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Screw the haters this was great, Spain proves they're strong with hand-camera horrors
Chaosmetal6926 September 2011
First off to the reviewer complaining that it was too long the whole thing was an hour and 10 minutes! Have some patience It's one of the shortest movies i've ever watched!

This movie is about a family that owns a house out in the countryside of Spain. There is a legend involving the maze that is attached to their house. However the kids who are curious types are forbidden from their father from going in there.

Being a huge fan of hand camera horrors I was eager to discover this little gem. It's short and to the point before you know it. I have seen various ones such as Noroi, rec, etc, i am a veteran in this vein so take it from me it's good!

The thing I liked the most about it was it was very realistic feeling and very intense and creepy and at one point when they're in the woods I checked how much time was left on the movie cause i was anticipating a scare in one scene and I rarely do that with movies unless they're scary

Bottom line is, if you like hand camera horrors, realistic scenes and tense feelings with goose bumps watch this now and enjoy it! you won't be disappointed.

People on IMDb tend to rate hand camera horrors really low for some reason but I think most people that review and hate on them don't actually like that "genre"

To create a great environment for this type of movie: turn the lights out, watch on a big screen, and by yourself its only 70 minutes who cares if you're alone. I guarantee you if you set that formula up for yourself you'll be wide awake after like I am.
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aptly named
Colossusrocks7 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
(I don't think I included any spoilers, but just in case I marked it as such.)

I love horror movies, and have a particular weakness for found footage or hand-held camera shot movies. That said, i enjoyed the premise of this movie at the beginning, and thought they were going in an alright direction with it. By the end however I was fairly disappointed with the movie and felt that felt that the movie lacked a great deal of substance. For a good deal of the movie, especially towards the end, you cant see a damn thing, as the screen almost if not entirely black. Now I gave them some credit for taking the realism thing as far as humanly possible, but it ended up ruining the movie. There really wasn't any "story" to it at all.

The other thing that bothered me were the long stretches of the kid running through the woods in the dark. I felt that they lasted way too long and didn't really accomplish anything. they lasted so long that they destroyed any tension they may have been trying to create. The twists were about the only interesting thing about the movie, and the only bits that didn't seem to be about bushes. The girl in the movie aptly says early on, "There is nothing to tape, but trees." and she is right. I felt that the ending twist was a bit weak and uncalled for, especially since nothing pointed to such a conclusion. In fact the ending raised quite a few questions that the writers don't seem to realize exist.

All grievances aside, this was not the worst movie I have ever watched. It comfortably fits into the found footage genre, but doesn't really add much of anything to it. I would not however recommend this film to anyone, even a fellow found footage junkie.
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Nauseous for all the wrong reasons
cookie6666 May 2011
The film has a very promising premise for any horror fan - a story with paranormal elements, a small cast and filmed with a hand-held camera (think of the suspense!). This immediately sets the expectations high - I was expecting a Spanish Blair Witch Project or perhaps a successful spin-off of Rec.

In reality, the friends I went to the movies with got nauseous because of the constant shaking of the camera and I did not flinch once. It must be said, though, that Atrocious does a good job of misleading the viewer - something I rather enjoyed, but some others might find disappointing.

The biggest flaw, however, was that the movie got lost in itself. The producers were clearly so caught up with the whole amateur-footage-spooky-places-run-and-scream theme that it engulfed the whole movie, making everything else that happened inbetween seem like one long filler. And then combined with the completely unexpected ending, Atrocious might just leave you feeling a little indifferent about the whole thing - and nauseous, if you're like one of my friends.

Overall, it's a decent little horror flick, but nothing that would keep you up at night.
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Could have been great if it was cut down to half the time...
jennifer-25-96523125 August 2011
This movie would have been awesome if it was cut down to about 30 min. I was excited about this movie hoping it would give me the same chills that "The Blair Witch" gave me when I first saw it and to its credit it did… to an extent. I found that this movie spend the majority of the time running around aimlessly in the woods breathing overly heavily with absolutely nothing happening. These scenes got very boring, very fast.

I felt that these overly long scenes killed it for me. At times I felt chills at the back of my neck and that paranoid feeling I get when I'm scared watching a movie and then quickly that would fade away to boredom and annoyance due to a scene that was ridiculously long.

To the movies credit, if they cut those horribly boring long scenes this would have been a great movie. I loved the relationship between the Brother and Sister and how they would go out and explore together even though they were not allowed. It reminded me of my Sister and I when we were younger.

I also loved the whole storyline with a really awesome twist at the end. I loved the creepy maze, creepy house, creepy basement, creepy ghost stories and Etc. There was so much amazing about this movie but when you add overly long scenes of someone annoyingly breathing super close into a mic and a camera shaking and running so much you cant even see what's going on it absolutely kills anything good and creepy about the movie. - Discover a new world of horror films, designed just for you.
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One of the big surprises of the year for me
felixmai-576-36880612 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
At first I didn't really know if I should even watch it, since we have seen so many found footage movies already, and he only got 4.8 points here. But then a friend told me I have to watch this, and he was right! I have no idea why this movie got so few points (except perhaps because the end was such a let down), it has deserved more!!! This movie has a very thick atmosphere,especially SPOILER

SPOILER all the parts done in this labyrinth are awesome. During the days you already get an eerie atmosphere, but during the night shots it is simply amazing !!! SPOILER END

Another big plus for me is that at no point I asked myself why the hell are they still filming ??? SPOILER

SPOILER Fernando Barreda Luna found a pretty clever solution for that, they needed the night view of their cameras to see something in the dark. They couldn't use their flashlights or who ever was after them could have easily found them. SPOILER END

I must give it to him, that was a clever idea, and it fitted in really natural. You don't get the feeling OK, he had a clever idea here, no, it is just a part of the plot that I didn't even really realize during the movie. Only after it I suddenly thought "Hey, that was clever, since usually that's exactly the point where found footage films mess up" Usually EVERY found footage film has this weak point that you ask yourself why are they filming this, but he managed to find a good way to explain it, that felt in no way artificial or anything like that.I also really liked how he build up the suspension really slow but steady. Often you think that now something really bad will happen SPOILER

SPOILER for example when the camera observes the dog at night, but nothing big happened,and yet you are left with a really unsettling feeling. SPOILER END

Towards the end the suspension is so tight it is almost unbearable

SPOILER for example when he is sitting on his bed after he fled to his room and barricades himself in. That scene is pure genius, you wait and wait that the axe is coming through that door, and the suspension was already near the limit before already,and then he just sits there. NOTHING happens for well over 2mins, yet this is one of the most unnerving scenes in the whole movie ! That one scene really shows the quality of Fernando Barreda Luna. In those 2 minutes your head is spinning like a roller-coaster, despite the fact nothing happens. This is so hard to do, but he pulls if of like a boss ! RESPECT !!!

Now so far the movie was an absolutely brilliantly done film, but as soon as that door opens he suddenly messes up completely !!! It starts with the first time that he is filming where I thought why the hell is he filming this. So far the filming was always a logical part of the plot, and now this,and it is only downhill from now on ! This sudden introduction of a new character, the crazy axe killer, feels completely artificial, like he had some footage left from another movie and needed a few more minutes of film, so he used what he had lying around ^^

You also get the feeling he had no idea how to end the movie,and suddenly they started shooting and he had to come up with something in a hurry. I mean the introduction of that crazy chick at the end could have been a good idea, if the film would have been at least 20 minutes longer, so he has time to really tell her story, but like this ? You also don't get to see how the 2 older siblings end. etc.etc. it is all just a big mess in the end SPOILER END
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Annoying characters, bad performances, terrible camera shake
elleodelagente26 May 2014
I usually don't write reviews but I wanted to warn anyone that may be planning to watch this movie.

A 5 in this type of movies is not that bad, so I decided to watch it, knowing it wasn't going to be great, but I was in for some cheap thrills.

Truth is, this movie is terrible. The characters are annoying, the only thing they do is shout and freak out and shout, even about their everyday things. The main character is a scumbag...there I said it. It's impossible to empathize with any of these characters.

But they are not the usual level of annoying (for this type of movie), they have take it to the next level. Apparently it was the debut for some of these kids and they needed to let all their emotions out.

No need to mention that the story is bland. That's not so important I guess, since this movies are all about atmosphere and not really intricate plot twists.

The worst part though, is the camera shakes. They tried to make it believable by adding twice the shake (and zoom) as in the usual found footage movies. I don't need to tell you that the results are the worst I have ever seen. It's hard (if not impossible) to know what's going on, at some point I thought this movie was going to give me a seizure.

Conclusion: be warned, don't waste your time, this movie isn't worth 5 minutes of your time even if someone pays you to watch it.
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A really bad horror film
Argemaluco22 June 2012
We have reached the bottom. The "hand-held" technique has brought some good movies (such as REC, Cloverfield, Paranormal Activity and Chronicle), some mediocre ones (such as The Last Exorcism, The Devil Inside, Apollo 18 and Paranormal Activity 3) and some bad ones (such as REC², Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night, Grave Encounters and Paranormal Entity), but none of them was as poor and tedious as Atrocious. This means that, from now on, things can only get better whenever I watch another "hand-held" movie in the future. Or that's what I would like to believe as a pathetic consolation after having wasted my time and my money in this piece of junk.

There's very few material in Atrocious in order to sustain a whole film, so screenwriter Fernando Barreda Luna (who was also the director) makes us to spend uncountable minutes walking through the woods in a useless attempt to create suspense or impulse the narrative to a more interesting direction...we will never find. And if that weren't enough, we are accompanied by the main character's redundant narration the whole time, which ended up irritating me with his insipid comments and extremely limited vocabulary of 15 words (at most), ten of which are profanity while the other ones are Spanish idioms I didn't understand (even though that was definitely my fault). Speaking about not understanding, the "horror" moments are so badly filmed that I could never notice what terrified the characters so much.

And then, we have a twist in the end from Atrocious, which pretends to surprise us, even though I found it so arbitrary and gratuitous that it doesn't satisfy, and it looks like an obligatory goop to bring some posthumous sense to the story. The poor dog could have been the guilty one of the whole thing, and it would have been exactly the same. Anyway...Spanish cinema has brought us some excellent horror films (such as El Día de la Bestia, The Others and the previously mentioned REC). Unfortunately, Atrocious doesn't belong to that group, and I can't recommend it, because I found it a deplorable film in which the only suspense came from hoping the movie not to extend itself too much.
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the title says it all . . .
naraeol12 November 2017
Such a nice location, the house as well as the outsides, and this is all they came up with . . .

I ended up skipping through it at some point because it didn't just bore me, but actually made me mad. The last 15 minutes don't warrant for an hour of pure senseless boredom. If they were trying to build up tension, they failed . . .

If you actually want to sit through this, make sure you get a dubbed version - I now know how aggravating I find the Spanish language.
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This is bad, really bad
aslan-demirors24 July 2011
I love the movies from first person view, i.e. someone holding the camera. Unfortionally this movie is one and a half hour of terror, terror of my time. This must be the worst movie ever. The problem with this movie is that nothing really happens. I had to fast forward the whole movie, or was close to not seeing at all. To make this kind of movie scary the watcher has to be afraid of what is coming. But the characters is just running around with a shaky camera, so if you have problem with dizziness don't watch this movie. If you want to see a really scary movie, see REC instead, also in Spanish. There is also an American version, that has a lower rate, but I think they are almost the same. Or see Paranormal activity. The story goes slow there too, but much more happens, which will capture the viewers interest.
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Another Garbage Made with Hand-Held Camera
claudio_carvalho24 July 2011
Cristian and his sister July travel from Madrid to Sitges, El Garraf, to spend the Holy Week with their parents and their little brother in an old house of their family. They learn the legend of Melinda, a girl wearing a red dress that gets lost in the labyrinth nearby the house and helps people that also get lost in the spot. When they arrive, Carlos, who is a friend of their parents, visits the Quitanilla family and tells that there are different versions of the legend. July and Cristian uses two hand-held camera to visit the labyrinth and investigate the mystery of Melinda. One night, their brother José vanishes and something evil happens with the family.

"Atrocious" is another garbage made with hand-held camera. This crap is among the worse films that I have ever seen and I am not going to spend my leisure time writing about it. My vote is one (awful).

Title (Brazil): "O Misterioso Assassinato de uma Família" ("The Mysterious Murder of a Family")
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Terror on the loose closer than you think
mdnobles1928 October 2011
Despite that it treads very familiar territory and doesn't really bring anything that fresh to the found footage genre it still remains as formidable than ever. The film starts off pretty much like The Blair Witch Project introducing us to ordinary people who are documenting their research on figuring out an old legend but soon get attacked by an unknown force or being and things turn from normal to terrifying. This film is uber creepy with an fantastic atmospheric setting that will send chills to your bones and intense suspense that will have you grabbing you seat as well as believable performances from the likable leads that makes the whole ordeal that more effective and downright disturbing. It was scary but doesn't have a lot of nonstop jolts like the Paranormal Activity series but the intensity is their and the fear of the unknown and the big reveal at the end was clever and shocking and gave it an even more sinister tone that will get under your skin but still expected something bigger and different but liked the direction it took which was a different change of pace. The violence in this film though basically off screen is brutal and twisted once revealed after the fact and is the things of nightmares. Overall I wouldn't say it's with the top dogs of the found footage genre but I liked it a little bit more than the very disappointing Paranormal Activity 3 and I liked the direction it took more and this one was just more unsettling and better executed and a more disturbing story. Worth a look just don't expect something with tons of jump scares just more shock value. 6.3 out of 10
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Despite all the bad reviews, it was actually good.
devil_rice12 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The flick was shot in a first person view, so it is not for everyone. The dialogue is well constructed, the relationships between relatives are believable, the scene change is very fluent and modern - you might see the resemblances to other movies such as Paranormal Activity and REC. It starts with a slow pace and with a supernatural theme but it has a very nice twist in the end.

Being a fan of this type of movies myself, I was satisfied with the final result. Do not expect gore, sex or mutilations - that is another type of horror. Instead, this movie (like so many others) provides suspense and dread.

I'll give 7/10 because of how well it was produced and put together.
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One of the most stupid flicks i've ever seen.
marco-olofsson9119 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
It's not that I am going to sit here and just say that this is the worst film i've ever seen to catch your attention. This IS the worst film I've ever laid my eyes on (and it's even worse than dungeon girl.

Not only do you never create a bond with any of the main characters but the movie is just down right dull. It has chase scenes of running and panting that lasts up to five minutes (not kidding, and all of this is filmed form a hand-held camera.)

The movie engulf itself in this whole "handheld camera" idea that it swallows the whole movie. Most scenes you wont know what's happening because it seems like the cameraman is having a some sort of spastic seizure which makes it impossible for him to hold the camera so you can get a glimpse of what's going on.

The lightning in the movie is horrendous as well, because sometimes it seems like they are screaming at what seems to be a bush or a stone when it is (suppousedly) something there.

This one gets a 2/10

Why? Because it feels like this movie is begging to be "different" but fails at doing so.

Do not watch this film.
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Spooky Spanish found footage horror
victoryismineblast18 January 2014
Two teenagers on vacation with their younger brother and parents bring cameras to their summer house in Spain in the hopes of catching some paranormal footage. They decide to explore the supposedly haunted labyrinthine series of paths in the densely wooded area adjacent to their house.

Strange things start happening, and a disappearance sets a chain of horrific events in motion.

The nighttime sequences in the heavily forested areas are claustrophobic and ominous, with a Blair Witch type feeling of dread as to what's out there in the dark.

The last half hour of this one is horrific at times and very frightening. One of the things I liked about this movie is that unlike a lot of other found footage entries nowadays, it didn't leave everything ambiguous at the end. I've enjoyed a lot of the open ended ones, but it's nice to have some variety.

Spain has given the world quite a bounty of well made horror films, and this one is no exception.
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Atrocious It Is Not
dfa12037414 January 2015
A family are staying at their holiday home in Sitges in Catalonia, Spain, and one of the kids, Cristian, is fascinated about the myth of Melinda - a spirit of a woman who supposedly haunts the labyrinth outside the house grounds. Cristian gets more background stories regarding Melinda from a family friend, Carlos, but these versions of events are much more sinister than the version he already knew. Determined to see if there is any truth to the stories of Melinda, he and his sister, July, document everything they can. However, after their dog goes missing one day, things soon start taking a horrible turn for the worse.

Atrocious is a POV "documentary" style of film and while we all know that's not an original style anymore, the film is still very good. Making a labyrinth the subject matter for the myth of Melinda was good because they can be creepy enough through the day if you get lost, but to be lost in one at night (especially the one shown in the movie) and knowing of a myth surrounding the labyrinth is downright terrifying.

The night scenes are obviously where the movie escalates, and they ARE scary. You watch intently as Cristian tries to make his way out of the labyrinth at night as you never know what is going to happen. Even when he's supposedly safe in the house at times after, there is still that unsettled feeling of "what's going to happen?" The movie may be considered a wee bit slow for about the first 30 minutes or so, but I didn't feel that it was. For me it was all a good build up to the inevitable scarier scenes and climax of the movie.

The actors are all very believable in their parts, and do a really good job in making it seem like a real documentary of events. The end scene of the movie is a nice touch to make it that wee bit more convincing too (obviously can't say anything else it will give it away).

If you enjoy watching movies of this style then there's a good chance you'll enjoy Atrocious. Good film and well recommended.
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Skillful buildup to ultimate disappointment
moonmonday16 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Admittedly, it did build up some pretty terrible scares, but the mystery wasn't that mysterious and frankly it shouldn't have been much of a surprise to anyone, least of all the people investigating the incident. There was the possibility of supernatural occurrence, or completely mundane; from the beginning it's clear that it's not really a supernatural happening, or at least not likely to be. That leaves an impressive two people it could possibly be, which on retrospect isn't all that frightening. This is a film you can watch probably once and never again, which is disappointing; equally disappointing is how the killer isn't developed at all (and barely even has any screen time, nor are they referred to in any way to develop them) until literally the last minute, when it's really too late to build up anything.

As some have suggested, it would have worked far better at half its running time, since there's just far too much padding that adds pretty much nothing to the story. I found the frantic running around at night near the end to be genuinely tense and anxious initially, but eventually it got tiresome; either kill them and be done with it, or advance the plot.

The ending was also pretty ridiculous, I have to say, and seemed supremely implausible in the context, at least of what we can be assumed to know. There's just too much about it that makes the viewer think 'that doesn't make sense' or 'that's just stupid'. What were they trying for? It's one of those films that has a lot of 'fridge logic' with it; too many questions pop up after it's over and you think about it once you calm down a bit, and then it seems really flimsy. Which is a shame, because the characters seem realistic and are well-acted, and overall the film is pretty well-done. But really, it's a one-trick pony and you won't come back to it again. Still, if you have a little over an hour and want a one-time-only scare, this might be the one for you.
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Another great horror movie from Spain!
Movie_Master_Swe27 June 2012
Okey so I sat there all alone in the late night after work just finished watching Rec 2 and felt a need for another movie in the same genre. I searched the whole net when i suddenly stumbled upon this great movie. I didn't have so high thoughts about it when i saw the trailer but i gave it a try. First half of the movie is brilliant, you really get to know the intense story and start to fear of what to come and you get to really know the people in the movie, and when the horror finally begins..omg I was so scared!

When i saw the IMDb sore 4.9 i felt i had to do something! I gave it a 9 in the genre of horror. Its not on my top 20 list of greatest movies ever but in the genre horror it is number 1 without a doubt!

It gets to you, it eats you up from inside and make you wanna scream, its so intense i had to pause it for five minutes and catch my breath.

I loved this movie and I know you will love it to.

see it if you dare ;)
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reallyevilboy11 September 2014
I was slightly looking forward to this and was greatly disappointed.

Firstly, don't call a movie "Atrocious" and then make a terrible movie. I don't really see the point of the title aside from being a description of the actual movie quality.

This is a "found footage" movie, some movies in this new category can be good and some can be terrible.

This movie seemed to be composed of mostly 40 minutes of quiet footage, setting up for the eventual crisis point. The crisis point is the remaining 35 minutes of running around with the camera from an unknown assailant while screaming.

No real scares, no real excitement, nothing but Atrocious.
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Atrocious? The movie is being too harsh on itself.
fedor810 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The M Night Shymyalayalaylan school of story-telling: bore the viewers for 90 minutes (OK, less than 70 here) then hope the end-twist can appease them. The twist is sort of unexpected, although I should have known, considering how guarded their mother is all the time, it was her and not some forest ghost. But can one surprise revelation make up for an hour of nothing?

Besides, the found-footage night scenes in the woods are so damn boring. The movie isn't atrocious but it's far from great either.
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Ticks all the boxes for me!!
danwildv11 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Although quite a short film, I found this to be very enjoyable. I have read quite a few mixed reviews on this title, so I'd thought I'd write this review and get right down to the basics and summarise the general points of this film.

As mentioned the film is short (75 minutes to be exact) but with a film of this type you really don't notice due the build up of suspense. The majority of the film is spent building up and heightening suspense for the viewer to a climax of thrills and jaw dropping moments. Adding unnecessary scenes purely to length the film is pointless so the running time of an hour and a quarter is justified in this case.

The only other Spanish films that I've seen of this type are "Rec" and "Rec2" which I rate quite highly, and it's good to see that "Atrocious" keeps up with these titles. It seems that the Spanish can pull off a good 'handycam horror' when they want to.

Some reviewers complained that the camera shots throughout the film were too shaky. This was done on purpose to create the effect of amateurism and realism. According to the director, many films that use the same effect throughout their films, seem to lose the amateur style and become more professional as the film goes on ie. losing it's authenticity. Also, none of the actors were given a full script so they would learn the story as shooting progressed to add to the realism.

The best part of "Atrocious" for me was the waiting and expectancy of something to pop up when in the thick of it and the director did a great job not letting you see too much before you should. Sometimes you have nothing to fear but fear itself!

Along with a great twist, this film is definitely one I would recommend. It's not going to win any awards but it certainly sets out to do what it intends to do, which is get you involved in the story, get you a little intrigued and then make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up! 75 minutes well spent!
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Not as bad as some found footage movies, but did not live up to it's potential.
tstaruch3 July 2014
I am a fan of found footage films because if they are done right, they can be very scary. "Atrocious" definitely has some tense, scary moments but basically you're always waiting for something that never happens. Tension is one thing, but you need a payoff at some point.

My main problem with this film is that it falls victim to the same problem that many other found footage films have. Which is, why in the world would you be holding on to a camera at that particular moment? You're running, likely for your life, and you're actually thinking about capturing the moment? I am willing to let a lot of things go when I watch a movie, but this just bothers me every time.

Secondly, it seems that the writers and director were unsure as to what to do with the plot. Is this the story of a terrifying urban legend, or is it something else? Overall, I think it's worth a look, mainly because you're only investing a little over an hour of your time, but don't expect anything amazing.
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Begins with a bore, ends with a bang :D
grungy_guy27 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I really thought I wouldn't like this movie. The only reason I even gave it a chance was because it was it's distributor's website for free (for a day). The first act simply introduced all the main people, nothing real interesting, except that there's a legend about a girl (wont spoil much) The second act tried to build up suspense by letting a dog become lost, so that the main protagonists attempt to find it. Its when the the second act ends, and the third begins that it actually becomes interesting. Its when the *#@% really hits the fan, and the epic climax comes. Whats makes it even better is how it shows the aftermath with pictures, and a recording. Really creepy, intense stuff. The very last part of it was a So in conclusion, this movie is probably worth watching it once (simply VOD it). I wouldn't buy unless your a hardcore horror fan with a found footage genre sweet spot. Some people will say that its building up suspense, but if so, they did it poorly. Still the climax was amazing. I'd give it 6 out of 10.
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llosa-josue1 February 2020
It os ridicolous from the very beginning to the end. Nobody can understand why the two siblings have to film constantly everything they see. Even in the most horrible situations they keep filming. It is a stupidity.
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the best pov horror movie that looks real
xveseljakx22 July 2018
Hello all first i would like to explain you why is this movie looks so real ,couse there is no fake ghosts like in paranormal activity,It has the same atmosphere like the blair witch project nothing happens till the end and that is reality.Similar movie is as above so below nothing till the end and that is masterpiece storyline.

So this movie is one of the best made with pov camera along blair witch.And once again the point is waiting and waiting and than boom not just jumping from the seat all of the time and slashing the people in film.the point is story not gore.

At least my recommendation is Asian horror movies with pov cams lot more scarier and realistic than US movies.
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A Spanish hidden gem
blaineyuan020430 December 2017
Spain has proved its aptitude for found footage films with magnum opus such as the REC franchise. This time it didn't disappoint, either.

Atrocious is centered on a pair of siblings who are bent on uncovering the secrets behind the weird happenings around their family's vacation home. Admittedly it lacks the gore factors and intense action sequences representative of the REC franchise, and instead focuses on a more mundane approach. Yet, the end result is arguably as hair-raising as, if not more thrilling than, its precursor. The location of the vacation house is so well-chosen that its creepiness and isolatedness add to the scare factors of this movie. Those two actors playing the siblings gave believable performances as a real-life brother and sister duo whose curiosities may get way out of hand. And to top it all off, the most outstanding selling point of Atrocious lies within its final reveal, which I'm fairly sure is nearly impossible for most viewers to figure out beforehand, and which I guarantee will scramble most viewers' minds on a spiritual level.

As to the grivance that the woods scenes stretch too long, I would say different strokes for different folks. For me it was right up my alley. I was practially at the edge of my seat as those sequences unfolded, biting my nails worrying about anything sinister should jump out at any moment. Plus they definitely add to the "realness" of those "found footages".

In a nutshell, Atrocious is another found footage masterpiece put together by talented Spanish filmmakers and I recommend anyone interested in this sub-genre give it a try.
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