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Slow video and I didn't get it
garretsr31 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I am not sure if there is something left out of the video or if there is a deeper meaning that I just did not get. The video just sort of meandered and went nowhere.

Maybe it's because I watched the video on YouTube in 2012 without any real knowledge about it, but the video was slow and made no real sense. Maybe there was some hidden reference that I would have seen if I had seen the video somewhere else.

Given the potential of a quantum leap type time travel, albeit into one's own body, it seems like there would have been more to the story after the two adults jump into their childhood bodies. They just hang out and have a "first" kiss on the playground. If there was symbolism about confronting or running away from your past, leaving somebody behind, moving on, or something else, it was too subtle to figure out from the video.

That said, I gave a rating of 4 because it had me intrigued enough that I searched for, and found, the second half of the video on YouTube. The story of how I ended up finding and watching the first half is probably more exciting than the video, but, also embarrassing to me. So, like the video, I leave the readers/viewers guessing at what happened.
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