The Lords of Salem (2012) Poster

Judy Geeson: Lacy Doyle



  • Sonny : [Observing a bloated body]  What a waste of a good man.

    Lacy Doyle : Yes, such a pity. And he was never gonna be able stop anything.

    Megan : [sighs]  Anyone care for a fresh pot of tea?

    Lacy Doyle : Lovely darling.

  • Lacy Doyle : [to Matthias]  I think you've come here to get inside my dear little Heidi's head. Get inside her head and fuck her brain. Have you come here to stick your nosy cock inside her head and fuck her brain, Mr. Matthias?

  • Sonny , Megan , Lacy Doyle : [Sonny, Lacy, and Megan shout in unison]  We honor you through our actions and our thoughts. Each day that we live upon this Earth, may we grow stronger in wisdom and in our love for you. You are our father, our teacher, our muse, our lover. We have taken your mark.

  • Heidi Hawthorne : I just saw the tenant like 10 minutes ago standing in the doorway.

    Lacy Doyle : Oh, I hate to break it you but there is no person in number 5.

  • Lacy Doyle : Oh, Father, you give us the venom. Fill us with your essence.

    Megan : Let it burn through our souls and our minds.

    Sonny : We trample on the cross.

    Megan : We spit upon the book of lies. We desecrate the Virgin Whore.

    Lacy Doyle : We blaspheme His holy spirit, and we rejoice in His suffering.

    Megan : Guide this child still in the shackles of the oppressor. Help her break free from His tyrant ways.

    Sonny : Entice her to take the precious bite from whence she shall be delivered.

    Lacy Doyle , Megan , Sonny : You are the dragon, Lord Satan!

  • Lacy Doyle : Lord, hear us. We are ready to bring your precious child to this world.

    Sonny , Megan , Lacy Doyle : [shouting in unison]  In memory of Satan, you preach punishment and shame to those who would emancipate themselves and repudiate the slavery of the church. Satan, come to us. We are ready! Satan, come to us. We are ready! Satan, come to us. We are ready!

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