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Somewhere between average and good
lazybones20114 December 2010
There are many positives going for this movie. The story is true to its land, the acting is great, no commercial elements so on paper everything seems to be right.

But when you stretch a small story for more than 2 hours then it becomes a big bore. RGV could have easily put both the movie parts together in 1 piece and that would have made it a great watch.

Many scenes move in slow motion. The technique works at the start but then you see too many scenes following the pattern that it tires you, especially in the end.

I would still give this 7/10 since the movie tells an important story something which is still not very well understood by many.
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Perfection, emotion and brilliance
rufryderz374 December 2010
Raktha Charithra-2 is based on a true story. There are many positive elements in this movie like Acting, especially Surya Sivakumar i can't write down this by not preferring him. Outstanding performance .. Also Vivek, he also done very well, Actresses also keep their stand of acting. next is Technical side, all technical elements are good, cinematography, editing, sound design are very good. while we watching the movie we feel that we are watching it as real, thats the brilliance of RGV. Slow motion scenes were taken very well. by watching this movie we can conclude that RC-2 is a good movie but not for sensitive hearts. i will give 8/10 rating to this movie.
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Surya bloody-well rise in Bollywood
andydgr815 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Its Blood Story once again! And we cant blame or complain, as we were already warned about it earlier. We were aware of this coming! The Prequel had its share of Blood Bath and the overflow continues with Blood on the Screen with more violence and more torture! For all those, who had skipped out from the Blood Galore in the First, here is a Flashback (A recap) of the Part I

I would rather put it this way, you like it or you hate it, but you cannot ignore it. And RGV's Charitra is rough, scary, disturbing, horrifying and bloody hell! He loves it too! A man who does not think from the heart, but pours blood out of the heart! Indeed, with so much violence and no violins at all, he could give any viewer a Heart Attack!

Its the rise of the Sun. And this Son (Surya, the actor who also is the Character - Surya Reddy) sparkles the screen with his first rate performance. He is here to avenge the murder of his father, who was brutally killed by Pratap. Oberoi and Suriya stand face to face to face all the consequences of their brutal rivalry in and out of Prison. Shotgun Sinha is powerful as the Politician who is for this sequel, a bit Khamosh! Kannada Actor Sudeep has got his due in this film after that minuscule role in the prequel. Here it's a RANN-ing performance. With regard to other characters, they are all Telugu Actors portraying Telugu characters in a Hindi film. (P.S: This is a 3 language film) and for that matter, you almost feel that you are watching a Telugu Dubbed Film!

Despite the overdose of violence, it can be called an intense film, with so many sub-plots. The screenplay also paints a true picture of the political parties with which they were involved, their families and the moral support from their non glamorous women (Zarina Wahab, Radhika Apte and Priyamani) in their lives.

While the Part I was more on reality, the Part II looks fictional. If Oberoi's fans are expecting more from him, sorry guys - this is meant for Suriya's launch pad, so he gets more footage and no doubt that Oberoi has been appreciated, Suriya is the one who takes all the credit this time. And before we say 'all is well, that ends well' - who knows, if RGV is already planning for the third series? And if he seriously does so, then - RGV is indeed a Bloody Fellow!
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Good attempt, not as great as the first.
ShyamNTK3 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
There have been blood, lot of blood, in Rakht Charitra 1. The second installment, Rakht Charitra 2, or 'Raththa Saritram' in Tamil, is no different. It follows the same track of the prequel, with lot of bloodshed, revenge, extreme expressions, symbolic scenes, etc etc. Plus, this movie has a surprise element to it, none other than 'Surya the Ghajini'. Thanks to RGV, we see a completely different Surya on screen ,one who roars and spits venom in dialogues, rather than play guitar or fight as a responsible cop of the state.

The story of Raththa Saritram can be told in a few lines, but they have executed it well. The movie is performance based, rather than a story based one. It has similar incidents as Rakht Charitra 1, but the basic plot is the never-ending chain of vengeance and revenge.

While the former movie belonged to Vivek Oberoi, this Raththa Saritram belongs to Surya, just because of the way the actor has performed in the movie. The character is not penned so deeply, it is nowhere near Pratap Ravi's character (Played by Vivek Oberoi), but Surya overcomes this problem, and carries out a commendable performance, almost par with that of Vivek Oberoi. There are many scenes that just make us say 'wow!! What a performance!!'. Surely, this is one of the best performances of 2010, and a notable one in Surya's career, after 'Pitaamahan', 'Ghajini' and 'Vaaranam Aayiram'. His action sequences are awesome, the fight scenes in court and jail are very good. Also, he is on the top, in the scene of TV Bomb blast.

Vivek Oberoi, the protagonist of Rakht Charitra 1, performs equally well in this movie also. He overshadows Surya in various instances, and his expressions are just great!! Everything is perfect, and such a performance can't been so often in Indian cinema. Even though he doesn't get much screen space in this, he manages to excel in whatever he does. What a performance, man!! I just want to recall a few sequences, such as argument scene and the next scene with Radhika Apte, conversation with Surya and the very next scene, etc etc.. He is a show stealer, and people who watched the first part will surely be sad about him not getting lot of screen presence.

The remaining cast do their jobs well. Radhika Apte, Priyamani, Sudeep, Shatrughan Sinha, and all others are fine.

Cinematography is very good, but looks a little bit awkward and bizarre at times, especially the 360 degree rotating scenes. It would have been used in just 1 scene, but it is used in 3-4 scenes, and doesn't look good at times.

There are nothing much to mention about the lower sides of the movie, but I really felt sad during the final assassination. Camera should have focused to Pratap also, but sadly it doesn't happen. It would have been a great cinematic experience, considering how Vivek performed throughout the movie. But sadly they don't give much focus to his expressions during the assassination.

The songs are used frequently in the background, and they are good. One notable song is 'Nagendrahaaray Trilochanaay', it is awesome!! Also, there are many excellent dialogues in the movie.

Revenge never ends, and that is what the closing scene of the movie implies. And the director has been successful in his effort to reach the message to the viewers. This is among RGV's finest works, and is very good in all aspects.

On the whole, I personally liked the first part rather than the second, but that is just a personal choice.This one is equally good!! Go watch it!! PS: If you are a movie lover, then you must watch both the movies Rakht Charitra 1 and 2, and if you are a Surya lover, watch the second one!!!
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The movie is for you if you like action more then the story.
nav_sx3 December 2010
Director Ram Gopal Varma continues the revenge saga that he started with the first film, which released in October.

In case you missed it, Varma begins with approximately 25 minutes of footage from the first film to bring you up to speed. In the starting sequence of the movie most people thought that Rakta Charitra 1 was playing by mistake.Clearly Varma doesn't believe in montage.

The films are loosely based on the life of Paritala Ravindra, a political leader from Andhra Pradesh. While the first part focused on the rise of Pratap, played by Vivek Oberoi, the second focuses on how his arch-enemy Surya, played by South star Suriya, takes revenge.

It's a high decibel, heavy-handed saga of killing and counter-killing without a break or even a larger point.

Though Varma does tell us at the end that the film demonstrates the futility of violence - a noble sentiment, which is not unlike preaching abstinence at the end of a porn film. Because for over two hours Varma explores the myriad ways of inflicting violence– so heads are crushed, limbs are severed, families are bombed and bullets pierce bodies without a pause.

This is Varma's gritty universe, in which all the men make cryptic pronouncements and smoke and stride in slow motion. And just in case you still don't get it, the bombastic soundtrack underlines every emotion.

Rakta Charitra 1 had an urgency that kept the narrative moving despite the clumsy voice-over and mind-numbing violence. The sequel has some powerful scenes but lacks cohesion. In places, the scenes seem stitched together quite randomly. Oberoi, who was so much more effective in the first, mostly flares his nostrils and looks grim.

But Suriya saves the film from being a total loss. His expressive eyes have a quiet strength and his presence sears the screen.

On the whole, RAKHT CHARITRA is not for the faint-hearted or the lily-liveried. The violence, the blood and gore depicted in the film will shock and disconcert you, which only goes to establish as to how proficiently the subject material has been treated. The film is targeted mainly at those who love to watch aggression, violence, bloodshed, brutality and massacre on the silver screen, but a chunk of the movie-going audience (ladies and kids) will choose to stay away from this scene of carnage.

Will someone please find him a better Bollywood script?
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Amazing acting by Vivek Oberoy
dkinred24 August 2020
Amazing acting with lots of political material on it.
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Surya's welcome to Bollywood
silvan-desouza10 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
RGV returned to gangster films with RAKHT CHARITRA 1 released in October 2010 which showed the real life of Paritala Ravindra

RAKHT CHARITRA 2 is it's sequel which for once released just in 2 months of the original release.

The film shows the tale of revenge by Surya based on real life eniemy Suri

In this film the focus is more on how Suri tries to kill Pratap and seek revenge

It starts with a blast followed by a recap for 30 minutes of the original which does ruin the impact and also the voice-over by Chetan Shashital sounding so screechy

There are several scenes well handled like Surya's fight in the jail, his flashback and also the finale which is superb

The film lacks in bloody and gore scenes which unlike the original are kept to minimum, even the characters of Shatrughan Sinha and some more important characters take a backseat

The character of Bukka Reddy which left a huge mark in the original has just 1 scene in the sequel understanding that he was killed in the original but yet the impact is missing even in the flashback scene

The film also follows the typical gangster genre and moves on a predictable zone

Direction by RGV is good Music is okay Camera-work suffers from RGV syndrome, with all the cuts, weird angles some scenes even have the camera do a total upside down and 360 degree angle

Vivek Oberoi was superb in the original but in the remake though he does a good job mostly he is stuck with the same mannerisms and too much nostril flaring Surya makes a superb debut to Hindi film with a terrific display of talent and expressions, though his Hindi is not that good but that is forgiven as it's his first Hindi film He steals the show Sudeep who got less scope in the original does a superb job in the sequel, though his character is typical he leaves a huge mark in a subtle way unlike most loud characters Amongst rest Anupam Shyam is good, Shatrughan Sinha does a good job here too but his role lacks the meat of the original, Priyamani and Radhika Apte are good in their parts Zarina Wahab is okay
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Rakhta Charitra 2
santhosh-1029012 January 2021
Excellent Movie. Everybody acted well in the movie. The movie was so interesting and thrilling. The movie was not boring or lagging. Excellent Movie.
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Raw action flick with high BGM
selvakumarraja15 November 2020
If you love raw action movie go for it, this flick has a wonderful acting by lead characters Suriya , Vivek Oberoi , Priyamani, radhika aptae,

Put headset or bass speaker , then you will get addicted to the movie for sure
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Good one but not as great as part 1
sid-coolking7 August 2018
A one time watch and a disappointing fare for fans of part 1 because of the predictability and half baked acting by south star surya alongside Rgvs Direction is average but still fine to see it as a timepass.
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Nothing special or exceptional as a second part movie.
bobbysing27 January 2011
Releasing a project in two parts within a span of 2 months is an innovation tried for the first time in Indian Cinema by the veteran Ram Gopal Verma. The idea may have been borrowed from Quentin Tarantino but RGV did try to give his own cruel and novel touch to his two part project with a more moralistic kind of storyline involving crime, politics and revenge. But truly speaking unlike it first part, I really didn't enjoy RAKHT CHARITRA II since it had nothing new both in terms of storyline and characters. Moreover, this time, I had too many disagreements with its presentation and also couldn't appreciate the content RGV had to offer in the second part of his so called great EPIC.

The biggest question I had in mind while watching Raktcharitra II was that why on earth RGV decided to show the complete RECAP of his PART I in the starting of this film. More surprisingly, he gives almost 30 minutes to this RECAP in the start which in my opinion was a complete waste of time and a big mistake. Simply speaking, if you are clearly writing and conveying in the posters that its RAKTCHARITRA Part II then you are obviously assuming that people would come to watch it as a sequel movie, already knowing the story depicted in the first part. Then what's the use of using 30 long minutes to show everything he already knows.

Secondly if the director is really so much concerned about the viewers who haven't watched his first part and want them to know the story behind it then it's a simple indication that the director is not confident enough that everyone in the theater had actually seen his first part few months back. Frankly speaking this was the first time I witnessed this kind of lack of confidence from RGV in his movie. The point I want to make here is that if it's RAKTCHARITRA II then you straight away have to start it as a sequel from the point where Part I had ended and that's it. Showing such a along recap is nothing more than underestimating your own product yourself and degrading it further.

Leaving the recap section apart, RAKTCHARITRA II has nothing new in its content and execution. The film offers not a single fresh scene which we haven't seen before in numerous movies made on politics and revenge. A person's family ruined by a planted bomb, his attempt of taking revenge by planting a similar bomb in his opponent's car, the scenes in the jail, putting forward a female candidate (wife) in the general elections, a courtyard murder, coming out of the jail, killing the rival and then returning to his cell with the help of the officials and the last minute moral lesson…………what is there in the above lines which we haven't seen before or not familiar with? In short, what was the intention of RGV coming up with such a lackluster part II is really out of my understanding? In clear words, apart from his competitive shot taking and excellent frame structures he never shows any other novelty in rest of the departments of the film, which really disappoints big time.

Other than the Superstar of the South, Suriya in the role of Vivek Oberoi's opponent, there is nothing in RAKTCHARITRA II which can be praised whole heartedly. In fact Surya and his powerful performance is the only saving grace of this unexpectedly weak film from the house of RGV. Vivek Oberoi is fine but not exceptional as he was in Part I.Shatrughan Sinha is hardly there in the movie and you miss him a lot. Sudeep gets more scope this time and makes the best use of the opportunity given. All the female characters in the film are just there for the sake of it and have nothing much to do.

Hence as I see it RAKTCHARITRA II is nothing in comparison to its First part, which was more exciting, gruesome, chilling and bloody. Truly speaking I didn't find anything special to try this project as a two part venture either. If only RGV had released it as a single film with a longer length it surely could have been another bright chapter of his much talked about repertoire. So you can only try it if you are more interested in watching Suriya or RGV's out of the routine camera and interesting frameworks. Otherwise just take it as a one part movie alone and forget about its Part II.
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A Letdown!
namashi_115 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Based on the life of Paritala Ravindra, Ram Gopal Varma's 'Rakta Charitra 1' was a powerful, gruesome and thought-provoking fare, that awesomely showed the rise of the late factionist. 'Rakta Charitra 2', is based on Ravi's arch nemesis, who went on to assassinate him. Sadly, this one is a letdown. It lacks the vengeance, wildness and rush, that it's predecessor had.

Like, 'Rakta Charitra 1', this sequel is also a tale of terrifying revenge. A common, soft-hearted person, is caught in a situation, that leaves him no option but to pick a sickle and start bloodshed.

Ram Gopal Varma is one of the most talented filmmakers India has today. His stamp of a proficient storyteller is visible in each and every frame, but it all goes for a waste, as the writing is weak here. The problem, is that, like it's predecessor, this also is a vendetta fare. It lacks novelty, and even lacks the impact.

Performance-Wise: Vivek Oberoi is fantastic. Like it's prequel, the award-winning actor plays Paritala Ravi with unmatchable command. Suriya as his arch nemesis, suffers from faulty diction. Shatrughan Sinha is a big bore this time around, while Radhika Apte continues to be excellent. Priyamani is decent. Sudeep is effective. Others lend able support.

On the whole, A Letdown! One expected so much more from this sequel!
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more violence and gore
ashdoc5327 October 2012
How do you feel if a host invites you again after giving you a sumptuous meal ?.......and lo !! , surprises you with a feast that is more lavish than the first....

Well ,thats how you feel after watching Rakhtacharitra part 2.....

Except ,the word feast should be replaced by Ram Gopal Verma's hallmark , violence and gore.....and more violence and gore.

One would have thought that the first edition of the movie could not be surpassed in bloodletting , but in the second edition our host serves it in dollops.

But the dollops are more digestible in the second part than the first ,for unlike the first part , where the villain Nagamani Reddy indulges in pointless barbarism , this time the violence has a meaning , a purpose.

The purpose is revenge , what else.......a purpose that is as old as the hills that stand in the countryside......and as an arbiter of violence , will probably outlive them......in fact ,will last as long as humanity does , which I hope will be a pretty long time ( unless we all go down in nuclear armaggeddon ).

And who wants revenge ??.....The son of the man ( Veerbhadra Reddy )the hero ( Pratap Ravi played by Vivek Oberoi ) killed in the last film......

His name is Surya ,and he is after Pratap's blood......

By this time Pratap , the rebel-with-a-cause in the last film has turned into a semi-villain , as the arrogance of power and the need to hang on to that power makes him sanction the murder of innocents .

Many of the shots are taken in slow-motion , and help to accentuate the violence.......especially the expressions on the actors faces in slow motion as they indulge in bloodlust leave a lasting impression .

Ram Gopal verma tries to convey the same message as that of mahabharat , namely that war is futile , and if seeing scene after scene of murder and a pile of dead bodies doesn't convince you of that message , nothing else will !!
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Boring and Stupidness of the Year 2010!!!!
ncoolvishnu7 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The movie really sucks...... body show of Surya and violence.... nothing other than disaster...... the 4th flop for Surya continue sly.....Aadhavan, sing am, rakthcharithra 1, rakthcharithra 2 all the movies are action and he cant do this type of movies..... he really proved again he cant do action movies........the girls and family wont like the movie at all....thats 1000000% sure.....also a die-hard fan even accept this movie.......

overall the movie is declared as a flop allover...this movie deserves a middle finger from audiences.......surya have select good scripts especially the role suited to him....
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A Film Lacking In Charitra and...
Chrysanthepop13 December 2011
After 'Rakhta Charitra', Ram Gopal Verma attempted to follow it up with this sequel. Now 'Rakhta Charitra' certainly isn't among the director's best but it had modest execution, strong performances, the characters were interesting and it was a decent watch overall. In contrast, 'Rakhta Charitra 2' is quite a disaster.The violence here is less graphic than its predecessor but the film is quite poor. Now, as evident from his more recent films. Verma seems to enjoy playing around with the camera but what's with the upside-down or rotation shots? Another thing he really overdoes here is the slow motion which really dragged on and on, Perhaps Verma felt pressured to make it longer. The story itself isn't particularly interesting (it's more the typical revenge thriller genre) and the characters are one-dimensional. Vivek Oberoi once again breathes fire with an excellent performance as Paritala Ravi. Surya is alright. Radhika Apte has a smaller role than in the first one but here she gets more scope to perform. The rest of the cast that includes Shatrughan Sinha and Zarina Wahab are wasted.

Overall this is a poor movie that does not live up to expectations and is not even half as entertaining as its predecessors.
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Ram Gopal Verma ka 2nd Charitra
CastleToe4 December 2010
Message on the first screen: Characters and story are fictitious. No resemblance to reality.

Message on the second screen: Based on a True Story

A "controversial" film??

An eye for an eye and the enemies bleed. Folks are slaughtered & smashed, blood banks are robbed of their capital...Editing and a Splash sound does the job.The (badly) edited first 20 minutes or so are effectively used for Recap of RC-1 ensuring that viewing of the prequel is not a necessary criterion for watching this movie. Starting off on the car journey that began at the end of RC-1, RC-2 marks the Hindi debut of the talented Tamil actor Surya, who must kill Pratap Ravi to complete his revenge. Pratap killed Surya's father who had killed Pratap's father. The Circle of life, moved them all. Pratap is now a respectable political citizen. But success gets you high. People fail to recognise the principles & goals that pushed them to that height. This remarkable change in Pratap's character is well written & portrayed. Pratap wasn't responsible for many of the killings but Surya's quest isn't unreasonable either. The background score pitches... "Paap Punya ki kya paribhasha"(What defines good and evil?) The story has the potential to stand out very well.

But does it? You know the answer as soon as you read the question. The question arises why? Even with actors as Surya(Suryabhan Reddy), Viveik Oberoi(Pratap Ravi), Sudeep(DCP Anand Mohan) and a decent screenplay, the movie is greatly distracted by the editing work. GREATLY! The approx 2 hour runtime could have been brought down by at least half an hour by playing some of the slooowww pre-interval scenes alone, at normal speed. The only relief being that this time around, the role of the cranky old narrator's voice(I heard it was director RGV himself whose voice was modulated!) was cut down, compared to its prequel.

On the editing & camera-work, the least said, the better. It was bad this time. It was an attempt, a different one. Too much use of close-up shots of gangster stubbles and nostril-hairs, 180 or 360 degree turns, shaky handwork during intense scenes, shadow-filming... Some of them were distracting, unlike in the prequel. The camera, as usual, rotates a full 360 degree or is found slanting behind some stairs. In one particular car chase scene, the camera rotates a 180 degrees and the half minute scene is hilariously shown upside down.The loud background score succeeds in charging up the intensity of action sequences. The cinematography was convincing enough.

Viveik Oberoi had a comparatively smaller role but made the most of it. The main focus shifted to Surya Sivakumar, whose full potential lay unused and was marred by many of the slow-dragging scenes attempting to give a depth to his acting. He overcame the language barrier by speaking not more than 3-4 Hindi words(which he himself doesn't fluently follow) at a time. Abhimanyu Singh(Bukka Reddy) who stole the show in the prequel spent the two minutes of his screen space bashing up a screeching guy. Actor Sudeep(DCP Anand Mohan) who understands the power of silence in having a greater impact then contorted facial expressions or long lines of dialogues, stood out with his calm performance.Veteran Shatrugan Sinha(as actor-politician Shivaji Rao, without his trademark toothbrush moustache) suited the character perfectly but as such did not occupy too much time on screen. The focus on the characters of lady actors (Zarina Wahab, Radhika Apte, Priyamani) was more, compared to the prequel.

RGV is a director ready to experiment. He wont make fun of homosexuality in his movies or make his actors lip synch to a song. He's ready to keep trying knowing fully well that the outcome(commercial or critical) is not in anyone's hands. He's an earnest story teller who has yet a lot to learn about what works in a movie and what spoils it. He's an unabashed rebel of the Indian film industry(just like his protégé, Anurag Kashyap, who is way beyond most Indian directors), and that shows in his work.

Never lose faith in the man who made Satya. The best of RGV is yet to come. RC is not that masterpiece but is a commendable stepping stone.


(minus one for the attempt at editing and camera work, which was terrific at places, but overdone & marred the experience)
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