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Not worth my time
sin89 September 2011
I was kinda looking forward to this movie having seen some of the media pictures and after watching 15mins of it, I was ready to take a nap. Ray Liota has never really been the 'up-front' guy that you expect to see in a movie like this and he does nothing to change the outlook in this movie either. Often seen walking around with his pot-belly sticking out and frequently mouthing a bunch of 'cliched' sentences, his character is so different from the portrayed 'guy who has slept with hundred's of women and even old flames can't keep there hands off' type of guy that the weak script calls for. The story is weak to the point of being funny. Its like the script for this has been made up from scenes and lines from some of the (much) better offerings in this genre. All of the characters are way too predictable and offer nothing that hasn't already been done to death. I even found the soundtrack also very annoying and repetitive. I'm no real film buff nor a real movie critic but this movie really owes everything it makes from the promotion. Unfortunately, if you pay to see this you'll come out of the movie theater feeling ripped off.
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Really not so bad
holysimon16 October 2011
This is the kind of low budget movie offering a mix of seasoned actors, who do a great job with the material and their screen time, and not so seasoned ones who fill in the blanks.

Liotta is top notch and Slater is his usual enjoyable self.

Michael Rodrick has got game and Sarah Ann Schultz creates a very hot detective.

With a handful of surprising twists and few glaring errors, it managed to tell a really interesting story by avoiding the usual pitfalls of guns and sexploitation.

This had the look and feeling of those B-movies of the eighties where you could sit in front of the picture and be just captivated by the storytelling and the performance of thespians who don't need big bucks for them to show they can act.

A good effort.

As for the whiners? Well, 2 species have sprung on IMDb in the last few years: those who like nothing and those who hate everything.

As for the rest: you'll probably enjoy the surprises as well as I did.
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It is not worth watching ...
Erik Osolin8 October 2011
Ray Liotta and Christian Slater are names, for whom you would say they are A class actors. So they are, however they cannot save poor scenario and a poor movie. Furthermore, such a movie does not bring them some good reputation and in future I will apparently have to avoid movies in which they will be acting. An hour and a half of your life spent to watch this movie is a period, which you will never get back. It is a poor TV-like movie with unrealistic scenario. (well, at least for majority of us normal, ordinary people, family guys). Very poor developed characters. Christian Slater role is marginal, not developed, his role could have been played by any guy from the street who never acted before. Just forget it ... grab a book or go for a walk ...
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Inconsistent acting and overall just bad, even though there is some spoilers read instead of watching
WalterSoprano23 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This film has some interesting aspects but they aren't good enough to outshine anything in this hunk of garbage. I couldn't stand some of the acting with how inconsistent and off key it was, for example Gisele Fraga which played Ana really annoyed me because she constantly contradicted everything she did or said. To elaborate further on that I will say how Ana always made an idiot out of her self by constantly saying I don't care when she very clearly and obviously did care. Plus unless Ana had a major case of bi polar disorder Gisele and the writers screwed up there, she would be hardcore arguing with jack when out of no where she brings up how she is pregnant and now they're both happy and loving each other which clearly doesn't make sense.

Another inconsistent character is the main killer aka jacks bastard son, all throughout the film he's talking about how jack will burn in hell and he will show no mercy and so forth when in the end after killing all those women and even the unborn children in the bellies he let Ana and her kid live. So overall the inconsistency makes this film really stupid and badly made.

The films highlights were not as common as they should have been but even if the highlights appeared more frequently it still wouldn't have been nearly enough to make up for all the ridiculous inconsistency. If you enjoyed it good for you but for me I just hate it for plenty of reasons I've already listed, if you haven't seen this movie and you're reading this review do yourself a favor and skip this one and go watch seven. Seven has a somewhat similar story with a much better story, consistency, acting, and climax (among the most memorable in my opinion). That's the end of my review thanks for reading.
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Not worth your time
pi1e17 February 2014
I was never much of a fan of Ray Liotta, except maybe for The Goodfellas,and he proves me right in this movie. The actress playing his wife is struggling with English and with acting (no, she's not the next SoniaBraga, I'm sorry to say). Christian Slater does his usual crazy. Nothing suspenseful, nothing thrilling and no drama (though they do try, so eagerly, in every shot) about this. This was free on-demand, so I'm happy I didn't have to pay for it. Don't let the others fool you, this movie is not worth your time. The writing is horrible, the dialogue is childish, the plot is stupid, the "twist" is easily figured out, the acting is horrible - it is murder-by-numbers with all the clichés you can throw in, mixed up and then spilled out for you viewing "pleasure". Stay away!
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Bruno Lecurieux7 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I'm actually disappointed. The plot seems to built up nice in the beginning but in the end seems ridiculous. Not that I doubt Ray's character to be able to remember 100 women he just had one night stand with but rather how the killer gets to know that and how he is able to pile up the bodies faster that terminator looking for Sarah Conner.

The killer is revealed pretty early in the movie and is a rather empty caricature of some religious fanatic. I believe if they had spent more time on the killer's psychology and how he gets to his victims, the film would be more credible.

The only part I enjoyed was the rather sarcastic FBI agent played by Mr Slater but that might be just 10 min of the entire movie. I definitely do not recommend this film.
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Absolute Dreck - and Rehashed Dreck at that....
geddyleeisgod13 October 2011
Wooden acting, laughable dialogue, and a completely implausible and unoriginal plot.

For example: "I'm going to have to ask you to turn in your badge and your gun until we clear things up. I'm sorry."

Given a second star because the photography and lighting met today's general standards, although without any particular effort on the part of the director of photography to strive for any originality or aesthetic quality.

A stinkeroo. A doggie turd painted gold.

You've been warned.
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Good serial murder mystery
paulimiles7 September 2011
Okay, there's been a plethora of serial murder type movies in the last 20 years. Is this just another one ? Probably. It's not exactly ground breaking but it is fast paced and keeps you guessing. It is unique in some ways because although it exposes the killer fairly early on it conceals their motive until late in the movie. I've always considered Ray Liotta a 'B Grade' actor, guilty far too often of merely reading his lines and showing fake emotion. Whilst there are times when he's guilty of these shortcomings again in this movie, his performance for most part is solid and convincing. The support cast is equally strong and the underrated Christian Slater also shines but is sadly lacking in screen time. A haunting soundtrack and tight dialogue makes for enjoyable movie if the genre is your thing. Recommended viewing 8/10
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A Terrible Movie.
nickcaveuk7 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
We've had horror porn now we have cop porn, I think the script writers had bets on how many times they could use the word 'vagina' in a 90 min film. Ray Liotta is just not a good enough actor to hold a film together without the support of a De Niro or the like. Ving Rhames looks embarrassed to be there and Christian Slater is just as terrible as he usually is. The whole cop as suspect thing has been done to death and this film adds nothing to that genre - discussing how many sexual partners the suspect cop has had just adds to the wholly unsavoury flavour of the film. Don't hold your breath waiting waiting for Rich Cowan to direct a decent film he just has no ability he could turn a silk purse into a sows ear.
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Be Gentle
craigvalenciaga9 August 2012
I love Ray Liotta (Goodfellas...). There is something about his eyes and his interpretation of text that plants him in the garden of good actors. Ving Rhames and Christian Slater are not slouches; they both have a body of work that they can be proud of.

The film has shortcomings but I want to compliment the actors, crew, and artists involved. It's hard to hit the ball out of the park every time but they suited up and did the best they could.

What I see is a script that had quite a few voices that had to be placated in order for the film to be made. There are too many levels of intellect and articulation. Nobody edited the script. The script teeters uncomfortably between genres; the director creates a new sub-genre of pornography at times and then the contextual shots want to make the film artsy. Crime-Porn? I guess.

The script isn't even really that insufferable. The problem is with he pacing, the camera work, the editing, and the dumbing down of EVERY element--! Nobody looks good...and if no one looks good what's the point?
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Kirsten Holmes11 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
When the cover says 'not since Seven has a deadly sin been this terrifying,' what I expect is Seven, only much worse, because no respectable movie director attempts to make a movie with any similarity whatsoever to such a legend of a movie unless he's a really shocking director or a really cocky brilliant one paying respect, and the latter are rare.

It's got the bible themed killings, except without the gore or the fear or the creativity or originality. And then, lo and behold, at the end the wife is taken captive by the killer, who calls for the husband-cop and Oh My God I never expected it...the cop kills the killer. Seven it is not. But it tries really, really hard to copy it exactly down to the 'shocking' final twist.

I have never rolled my eyes as often in a movie as I did in this one. The most entertaining thing about Ray Liotta in this film is the enormity of his beer gut, which proceeds him everywhere he goes.

The River Murders is the most predictable movie I've ever seen, with the worst script, cast, and directing in the history of my film watching career. The plot holes are so large you could fall through them from a mile high. And in the background, Christian Slater grabs desperate hold of the only role he could manage to land in what? The last decade? Oh well, he tries his best. There's your regular typecast cop actors as virtual extras.

I can't believe they had the nerve to include a 'making of' featurette on the DVD. Needless to say, I didn't watch that just like I shouldn't have watched this film.
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A surprisingly good movie about a detective finding all of his ex's murdered. Good but not really original. I say B
Tony Heck13 September 2011
"Twelve years ago I dated Sarah for four months, the last time we had sex was right down there. That makes me a suspect." After finding an old girlfriend murdered Detective Jack Verdon (Liotta) is suspended from the force. After more and more women from his past end up dead he starts his own investigation. This is a movie that really surprised me. I do like Liotta and Slater but lately their movies have not been that impressive to watch. This is a huge exception. While it had all the makings of a bad TV movie this became something more. I'm not saying this is amazing or anything new, it has the same plot of many of the CSI-type shows but seemed better then those to me. While this movie was not as tense as it wanted to be it still kept me watching and I enjoyed this very much. It may have been because of no expectations but I would recommend this. Overall, a very entertaining murder mystery movie that is better then expected. I give it a B.

Would I watch again? - I don't know if I will or not

*Also try - In Her Skin & Untraceable
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Smart & refreshing
buddybhupender13 September 2011
well i saw the plot and decided to watch simply because i don't remember watching any serial murder movies lately...

i was not expecting anything from the movie because i knew in the first place that it is a low budget project but since the plot was appealing i went ahead and to my surprise i liked this movie in many ways. first the story itself. technically no loopholes in the script. second,characters were totally convincing and it didn't occurred at any point of time that they are unknown or never been in the lime light many times which usually happens in a small budget productions that everything is fine but star cast with poor performance brings the house down. so hats off to the stars of this movie. Third, even without showing much violence the director was able to portray the right scenario of crime scenes. so one dimension of the direction where you don't need a chainsaw or a shotgun to paint the walls with blood and body parts to make it a gore fest. You can look over the present resources and develop a plan to use them in a best possible manner. that's what the director has been able to pulled off. And last but not the least the characters in this movie don't behave in the typical way which we always make fun while watching such movies when we felt that this is the most stupidest thing to do in such a situation like even the most famous movies franchise SAW forced us to think that many times. so showing some things out of league was refreshing to me simply because it makes sense. There is this scene where the female partner of Lotta meets a guy and she refuses to date him simply because his partner is in trouble and she suspects that it is not a coincident that suddenly a guy turns up who seems nice and why he is interested in dating a cop which seems out of ordinary and she suspects that he might be dangerous but it would not have happened in the SAW or any other serial killer movies. so credit goes to director who applied logic with his characters thinking making it more of a thinking character's movie than merely simple performance where character is repeating his lines without bringing feel about his character.

Overall it is a small budget DVD release so i don't want you fellows to expect anything great from this movie but I'd say this technically it is decent film who does OK and has nice performance by stars, also the pace of the story is good so if is a good way to kill time at home and most of you might feel good about it. so given the limitations of the director & producers i would say that it is a nice attempt though screenplay could have been more tight but anyway it is refreshing. upcoming directors might learn something from this movie. My rating 7/10 simply because their hard work entertained me.
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This must have went straight to video
Ed-Shullivan7 January 2014
Ray Liotta has starred in many a fine picture(s), but I did not think this was one of his better films. His acting was certainly up to par but the movie was thin on content. Ray Liotta plays Detective Jack Verdon, a married man with a very active sex life with many, many partners before he got married several years ago.

Somehow, someone has been murdering the women Jack has previously slept with, and as any good serial killer will tell you, the killer has to have a modus operandi. So Jack is first accused of being the possible serial killer as he cannot account how anyone else would know the women he has previously taken on as one time lovers, so his badge and gun are temporarily confiscated. As more murders of Jacks former lovers are turning up, Jack is eventually cleared to go back on duty.

Supporting cast members include Ving Rhames as Jack's Captain, and Christian Slater as a pesky FBI agent. I enjoy a good serial killer movie but this film left me with little to be too intrigued about. A THRILLER it was not. Yes, it is worth a watch for a late night movie when you cannot sleep but it is not an "edge on your seat THRILLER", nor does it have a unique or surprise ending. Somewhat disappointing overall.

I rated it a 4 out of 10. Sorry Ray, but maybe your next suspense film will result in a better IMDb score.
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sking-235-73733410 December 2011
A dog turd would be insulted by this flick. I can only blame myself for sitting through the entire movie... slowly developing a brain aneurysm from watching some of the worst acting I have ever seen. I can honestly say that I have never witnessed so many "known" celebrities tied to one giant ball of ass.

I could go into more specifics (the list is long)... but that would have me spending more time discussing this piece of garbage. And that's way more than it deserves. If I could get away with punching the kid who rented this to me I would.

You have been warned.
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Pretty Lame & May Upset Some Sensitive Christian Types
Jakealope3 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
What was ironic was the night before I watched this movie. I was watching this Hollywood conservative give the stock "Hollywood is bad" spiel on some right wing "star"'s "News" show. He said that EVERY movie, TV show, play, even news story that comes out of Hollywood portrays Christians as psychotics. Of course that is a pathetic hysterical lie, from a pulp fiction novelist whose books were made into a few forgettable crime dramas. Fine, go make yourself into a victim & feel sorry.

Well this movie did seem to lend credence to him but at the same time destroy his central thesis. It was not made in Hollywood and for various reasons it went straight to DVD, mainly cause it really was lame & boring. I'm sure by now you got the gist of the film, and saw how the once promising Ray Liotta cannot carry a movie, even with Slater's mischievous energy.

Basically this kid, who the detective under suspicion had inadvertently sired years ago, decides to go on a killing rampage against all the women he ever slept with. See, John/Ray got this one woman pregnant, and instead of getting the abortion, she went to LA and gave birth to this little monster. So he grows up naturally angry & alienated and gets involved in Christianity & anti-abortion movement. Then he goes full psycho and tortures and kills his evil fallen mother. Before he kills one women, he finagles the other women who his absent father had slept with too. Since he was about thirty, he was killing women who hadn't seen his absent father in decades yet they seem to know the other women some one night stand of theirs slept with. So begins the chain reaction Since he is involved in the anti-abortion movement and has access to abortion clinic data, he matches Ray's lovers with abortions and goes after the abortion seeking ones with a glee. After he kills them, he shoves her wedding ring in her private place. Then he even kills Ray's mother, which made his sickness even more twisted since like what did she do wrong, even from some old testament biblical POV? Okay, as sick as it is, as well as unbelievable it was, the movie just plain sucked. Ving Rames was useless as the standard harried detective's boss. Some Gisele Brazilian type played his wife and in spite of her accent, her bad acting just showed through. There were a bunch of obligatory plot twists, most of them expected. Like the killer hits on the female detective friend of his, even comes to the office, yet bluffs them off when she was one his past sex partners. You think they would have grabbed him and sweated him out then, So the killer sneaks into her flat, etc The only scene that was half way interesting was the final scene when he confronts the bad guy. It was loaded with religious symbolism. It also sort of touched on the issue of promiscuous sex so it was not a total Christian bash. The worst part of it was that it was just plain dull and miserable and had no depth to it. The serial killer genre is so large and over worked, and only the ones that has some reality to it are any good.
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ALL of the thumbs down
lindsayrenaecook9 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The dialogue was flat, the characters two-dimensional, and the directing sorely lacking.

Here on IMDb, this film is labeled a "thriller". It could have been, in the hands of a competent director.

On the rental box, this film was labeled "action". The only action i saw was Ray Liotta jogging (and looking like he was about to have a heart attack in the process).

The only decent acting in the entire movie came from a supporting actor - the husband of one of the victims attempting to murder Liotta - whose scene was cut short by the cops who showed up out of the blue with no explanation. How did they know what was happening? Shouldn't it have been the FBI instead of a couple anonymous cops? This barely scratches the surface of the awfulness that is The River Murders. At best, this could be labeled "movie of the week".
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Interesting Cop Drama
Bob_the_Hobo2 May 2012
Ray Liotta plays Jack Verdon, a Seattle cop investigating a string of brutal murders, with all the targets being women he's slept with in the past. Immediately a suspect, Jack has to tangle with FBI Agent Vuckovitch (Slater) work outside his job to catch the killer.

The script seems fairly straight-forward but it has a very compelling religious aspect that comes in when we meet the killer. I'm not spoiling anything by saying that we meet the killer fairly early on. His character is written in a way that kept me interested as to his intentions. I had a hard time believing Liotta's character would remember all the "100's" of women he'd slept with, but whatever. Verdon and the killer are definitely the strongest characters, though, with the Vuckovitch character being a constant strain.

Liotta, Slater, and Ving Rhames are the bankable stars advertised on the cover, but all three men could have switched roles and you would have had the same movie. For instance, if Slater played Verdon, Liotta the Police Captain, and Rhames the FBI Agent, or so on. All three do an adeqaute job, though Slater served more as comic relief than anything else. Liotta's wife is played by the gorgeous Giselle Fraga, whose beauty just about saves her flat acting. Michael Rodrick shows some real potential as the killer, his cold performance stood out from the supporting cast.

Cinematography caught the drizzly Washington weather perfectly, though as someone not a Seattle native, I was confused as why it was never really brought to light which river the title alluded to.

"The River Murders" makes for a nice day off or rainy day mystery movie to watch with some popcorn. I'd recommend it.
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Engaging, atmospheric mystery
adoraburl27 September 2011
Good cast, and especially atmospheric cinematography capturing a true Pacific Northwest ambiance -- if you have ever been in Portland in the rain, you know what I'm talking about. The plot is interesting, and although aspects were predictable, the underlying solution to the mystery wasn't obvious (at least to me, and I write mysteries). Disturbing to be sure, but that's the idea -- acting is good all around. Ray Liota is one of those actors who makes you wonder if he's gone as deep as he can go, or if he is about to go deeper than you thought possible of him. He continually surprises me, and that's a compliment. Christian Slater plays an ass of an FBI agent, and does it well.
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View on a surprisingly good film!
greenbeansean8 September 2011
Just saw this movie, and thought I'd write a review. Ironically, this is the first review I've written on IMDb.

The movie was great, but definitely a TV movie. There are a lot of theater movies out there, that suck much, much more, and I would definitely have spent $10-15 to see this in theaters.

The plot is gripping, and draws you in. Although there are some scenes that do feel hollow, the movie has a quick pace, and keeps you guessing. I've seen Ray Liotta in a few movies/shows before, and this is definitely his best acting out of all of them. The movie has suspense enough for you to worry about a character as well.

See this movie, it's truly one of the good films out there.
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Step aside Resurrection .....for the worst serial killer move ever
cmoyton3 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
..and if you haven't seen Resurrection please do. It rips off Seven almost scene for scene and also casts Leland Orser in a major role. Is that homage or irony. Where Resurrection dovetails into The River Murders is in the religious theme to the killings while name checking Seven on the DVD cover. And that ladies and gents is as good as it gets.

Yet again i lament the fact that IMDb does not have a no stars option because this film has no redeeming features whatsoever bar a comedic hamming it up big time performance from a wise cracking Christian Slater as an FBI agent. Every cliché in the book is flogged to death. Credability is non existent. The rubber snaps (no pun intended) when Liottas ex bed notch cop friend takes a lift from the shifty looking serial killer because she could not be bothered furthering her feeble attempt to hail a taxi. Even when an opportunity is presented to spin something else the script then goes out of its way to reinforce the fact that Liottas character was a heterosexual stud.

Liotta should be ashamed for taking the pay cheque as his performance is so lame it is at times unintentionally funny. Watch him and his jelly belly jogging - hope they had paramedics ready. As for the "actress" who played his wife - jeepers enough said. I only watched to the ahem -climax- to see what the motive for the killer was after making several wide of the mark guesses. Now i'm feeling double dumbness by also actually paying to rent this trash and all. But then i excuse myself by checking the real age of the actor who played the killer on IMDb - he is in his 40's and looks every day of it. They pass him off as being 30 year old in the movie which is why i would never fathom him as the son of the Liotta character who is portrayed as 48 year old in the movie.
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A detective works a case that gets very personal.
Michael O'Keefe24 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Ray Liotta plays veteran Seattle detective Jack Verdon, who by chance becomes a suspect in a murder case. Actually Verdon becomes the prime suspect when it is discovered this murder is connected to a string of unsolved murders up and down the Pacific Northwest. Verdon has been very personal with all the victims...strange as it may seem. And each found in or close to the river where he was intimate with them. Captain Langley(Ving Rhames)is eager to clear Jack, but filthy minded FBI agent Vuckovich(Christian Slater)is insistent Verdon is the serial killer. Jack's own wife Ana(Gisele Fraga)starts having her own doubts about his innocence. The killer is revealed too early and brings a strange dynamic to the story line. This is one of those movies that you wish was a good as its description. Filling out the cast: Sarah Ann Schultz, Melora Walters, Serena Caryl and Raymond J. Barry.
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A truly laughable piece of film making
owen-691-3809107 September 2011
This is probably the worst movie I've seen all year and I have seen some rubbish films this year so that is saying something. The acting is terrible, the actors had no chemistry and most had been terribly mis-cast. The script is atrocious and the plot is not only unbelievable but also ridiculous, also the editing and camera work seem amateur. During this movie we found ourselves laughing out loud several times mainly because of Ray Liotta's emotional reactions (I cannot believe the performance Scorcese got from him in Goodfellas, having seen several of his films since).

There were only 2 enjoyable things about this movie; Christian Slater (basically playing Christian Slater the FBI agent) as his character was amusing and the 2nd thing was the end credits. I gave the film 2/10: 1 for Christian Slater and 1 for comedy value. Straight to the bottom of the DVD bargain bin (or the river) wit this please...
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The Worst Movie I Have Ever Seen!
davidjskeen9 June 2012
Without a doubt this is the worst movie I have ever seen, amateur acting from all parties involved, directing and production are terrible. Do yourself a favor take a nap and leave this where it should be placed, in the garbage. How this EVER got a release is beyond me a child could have done a better job. The actors must have cringed whilst watching themselves in there roles and yes it really is that bad. I may only be filling in the lines now but the old terrible horror tales from growing up are more enjoyable. One thing that does bring a smile to your face is Ray Liotta saying he is going to take a jog, really he should wear a panty girdle his paunch is that pronounced. Watch anything but this!
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Worthy effort from Liotta/Rhames
Greg10 October 2011
Homicide detective Jack Verdon's (Ray Liotta) sex life has been robust over the past 40 years. Unmarried until just recently, Jack played the field and enjoyed every minute of his promiscuous adventures. That is until his former female partners start showing up murdered thus leaving Jack as the prime suspect of an F.B.I. investigation.

This is the central plot line for The River Murders, a new direct to VOD and DVD title staring Liotta, Ving Rhames and Christian Slater that is much better than is should be for reasons that we won't be able to fully scope to any reasonable conclusion.

The movie begins sharply with the discovery of a female victim that has been found in a local river. Jack arrives at the scene and immediately identifies the girl as someone to which he had prior relations. When the body is taken back to the morgue, a ring is discovered in the dead woman's vagina. Before Jack can come to grips with his connection to the victim, he receives word that his mother has died mysteriously. And then, another murder of a former female acquaintance is found with the same M.O. as the first girl.

This prompts an F.B.I. investigation lead by Agent Vuckovitch (Slater) who is an obnoxious and not entirely believable agent who spends more time trying to provoke detective Verdon than he does on the exploration of the killer.

The River Murders soon slides into conventional thriller mode and more bodies are found while we are introduced to the killer and we get the two destined story lines of Verdon's confusion and struggles with the F.B.I. and the killer's relentless mission to continue a personal vendetta against jack that will be revealed before the final credits roll.

The River Murders is not overly graphic, it's not particularly believable and it has a killer whose motivations are something that can only come out of the Hollywood machine. Yet, we liked it. Maybe it was the always reliable acting by Rhames (who plays Jack's boss) and Liotta. Maybe it was the no nonsense direction by Rich Cowan (Shadow of Fear) that kept things moving without convoluting the plot line or stretching the brisk 92-minute runtime with unnecessary subplots or dialogue traps. Whatever the reason, we thought The River Murders worked and was far better than the average made-for-television fare that the story would suggest suited.

The heavy weight of the broad motive of the killer is the only thing that keeps The River Murders away from a better grade and acceptance. But that shouldn't deter you from giving this VOD effort a shot. It is better than most and hardly deserving of a complete ignore.
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