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Know what would make that burrito? Maple Syrup! TLC's Freaky Eaters video previews

If it's Sunday, it is time for TLC's gross-out reality series "Freaky Eaters" where people who have some mental issues consume the most bizarre things imaginable. Remember Temple Grandin and how she only ate Jello and Yogurt? This Sunday, June 19 at 10/9c sports back-to-back episodes highlight a woman who refuses to eat any solid foods. Whitney only consumes 8- 10 ounces of liquids daily. Over the course of a week they'll attempt to solve her fear of choking while swallowing solid food. Freaky Eater specialists, Dr Mike Dow and Jj Virgin are called in to help a 26 year-old man addicted to maple syrup. Over the course of one week they'll attempt to break Daniel's maple syrup addiction
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'Freaky Eaters' is Back -- The Experts Preview New Season, Plus an Exclusive Clip (Video)

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'Freaky Eaters' is Back -- The Experts Preview New Season, Plus an Exclusive Clip (Video)
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I always thought I was a picky eater ... until I watched 'Freaky Eaters.'

The TLC show is back for Season 2 (premieres Sun., June 5, 10Pm and 10:30Pm Et), but according to the show's experts, psychotherapist Dr. Mike Dow and nutrition specialist J.J. Virgin, the difference between Season 1 and 2 is night and day.

Last season, we met freaky eaters addicted to pizza, french fries and Coke, but that seems normal compared to this season's addicts. In the premiere episode, we meet Nikki, a woman obsessed with eating corn starch. Just plain corn starch. Up to 3,300 calories worth of corn starch a day, as a matter of fact.

The second of the premiere episodes will introduce us to Kelly, who's gained 150 pounds in the last 10 years because of her addiction to cheesy potatoes -- basically any kind of potatoes topped with melted cheese.
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Freaky Eaters' Dr. Mike Dow and Jj Virgin: People Tune In for the Freak Factor

TLC's Freaky Eaters returns Sunday (at 10/9c) focusing on its freakiest eater yet: Nikki Myles, who consumes 3,000 calories' worth of cornstarch a day, going to extremes to hide it from her family (she keeps a spare bag right next to the spare tire in her trunk!). Returning for Season 2, Dr. Mike Dow and nutritionist Jj Virgin attempt to get Nikki off cornstarch for good by giving her a crash course in treatment that includes confronting her with a giant, dumped bag of cornstarch to represent the volume that she's consumed over the course of six months.

While the freak-show factor runs high (check the show's title!) and the shock-treatment stuff is outlandish, what makes Freaky Eaters rewarding is the humanity at its heart...

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'Freaky Eaters' experts talk about season 2 -- Exclusive Video

'Freaky Eaters' experts talk about season 2 -- Exclusive Video
I’m a pretty picky eater. My friends and family often give me a hard time about my not-so-normal eating choices, but after watching Freaky Eaters I know I’m certainly not alone. Similar to another TLC series, My Strange Addiction, each episode of Freaky Eaters follows someone with a bizarre compulsion toward a particular food. In the premiere, you’ll meet Nikki Myles, who consumes up to 3,330 calories a day in corn starch. Two experts, psychotherapist Dr. Mike Dow, and nutrition specialist J.J. Virgin, (seen above during a shock therapy session) stage a food intervention to help these individuals overcome their bad culinary habits.
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'My Strange Addiction' blow dryer addict speaks; plus footage of the season finale -- Exclusive Video

I wouldn’t go as far as saying I’m addicted to Tlc’s series My Strange Addiction, but I am pretty fond of the show, which highlights people’s obscure habits. The series has featured some pretty odd behaviors (from eating glass to consuming toilet paper), and thanks to its success, the network just confirmed they will renew the series for a second season.

In the premiere episode, viewers met Lori Broady, a woman who had been addicted to sleeping with her blow dryer since she was eight years old. After a long battle, Broady finally kicked the dryer
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