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Story happens in 12 hours from 6.30pm to 6.30am, exploring the night life of chennai in the most delightful way!
machi8413 November 2010

I have seen Oram Po, the director duo's first flick and was pretty impressed with their innovative story telling on a local subculture.

This film, takes it a notch above from bringing on the most unique story and characters alive on screen. Right from the title sequence with 2D animation and resounding rock guitars, the style quotient hits a high and sustains it throughout the film. In an industry where films have loud, on your face jokes, this one comes as a surprise with subtle, smart and intelligent comedy. Even the goddess loosing an eye ( wow, who would ever think of its repercussions in the story?!) is so cool and unassuming! And the opening sequence which flows as a seamless single shot, introducing the different characters, who bump in through the film: definitely this film way out of league for any Tamil, rather Indian film! These guys are the future and messiah for a contrived, stuck up film industry. Good job guys! keep up the good work! oh, and its so funny! COMPLETE LAUGH RIOT! and the colors, the art direction, camera work, music!!!I can go on and on... Its a Wonderful, DELIGHTFUL, FILM!
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12hr riveting tale on one man's search for his elixir in life in a wild goose chase across the city with quirky characters and super duper fun! Its all about passion!
sundarramalingam2513 November 2010
I simply thought this was the most perfectly made and wonderful film, I've seen in a long time! Really really funny, totally unique and its good to see such cutting edge stuff! Can't believe in our times, we've got to see such a cool, great tamil film! the amount of effort and detailing which has gone into the film is unmatchable! Simply superb and you will miss out on a lot if you miss this film. Wish I could meet the director duo and share my appreciation! Thoroughly enjoyed this flick and for people who don't know tamil, should watch it with subtitles to get a whiff of the local flavors of India! The little details go past in the first time, so I wanted to watch it more and more! After seeing it for the 5th time, it still has some little surprises for me This is a huge step forward for Indian films and hope more such little gems keep coming out!
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Best dark comedy
chow-ravi18 August 2020
I have watched this film more than 50 times. Best screenplay, Siva sir screen presence are ultimate
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Film stands out unique even after 5 years, highly repeatable to see
thirusurya27 June 2015
Shiva need not make big effort to bring in comedy in any of his dialog,It comes out very naturally.Every dialogue of him is simple and elegant,but it could be appreciated very well as these words are all very common in our conversations.His Coimbatore slang is damn good.He delivers serious matter in a funny/casual way that makes us laugh.

Greeny shades ,eye-catching paintings in streets combined with superb BGM makes us not to miss a scene.All 4 four situation songs are interesting.

This movie explores all means by which one can go in search for alcohol in a dry day.Finally he gets in the climax.

Club scene where Shiva dances in village style ,in return John Vijay dance in funny disco style

Lekha speaking in childish way is nice.SPB Charan is mix of responsible,silly and at end becomes a hero of past.

Va quarter cutting Good time-pass movie or a refresher for any number of time
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Appetizing but not enough kick to offer..! Warning: Spoilers
Puskhar-Gayatri fresh from their different yet successful debut movie "Oram Po " are back with yet another different attempt with "Va "(1/4) . The film's story takes place in one night, in which the protagonist, with the help of his would-be brother-in-law, hunts for a last liquor before leaving to Saudi Arabia. The freshness of the concept & the manner in which the movie has been shot are the strong points while the sluggish screenplay plays the spoilsport.

The direction is also patchy with some good sequences interspersed with some very ordinary & some very amateurish ones. While watching the movie sometimes one get a doubt whether the same due have done this movie too for they have done a very neat job in their debut feature.

Dialogues too are at times funny & at time kiddish. But the thing that make it worse is the bad dialog delivery from Shiva & the one who has dubbed for Lekha. Shiva's rendition of Kovai Tamil is simulated & doesn't jell with his body language.

Shiva is getting typecast & he seems to be doing the same thing all over again right from his debut movie "Chennai 600028". He seem to have reluctance to come out of his comfort zone which would make his survival difficult in the industry which is fraught with heavy competition. Or else he would end up as a comedy side kick in the near future.

S.P.B.Charan does a neat job of it as the brother-in-law of the hero .He has come a long way since "Unnai Saran Adaindaen " in his expressions & histrionics. His dialog delivery is way better than the hero & heroine while his comical expressions are a treat. His innocent & naive demeanor adds up to the effect.

Lekha has nothing much to do which the bane of the heroine of contemporary Tamil movies.She overdoes her expressions in many of the sequences & she needs to learn how to draw a line between comical expressions & insanity .

John Vijay is as competent as ever & after "Oram Po " he gets a meaty role in this movie & he has utilized the opportunity well.

Nirav Shah's cinematography is one of the USPs of the movie . He is as stupendous as ever but the green tone does gets under one's nerve after a point.

G.V.PrakashKumar's music has nothing much to offer while his BGM is pathetic to say the least. Its as if one is watching a amateur drama & BGM being given for it by some part-time musicians.

On the whole , "Va (1/4) " is not as bad it is portrayed in the media . It does keeps one engaged in the goings-on with the intermittent phases of amateurishness that leaves one dismayed .

Bottomline : Appetizing but not enough kick to offer..!
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Total madcap fun film, throwing a different light on Chennai's night life, filled with the most amusing situations and quirkiest of characters!
vijay-vasanth8122 November 2010
if you get back home from a rough day, wanna just kick back your shoes and chill with a beer, then this film will just be your best buddy and cheer you up! It has a cool, happy existential feel to it and the theme itself proves that only the small, obsessive joys in life make it worthwhile! Its so different from the regular fare in Tamil, it's such a relief! Guess, one reason, some people didn't get it! Its way out there, in a totally different world, from our regular love, friendship, family masala! Its definitely a path breaking film! GUYS, CHECK IT OUT WHEN ITS A BOYS NIGHT OUT WITH SOME BEERS! From Hangover, this will become the new film we can trip on at house parties!
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wild goose chase across town in search of a quarter, intercepted by the most colorful characters! A laugh riot, well crafted!
thillumullu10022 November 2010
Its a simple tale of 2guys, Suraa and Maarthandan in search of a drink on a dry night in the city of Chennai. But, the way the film has been structured, starting from the different characters involved in different activities in different parts of the city at the same time(6.30pm) and how these fascinating quirky characters come into play through the film is very complex and well structured. It has the style of international movies with picture perfect production design and camera work. Its really delightful to just see each and every frame of the film. The relationship between Suraa and Maarthandan is very tender and comes through a full arch with some sweet performances from the lead cast. Again casting wise, each and every character from Saro, as the dumb school girl to the father son duo played by the same character to the dogs which chase the protagonists are very unique and interesting. Even the Amman cutout, which finally saves the day plays a character! Its rather unfortunate that a lot of people don't seem to get the coolness and intelligence behind such an effort! Hope it doesn't end up as one of those highly underrated, fantastic films!

The makers have the finesse and the film looks like its a love child of Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Guy Ritchie and Tarantino! Wow! It's that awesome!

This trend is healthy and hope to see more such cutting edge, avant garde films in namma Madras!
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'Va Quarter Cutting' is surely for those, who are on the run for it.
askarme-950-92812416 May 2011
Y Not Studios and Cloud Nine Productions together have been welcoming new ideas over the screens. It was much illustrious with their previous production 'Tamizh Padam'. Though, it wasn't an excellent movie to boast off, it had some unique values of breaking the clichés of Tamil Cinema. Yet again, the producers are back with a comedy entertainer with a simple theme with a humorous narration. But the filmmakers Pushkar-Gayathri do strain themselves over presenting visuals in a 'caricatured' and 'unnatural' manner. Gaudy colors and unwanted green tones – it's so tastelessly showy.

The film opens with the prologue of different characters gonna come across each other at a night time. ATM Thieves, bunch of Anglo-Indian guys doping up in graveyard, Red Light area, a psychotic person burning down bikes, a stranger electrified to death while fixing the light on Goddess Amman's gigantic image. And then comes Sundarajan aka Sura (Shiva) heading to Chennai for his flight to Dubai at early morning. Soon as Shiva meets the job agent, he is blown out of waters to hear certain conditions in Dubai. No Alcohols, No Gals and No Pork. For Shiva, it really matters to have at least ¼ Cutting and he embarks a journey with his yet to be brother-in-law Marthandan (SP Charan) for it. Unfortunately, these guys are not lucky enough to get what they want. Rather they are exposed to unexpected twists and turns that keeps them engaged till the dawn.

Don't expect a lot from this film. Make sure you aren't gonna watch the laugh-riot and please say 'No' to logics. For sure, it's not gonna delight the non-alcoholics unless you love creative themes. Well it happens at most cases during mid-night times where Chennaiites rush through the nook and corners of the city. It's a simple them that has been narrated with more characterizations. 'VA' is entertaining at few parts and that's precisely because of Shiva's one-liners. His very introduction watching Balakrishna's Telugu movie in Bus till the climax is hilarious. 'Nee Pakkaradhukku Ghajini Asin Maathiri Irukka' on SP Charan is rib-tickling. Lekha Washington's characterization is okay and the film would have done even without her role. SP Charan's comical looks and his funny character is again a plus. John Vijay's double act is too awkward and he has to avoid the same sort of roles over and again. Arya's cameo as 'Oram Po' auto racer is a surprise. Characters of Anglo-Indian guys and Police are completely unwanted.

Technically, the songs are good with 'Unnai Kan Thedudhe' and 'Thediyae Thediyae' turning to be the cherry-picks. But it's disappointing to see the mediocre picturing of 'Unnai Kan Thedudhe'. Hope GVP saves such songs for some mass heroes. Nirav Shah's cinematography is good, but avoiding overdosed greenish tones would have done justice to the visuals.

As mentioned earlier, 'Va Quarter Cutting' isn't a big comedy fiesta. But it's a film that will keep you engaged if watched with no expectations. Special appreciations for Pushkar-Gayathri for an interesting theme, but they could have made the film yet funnier.
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Quarter Cutting- A Night of Mayhem
nair_vinod24 April 2011
Va Quarter Cutting is one of those full-fledged comedy flick which are a rarity in the Tamil cinema scene. Director duo Pushkar and Gayathri has delivered another unique comedy flick after their debut film, Oram Po.

The story is simple. A man who goes on a search for liquor before he leaves for Saudi Arabia. He comes across various characters in the quest for liquor and certain incidents ensues as a result of it. The most unique thing is, all these happen from 6pm to 6am on a certain day.

The highlight of the film is definitely the lead characters. Shiva as Sura, SPB Charan as Marthandan and Lekha Washington as Saro. Their performance is simply superb and Shiva as usual manages to make us laugh with his funny dialogues and reactions. Not to forget the double act performance by John Vijay as King and Prince. He presented both the role well.

Music by GV Prakash Kumar is good and adequate for the film. The BGM is well suited for the scenes. Nirav Shah's cinematography has captured Chennai's nightlife well. Anthony has done a good job in editing and ensured the film proceeds at a perfect pace.

Va Quarter Cutting might not strike a chord with the majority of the audience especially the family ones but it will have its own cult followers, just like Oram Po. For me, it is a excellent storytelling attempt and Pushkar-Gayathri has dished out a feel-good film.
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rise of modern tamil cinema
drsnehithmd10 March 2011
What can i say about the way i felt during the course of watching and post watching the movie?it was just pure exhilaration that tamil cinema has directors who think so modernly but still not losing their cultural ground.The basic premise of the movie is about a guy who comes to the city whose flight is due in the morning to one of the gulf countries.He realizes he wont be able to drink anymore let alone do any other things in that country and then from thereon he along with his soon to be brother in law starts the quest for that one quarter of happiness.Add to it some wonderful characters of gamblers,politicians,women,an 18 year old schoolgirl,car chases and a card game and you end up watching an amazing modern tamil cinema.I loved this piece of art and would not dissect the movie as i recommend all my tamil brothers to watch this awesome movie and decide for yourselves.Cinematography is just so breathtking in showing the city during the night.Direction is really good as well as the music.But what stands above everyhing else is the performances of shiva,s.p charan,lekha washington,john vijay and all the other actors,they are just amazing.A very highly recommended movie and a definite cult movie for movie enthusiastic or fanatics like us....CHEERS
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Fastastic fun ride with the wittiest of lines and coolest of characters lead by Suraa and Maarthandan on a crazy single night in the month of aadi in madras!
aarthiramadurai23 November 2010
A bunch of my friends dragged me to this film as I'm really skeptic about Tamil films in general, filled with melodrama and clichés... Surprise! this film was just awesome!Can be compared to the best french comedies, like Andrew Weber's, who I'm a big fan of. What's more, its set in Madras, which gives it a unique flavor and captures the spirit and people there, which no film has ever managed to in Tamil. Another cool thing, is the irreverence with which the directors have handled the characters, as opposed to most films which pack in a pseudo message! All the characters, even the minor ones have a little story/anecdote to say, which gives these characters a unique flavor and depth. The performances and casting is excellent with a whole bunch of newcomers. Some of the lines are so funny and endearing, it brings tears to your eyes while laughing. And, the locations: where did they manage to find so many lovely, colonial structures?! It's not just a comedy, which usually don't have any technical finesse. This film is a visual treat which also sounds great! The entire team should be applauded for making this unique, fantastic film! Am really looking forward to the next film from the team! And guess, I'll start watching more Tamil films, letting go off my snobbish attitude that only European and some American films are worth a watch.
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Dude, where's my drink?
sharansrinivas-g8 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
As Sura walks past the departure gates, he sees a pair of Arabs and sarcastically utters "I'm on my way to your country." An erstwhile attempt is made to invent black comedy and Va – Quarter Cutting succeeds with zeal. But, the zeal is lost in its interstate highway-like screenplay. Writing-directing duo, Pushkar and Gayathri intertwine many story lines and keep the characters in sketch while a few get left away. The characters in the film have a thirst to quench. Sura (Shiva) needs a drink, Marthandam (Charan) needs a clean slate to impress Sura's sister, whom he claims to marry, and Saro (Lekha) needs an answer from the occupants of heaven on why she has consistently failed her exams. This eventually forms the resolution after an action-packed climax.

Pushkar and Gayathri infuse characters ranging from a hitchhiker en route to Chennai, to Anglo-Indian Bikers. They quench their thirst by adding scenes that are meant to evoke humor. While some of them succeed, most of them don't. On learning that the bar is closed in a five-star hotel, why didn't Sura and Marthandam go looking for another five-star hotel? Questions arise as you notice numerous flaws.

G.V. Prakash's BGM is a Guy Ritchie rip-off. But, he manages to hide it by reworking on them, whether it's the 80s disco song or Hans Zimmer's Academy Award nominated tunes from Sherlock Holmes or the closing song of Snatch or RocknRolla's opening track. There's not much in Va that amuses us. The predictable screenplay makes hay at nighttime.
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