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Toxic transfusions between mother and child
OJT29 April 2012
This is a compelling and frightening documentary about toxic transfusions between mother and child. About the chemicals humans has applied to nature without knowing what the result might be in the future.

The Swedish director Stefan Jarl has interviewed about 40 scientists, after having his own blood examined for PCB, toxins and more than 100 substances not natural to human bodies and human reproduction.

Almost all of these are carried through life, and is transfered from mother to newborn children. The same chemicals making fish becoming twin-sexed, and later disappearing from lakes. The same chemicals you breathe in when lying on your hard-to-stain sofa, or from the plastic your food is wrapped in, or the toys your kid is playing with and licking on.

Swedish actor Eva Röse, being pregnant again, is joining the film, and want's to know as well. After wards she's not so sure anymore. Though there was nothing she could do...

The film is scary, but not without hope. But maybe with too little hope. That's probably why other raters have trougbkle with giving a higher rating. An important documentary, and not the only of it's kind. I certainly hope all the scientists will manage to make us all see how we are ruining the future of not only humans, but of all life on this planet, if we don't take this seriously very soon...
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