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Crazy elevator ride
mathiashauglid19 January 2012
I got to see this one on it's world premiere yesterday, at the Tromso International Film Festival. Not knowing what I could expect from this hardly known Norwegian director, Stig Svendsen, I was still hoping to see a nerve wrecking thriller about modern day terrorism. The film started out as expected, but it seemed very unoriginal at first. The main characters seemed too familiar and too smooth. Additionally I found a couple of the actors weren't any good. But as the film got going, it turned out this wasn't at all a dead serious thriller. A couple of really watchable characters showed up, and the scripted turned humorous, in a quite successful way.

The film goes on as a rare mix of comedy and thriller, that actually works brilliantly. The filmmakers have successfully combined a serious situation with humor, and the result is one crazy elevator ride. It owes a lot to traditional action comedy films, but at the same time it really is something of it's own. It's rare to see such entertaining films and especially films about such a relevant topic.
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Has its ups and downs
movieman_kev22 August 2012
Nine diverse people get stranded in an elevator of a corporate building after the head honcho's spoiled daughter hits the emergency button. Soon a person with a makeshift bomb makes his or her devious intentions known.

This movie, while filled with movie clichés, still manages to be somewhat tense and pretty watchable due to fairly competent acting from almost everyone involved (I personally didn't care for either the kid nor Joey Slotnick, the latter I can't recall anything good he's been in). It's not the best movie about people stuck in elevators but it's not the worst either.
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A slow but steady ride
bowmanblue15 September 2014
Take a look at the title: Elevator. What do you think this movie will be about? Well, you're probably right. Pretty much the whole film is set in the elevator. If you think you'll like a film that simply and deliberately stays put, then give it a go.

Many comparisons have been drawn to the film 'Devil,' which is also primarily set inside an elevator (the only major difference is that Elevator is not supernatural).

The story is about nine people, trapped in an elevator with a bomb. When you have a film that writes itself into a corner with its location, you need to establish the characters pretty quickly. Here, we mostly have stereotypes. In some ways it's good because we can basically read each and every one of them straight away. In others ways it smacks of lazy writing.

Elevator can best be described as a 'thriller.' However, some may question how 'thrilling' a film can be set inside a box. It's basically about their attempts at escaping. If you think you can stand the whole ninety minutes in a box with them, it may be for you. It certainly won't be to everyone's tastes, but I didn't feel like I'd completely wasted ninety minutes of my life.
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Yeah, nice suspense thriller, well, NO it isn't
tecnogaming28 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
For a moment I think i was going to see a great movie, the first minutes are very well developed and the music and effects are very well put together in the right moments to create tension and panic, but... the movie shortcomings are way bigger than the good points.

Minor spoilers ahead...

For starters, character inconsistencies. The characters turn from heroes to whiners from one second to the other, we have some kind of creepy 13 years old girl who, BY NO MEANS, unless is possessed by the devil itself will laugh at this tragedy or will try to press the buttons of the elevator when SOMEONE is trying to get out!

This, it is simply not credible and in fact, ridiculous, unless of course we're talking with Carrie here.

We have a terrible claustrophobic comedian guy who after the elevator is stopped, suddenly it's decease disappears and then decides to behave like a hero.

We have a coward who sleeps with other women that tries to force the escape in the most possible stupid way because he too decides to behave like a hero.

I could go on and on and then we reach the second biggest flaw of this movie.

Forced situations with no explanations

1 hour stuck in the elevator with the head of the corporation in there and NOBODY respond to this guys when they ask in the alarm button, NOBODY, in fact, they just leave and do not answer, NOBODY TRIED to reach them and try to get them out, even BEFORE there is any sign that there is a bomb in the elevator.

They are basically left stranded with no outside help even when we are supposed to believe that this is getting in the news of the world!

This addition of inconsistencies turns this possible great movie in the first act into a totally insane and dumb movie in the second act.

Last point, decisions. The decisions taken by the passengers are beyond stupid, in one point one of the guys just want to go out of the elevator to press the external button so the elevator can move, he is in the top spot and he just decide to press the "down" button? YEAH RIGHT! I WILL DO THAT TOO, If I wanted to be cut in half!.

If the bomb is not sensitive to movement, why in the name of god doesn't this guys take it out of the passenger and throw it out of the elevator? Later in the movie you will see why and even when the director tried to be dramatic in the setting, its just stupid because you will see a thousand ways more easier to take this bomb out than the solution this guys decides to implement.

End minor spoilers...

The first 30 minutes are very well executed but after that, the movie went downhill, horrible last act, only a nice "sentence" in the conclusion and a totally unnecessary stupid dialog to close the movie... this turned a nice possibility in a total low B-grade movie.

The movie does developed in a way that lead you to believe there is something else and there will leave you hanging up until you see the credits and ask yourself what dafuq did I just saw?

It's like the producers/director had to end the movie somehow and screw themselves in the last 30 minutes just for the sake of it.

Really, it's not worth the effort put into the first act, it's not worth the effort period, if you want to see a more intelligent movie about an elevator please go see DEVIL. Even when that movie was fantasy and this a suspense-thriller, the actions and consequences seem a lot more credible there than in this "elevator" nonsense, this in itself is a nice paradox.

4 out of 10 just because of the nice music.
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I took the stairs after watching it
doublebky15 September 2012
So this gem is now available on Netflix and I recommend it. Well acted and pretty well paced little film about a group of strangers (well a few know each other but I will not say how) that get on an elevator. By interesting means, the elevator gets stuck and from there, the film really takes off as the group is in severe danger.

The cast of characters are perfectly suited for this kind of film. A little something for everyone if you will.

Being slightly claustrophobic myself, I felt the tension in the elevator. The characters really play off each other well (especially the wise-cracking comic and the snotty little girl)and you sense that once you figure out the trouble, that it seems genuine and real. A very short movie (a little over an hour and 15 minutes long), the last 10 minutes really were not needed, I think it was just added to make the length of the movie more industry standard acceptable. A fast catchy beginning sets an early pace that never really dulls.

6.25 out of 10. Good enough for a watch and some popcorn.
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Remember It's Not A Blockbuster Or A Horror Movie
Theo Robertson5 March 2014
A diverse group of people take an elevator to a corporate event . Due to the actions of the spoiled granddaughter of the company boss the lift becomes stuck . What may on the surface seem like a torturous inconvenience ends up becoming mortal peril for the group when it's revealed that one of the guests is carrying a bomb

I'm slightly at a loss why ELEVATOR isn't held in slightly higher regard by my peers on this website . I watched it on the British Horror Channel and may be this is the problem ? If you're coming in to this movie expecting graphic violence , torture porn and the like you're going to be very disappointed because this is not a movie for hardcore gore hounds . Instead ELEVATOR is a low budget minimalist indie type thriller where people find a bad situation turn far worse than they expected . It's almost a very good film . Almost

" Hey Theo you said almost . Out with it . What's on your mind ? "

I don't know if it's down to my recent marathon short film sessions along with seeing the occasional independent film like THE PERFECT HOST but there is an off beat quirky nature to many of the movies I've reviewed recently and ELEVATOR starts off in the exact same vein with the characters being introduced and the pivotal character is George Axelrod , a vulgar smart ass comedian who has the displeasure of both being stuck in a life and being stuck in a lift with a ten year old spoilt brat and other people he doesn't like . He shows signs of misanthropy and despite never being in the same league as Christopher Hitchens when it comes to abrasive put downs George shoots from the lip and you can buy this guy existing in the real world and not just in a movie . I would have liked to have seen more of George becoming more frustrated with the situation and his fellow captives become more frustrated at him

Unfortunately because this film is about a time bomb in a lift and not misanthrope reminds himself why he hates people the film centres around who is the bomber and what can they do to stop the bomb exploding . There is some blood and violence but remember this is not a horror film and perhaps more importantly this isn't a massive blockbuster from a major Hollywood studio so there's no mock heroics from some pretty boys , no stunt work and no CGI which means a lot of people will find it somewhat lacking in excitement . As it stands ELEVATOR is more than adequate but I would have liked it more if had stayed a quirky off beat drama instead moving in to thriller territory
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A tense and entertaining movie about being stuck in an elevator with a bomb. If you liked "Devil" you will like this. I say B+
cosmo_tiger9 June 2012
"I've been taking this elevator everyday, ten times a day, we all have for six years and it's never once gotten stuck." A group of people on their way to a party for work are starting to pile in an elevator. When the limit is reached they begin the ascent to the top floor. Tensions start almost instantly and when the elevator gets stuck in between floors things get worse. While talking to each other the discover that one of them has a bomb. They now have another reason to try and find a way out, fast. I know not many people do, but I really like these movies that take place in one confined area. There is something tense and terrifying about that. This one is no exception. Much like the movie "Devil" this one takes place in an elevator but instead of being a straight horror movie this one is more dramatic and full of tension. The characters are all interesting and believable. Some of the movie is a little out there, but overall a pretty believable movie. Overall, if you like movies like "Devil" or "Buried" then you will like this one too. I did. I give it a B+.
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Surprisingly, I Enjoyed This
sddavis6323 March 2013
"Elevator" in most respects has a pretty simple plot - almost too simple, which made me think it would be rather thoughtless. A bunch of people are stuck on an elevator - and there happens to be a bomb among them. So, the question is, can they get unstuck in time before the bomb goes off.

There's nothing complicated or pretentious here, and the movie is barebones. Except for a few minutes in both the opening and the closing, the entire movie is set on the crowded elevator. At first, they don't know there's a bomb, and you basically just watch the group dynamic among a diverse group of people who deal with being trapped in a variety of ways - from complete calm to claustrophobia. For a while I was thinking that just the story of this diverse group being stuck together could have made for an interesting study of group dynamics without the bomb, and I was wondering if introducing the bomb was necessary. The bomb actually worked surprisingly well. The whole group dynamic study was still there, but the introduction of the added tension worked very well to ratchet this up.

None of the characters were well developed, but we learn enough about them as they interact on the elevator to at least get a sense of who they are. None of the actors are major stars. The best known and most recognizable to me was probably Jerry Slotnick. That lack of a big name created more a of a composite cast and helped us focus on the group rather than on one individual within the group. There are some story points that didn't work all that well for me. The reporter beaming some video out on her cell phone seemed contrived; and the attempt to free the elevator using a small crack through which an arm could be reached had predictable results - why would anyone even try that, given that the result of any success was so obvious? All things considered though I was surprised by how watchable I found this, made even more so by its very short (1:20) run time. (7/10)
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Lift? It's OK I'll take the stairs.
Sleepin_Dragon17 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I guess I expected this to be a carbon copy of Devil, made bigger and brasher, that's not the case, the basic premise is the same, a group of strangers get trapped in a lift, but this time they're threatened by a bomb. We get bigotry, racism, stupidity, jealousy, recriminations, the nine characters each bring a lot to the table.

Production values on the whole are solid, they played safe when making it let's say. The acting too is solid, the main issue is with the characters, none of them are particularly likable, why did everyone let the expectant mother search for the bomb? Shirley Knight a class above.

Hard to define, definitely not a horror like Devil, more a thriller melodrama.. Plenty of tension. The ending is crazy.

My review takes into account that it's a B movie, I'd imagine it didn't have much of a budget, but it's cheap and cheerful, with enough tension to keep you watching. Even after reading the generally negative reviews, I liked it. 7/10
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atinder19 October 2014
I liked the movie Devil (2010) and also liked the movie Blackout (IV) (2008)

All three of these have on thing in common, is that most of movie takes center stage in the Elevator and they all very different in a way

This movie was a lot better then I thought it would, it had some decent cast, some were not likable.

I thought the movie flowed really well from to start to end,even it just one location.

There one really bloody moment in this movie, which wasn't to much.

i Thought the movie was Entertaining
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Unlikeable characters, unnecessary 'suspense', TERRIBLE movie (*spoilers*)
bluerevenge8 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Been watching a bunch of lesser known horror/thriller movies on Netflix recently, some are fairly good, some are "ehhh alright", some are just bad...and then you have this pile of garbage.

Seriously one of the "worst movies evar"! I don't even know where to begin but I beg of you please do NOT watch this movie.

If you do here is a rundown of how it will go: First of all, almost all the characters in the elevator are dislikeable. In fact I hated them all except perhaps the pregnant lady and perhaps, to some degree, the fat guy (whose fate is ironic given that, but I won't give away too much).

Seriously about halfway in I was just *hoping* for the bomb to explode and kill all the a-holes in the elevator. I couldn't have cared less for any of them except again the pregnant character who at least acted more sensibly than anyone else. You hate the little girl for causing the elevator to get stuck and being stupid and whiny, you hate the 'comedian' cause he's a jackwagon, you hate the old dude 'cause of his greed and arrogance, you hate the boyfriend dude because he's also another a-hole, you hate his gf because she's only interested in making a story out of the situation, you hate the security guard because he's totally useless, and you hate the old lady (you'll see why). You couldn't care less about any of them.

Most movies like this have maybe one guy you hate--the guy that acts like a total moron--and the rest of them or at least most of them you are rooting for, to survive. This movie? Nope, you want to see them pretty much all dead. You just want the damn bomb to explode already and kill everyone and end this horrible movie.

Then there are all these weird and stupid pauses and slow-paced attempts at 'suspense' that aren't suspenseful they are just boring and annoying. Like when they search for the bomb ever so carefully instead of just looking for the damn thing. I mean the person with the bomb walked around fine, made regular movements, the elevator jerked around, etc. etc. and the bomb never went off so I'm pretty sure the bomb is not going to "just go off" upon moving the bomb-holder and their clothes/belongings. There's so many moments like this along with pauses and waits for totally pointless reasons.

Instead of waiting for all this nonsense to transpire and agonise watching this fail of a movie, you just jump forward again and again hoping for the point where either the bomb has exploded or someone to break the 4th wall and tell you this movie wasn't meant to be serious and the joke is on you for watching it to begin with.

Then there are so many other things wrong with the thin story it's not funny. Both the attempts to escape the elevator and the rescuers (who are supposed to be experts) attempts to get them out make absolutely no sense. You can tell from a mile away someone is going to get injured, and you can tell the rescuers are totally incompetent as well.

Once you get to the end you just shake your head and realise you wasted however much time you wasted watching this (and hopefully not the actual run time because I pity anyone that actually sat through the whole thing).

The movie is bad. Really...really bad. Do not watch.
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Nixonbrian4224 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I just checked out this movie. You may detect a spoiler here. A group of people enter an office building elevator and get stuck. One of them has a bomb. Pay close attention now, the suspense is definite. Luckily for the audience the bomber was nice enough to announce the presence of said bomb. If the bomber had not mentioned it then there of course would be no movie. It would just be "BOOM", end of story.

Nonetheless, the film is not suspenseful at all, it's also not scary. When the end credits begin to roll you'll feel like you just tuned in to a 90 minute news broadcast. Your reaction will be, "THAT'S IT!?!!?, THAT'S THE ENDING!?!!?"
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OK Concept, Just Doesn't Play Out
kyndrazacherl20 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was recommended for me on Netflix after I rated Buried. This movie was a really unique combination of a confined space movie and a revenge plot. I thought the "bomb lady" died too early along in the movie. I also felt like the whole Mohammed-Comedian tension never formed into anything, and was just being used as comic relief. The ending was also left very open, with all we see is Mohammed's wife never picking up the phone. I wish we would have been able to see what happened in the next few weeks, and if Mr. Barton gave them each their share. If he did, it would have been nice to see what happened in their lives. I would also have liked to see what happens when the fiancée finds out her boyfriend knocked up his coworker. I also saw it as a poor choice to include the bomb maker coming forward, that would rarely/never happen if the plot were real. 3/10, due to the diverse cast of characters and their predicament, but has many plot holes and just doesn't seem to be resolved.
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Two many flaws in the script. Avoid at all costs
rodriguez-alfonso20 March 2013
The idea seemed attractive: 9 persons trapped inside an elevator, how will they react and interact, knowing there's a bomb that's going to explode ? The fact is that, beneath the fact that the scenario has been really cheap (inside an elevator, most of the time), the script has too many errors,logic errors that you can't stand, besides the logical suspension of disbelief that we can bring to the movie. The characters are very flat with only very minor moments where you can really enjoy the film, let's say, less than 2 minutes total. The movie begins slowly, bothers you with some unbelievable characters and annoys you with the sloppy script. If you can skip this movie, do it, you'll be glad you did.
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Great ride...but some flaws
yngpsych26 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
If you can get past some serious flaws...this is a tense, gory, and at times hilariously dark humored thriller. First off, I had a hard time understanding why the security guard manning the elevator door kept squeezing more and more people inside...this was just a normal elevator. Then when the camera goes inside, the space is much larger then it appeared from outside. Disorientating for me and an obvious budget constraint flaw. Also, the actor playing the older rich man was just not very good...his insane glee during an extremely gory part did not fit with his character. But, ignore all this...and it is an insane ride with some politically incorrect humor, great acting from most, and a blood soaked finale that had my jaw on the floor. The epilogue to the film was not needed...maybe just there for padding. All in all a film to watch with friends who are open to extremely black humor and gore.
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cmovies-996747 October 2017
PROS: The whole reason I would recommend even watching this movie is for the ending. Undoubtedly the finale part of this movie was the best part. The weight and tone that the film has was perfectly embodied by the resolution. You got this dark and sad feeling mixed with sheer dread, and I liked how that quality was displayed in both the characters, the plot, and the setting. In such a small location I was surprised how much emotion they evoked from the set alone. You could really tell a lot of time, effort, and thinking was put into this indie horror.

CONS: The cons in this movie aren't really substantial. You could start out by pointing out that the acting was mediocre, the build up of intensity was sub par, or that the music/lighting was used improperly. All these qualities need to be there for a great film, but in this movie they just barely missed the mark. This is a hard movie to critique because nothing was awful, but nothing was great. So you're stuck between a rock and a hard place because should you notice the acting as not being bad, or not being good? I really feel this a movie specific for certain peoples taste and what they find to be best overall in movies.

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Surprisingly good
shtove5 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
A ticking-clock thriller. Not a classic, but well done.

I thought the actors played a good game, as their inner tensions came to the surface with the time passing. Overall the strands didn't come together because some of the characters didn't necessarily need to be there. And there should have been a reckoning with the evil snake oil salesman who caused all these people to come together - even if to confirm that his kind will always walk away without harm.

The attempt to cut up the body was a great idea, but wasn't played for full value. Fairly good humour along with the tension, and the pace was just about right.

A few logic problems - the biggest was the broadcast interview with the bomb-maker: that's not going to be shown while the crisis is unfolding.

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rock_star2310 April 2013
God... we're in 2013 (2011 the movie's release year). What the hell? The script was written in a night? And the movie was filmed in two nights? Thank God it was only 80mins lost out of my life. I was overtaken from the IMDb rating and decided to watch this stupid, without plot, without scenario movie. Watch out it may happen to you too. Sorry, 2/10. --- God... we're in 2013 (2011 the movie's release year). What the hell? The script was written in a night? And the movie was filmed in two nights? Thank God it was only 80mins lost out of my life. I was overtaken from the IMDb rating and decided to watch this stupid, without plot, without scenario movie. Watch out it may happen to you too. Sorry, 2/10.
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The Girl From Ipanema
nogodnomasters13 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This is another movie that might make a better play. We are given quick 30 second character introductions before everyone crowds together. With the title being "Elevator" it isn't hard to guess where this thing is going and what is going to happen. What makes the story interesting is the characters and details.

The characters consist of a claustrophobic comedian (Joey Slotnick) who insults about everyone. There is Mr. Barrow (John Getz), CEO and multi-millionaire along with his very bratty granddaughter (Rachel and Amanda Pace.) There is a well dressed man from the office, Don (Christopher Backus), his future wife and TV newscaster Maureen (Tehmina Sunny). Celine (Anita Briem) is a pretty blonde who is pregnant. She works in the same office as Don and until recently they worked rather closely...and for some reason he has never mentioned her to his future wife Maureen. Martin (Devin Ratray) is the heavy set man who also works for Mr. Barton. Jane Redding (Shirley Knight) is a disgruntle investor who takes her medication with Irish whiskey. Her husband recently passed away and she represents the 99% ers with an ax to grind. Mohammed (Waleed Zuaiter) is the security guard on the elevator. They are on they way up to a diner/celebration for Mr. Barrow's company. As the elevator gets stuck (c'mon you knew that was coming) Mr. Barrow remarks, "I hate to miss the first course." Movie has class struggle politics, terrorism, and prejudice as multiple themes.

As always we have the personality clashes and heroics. Fairly decent drama/thriller with enough light moments. Not overpowering but well done and well acted.

F-bomb, no sex, no nudity, woman relieving herself on elevator.

What is most unbelievable is the $3 million dollar budget. How much does getting the rights to Muzak cost?
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dddimora14 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I mean its an OK movie, I had better hope for this movie before I watched this movie on Netflix. I love the movie "devil" which I guess is where this movies are sort of similar.

But "Devil" is an awesome movie with a great plot line, decent actors and a sorts of different turns. This movie is eh, I mean by that is that they (Spoilers ahead) have a bomb and that is pretty much it for the whole story. They whine for most of the movie and near the end they think of an idea for the bomb.

There are tons worse movies than this.... But if I had the choice no I wont watch it again, I would rather watch "Devil" 5 times over than this again.

My Rating is either 3.5/10 or 4/10 either way I would avoid this movie.
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Had its moments...
paul_haakonsen29 December 2015
"Elevator" doesn't really bring anything to the party, so to speak, that hasn't already been seen in other movies of similar concept. I mean, if you have seen one movie with people stuck in an elevator, then you basically seen them all.

And while "Elevator" did have some good moments, I can't claim to say that it is a particularly outstanding or memorable movie. The story, like all others of this type, is about a group of people trapped in an elevator, and as anxiety sets in people show their true, and often ugly, nature. But wait, just for a twist, there is a bomb on the elevator too.

What worked for "Elevator" was the acting, a good cast and the dialogue. As for the story itself, not so much.

"Elevator" is hardly a movie that made a lasting impression, and it was just too bland and generic even for this particular genre of being trapped in an elevator, if there is such a thing.

Predictable at every point, the movie followed a very scripted how-to-make-a-trapped-in-an-elevator-movie guidebook.

I am forced to rate "Elevator" a mere four out of ten stars given its weak storyline and lack of ability to captivate and entertain.
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Entertaining till the middle, vanilla afterwards
rajivness20 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
nice plot. a group of strangers stuck in an elevator. very similar premise to M Night Shyamalan's Devil.

The movie was engaging with a fast paced energy. We are introduced to the main characters - wealthy CEO (with spoilt grand daughter), investor, employees with history between them, CNN News Reporter, Security Guard and Comedian.

The characters are all somehow related. The movie reveals pieces of the overall puzzle - which keeps the audience engaged. The biggest disappointment is when the 'villian' does the big reveal and there's no mystery anymore. Then it becomes a movie of people trying to survive - which is empty drama.

Movie had potential to be really good. 4/10 because it lost the plot very early.
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Up and down
kosmasp8 November 2012
Look at the title. You see that one word title, now tell me, what do you expect from a movie like that? I actually think it provides exactly what it is supposed to. Maybe a bit more. Not a lot more, but I did like the (obvious) characters. It's not amazing or earth shattering, but it is more than decent.

A few things are over the top of course, but still kudos to the actors, they did a good job on this. Things are predictable of course, but that doesn't change the fact, that you can enjoy the movie as it is. The inciting incident is of course something that would drive everyone mad in real life. Try to take the movie in, as it was intended if you can
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Nine people trapped in an elevator find a bomb with them.
suite925 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The film opens to someone making a bomb which he tells an unseen guest will kill anyone within five meters. Then we have a variety of shots of a rich city in twilight. Various people get ready to go to the Barton Building in New York City. They end up in the same elevator A.

Donald Handley (tall Anglo executive; entitled to the hilt) and his fiancée Maureen Asana (reporter), Jane Redding (older lady, drinks hard liquor before leaving), Martin Gossling (middle aged, Anglo, heavy set), Don's assistant, George Axelrod (comedian, immediately attacks Don's assistant with racist humour; claustrophobic), Henry and Madeline (Henry's grandfather) Barton, and Celine Fouquet.

Because George is claustrophobic, Madeline pushes the STOP button. She calls him a liar, he calls her an evil bitch. There's the start. The elevator will not start up again.

Building security has no idea what to do. Barton talks to his wife on his cell; he tells her he's stuck. They call security again; a variety of excuses are offered up. Barton asks for the security man's name; he hangs up and cannot be reached again.

Celine is pregnant, by Don; this takes a while to come out openly. They work in the same department, so Maureen wonders why Don did not greet her. A bit later, Celine has to urinate, much to everyone else's consternation.

George is Jewish; Don's assistant is Muslim as George suspected. He manages to insult Maureen (Indian heritage) directly as well. The battle lines are drawn, verbally at least.

Jane's son died in Iraq. The emotional fallout depressed her husband Neal, and they hoped to start sailing with their savings. However, 'Barton Investments lost all our money.' Don was the one who suggested the loser investments. Barton himself more or less shrugged it off. "I don't mean to sound callous," says Barton, "it's always the investor's decision." That did not go over well. Jane sees that her bomb will not quite go off as expected because the elevator stopped. She dies of heart failure.

Maureen starts a newscast from the elevator via her cell phone. Barton keeps saying losses are the client's responsibility. Great stuff. Celine gets stuck with patting down Jane's corpse for bomb paraphernalia; sure enough, Jane had strapped on a bomb. Martin helps Don see if they can egress via the ceiling. Barton gets a call from his wife, who has heard the news through the television broadcasts.

Do they all make it out safely?


Cinematography: 10/10 Great looking exteriors. Excellent interiors. Most of the film is interior.

Sound: 9/10 Mostly fine.

Acting: 10/10 Shirley Knight, John Getz, and Devin Ratray are veterans who know how to act. Joey Slotnik is a veteran as well, and served as a very abrasive thorn. The rest were competent or better. The twins did reasonably well as the villain the piece, the incredibly rotten grand daughter.

Screenplay: 9/10 The story moves along well, and does not show internal contradictions. The human interactions were often touching.
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What would you do in the elevator?
kean-diao15 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, I am not saying this is one of the best suspense thriller I have seen. After reading so many negative reviews of the plot and how people reacts in the elevator, I just wanted to write a few words to say: what would you do in the elevator? I have to agree that after the first 30 minutes, it seems that there is inconsistency of the behavior of the characters for example the comedian's claustrophobia seems to have disappeared, or the guy who knocked up his colleague tries to be the real hero. True that these wouldn't make sense in the common life of what we are living, on the hand, a chicken would climb up the tree if its life is in real danger and a mother would risk losing her both arms trying to lift up a crashed car beneath which her only daughter is dying. You see, people would and will behave in a incredible way when they are in life threatening situations, the human brain have it's own ways of working, for instance physical pain will be temporarily suspended if the brain thinks there is a much more important task to be done. As in that logic, the comedian's claustrophobia would be nothing compared to the bomb and all his energy will suddenly be focused on survival. People will behave in a way they themselves would not have imagined, and the changes of the characters are very much a real-life under that circumstances.

The little girl in among the cast in my opinion has been the high light of the whole film. She may not have pushed the emergency button on purpose of killing people, but we can see, like what the comedian said to her, Mr. Barden's blood is in her as not caring about other people's lives for his own benefit and pleasure, a quality that all "brilliant" and "successful" business men and women would have--"cold blood". For me,this is the core subject of the entire movie and it is well executed.

All in all, good suspense, decent acting, reasonable yet dramatic plot, for me it has been very an enjoyable experience.
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