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28 Jan. 2013
Battle Lines
The battle for Ewing Energies heats up as Christopher and John Ross clash over opposing visions for the company. As Christopher seeks to gain the upper hand in his divorce from Rebecca Sutter, a game-changing revelation turns everything on its head.
28 Jan. 2013
Venomous Creatures
Pamela Rebecca Barnes schemes with John Ross to fulfill her father's desire for revenge. Ryland's mother proves just as evil as her son.
4 Feb. 2013
Sins of the Father
Pamela pushes her father's agenda to gain control of Ewing Energies. As a new member of the family arrives at Southfork, Ann is pushed to the brink by Ryland's sadistic games.
11 Feb. 2013
False Confessions
J.R. works to undermine Pamela, forcing John Ross to choose between a Ewing and a Barnes. Cliff Barnes returns to meet with an unlikely visitor.
18 Feb. 2013
Trial and Error
John Ross' plot to take over Ewing Energies solidifies; Christopher changes tactics with Pamela Barnes; and an enemy from the Ewings' past resurfaces.
25 Feb. 2013
Blame Game
With Drew's help, Christopher makes a startling revelation that may change the fate of Ewing Energies. The family comes together when an outsider tries to undermine them all.
4 Mar. 2013
The Furious and the Fast
In the aftermath of John Ross and Sue Ellen's coup, Bobby's brother Gary helps him retaliate. Christopher and John Ross clash in a winner-takes-all car race.
11 Mar. 2013
JR's Masterpiece
J.R. Ewing finally meets his end. The family strives to set aside their differences and mourn together. Accompanied by many characters from J.R.'s past, the Ewings bury their own.
18 Mar. 2013
Ewings Unite!
Bobby, Christopher and John Ross work on J.R.'s masterpiece. J.R.'s will has lasting effects on the family legacy. Sue Ellen tries to get Gary out of Dallas.
25 Mar. 2013
Guilt & Innocence
Pamela's mother, Afton Cooper, returns to Dallas. Emma is put in the middle of her father and grandmother's relationship, pushing her closer to Drew.
1 Apr. 2013
Let Me In
The Ewings' investigation of a conspiracy continuing to blame Christopher for recent events brings revelations in line with J.R.'s masterpiece. A new adversary is added to the mix.
8 Apr. 2013
A Call to Arms
After Cliff and Ryland put Ewing Energies on the verge of collapse, the Ewings battle back. Christopher gets closer to finding his mother.
8 Apr. 2013
Love & Family
John Ross lets Pamela in on J.R.'s master plan, but his trust may be misplaced. Drew confides a dark secret to Elena, forcing her to choose between her family and Christopher.
15 Apr. 2013
Guilt by Association
John Ross and Pamela make a shocking discovery about an enemy's location the night J.R. was killed, compelling Bobby to reveal more of J.R.'s master plan.
15 Apr. 2013
The Ewings unite to execute J.R.'s master plan and the shocking answer to the question "Who killed J.R.?" is finally revealed.

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