole troll mythology. The cave scene was very well done too and unbelievably tense and the climax is well worth waiting for. I honestly can't remember the last time I enjoyed a film as much as this, it really is that good, with some very good performances and stunning Norwegian scenery. I absolutely loved it, although it won't be to everyones taste. I am sorely tempted to give it 10/10 for pure entertainment value. In one word, amazing.
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Mockumentary, folks ...
mobius-213 September 2011
People complaining this isn't a horror film must not understand the mockumentary genre. It's a lovely little film, rich with detail, not to mention the awesome Norwegian landscape. I understand that if one is Norwegian, there cues to culture and mythology throughout. But without getting any of that, really, I'm satisfied. Any film that ends with me smiling, I consider a good film. To my mind, the trolls are just right. A little scary, little funny. I gather if you are Norwegian, you are already familiar with the troll Hunter himself, Otto Jespersen. I had no clue he was Norway's most famous comedian, so the was no disbelief to suspend. He did an excellent job. The kids were fine. Basically I have no complaints at all and enjoyed the film very much ...
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One of the best and most original movies I've seen recently
Sanyi198417 February 2011
This movie was a huge surprise for me. I did not expect much, but it is one of the best movies of the year for me. I have to admit that I am getting pretty sick of the "usual" movies. Recently I noticed that after watching thirty minutes in every movie (good or bad) I got bored. The reason is that I see always the same plot lines, the same faces, the same twists, and I really don't care about them any more. If a movie does not have this effect on me, its a sign that it is a special one. And this was the case of The Troll Hunter. The Troll Hunter is a really simple story, its about a guy who hunts trolls in Norway, and about a group of students, who are filming him. This is where it gets interesting, the movie is shot in the style of Blair Witch, Cloverfield, Rec, Paranormal Activity, etc. The handy-cam thing is one those things that makes the movie different. The second thing that got me in this movie was the quite unique Norwegian humor. I have not ran into it before, but there are several moments that are really funny. Well its not hard to make funny moments, when you make a movie about trolls that pretends to be serious. The third thing that was really good in this movie is the beautiful Norwegian nature, there are many breath taking landscapes that I really want to see some day. The last (there are many other) thing that I liked in this movie was the old bearded guy, the troll hunter. He was really cool. I mean he is hunting trolls all his life. OK, so thats it, go see this movie, if you are bored with the usual ones.
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A very new twist to monster movies
cupler212 February 2011
We have all seen the monster movies lately, they always seem to include: zombies, vampires of werewolves. The Troll throws monster movies through a loop by inserting the mythical troll.

The acting was very much above par. Not superb but well above average. The special effects were a wonder. The trolls actually looked realistic, though we all know they are fake. The realness actually pulled you into the movie.

The movie really held tight to the myths behind trolls, such as: smelling Christians, turning to stone and exploding with sunlight.

Having it set-up in a Blair Witch type, with a first person camera angle, made the movie all the more exciting. There was just enough camera shake to make you believe that the cameraman was running, but not enough to make you sick.

All-in-all this was an excellent movie. If I could make up one complaint, it is the abruptness of the end. I assume it is left this way for a potential sequel.
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Who is Chuck Norris? Here comes Hans!
wegvomsethiergehtsumrap4 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Just by accident i saw this movie. I have never heard from it and i am not really in to the story of trolls. And i guess i have never seen a Norway movie. So i was very open minded and just wanted to get entertained. And i was satisfied! This is a great movie and i can only advise everyone to go see it for themselves. Yes there are some little flaws as mentioned by the other reviewers, but in my eyes they are very minor. If you can, go and watch in Norway language (with your favorite SUB), because the voice acting especially by Hans is hilarious. Hans is just my new Hero. Still a day after i watched it i have to laugh so hard when i remember the Troll vs. Hans battles. The other actors went along nicely and you could not see them "acting" which was nice. This is a must see! I feel sad for the great mass who will fail to see this movie!
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A masterpiece from Norway!
kikkev6 November 2010
The Trollhunter mixes comedy,horror,brilliant special-effects,Norwegian fairy tales and our beautiful nature in an excellent way.Otto Jespersen fits perfect in the role as the Trollhunter.

The Trollhunter made me interested and curious from the beginning to the end. It's not just a movie with plenty of action and gore.Along you get good and funny explanations of things you might wonder of. The movie was filmed with a hand-held camera and that worked very well.The Trollhunter is also quite innovative.The Cloverfield,Rec and The Blair Witch Project are all in the same category, but I think that The Trollhunter has something more than those movies.They who made the movie claims namely that Trolls do exist in the woods of Norway.

The Trollhunter will definitely be a cult-classic!
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District 9 meets Black Sheep and REC (Spanish film that "Quarantine" was based on)
isaiahjunkemail14 February 2011
Its Awesome! See it ASAP. This film is full of excellent Norwegian folklore. Its Part comedy/horror/action adventure all wrapped up in one sweet film....Its more comedy then anything. The premise seems so cheesy but its actually really entertaining. Its not perfect, at times it does seem to drag on. But the cinematography is great. At times it feels like a BBC special highlighting the scenic Norwegian fjords. It actually looks a lot like the Puget Sound here in Washington. but I gave it a 10 for originality which seems to be lacking these days. The special Effects look really good and the jerky documentary style is not nauseating like Blair witch. I recommend everyone to rent it when it comes out (don't torrent it like me) We need more Norwegian films distributed in the US! After watching this I think I will check out the Finnish film: "Rare exports". Its about another common Scandinavian character: Santa claus

Oh yeah, they smell Christian blood! lol
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Need to get me some troll stink.
ElijahCSkuggs8 February 2011
Recently our Viking brethren from the Icey North have dipped their manly toes in the creative waters of film-making. That's not to say they haven't before, but I would say films about an evil Santa Claus, Nazi Zombies and now, Troll Hunters are probably not Norway and Finland's go-to themes. I could be wrong, and I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think I am.

Nevertheless with that, what we have here with The Troll Hunter is a story that starts with a trio of young college documentarians trying figure out why there are so many bear disappearances happening. Through Carmen Sandiego-like sleuth-work they come upon a Troll Hunter - and then,! Trolls are loose and it's now up to them to put an end to their trolly shenanigans! The film goes down the right paths, and follows a rather formulaic story-line, but with such a unique story leading the way, you're more than happy to take the voyage through troll territory.

The biggest and most satisfying aspect of this film, for myself, was that the film didn't shy away from any one area. A recent Scandanavian film that I won't name *fart*rareexports*fart* - excuse me. That film brought you along and hoped to entice the viewer with emotion, an early surprise, and then male nudity - it didn't work, and I was left stunned by the lackluster 'Fin'ished product. Here, they talk about trolls, and go off to hunt trolls, so you'd think there would be trolls. And yep, there are! And not only that, they informed the viewer quite well about troll history and the different types. It was the type of love you hoped would be present here, and I can't help to feel thankful for such research and creative thinking.

Overall, the actors and writing delivered a fine job as they juggled tongue-in-cheek overacting with some scenes of serious drama. Basically every area of the film delivered to how you would want, and I was totally content with how the fx and trolls all looked. It's one of the best found footage films around, and if you enjoy fantasy in the slightest, you should give this a look.

My only real complaint here is how they could have neglected to put in the only troll that is still regularly found in modern days. I kept on asking myself, 'Where the hell is the IMDb troll?' The stinkiest, most pathetic troll to have ever lived is not put into the film? I suppose watching a troll whine to his or her mother about picking up the new and improved Oxy 5 zit medication or a bulk supply of super strength maxipads isn't really must-see TV. It would have been nice to get a view into what their lairs must look like, but I guess, it would have taken away from the adventure aesthetic of this film. I suppose then it's up to me and you to stop the IMDb trolls. First things first, if you see a hungry one, restrain from feeding it. After you do that, leave it to me. *pulls on troll disemboweling gloves*
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worth watching
ic-tiger4 December 2016
When I watch movies, I let them sink in a bit, so I can speak about them without any feelings. This movie, without doubt, was one of the best "lost tape" genre films I've ever watched.

I really liked the story-line, and how well the film stays half document genre. The build up is a bit long, but its worth the waiting. I had no problem with the actors, some are casual, but some really do their best. I loved the special effects, it was a quality work, plus all the trolls looked unique.

Which I didn't like was the causal ending. The movie has a unique story line IMHO. I recommend it. 7/10
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A tongue-in-cheek Blair Witch Project
morphine_27 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I went to see this at a sneak preview, and it's actually been a while since I've been to a screening where the audience had such a good time.

Three student film makers go into the Norwegian woods to make a documentary about a series of bear attacks.

It's played out as a documentary, and I hope American audiences who have never heard of this movie, will get into that vibe. As a Norwegian, all the semi-famous actors ruin the suspension of disbelief.

It's chock-full of good ideas, like why there are musk oxen in Norway, but some of the ideas aren't followed up properly. And the plot contains enough holes to keep the after-movie beer talk going for a while. But it's so much fun, I'm willing to overlook the acting as well.

Go see it! If nothing else, enjoy the beautiful scenery and a glimpse into authentic Norwegian folklore.

And in case you are wondering, the track during the credits is "Mjød" by Kvelertak.
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Troll Hunter is a flawed but fun time
ianfarkas929 January 2011
I sincerely want to love Troll Hunter, the latest in a batch of Scandinavian horror movies that have been shipped stateside. I want to love it for its tense cat and mouse moments, I want to love it for its impressive ideas towards shaky cam cinematography, and most of all I want to love it for the trolls themselves, massive behemoths scouring the Norwegian countryside for a stray sheep or unsuspecting college student. Unfortunately, Troll Hunter is a mixed bag that brings down the good with an abundance of the bad. The film starts out with a group of doe-eyed college students who have been sent to investigate a recent influx of bear poaching, perpetrated by a mysterious man with an initial aversion to cameras and a camper full of bizarre equipment. It doesn't take long for this shady character to reveal his mission to the students: he is in fact a "Trolljegeren", a government hired Troll Hunter who ensures the illusive creatures existence is kept unknown by tracking down and killing any trolls that stray from their territorial boundaries. The students take this shocking revelation quite well, and agree to follow the hunter as he tries to decipher the new found aggressiveness of trolls in the area.

The plot is simple, and passes up time that could be spent trying to establish logical character motivation in favor of lightly comic scenes and exposition regarding the biology and history of the trolls. This is not entirely a bad thing for most of the movie, as director André Øvredal keeps things going smoothly, pushing the audience from one impressive set piece to another. Many of the troll encounters are tense and breathtaking at the same time, and one cannot help but marvel at the sight of a troll chasing our hapless heroes. This is largely due to the impressive low budget CGI used throughout the film and surprisingly smooth camera-work, ditching the tiresome technique of flinging the camera left and right (as one would most likely do in real life, to be fair) in favor of steady shots that allows the audience to marvel at the beasts without sacrificing the tension gained through shaky cam cinematography. The trolls themselves look amazing, by far some of the most imaginative and well rendered budget movie magic I have seen in a long time, especially coupled with the beautiful Norwegian scenery.

Sadly, despite all the praise I have heaped upon Troll Hunter, the movie isn't without its flaws. The film falls flat on its face several times, whether it is caused by overly bland exposition or painfully unfunny comedy that pops up throughout the film. These lulls aren't so bad in the first half, but become incredibly agitating in the second as the viewer waits for a payoff that refuses to rear its ugly head. Also to note is the films general sloppiness in the final act, in which multiple characters are introduced without purpose, are never given an exit, and don't fit at all within the story. Finally, the film arrives at a conclusion that is incredibly odd, as characters are dismissed without any closure to their arcs and events begin to happen that are head- scratchingly misplaced. Although many of these gripes cripple what could have been one of the best sci-fi movies of the New Year, Troll Hunter is still a fun but flawed ride with enjoyable scenes and some great visuals.
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A Real Magic Mountain
andy_grizzle18 September 2018
I just finished my fifth viewing of this film; I sit and watch anew with anyone I can convince to join me. The film is not focused on discovery of or conflict with trolls. Instead, from start to finish it reveals for the viewer the ancient, living magic of geography. It ties myth to modernity by overlaying folklore and fantasy art on veterinary science and workplace safety, cultivating the viewer's belief in the reality of this surreal landscape. Each time I watch it, I find myself looking for signs of magical creatures in my own backyard.
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An absolute masterpiece from Norway!
RasmusElton1 December 2010
What at great piece of cinema mixing all the genres of how movies can be made - hand-held camera - full HD - special effects - night vision - WOW! No spoilers here. YOU MUST SEE THIS MOVIE. Forget Blair Witch, Cloverfield (haven't seen it) and all the other crap made about monsters - this is the ONLY one you need to see. It also captures the beautiful landscape and soul of Norwegian wilderness mixed together with local and national humor. Never underestimate the power in the woods. You will never know what hit you unless you see a rock that looks like a face. The result is truly awesome and the timing for such an innovative film has never been better! GO SEE IT NOW!!!
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The Troll Hunter for foreigners?
failedihave29 March 2011
At first when I saw the cheesy poster of the movie I was wondering if I should take my time and watch it. I saw the high rating of the movie, so I started reading some reviews about it and they were 99% positive.In the end I downloaded it and watched it.

Most of the reviews stated that the movie is funny. In contrast, I thought that the movie is everything else but funny. It doesn't deliver humor in any way. As it was stated, there are some inside Norwegian jokes which foreign people can not understand. For me - I couldn't understand any of the jokes.

The actors tend to do a good job, except the girl holding the microphone , she is just awful. As you probably have read, the movie is filmed in a similar way as Cloverfield, so that would mean that you have to expect acting "off the radar". You should not be able to tell if the actors are acting .This is not the case whit the blond girl and the thing which was most irritating about her performance was the unusual facial expressions she made trough out the whole movie. There were some other cases which the acting seemed not natural but some of them were because of the script and not the actors.

Speaking of which, the script seemed very bizarre. I expected to see a humorous movie (reviews), if not an action/drama (as stated next to the title) but in the end I got just an adventure movie (also stated there). It takes in one way and ends up in to another.Unlike Cloverfield , you get to see the monster and in fact you get a lot of answers about the movie at the very beginning and as you move on , so this is a very different approach , which although new to me was a bit boring because there was nothing left to hang on in the end. The drama happening in the movie isn't that moving to keep you watching it and in fact it's not a big part of the movie .The characters are seriously undeveloped , so you basically don't care about them. There was some action at times but even the shaky camera couldn't intense me that much to say that it deserves to label it as an action movie.

There were some other mistakes in the camera/effects. The movie was represented as a "documentary", yet there is footage from other cameras (except the one the characters hold in their hands). The night vision effect seemed unreal because it wasn't. You can clearly see at times that there are really dark spots when they turn it on , and others are really light , even though there is no light turned on in some of the scenes. There are a couple of other mistakes as well but I do not want to get in to detail.

Finally, the movie delivered a great representation of Norwegian landscape. I was thrilled by the footage I saw and how beautiful it is there. It just feels like an Adventure movie,if I have to label a genre to it.Don't expect massive gore,action,drama or humor. Many Norwegians liked the film but I didn't know what to expect, a disaster movie or a great movie. In the end I didn't get either. I got a different movie which wasn't a masterpiece. Although it had a bunch of flaws and it's not that interesting to watch,It's worth checking out and I do not regret doing so but keep in mind that if you are not from Norway you could have some trouble with it and it's representation (reviews/rating and so on).
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Beware the Ringlefinch, My Son, the Jaws that Bite, the Claws that Catch!
RichardSRussell-18 February 2012
Trollhunter (Trolljegeren, 1:43, PG-13) — other: adventure, bargain basement, original

I saw this on DVD, which helped when I wanted to back up and take a 2nd look at or listen to scenes that were done using its "found footage" technique. This film is superior to others using that conceit in that the footage is supposedly being shot with professional equipment by aspiring professional videographers, but there were still occasional jumbles and mumbles that I would have had to endure, frustrated, in a theater.

It begins innocuously enuf with 3 student journalists from Volda University covering reports of bear poaching. Bear hunting is apparently strictly regulated in Norway, and the licensed hunters are irritated that some unauthorized person has been horning in on their territory. Sensing a better story, the J-stus stake out the area and soon run across a prime suspect, but then they ingenuously just walk up to him and ask for an interview. He replies "go away" (according to the subtitles), "get lost" (according to the dubbed version), or something probably much ruder (in the original Norwegian). But they're persistent, and they keep clandestinely following him, filming all the while, until he comes charging out of a dense thicket of woods at night bellowing "RUN!!!".

It turns out that what he's been hunting are not bears but trolls, and he is indeed licensed to do so. In fact, he's the only licensed trolljegeren (trollhunter) in the entire country, the sole field agent of the TSS (Troll Security Service). Periodically, after he's flashed a troll with powerful UV lights (the lethal component of the sunlight which trolls invariably avoid) and then sledge-hammered its petrified remains into rubble, it's necessary to come up with a cover story to explain all the damage the troll had done to the surrounding countryside. This is provided by scapebears, killed and imported from far away (Poland, in the one scene our guys capture) and left for the locals to gawk at.

It takes some doing, but Trolljegeren Hans (Otto Jespersen) finally opens up to the crew, grumbling that his government handlers don't treat him with enuf dignity and respect, let alone giving him adequate pay for overtime, hazardous duty, and night work. He explains that there are various subspecies of troll (Ringlefinches, Tosserlads, Jotnars) which inhabit different parts of the country, and he can't figure out why this latest batch has wandered so far afield from their native stomping grounds.

Eventually, with the aid of a long-time veterinarian ally, a PETA type who's sympathetic to the poor, misunderstood, Vitamin D-deprived trolls, he figures out that they've contracted rabies, which explains their erratic behavior but also makes them much more dangerous.

The trolls are always seen at night, or in dark caves, or at a distance, so the CGI doesn't have to be very good to be convincing, and their appearance is handled effectively. They are quite large, the smallest easily standing 3 metres and the largest overtopping high-tension power lines.

The government of Norway is covering up the very existence of the trolls. We never learn why. Perhaps to avoid discouraging tourism? But I'd think public awareness of the trolls would have the reverse effect. Any idea that it's out of some benign desire to protect the native wildlife in its habitat is incommensurate with the demeanor of the Environment Ministry agent who keeps showing up periodically with ominous warnings to cease and desist.

This whole story is played absolutely straight, even tho there are times when a certain amount of levity seems warranted. It's kind of like Moby-Dick in that serious attention is paid to the gear and tactics of hunting the big, elusive quarry.

It's not a particularly compelling tale, we never really get to know any of the characters, and it tends to drag in spots, but they do a fairly good job of spinning a yarn with a rock-bottom budget. Generally things move along briskly, unlike the other total dog of a DVD I saw the same night, also a foreign-language film with subtitles, Uncle Boonmee.

It's not going to be everybody's cup of tea, but you have to kind of admire their pluck.
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Don't get trolled by this movie
kluseba22 September 2012
I seriously don't really understand the high amount of positive critics concerning this movie. I bought this flick because I heard that the makers of the highly entertaining zombie parody "Dead Snow" were included in this project. This film though doesn't come close to it concerning the story, the characters and even the special effects.

First of all, the characters have almost no development and you don't feel attached to them at all. You don't care if they live or die and the whole movie leaves you emotionally cold.

Second, the shaky hand camera filming techniques that are justified by a so-called documentary style as in "The Blair Witch Project" don't only happen to be used too much in modern cinema. They are also just a very cheap way to put less money and also less effort into this movie.

Third, the CGI animated special effects are really cheap and not impressive at all. If this movie is supposed to have a minimum of suspense, then the bad shapes of the trolls just crush this intention. On the other side, the effects are also not ridiculous or original enough to make you laugh at least. They are just boringly unprofessional and feel worked out in quite a hurry.

This low budget disappointment is crowned by a stupid ending as if the production team was running out of ideas or out of money or maybe out of both of it. This bad conclusion definitely isn't worth your patience to sit through this mediocre effort. This movie is definitely lacking of any highlights whatsoever.

The only reasons why I still gave a few points to this are first of all the breathtaking Norwegian landscapes that make you want to go there and discover this beautiful country. Second, there are after all a couple of good jokes that mostly come from the troll hunter who happens to be the only character that stands out a tiny little bit even if he is already filled with too many stereotypes. The third and last small positive point is the connection to Norwegian culture and mythology in this movie featuring a couple of explanations in regard to the world of trolls.
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Rather annoying - not only to foreigners
derwunderbaremandarin3 January 2012
When I had a look at the "hated-it"-reviews, it was evident that non-Norwegians liked this movie much less than Norwegians. And yes, there were many allusions to Norwegian customs and culture. This, however, is a first big minus. The movie doesn't work for an international audience.

Secondly, even if you are Norwegian, the movie does not get much better. I am kind of half-Norwegian and got the allusions but they weren't very entertaining, funny of witty or whatever they were supposed to be.

This gets me to my third point. What is this movie supposed to be? Funny? Scary? Or just entertaining? At least to me, it wasn't very funny or scary or entertaining. The jokes are mostly bad, repetitive and the story predictable.

What's all the fuss about the effects? They are computer effects and look like computer effects. That's not a great achievement in my humble opinion. I give it a few stars for creating a truly Norwegian atmosphere: cold, rainy, uncomfortable.

But sure, if you are Norwegian and find it funny that you go on a supposedly real troll-hunt where you have to smear yourself with stinking troll smell to cover your own and where you must be careful not to believe in Jesus because that will attract trolls, and if you don't mind that for the 100th time, there is a movie filmed with a hand-camera to create authenticity, this movie is for you.
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Near perfection in its genre
smccar7710 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
"The Troll Hunter" is a 2010 documentary style film detailing the exploits of Norway's sole troll hunter and a crew of university film makers. The goal of this movie is to present the audience with a comedic adventure about hunting mythical creatures. While this film is most easily compared to "The Blair Witch Project," it provides a much more exciting viewing experience and avoids some of the obnoxious sequences that BWP suffered from. A very important thing to understand is that this film does not push new frontiers; rather it utilizes a cinematic device to near perfection.

From the opening scenes, TH announces itself as a presentation of actual footage. The audience is immediately instructed to interpret this film as an edited series of real events and not a rollicking adventure story. Having this context in place makes several necessary assumptions easier to accept. First, the viewer is challenged to believe that a secret government agency and its troll hunting actions would be allowed to be filmed. Second, it appears that large humanoid trolls are able to live in sparsely populated Norwegian areas and never be detected. Under any other context, these conditions are ridiculous at the very least. Yet, in this film, one is happy to completely suspend disbelief and join in on a crypto-zoological safari. Why? The idea is sheer fun. This film has chosen the perfect creature in that it requires no real supernatural belief and it is just underexposed enough to grab hold of general interest. One note of clarification is useful here. Apparently, trolls are culturally more discussed in Norway. As such, some of the troll humor and lore may not be as accessible to a foreign audience as a Norwegian one. That said, as a non-Norwegian, I was still able to greatly enjoy this film.

One of the biggest complaints that this film may suffer from is the roving camera style of shooting. Just as scenes in "Blair Witch," were at times disorienting or nauseating, "Troll Hunter," suffers from some shaky camera work. Even though this aspect could be held as a fault, it is completely in keeping with the agenda of the film makers. "Troll Hunter," as a production is completely aware of its own absurdity. As such, the goal seems to be to present the absurd and humorous in the most dead pan and realistic way possible. As an example, there are beautiful shots of icy fields interspersed with high voltage power lines. Instead of saying anything about power transport, these wires are explained as secret troll fences. Making such an odd and unbelievable assertion without even a hint of cracking a smile is a near perfect example of how a mockumentary can credibly over stretch credulity. In addition to the overall mood of the film, the pacing is excellent. This is not a movie where the audience is forced to wait over an hour for an unexpected payoff. On the contrary, with a minimal set up, the film begins to deliver tense action sequences and then fills in details around them. The effect is that this mockumentary builds as it is viewed as opposed to fizzling in its own story. Overall, this is a film that can be enjoyed by near all audiences, albeit, Norwegians may take more away in the humor department, but only slightly. This film has taken the adventure/horror mockumentary and brought it to almost perfection.

On a personal note, I will be recommending this film to friends. While it does require some attention to detail and story, this is very good beer and pizza fare. 7.5 Stars.
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The "I Am Legend" for Trolls
LouAbbott9 October 2017
"Trollhunter" is reminiscent of Richard Matheson's book" I Am Legend," which concentrated as much on why vampires need blood, are afraid of garlic and mirrors, die if exposed to the sun, etc. The Trollhunter explains to college kids filming the Trollhunter's trolling for trolls the characteristics of the trolls, types of trolls, where trolls live, what trolls eat, why some trolls grow two useless heads out of their shoulders, etc. A veterinarian tells why trolls will blow up or turn to stone if exposed to the sun (hummm, sound familiar?). "Trollhunter" is a good film, and the Norwegian scenery is nice.
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aidanshowe7 July 2019
This is, simply, a wonderful movie. Excellent acting, well-placed moments of dry comedy, surprisingly good special effects, and some legitimately suspenseful and epic action scenes add up to an (almost) perfect good time. Watch by all means!
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Enjoyable mockumentary-style horror.
Bentleybowtie19 August 2013
If you don't like mockumentary style horror cinema please skip this film. Based on what the other reviews are saying you will be very unhappy.

If you can appreciate mockumentary horror it's worth it.

Troll is loosely based on Scandinavian folklore and at first glance, it seems like utter silliness. Trolls? Really? But the movie is done so well and endearing that you actually begin to really like the fact that they chose trolls to be the main focus.

It's campy, it's funny, it's kind of cheesy sometimes but its GOOD!

It's entertainment, not horror, and it knows that which is why it works. The actors, director, art direction and everything just works together in a good way.
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Original and Promising Storyline but Poorly Executed
claudio_carvalho24 December 2011
When bears are found dead in Norway, the students of the Volda University Thomas (Glenn Erland Tosterud), Johanna (Johanna Mørck) and the cameraman Kalle (Tomas Alf Larsen) decide to investigate. They stalk the trailer of the mysterious hunter Hans (Otto Jespersen) expecting to find an explanation for the killings. The reluctant Hans tries to flee from the youngsters, but he agrees that they film him in action provided the follow his orders. Sooner the trio of students learns that Hans is actually a troll hunter that works for a secret government agency. Further, several dangerous trolls have escaped from their territory and Hans is assigned to eliminate them.

"Trolljegeren" has an original and promising storyline that explores the Norwegian legend of the Trolls. The explanations of Hans about the creatures are cynical and witty, and Otto Jespersen has an excellent performance. Unfortunately the feature is poorly executed, using the "Blair Witch Project" style that is presently one of the most used and boring clichés in the cinema industry. Further, the joke with Christians is silly, stupid and never works. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "O Caçador de Troll" ("The Troll Hunter")
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Great potential and outstanding computer graphics..... but.
DrDarkness29 September 2011
I'd be more than happy to give this Norwegian film more than just five stars out of 10, but I have to be honest.

The film has been made like it's a documentary, and it totally works for it. And the scenes where they are filming the trolls are beautifully made and acting is very good. But during the film there was too many scenes with just sitting around and chatting, so my eyes were drawn to stare my wristwatch just too many times. I wanted action! Excitement! Terror! But instead I got 70% explanations and only 30% what I really expected.

So 5 out of 10 it is. I really, really wanted to give more.
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