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a good show
mm-391 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
A good show! Nice to see action shows on TV. Good to see Adam Beach from my hometown of Winnipeg in this episode. The show is well directed, with a compelling storyline, and good character development. It was nice to see the show's attempt at bringing PTSD to the forefront. I hope this gives awareness to the disorder. One wonders what will happen to the show's characters. The show has its predictable plot twist. I wish they changed that up once in a while. I still like following the show's questions of who, what, where, when, and why. I give "Ho'apono a solid 9 out of 10. I hope the producers keep the show's momentum going for next season.
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Interesting Idea that Falls Apart
Vexzy31 August 2017
The problem with this episode isn't the plot. In fact, I think the plot was great, but it fell short in every other way. I won't go into too much detail about what I thought was wrong with it, but I will say that the sheer lack of attention to detail in keeping a grasp on reality in this episode kind of ruined my immersion.
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I don't watch TV... but will use netflix. found this series.........
eksallons29 September 2015
WOW a remake of one of my fav. TV shows. Initially I thought OK this will be garbage.... but even at my age... over 50.. ya know what???? I Love IT. the actors are decent.... the subtle humor or ref. to the old show. EXCELLENT... Most new TV series is garbage... But this remake has done its homework...

I don't even own a TV anymore.... but when suffering insomnia will log into Netflix on my laptop computer.............

This is an up to date, yet incorporates ref. of the old show. "WITH STYLE".

I am about 1/2 thru the 1st season...... and am looking forward to seeing the rest of the seasons.

I honestly don't know if it will renew for another season.... but thank you... I think I will enjoy viewing all the seasons episodes to date.

Past and Present Combined.
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Ho'apono: An update re-make on a classic episode.
cinebuff-329 August 2013
This episode felt familiar within the first fifteen minutes. And cementing it within the following five.

A new take of the classic series' first season episode, 'King of the Hill'. With Adam Beach replacing Yaphett Kotto as the damaged warrior in question.

PTSD replaces flash backs and shell shock suffered by Kotto as a Marine returning to Hawaii on leave. Realized in full force in Mr. Beach's performance of a SEAL who comes back from a jog to find his wife, whose sordid past is discovered after Mr. Beach flees onto the USS Missouri and in a panic, takes hostages.

Considering the source material, Ho'apono pans out and is executed quite well. With veteran actor, Robert Loggia as a tour guide and walking map of the battleship. And plenty for the rest of the team to do while McGarrett saves the day.
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Tragedy of Philippines Ambassador Starkly Revealed ***1/2
edwagreen23 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Our female Hawaiian governor calls in Steve and Danno when her friends, the American ambassador to the Philippines and his wife, find their two teen daughters missing. One daughter soon turns up dead and our group has reason to believe that the other daughter is being held in a kidnapping attempt. Our dynamic duo soon shall ascertain that this is not a kidnapping for robbery but rather one being done by an extremist group in the Philippines in order to gain their objective.

Our guys track the culprits down and in an exciting scene, you know the rest.

Blue Hawaii was never more gorgeous.
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