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Rami Malek: Freddie Mercury



  • Freddie Mercury : [Quoting Zoroaster]  Good thoughts, good words, good deeds. Just like you taught me, papa.

    [Bomi embraces Freddie] 

  • [after listening to Bohemian Rhapsody] 

    Ray Foster : It goes on forever, six bloody minutes!

    Freddie Mercury : I pity your wife if you think six minutes is forever.

  • [Freddie approaches bandmates wearing extravagant outfit, Brian May's eyes widen] 

    Brian May : Wow! I didn't know it was fancy dress, Fred.

    Freddie Mercury : I've got to make an impression, darling!

    Brian May : You look like an angry lizard!

  • [Freddie invites Roger over to his new mansion] 

    Freddie Mercury : What do you think?

    [Roger looks at Freddie's mustache] 

    Roger Taylor : Gayer.

  • John Reid : So, tell me. What makes Queen any different from all of the other wannabe rockstars I meet?

    Freddie Mercury : Tell you what it is, Mr. Reid. Now we're four misfits who don't belong together, we're playing for the other misfits. They're the outcasts, right at the back of the room. We're pretty sure they don't belong either. We belong to them.

  • Freddie Mercury : The human condition requires a bit of anesthesia.

  • [after listening to Bohemian Rhapsody] 

    Ray Foster : Bohemian...

    Brian May : Rhapsody. It's poetic.

    Ray Foster : What on earth is it about? Scaramouche? Galileo? Beelzebub? And that Ismallah business?

    Freddie Mercury : Bismillah.

  • Freddie Mercury : Let's go and punch a hole in the roof of Wembley Stadium.

    John Deacon : Actually, Wembley Stadium doesn't have a roof.

    Freddie Mercury : Then we'll punch a hole in the sky.

  • Roger Taylor : You're a legend, Fred.

    Freddie Mercury : You're bloody right I am! We're all legends.

  • Freddie Mercury : [on his illness]  If any of you fuss about it or frown about it, or worst of all, if you bore me with your sympathy, that's just seconds wasted. Seconds that could be used making music, which is all I want to do with the time I have left. I don't have time to be anybody's victim, AIDS poster boy or cautionary tale. No, I decide who I am. I'm going to be what I was born to be: a performer that gives the people what they want: a touch of the heavens! Freddie fucking Mercury.

  • [from trailer, Brian May finishes Bohemian Rhapsody guitar solo in studio] 

    Brian May : So now what?

    Freddie Mercury : Oh, this is when the operatic section comes in.

    Brian May : Ah. The operatic section, yeah...

  • Brian May : I wanna give the audience a song that they can perform. So what can they do?

    [Brian stomps his foot twice and claps, he and other band members follow along to the beat of We Will Rock You] 

    Brian May : Imagine... thousands of people... doing this in unison. Hmm?

    Freddie Mercury : What's the lyric?

  • [from trailer, recording operatic section of Bohemian Rhapsody] 

    Roger Taylor : [singing in high pitch]  Galileo!

    Freddie Mercury : Do it again.

    Roger Taylor : [singing in high pitch]  Galileo!

    Freddie Mercury : One more.


  • Freddie Mercury : Roger, there's only room in this band for one hysterical queen.

  • [after the band meets Mary's husband David] 

    Freddie Mercury : What do we think of David?


    Brian May : [sighs]  Nice chap.

    Freddie Mercury : I think he's gay.

  • [about to perform] 

    Roger Taylor : Ready, Freddie?

    Freddie Mercury : Let's do it.

  • [from trailer] 

    Freddie Mercury : We can be. We believe in each other... that's everything. We are going to do great things. It's an experience - love, tragedy, joy... it's something that people will feel belongs to them.

  • Young Man at Clinic : [as Freddie passes him by]  Ay-oh?

    Freddie Mercury : [Stopping and looking back at him]  Ay-oh.

  • Freddie Mercury : I'm not the leader of Queen, I'm only the lead singer.

  • Jim Beach : They just need a bit of time.

    Freddie Mercury : What if I don't have time?

  • Freddie Mercury : [Asking Mary to sign to her deaf father]  Please tell your father it's nice to meet him.

    Mary Austin : I have.

    Freddie Mercury : Well then, thank him for the lovely birthday cake.

    Mary Austin : I have.

    Freddie Mercury : [half-whispering]  Then tell him his daughter's an EPIC shag.

    Mary Austin : Freddie. He can read lips.

    Mary's Father : [death glare] 

  • Ray Foster : Bohemian...

    Brian May : Rhapsody.

    Ray Foster : Rhapsody. What is that?

    Freddie Mercury : An epic poem.

    Ray Foster : It goes on forever, six bloody minutes!

    Freddie Mercury : I pity your wife if you think six minutes is forever.


    Freddie Mercury : And you know what? We're going to release it as our single.

    Ray Foster : [laugs]  Not possible. Anything over three minutes, and the radio stations won't program it. John?

    John Reid : Yeah, we need radio. Format is three minutes.

    Ray Foster : What about 'I'm in Love with My Car'?

    [disappointed look on Queen's faces before Freddie kicks Ray's desk] 

    Ray Foster : Well, that's the kind of songs teenagers can crank up the volume in their car and bang their heads to. 'Bohemian Rhapsody' will never be that song.

  • Freddie Mercury : I'm just a musical prostitute.

  • Freddie Mercury : [Freddy is trying to warm up his vocals before Live Aid. He looks behind and sees one of his cats staring at him]  What, you think you can do better?

    [the cat walks offf] 

    Freddie Mercury : Everybody's a critic...

  • Roger Taylor : [singing in high pitch]  Galileo!

    Freddie Mercury : Higher!

    Roger Taylor : If I go higher, only dogs will hear it!

  • Baggage handler : Paki!

    Freddie Mercury : I'm not from Pakistan.

  • Freddie Mercury : We're family. We believe in each other. That's everything.

  • Mary Austin : What do you want from me, Freddie?

    Freddie Mercury : Almost everything.

  • John Reid : [Introducing Jim Beach to Ray Foster]  And here's the bands lawyer Jim Beach.

    Jim Beach : Hello.

    Freddie Mercury : You MUST stop calling him that.

    John Reid : That's his name.

    Freddie Mercury : No, we can NOT keep calling him Jim Beach. Now that's absurd, not to mention unspeakably boring.


    Freddie Mercury : Miami! From now on I dub thee MIAMI Beach!

  • Reporter 2 : Freddie, uh, your teeth! Why don't you get your teeth fixed?

    Freddie Mercury : I live in Britain. I don't want to stand out.

  • Bomi Bulsara : So now the family name is not good enough for you.

    Freddie Mercury : I've changed it legally. No going back.

  • Freddie Mercury : You know when you know you've gone rotten? Really rotten? Fruit flies. Dirty little fruit flies. Coming to feast on what's left.

  • Mary Austin : So, the new name is Queen?

    Freddie Mercury : As in Her Royal Highness, and because it's outrageous, and I can't think of anyone more outrageous than me!

  • Freddie Mercury : [singing on piano]  Happy birthday, Mr Mercury...

  • Freddie Mercury : You will forever be known as the man who lost Queen.

  • Freddie Mercury : Mmm. They say money can't buy happiness, darlings! But it does allow you to give it away!

  • Jim Hutton : So, all your friends have left you alone.

    Freddie Mercury : They're not my friends. Not really. Just distraction.

    Jim Hutton : From what?

    Freddie Mercury : The in-between moments, I suppose. I find them intolerable. All of the darkness you thought you left behind comes creeping back in.

  • Freddie Mercury : I enjoyed the show. I also, I write songs.

    Brian May : Our lead singer just quit.

    Freddie Mercury : Well then, you're going to need someone new.

  • Freddie Mercury : [calling Paul on the telephone]  Paul

    Paul Prenter : Freddie?

    Freddie Mercury : Sweetheart, I want to throw a party.

    Paul Prenter : Okay, who do you want to invite?

    Freddie Mercury : People! I want you to shake the freak tree and invite anyone who plops to the ground! Dwarfs and giants, magicians, Zulu tribesmen. contortionists, fire eaters, and priests. We're going to need to confess.

  • Freddie Mercury : How much do you think we can get for this van?

  • Freddie Mercury : I'm terribly sorry. I didn't mean to offend you, I'm sorry. I won't do that again, alright? Let me get you a beer.

    Jim Hutton : I wouldn't mind a beer.

    Freddie Mercury : [chuckles]  Can you just tell me where we keep them?

  • Brian May : No Prenter? It's unusual to see you without your clone.

    Freddie Mercury : It's unusual seeing you be so bitchy.

  • Mary Austin : What's it like, singing for all those people?

    Freddie Mercury : When I know they're listening, when I know I really have them, I couldn't sing off-key if I tried. I am exactly the person I was always meant to be. I'm not afraid of anything.

    Freddie Mercury : The only other time I ever feel that way is when I'm with you.

  • Freddie Mercury : I have four extra incisors.

  • [from trailer] 

    Brian May : We want to do something different.

    Ray Foster : It's my money, I say what goes!

    Brian May : We can't simply repeat ourselves.

    Freddie Mercury : No... we can do better.

  • [after Mary leaves Freddie, driving away in the rain] 

    Paul Prenter : Freddie? What are you doing? You'll catch your death.

    Freddie Mercury : Why didn't you tell me about Live Aid?

    Paul Prenter : The Africa charity gig? It'd be an embarrassment. I didn't want to waste your time.

    Freddie Mercury : You should have told me.

    Paul Prenter : Of course I did. You forgot. You're always forgetting things. Come in now and have a drink.

    Freddie Mercury : You're out.

    Paul Prenter : What do you mean?

    Freddie Mercury : I want you out of my life.

    Paul Prenter : 'Cause I'm the only one left, now you're blaming me for everything?

    Freddie Mercury : I blame myself.

    Paul Prenter : So I'm out? Just like that? After everything we've been through? Just think of the photos I have. I know who you are, Freddie Mercury!

    Freddie Mercury : [angry, firmly]  You know when you gone really rotten? Really rotten? Fruit fly. Dirty, little, fruit fly. Coming to feast on what's left. Well, there isn't much left for you to feast on anymore!

    [Under Pressure begins playing] 

    Freddie Mercury : [enraged]  So, fly off! Do what you like with your photographs and your stories... but promise me one thing... that I never want to see your face again... ever.

  • Freddie Mercury : Formulas are a complete and utter waste of time.

  • Freddie Mercury : I'm frightened...

    Mary Austin : Freddie, you don't need to be, because no matter what, you are loved. By me, by Brian, Roger, Deacy, your family. It's enough. And these people... They don't care about you. Paul doesn't care about you. You don't belong here, Freddie. Come home.

  • Freddie Mercury : I went to Munich. I hired a bunch of guys, I told them exactly what to do and the problem was, they did it. No push-back from Roger, none of Brian's re-writes, none of John's funny looks. I need you, and you need me.

  • Freddie Mercury : [finally meets Jim again]  Do you have any idea how many Jim Huttons there are in London?

    Jim Hutton : I didn't want to make it too easy for you.

  • Freddie Mercury : Jim?

    Jim Hutton : Yes, Freddie?

    Freddie Mercury : I've got another martini. Would you like it?

    Jim Hutton : Yes.

  • Freddie Mercury : [coming out to Mary]  I think I'm bisexual.

    Mary Austin : Freddie, you're gay.

  • Freddie Mercury : ...You've got families, children, wives. What have I got?

    John Deacon : You've got $4 million. Perhaps you can buy yourself a family.

  • Freddie Mercury : [listens to May's guitar]  Give it a bit more rock and roll.

    Brian May : [smiles]  You know I'm always up for that, Fred.

  • [arguing over Queen's musical direction] 

    Roger Taylor : Drum loops? Synthesizers?

    Freddie Mercury : If you say so.

    Roger Taylor : It's not us.

    Freddie Mercury : Us?

    Roger Taylor : It's not Queen!

    Freddie Mercury : [yelling angrily]  Queen is whatever I say it is!

    Roger Taylor : [stepping up to Freddie]  Well, you can play your own bloody drums, then!

    [Freddie shoves him away] 

    Brian May : Fred...

    Roger Taylor : [getting right back in Freddie's face]  Okay, let's see how good a boxer you really are!

    Brian May : [trying to keep them apart]  Roger! Take it easy, take it easy! Take it easy.

    [gently pushing Freddie away] 

    Brian May : All right, Muhammad Ali.

    [while this is going on, John picks up his bass and begins playing the opening riff for "Another One Bites the Dust"; everyone stops to look at him] 

    Brian May : That's... that's, that's quite... that's quite a cool riff, actually.

    Freddie Mercury : Hm. You wrote that?

    [John glares at him and keeps playing] 

    Freddie Mercury : That's really good.

    [John stops] 

    John Deacon : Yes, it will be... if you all can just shut up and play.

    [Brian pats Freddie on the shoulder] 

    Freddie Mercury : [nodding at Roger]  He started it.

    Brian May : Oh, shut up.

  • Reporter 3 : Freddie, concerning your private life: there's lots of pictures of you in the tabloids, looking drunk or ill.

    Freddie Mercury : Which one is it; ill or drunk?

    John Reid : I had a cold last week, if anyone cares.

  • Freddie Mercury : There was this Africa concert... that wants Queen to play. I-Is that... is that still...

    Jim Beach : You mean Live Aid? They've announced all the bands, Freddie. It's too late.

    Freddie Mercury : I need... I need to reconnect with the mothership.

    Jim Beach : Freddie, they don't want anything to do with you. They're still very upset.

    Freddie Mercury : Maybe i-if you ask them... they would meet me. Tell them I want to talk. Just talk. We're family. You know, family... have fights, all the time.

    Jim Beach : I can call.

  • Freddie Mercury : I've been hideous. I know that, and... I deserve your fury. I've been conceited... selfish. Well, an asshole, basically.

    Roger Taylor : Strong beginning.

    Freddie Mercury : Look, I'm happy to strip off my shirt and flagellate myself before you. Or rather, I could ask you a simple question.

    Roger Taylor : I'm good with the flagellation.

    Freddie Mercury : What's it gonna take for all of you to forgive me?

    Brian May : Is that what you want, Freddie? I forgive you. Is that it? Can we go now?

  • Ray Foster : Mark these words: if they're not careful, by the end of the year, no one will know the name Queen.

    [a rock is thrown through the window] 

    Ray Foster : Christ!

    Freddie Mercury : [down on the street]  You can take that out of our royalties! Twat!

    Ray Foster : Wanker!

    Brian May : You can shove your gold discs! You made a mistake, Foster!

    Freddie Mercury : Asshole!

    Ray Foster : You'll never have a gold disc, you medium talent!

    [to Paul] 

    Ray Foster : And to think, I worked with Hendrix.

  • Freddie Mercury : What's going on?

    Roger Taylor : You'd know if you were on time.

    Freddie Mercury : I'm a performer darling, not a Swiss train conductor.

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