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disarming lady
RavenGlamDVDCollector10 March 2017
Sarah Shahi stars as one of the warmest, most caring, most nurturing characters, a former lawyer now turned mediator in the quest for true justice, very likable Kate. Indeed, the law is meted out by a blindfolded woman, and the scales of justice swing according to rules made by fallible men, and sometimes the law truly is an ass, so here, somebody who tries to do the right thing by finding the common ground of the hostile parties. In the pilot episode we saw her ease a robber out a corner shop with minimal damage, and in this episode, when her cabbie is accosted by a cyclist he almost ran over, she points out that all the trouble was caused by their attention having been on in-ride morning coffee. Making them feel foolish about their silliness and resolving their fight. Sounds twee? Admittedly, it's never gonna be nearly as easy in real life, somebody jumping in this way will sooner than later get their head bashed in, but... People, what I'm talking about is this beautiful Sarah Shahi, her Kate is so warm, so caring, that she makes the show worthwhile to watch, despite it being, at the heart, sugary sweet twee stuff I would normally balk at watching. But just look at that face as she stands there between the two brawlers.

The main theme is about a guy who spent 22 years in jail - innocent. Fair compensation for a lost life would be...? Watch Kate help him resolve his frustrations. With a baseball bat. Enough to make all grocery shop owners wince. Watch it yourself to understand what I just said.
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