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Something different, despite it's low budget....
kafkandy20 June 2011
Probably going to polarize critics and viewers, since I'm not sure that I have seen a flick with this kind of pacing and structure before. I'll admit now that I've known about this for a while, since I caught the director's last film (a documentary called WORKING CLASS ROCK STAR) a few years ago and check in from time to time.. was curious what he'd do with a narrative.

While the film is far from perfect, it's a good time and enjoyable. The camera-work and score are top notch, the lead is very good, and the rest of the cast does a serviceable job considering the budget. Most of all, I really liked the different take on the end of the world... I'm not so sure I fully understand what "it" was, but I definitely get what "it" does, so by the end it's clear what has happened. By the end, it all makes sense.

I've read a bunch of reviews online, and they seem split. Some really like it, some outright hate it... I'd have to say judge for yourself. It's a good movie if you're open-minded and don't go in expecting THE ROAD or something like that (considering this was made for a fraction of that flick's catering budget). I really liked the atmosphere most of all... some really great tense moments brought up because of it.

Check it out - you probably won't be disappointed.
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Crap movie Warning
peterp-450-2987167 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I had a sleepless night, so I thought, lets watch a movie my wife certainly doesn't want to see ... It would have been better if I stayed in bed. There's a beginning and an end, and that's it. Just one absurd moment in the movie I want to share : four members of a family are on the run for "I don't know what" because "I don't know what" has happened to the world. Anxiously they are running and stumbling through the woods. And then the daughter needs ... 10 minutes privacy TO SHAVE HER LEGS ... Go figure !

That was the straw that broke the camel's back. A worthless shitty movie of the year!

More reviews at
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Worthless would be too kind.
mhorg201811 March 2016
I read some of these reviews and I wonder if A)These people saw the same movie I just wasted my time with or B) The family and friends of the people who made and starred in this wrote them. This is one of the worst films I've seen in the Apocalyptic genre. Just a terrible, boring, badly shot, badly acted, poorly plotted mess of a movie. The way these people are (and no, I'm not expecting every survivor to be Rick Grimes and company), they shouldn't have survived the first ten minutes of this disaster. They are careless, and constantly do silly and dangerous things. The world is collapsing, they find a dead kid in a car and take the time to care for the body? Who gives a damn. In the apocalyptic world, dead is dead. Move on. The acting was so wooden that it seemed Gepetto carved these people out of a tree. Want to see a good movie? Don't start here.
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I was rooting for this one ...
mecheart27 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
'The Collapsed' is movie where nothing of very interesting substance occurs for the first seventy or so minutes out of an eighty-two minute run time. That is truly a shame because I enjoyed John Fantasia's performance as a father and husband who seemed to be more than he appeared. I also (mistakenly) thought that the slow burn - indeed never ending burn - was some kind of intelligent setup design for a powerful payoff at the end.

Essentially, a family of four must survive the collapse of society - that is the gist of the plot. In order to do that, Fantasia's character leads his wife, daughter and son out of their native city on a journey to reach his second son's home in a place the movie makes you suspect is a remote rural location.

The four main actors get somewhere, experience hardships, there are deaths and tragedies, but the plot/director treats each loss or speed bump as such a minor affair that the viewer can only nod at a character's demise and assume something more interesting is waiting to be seen in a later act. For a relatively short film, 'The Collapsed' is very slow paced making it seem like a two hour time investment.

Again, very little happens and as a consequence, very little tension is built and what suspense does arise is quickly expended by highly annoying music and scenes that end in nonsensical dead ends.

The viewer of this film must be patient - willing to watch an actor run around with a bolt action rifle, pointing it at nothing, cleaning it and charging it again and again - for over an hour. Simply nothing happens that hints or eludes to what the film is really about until the last few minutes. By that point I was both bored, mentally numb, and my leg had fallen asleep.

Truly I did want to positively review this one, I was rooting for it to become something interesting throughout my viewing of the film. If nothing else, perhaps John Fantasia's performance will catch the eye of someone at a large studio and he'll get a shot in front of a wider audience.

I cannot recommend 'The Collapsed' to anyone really - unless you're a fan of Mr. Fantasia - and even then it'd be a hard sell. The plot ends up being a common enough one and in an attempt to make it work, the film lies to you with scenes that did not really happen. I've never liked nor approved of such devices in books and movies, they feel too much like a sucker punch in the reader or viewer's gut.

Steer clear of this one, unless you're incredibly bored or patient or you're scouting for undiscovered talent.
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Another Post-Apocalypse Film
gavin694230 May 2012
In the wake of the end of the world, a family of four desperately tries to survive. Taking to the forest, they soon discover the other survivors may be the least of their worries.

My first question is, do we need another post-apocalyptic movie? For the most part, no. The genre has been done to death and very few actually excel. (The same could be said for zombie films.) Want to see a good post-apocalyptic film? Check out "Dead Weight".

If this film excels at anything, it is stretching a budget. The film could reasonably have been made for a very, very low sum. There are practically no special effects, no big-name actors and all outdoor settings. I suspect the equipment would be the most expensive part, and McConnell probably had some or most of that from previous films.

Where it falls short is dialogue delivery. Some of the lines are bad, but they are compounded by the poor delivery. It just does not seem to come out as very natural. In all fairness, the father and son interact rather well. It is the daughter and especially the mother who fall flat. I am a bit confused why the father has an accent and no one else does, but that is not unheard of.

Should you see this film? Probably not. It is not terrible, but is not really all that great, either. The best part is probably the soundtrack. Watch it to learn how to make low-budget film, if you wish, but as for entertainment -- it provides very little.
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Great Film
rogue80716 May 2012
No it's not a Hollywood budget apocalypse film... but I started watching expecting to scan through and turn it off and return to my work in my home office and ended up leaning back and taking it all in. I thought it was great. There was the odd awkward line or scene that i think could have benefited from some visual fx, but with the tiny budget this film had I think they did phenomenal! I think the film was well written and didn't have an overload of dialogue that I have seen in many independent films. Visually the film looks great... shots are nice, I see too many that are way too wide or too tight when they should be wide. The shots captured the emotion and feeling of the scenes effectively. The cast did a great job and Peter was straight Gangster! Lastly I want to see what Justin could do with a multi-million dollar budget... somebody in Tinseltown get on the phone with him!
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Really bad acting
kazi-k-ahsan17 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The story line was not good really, even though there was some suspense it was obvious that the dad was loosing it.

In short my wife was irritated with the mother and son, I'm sure she would have beaten them both up.

The daughter takes off to go shave her legs? really! the world ended and you want to go shave your legs! lol what a freaking joke.

Then she walks far into the woods and gets all spooked out after she was told.

Guns just laying around everywhere, really?

Talk about some really stupid writing here.

She just seemed so annoying and the acting over all is just horrible.

The dad showed no real feeling or suffering.

I would not rent this video again nor would I ever spend the money to buy it.
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Slow, but with a nice creeping tension.
perkin200016 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
*Spoilers are very mild* Low budget Candian film (IMDB says $150,000. If that's Canadian dollars, that works out at about five shillings) that follows a family as they amble through a seemingly limitless countryside, trying to find somewhere safe after an unspecified apocalyptic event.

The slow reveal as to the nature of the event is where the film eventually concludes, in a somewhat less than cheery fashion.

It's well shot, well acted and well paced. The only flaw, and I'm willing to forgive it considering the budget, is the free-form sounding, trumpet-heavy soundtrack. Although I might just dislike trumpets.

I've decided, yup, trumpets are definitely bastards. So you should seek this out and give it a go. It's good.

8.5/10 Originally at:
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movie is garbage on film
jasonbd204 August 2012
This is by far the worst movie I've watched in 20 yrs. This movie has ZERO entertainment value. The only thing worse than the acting is the barely there storyline. The dialog was full of unnecessary F*bombs in a desperate attempt to hold the audience's (I use the word audience loosely as I'm sure that no more than 3 people have ever viewed this movie at the same time) attention. I wanted to turn it off after 10 min but fast forwarded through much of it (don't worry, you won't miss anything if you do) to find out what they were running from. I wasted an hour of my life on this piece of crap and would've had more enjoyment out of burning the $3 I used to rent this poor excuse for a movie. I've watched home movies of my grandparents on the beach that had more depth and intrigue than this debacle. Hope I saved someone, anyone, from wasting time watching The Collapsed.
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Don't waste your time
rjsmovie-466-7157132 September 2012
Take the other negative reviews to heart. I wish I had read them before getting this through Netflix. I watched the first 10 minutes or so and the bad acting was already apparent. Started flipping forward chapter by chapter and then did 4x to 8x speed on the DVD player until my suspicions were confirmed. Even with all that it was a waste of time. Not a quality flick at all like "The Happening". It was a waste of their time and money to make it. Unbelievable...I have to write 4 more lines of text to make this acceptable by the website. Can we possibly waste any MORE time with this movie? OK,one more line; maybe that will do it. Bye end of world movie.
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Nothing to see here
shtldr1 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The movie is obviously a very low budget one. That does not mean it has to be a bad movie... if it at least made up for it in other areas.

Unfortunately, it doesn't.

The result is 4 people trying to survive some unexplained cataclysmic situation, running about in a forest and getting killed by some invisible force controlling people's minds.

The actors in the movie do some really stupid things. For example, shortly after running for their lives, away from 2 fat guys with machine guns (AKMS was a weapon of choice for US citizens?) and gas masks (makes for a good DVD cover, right?), a young lady has nothing better to do than wander away to... shave her legs?!! The people split all the time, for silly reasons (well, in the end it becomes apparent that if they stuck together, the movie would end within 30 minutes). Despite being deep into an unknown forest, they always miraculously find their way around.

The conclusion is disappointing, there's no explanation about the background of the events.

There's no point in watching this movie, waste of time.
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A taut, harsh, and riveting end-of-the-world sci-fi/horror winner
Woodyanders7 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
A family of four led by the rugged and resourceful Scott (a stand-out performance by John Fantasia) struggle to survive after civilization collapses and degenerates into total savagery. As the family venture deep into the forest, they discover that fending off threats from fellow survivors might just be the least of their problems. Writer/director Justin McConnell relates the gripping story at a brisk pace, creates and sustains a substantial amount of tension, puts a welcome and refreshing emphasis on the characters over cheap gore and stock scares, and delivers one startling doozy of a devastating surprise twist at the shocking conclusion. Moreover, McConnell earns extra kudos for not only maintaining a strong mood of dread, despair, and hopelessness throughout, but also for giving the picture a hard'n'gritty no-nonsense tone that doesn't pull any punches and becomes progressively more dark and bleak as the narrative unfolds towards a powerfully downbeat conclusion. The excellent acting from the capable non-star cast keeps the movie humming: While Fantasia dominates the proceedings with his bravura portrayal of a two-fisted patriarch, he nonetheless receives sound support from Steve Vieira as Scott's laid-back son Aaron, Anna Ross as brash daughter Rebecca, and Lise Moule as worried mother Emily. The outbursts of raw violence pack a ferocious punch. Pasha Patriki's accomplished cinematography provides an additional jolt of energy and urgency, with especially dynamic and exciting use of a prowling Steadicam. Rob Kleiner's nerve-ratting score further amps up the heart-pounding suspense. A real sleeper.
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Good for its budget and if you're in the mood for this..minor spoiler
jonnytheshirt14 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The more I think of this as actually an elongated Twilight Zone the better it actually gets. Firstly John Fantasia holds the show together. The premise isn't too bad and to be honest considering the budget and it was probably filmed in a week, it did well with it and most of the supporting cast are actually quite spot on.

As a movie however a few key things keep me from a 5 which I consider quite watchable. Personally the score was grating on my nerves as simply over the top at times and the sound mix was jarring and a little off for me. Secondly the son and daughter to me brought another level of idiocy in an otherwise 'real' approach movie. The son is supposed to be mid 20's but behaves like an inept and petulant 15 year old. Its the end of the world as they know it, they don't know why but they're avoiding every other person because they're going crazy. So in the woods 18ish yo daughter decides to wonder off away from the safety of the group with a flippant 'thanks dad' as if he said '10 more minutes on the swings honey'... to...shave her legs, when she's wearing jeans, long socks, is dirty hasn't showered in a week and is otherwise travelling constantly through the woods. A movie can succeed on a small budget but attention to detail in character and content is important, these two characters for me were a tad sloppy.

So all said not bad if you're in the mood for this, a bit more time and attention and this may have been better, but no Absentia by all means.
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my god
nightwatch477311 January 2013
Well here we go again with another post apoc film to grace DVD. I just watched a German import the other day called Hell which was okay but brought nothing new to the table. The collapsed has to be the slowest film I've seen in years but for some odd reason I had to watch all of it. I guess I was thinking their was a lot more to it than meets the eye but NO it was exactly what I expected. About half way through I knew the ending, talk about Transparent. I believe if I had let my 4year ols son watch it instead of putting him to bed before the credits started, I think he would've figured this one out. The acting was lousy and you can't blame that on the budget. I've seen tons of films on a shoe-string budget have excellent acting....hello Cassandra Kane from Family Demons and I think that budget was under 10grand. This had a lot more to work with and we are dealt some of the worst cards on this side of poker. The sets were good and some tension thats it!!!!!
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Not a great film
wingedheartart10 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I am HUGE fan of movies. All kinds...blockbusters, indie, horror, romantic comedies and the odd, rare, low budget sleeper. I have friends in the industry, working for large companies and small, as well as friends/family in the music industry. I love film...period. Always have, so writing a review that is so negative is rare. I can usually find SOMETHING good in a movie. Something.

This didn't fall into any of the above "good" categories. I recorded it, liking the description. I knew nothing about it ahead of time, never heard of it, so went in with no set opinions or expectations.

I understand with low budget, you sometimes don't get to pick and choose actors. Maybe you use some actors that are more like family than true actors...whatever, I don't care as long as they seem to fit the role.

The lead/actor playing the father, was terrible. He was loud, hard to understand and at one point he is telling his son how he "knew" about hunting/living in the woods etc, was from a "family tradition." Seriously? This guy was NOT comfortable carrying a rifle, was so loud, the deer in the next state could have heard him and he gave off no confidence in what he was saying. I laughed at those lines. His son, who was in "awe" of his dad for knowing things, obviously had not watched any type of hunting/survival movie...ever, to realize his dad didn't know anything, much less staying quiet when supposed predators were after you.

I didn't care about the characters...they weren't likable. Not even the mom and daughter/sister. The son was SUPER loud...which would have attracted any wacko human or predator out there!! What was with the yelling? Geez!!

I won't spoil the "surprise" ending, but if you really want to watch this....or attempt to, record it and zoom through it to see the end.

Again, I LOVE movies...all kinds, but this one...geez. Oh, and the music? The music was terrible. I kept it muted for the most part, also to keep from listening to the dad and son yelling at each other while attempting to stay hidden in the woods.

Maybe the writer/director would have had a better chance at a decent film had he hired or found other actors. I know in Texas, you can find folks that work day jobs, but know how to hunt all over the place, that would have been way more convincing than the guy playing the dad in this.

Not to mention...the women going to the bathroom and checking themselves out in the mirrors? How ridiculous is that? I don't know one woman who would vainly look in the mirror if the world is falling apart. I could understand looking in the mirror to get blood off their faces, or if something was in their eyes, or staring blankly in dismay etc., but to primp? Nope.

Gonna go re-watch Alien to get this film out of my head.
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Do we really need any more running around in the woods with a camera movies?
eah5111 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Ugh, here we go, in no particular order, is my list of problems with this movie. (may or may not contain spoilers, how do you spoil something that's already bad?)

Strange whispering voices & sounds in the wind, rustling tree branches, no explanations for anything that happens, characters you learn to hate so quickly that you are happy when they get killed, horrible dialog, wooden acting, way too many POV jerky camera movements, a harsh & jarring soundtrack that's dubbed too loudly, drowning out the voices of the annoying actors (maybe this was a blessing?)

I still have no idea what this movie was supposed to be about? dysfunctional families? survival? some deep philosophical commentary on modern society? a low budget monster movie who's budget was so small, they couldn't even afford any monsters? annoying sisters who stop to shave their legs in the woods?

Watch it if you like bad movies, just don't have high expectations and you'll enjoy the jaunt through the woods
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Not good but not rubbish either
doorsscorpywag12 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
It had a few decent ideas and might have been better with a budget. The acting was pretty ordinary and considering that the two guys had just come across the rest of their family wiped out they did not seem THAT upset. They must have missed the emotion class. Basically something happens and a family are trying to escape the city before it collapses into chaos. They find a car and set off for the country. They make a big mistake and stop at a petrol station for fuel and supplies. Some scary dudes pull up armed to the teeth and they head for the woods to escape.

Then things get a bit weird as we move into The Happening territory. We finally discover what is going on from some other characters who have fortified some farm buildings and the revelation that all is not as it seems.

Not a bad ending really and some smart ideas it has to be said. But the direction is lacklustre and the script a bit plodding as we have endless shots of trees and our heroes walking.

The usual fake reviews bull it up into something it isn't and overall it is poor but has it's moments and thankfully it contains no zombies which is a nice change. It probably could be made into something interesting with a bit of money behind it. Certainly not good but then not the usual rubbish either
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Its really low budget...
silverkelt13 July 2015
Considering how much they spent on this, I guess you would have to give the crew and cast some credence to their work. Its not overally terrible , not the worst of the low budgets you might see, but not really as good as many others.

It was probably minimal takes as well, shot in a short duration.

Overall, the people posting more then 5 stars on this is just ridiculous, its really poor production by today standards (not even TV quality) it has some poor acting in places. Its plodding, conceptually slow with minimal payoffs.

If reduced down to a hour, it wouldn't be a half bad episode of something akin to Twilight Zone etc.

There isn't much reason to watch this, if you have others on your list, just skip it.
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Powerful and Poetic Science Fiction
jlthornb5124 June 2015
Writer/Director Justin McConnel has brought one of the most powerful post-apocalyptic films ever made to the screen with a stunning creativity and near poetry. This is a motion picture that takes cinema by the throat and shakes it senseless with its intensity. Haunting imagery and stunning cinematography enhance the sense of unease that permeates each scene. Beautifully filmed and magnificently scored, The Collapsed tells the moving and haunting story of a family fighting for survival after an apocalyptic event sends them on a journey in search of safety. John Fantasia is superb as the father responsible for his beloved wife and children and it is the performance of a lifetime, sure to catapult him to stardom. Ann Moule as his wife is also outstanding and gives her character depth and humanity. As the film progresses, the tension becomes almost unendurable, the intense, disturbing environment overwhelming. There is a surreal quality to the Canadian locations and this serves to make an unreal situation even more other worldly. The brilliant screenplay builds the horror until the ultimate in shattering motion picture climaxes. What this small film company has achieved on a minimal budget is astonishing and this films originality and creativity renews one's faith in independent cinema.
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The Happening (2008) meets Stephen King. Good story, a rather original post-apocalyptic film. Far from being a masterpiece.
nitzanhavoc9 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
As a devout Horror fan, I've seen my share of post-apocalyptic end of the world films. And prior to discussing the quality (or lack thereof) of The Collapsed, I must pay due respect to author Kevin Hutchinson and screenwriter/director Justin McConnell for originality. No zombies, no cannibals, and none of the cheap shots (unnecessary nudity, death due to car not starting etc). Instead, whatever evil the protagonists face (whether man or thing is unclear until the end) is mysterious and unnerving like the killers in the famous Slasher films.

I guess I've seen too many similar films, as I've guessed the plot twist from the start, but that doesn't mean it wasn't good. Story and screenplay were good, though the script slightly lacked. Acting was also quite impressive, especially considering the fact that I've never heard of any of the cast before. Soundtrack was also nice, sort of a Kill Bill/Friday the 13th hybrid. As for cinematography, I found it to be slightly too ordinary, meaning that it wasn't used as a hint towards the twist and the end (not a clear spoiler hint, but a subtle one that could only be recognized upon the realization and conclusion of the ending).

All in all, I almost as usual don't agree with the raters of this site. This film is far from being a masterpiece and isn't one of the best, but it isn't as bad as to be given a 3.5, not at all. While I wouldn't recommend going through any trouble to get it, I'd definitely say that if you come across it - give it a chance, as it's a fun watch.
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Watch it without prejudice and judge for yourself, well worth it !
uforia9819 April 2013
I watched a German synchronisation and have to say, watch it without prejudice and judge for yourself. But if you are into that kind of genre (the world is ending), it is really good. OK, some scenes (like the daughter going off for shaving her legs) are kind of unrealistic, but then, the atmosphere, the tension, I think all of it made the movie well worth watching. Ignore the bad reviews, people admit they did not watch the whole movie so how can they reasonably judge it ? Respect to the director, producer and the actors for having made a good movie with little money. Even the soundtrack at times fits very well. Go watch it, and enjoy.
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