The Way Way Back (2013) Poster

Jim Rash: Lewis



  • [Duncan talks with Susanna. Owen and Roddy see him, and are impressed. Owen talkes via the PA system] 

    Owen : Please report to the Administrative Offices International. Duncan, please report to the Administrative Offices International. I have to announce it over the PA as my voice won't carry that far. My throat suffered major damage during an intense make-out session with Lewis' mom. She has a forked tongue and a touch of the herpes.

    Lewis : [annoyed]  I don't have a mom. I have two dads. In your face.

    Owen : Hurry, hurry.

    Duncan : [to Susanna]  Hold on a second.

    [Susanna nods. Duncan approaches Owen and Roddy] 

    Owen : Please. Hurry up. This is pressing, pressing. Urgent. I can't tell you how pressing. You can't fathom how pressing. How's it going? What's up? Did you need something?

    Duncan : No.

    Owen : Who's that, big guy?

    Duncan : Just a girl.

    [Owen and Roddy chuckle] 

    Roddy : You stallion, you!

    Duncan : I don't know. She's older than me.

    [Owen and Roddy are even more impressed] 

    Roddy : So... what are you doing over here talking to us and not over there, sealing the deal with that cougar?

    Duncan : [smiles]  Well, maybe, Roddy, if you guys hadn't called me over here...

    Owen , Roddy : [chuckle]  Oooo!

    [Duncan returns to Susanna] 

    Owen : [talks on the PA system]  Return to your lady friend. Duncan, please return to your lady friend. Please let her know that this conversation was entirely about her. In other news, this is very awkward for you.

  • Lewis : [unwrapping farewell gift to reveal a large pool leaf-skimmer, then in sarcastic tone]  Oh oh... Owen, you shouldn't have.

    Owen : [sardonically]  Yeah, I went to three different places in the water park to find that. You can use it to catch thunderclouds.

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