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Riz Ahmed and Antonia Campbell-Hughes among Europe's Shooting Stars

British and Irish stars will be lauded as emerging talent at Berlinale

Clockwise from top left. France: Adèle Haenel (House of Tolerance), Germany: Anna Maria Mühe (November Child), Iceland: Hilmar Gudjónsson (Either Way), Ireland: Antonia Campbell-Hughes (The Other Side Of Sleep), Italy: Isabella Ragonese (The First Assignment), Poland: Jakub Gierszał (Suicide Room), Romania: Ana Ularu (Outbound), Sweden: Bill Skarsgård (Simple Simon), Switzerland:...
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Shanghai International Film Festival: ‘The First Assignment’

The First Assignment

Directed by Giorgia Cecere

Italy, 2010

The First Assignment is a triumph of a romantic drama. Beautifully paced, photographed, and acted, the film takes well-worn material – the long-distance relationship – and fashions it into a meaningful experience that’s refreshingly free of cinematic sap and outdated gender roles.

Nena (Isabella Ragonese) is a teacher from southern Italy in the midst of a relationship with upper class intellectual Francesco (Alberto Boll). Their love is put to the test when she agrees to move to a small mountain town to instruct a ragtag group of children. Aside from difficulty adapting to a life of relative isolation and comparable simplicity, Nena finds happiness with her students and in Francesco’s letters and visits. Everything changes when Francesco meets another woman.

Director Giorgia Cecere maneuvers The First Assignment into subtly complex territory. In addition to its tragic-romantic narrative she incorporates commentaries on class divides and malaise,
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