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  • John Ross and Christopher, the children of bitter rivals and brothers J.R. and Bobby Ewing, clash over the future of the Ewing dynasty, while the fate of SouthFork weighs in the balance. The current proprietor of SouthFork, Bobby Ewing, is determined to protect the promise he made to his late mother Miss Ellie. The infamous, scheming J.R. Ewing returns to SouthFork.

  • The next generation of the Ewing family, cousins John Ross Ewing and Christopher Ewing, clash over the family's oil business and vast fortune.


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  • JR and John Ross go for a hot shave. J.R. excuses the barber and takes over the straight razor on John Ross' neck. He knows John Ross was trying to cut him out of 2 billion barrels of oil.

    "Did you think you could get around on J.R. Ewing?" he asks his son. John Ross admits he did. J.R. doesn't hold it against him, he wants to make up for being a bad father by teaching John Ross some of his tricks.

    First, JR wants to meet the real money man. To keep Lobell from telling Bobby, JR suggests using his son, who killed a woman with his car years ago.

    Anne shows Rebecca how to shoot a rifle on the ranch. They're interrupted by Rebecca's "brother" Tommy. Anne leaves for Bobby's doctor appointment. Tommy's looking for a way to kill the Southfolk sale. Tommy gives her a thumb drive to use on Christopher's laptop so they'll have remote access to it.

    He mentions that Christopher has been spending a lot of time with Elena lately and says "it's a shame those two lovebirds couldn't make it work."

    Tommy takes out his gun and nails all the targets, but thinks it's "more fun when they move."

    John Ross and fake Marta introduce JR to the people planning to buy Southfork, lead by Vicente Cano (Carlos Bernard). JR changes the terms from 15 to 14 percent on whatever oil they find. Vicente makes clear that in exchange for their $50 million, they expect the oil to keep flowing.

    Outside, JR warns Marta not to try to screw him over again. Angry, she opens up her pill bottle and pops one.

    In his doctor's office, Bobby gets the news that they removed his tumor cleanly but there's a chance it could come back. Bobby asks for the chemo in pill form and doesn't bat an eyelash when he hears the side effects include liver and heart failure.

    Bobby tells Anne he was selling Sourthfolk because he wasn't sure he'd be around, but he doesn't feel that way anymore. He wants to call Lobell.

    Meanwhile, John Ross gives Lobell his payoff, but not the full $2 million he asked for. Lobell gives John Ross the news that Bobby has decided to put the sale on hold indefinitely.

    At home, Bobby gets a call from JR's doctor. He says JR would benefit from being back at the family home. Bobby immediately thinks it's a bad idea, he'll either drive them crazy trying to run things or they'll have to watch him 24 hours. Anne makes up the guest bedroom and says it could be fun. "Oh yea, it'll be great having a rattlesnake around the house," Bobby says.

    Back at the nursing home, JR and John Ross pay off the resident who posed as the doctor with promise of a ribeye and a date.

    JR commends John Ross for the plan.

    Christopher and Elena run computer simulations on his methane extraction plan. He has a brainstorm to use liquid carbon dioxide. It's a great idea and they hug a minute too long until Elena gets a call from Rebecca to meet for lunch.

    JR makes himself at home in the guest house. He finds Bobby talking to Cliff Barnes, who he's no fan of. "Time has not been kind to that face, but I do recall the smell of brimstone and crazy," JR says.

    Cliff just came back to town and was trying to convince Bobby to sell. Cliff is surprised to see JR taking the plans to sell to a conservancy so well. JR feigns surprise when Bobby says the deal is on hold.

    Out at lunch, Rebecca tells Elena she intimidates her. "I want us to be friends, because then you won't feel like a threat," Rebecca tells her. Elena tells her Christopher went through a lot as a kid after both his real parents died and the only mother he knew, Pam, just disappeared. She explains that Chris feels like he has to earn being a Ewing.

    Rebecca comes home to find Christopher building a model of his project.

    There's a ring at the doorbell. A man introduces himself as an employee of Cliff Barnes and invites them to dinner, the car is out front.

    They head to the Omni hotel, where Cliff has rented the entire floor. Chris hasn't seen his uncle Cliff for five years. Cliff tells him he wants to invest in his project. He offers him $1 million, but Chris sees it as an attempt to screw his family. "You are never going to be one of them, Christopher. Don't let them destroy you like they did Pam," Cliff says.

    Anne returns to the stable on the ranch and sees a door open. She takes out her rifle and investigates. She finds JR in there reading through family scrap books. "Bullets don't seem to have much effect on me, my dear," he says.

    JR tells Anne that Bobby was right to want to sell since Southfork has been the source of so many problems. She reminds him that he played a big part, too.

    Later, JR hands John Ross something of his mother's.

    Christopher heads to his office in the middle of the night to work on his project. Rebecca wakes up to Tommy calling, wanting to know why he doesn't have access to Christopher's computer. She says she doesn't have access yet -- but the laptop is sitting on the desk right by her.

    John Ross busts in on breakfast and presents Bobby with Miss Ellie's journal. JR acts like John Ross took it from his room. The journal mentions she spent time in a mental institution, but Bobby doesn't think there's anything in there that would be grounds to overturn her will. John Ross threatens to air her private thoughts anyway and gives Bobby 24 hours. JR slaps him.

    At his office, Christopher has gotten his project to work, burning a steady flame. Elena wakes up on the couch and sees he's done it.

    Elena and Christopher go to give Bobby the news, but they find Anne, who tells them Bobby's signing the papers to sell Southfork.

    Bobby finishes signing and hands the papers over to Lobell. Christopher accuses his dad of selling because he doesn't think he can beat John Ross.

    Christopher tells his dad to stop protecting him. Bobby gives Christopher the news he has cancer. Christopher thinks keeping the news from him was shutting him out of his life.

    Elena sees Christopher storm outside and goes to comfort him. He cries in her arms. Tommy records the embrace followed with a kiss. They both break off and apologize.

    At home, Rebecca sees the video and is honestly hurt. She contemplates the flash drive to clone for Tommy.

    JR calls John Ross with the good news that Bobby just signed.

    Lobell demands $5 million from John Ross or he'll ruin the deal before the Venezuelans can sell the land back to them.

    At home, Chris tells Rebecca about Bobby's cancer and then adds that he was upset and Elena was there. It made him realize what's important and what really matters. He apologizes for being distracted lately and tells her he loves her.

    Chris wants to see if they can stay at Southfork until the sale's complete.

    Rebecca is seriously torn. She throws Tommy's flash drive away.

    At the end of the day, Bobby and Anne agree that JR gave John Ross the journal. Bobby is amused by JR's double crossing consistency.

    John Ross gets news that the witness who saw Lobell's son kill someone with his car died 10 years ago. John Ross is desperate for a way to shut Lobell down.

    But the investigator found out who sent the email to Elena: Rebecca

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